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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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Nor whom not want wary of offending, but in topic pro coughopinion Forum it turned out not quite true.
Perhaps transitional age, and bad behavior stems with lack of confidence when remains 1. The head of the pro "dogs and adults."
Incidentally, in your presence of he still wets his bed?



Екатерина wrote:

Here rather, protest, revolt and stole, that defied one so to stay.

Ah yes, perhaps, bored child http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif



ncux199rus, yes. When I homes, he looks in, on grab a diaper more often, than when me there is no. But within age norms.

Understandable, that opinion forums not always fits truth, the more, that causes for your fortune was mass and offered options. But need to same from something's suitable to start. Although would direction obtain, where seek. And here forum - much had prepared.

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Today zverik stirred up me in 5: 30 morning. ???? composition in this moment, if in the door bedrooms knocking dad's, like, with words - 's wake you up, have yours a crocodile over fodder!
Leapt up, jumped, in the door, ah not right frame, but enjoys attempting lads knocking on his. And whimpering. Having understood, that hardly this will be dad's, like,, embraced, opened. Child sorry, Group has kept, and he came about this to inform. Ah, think, plaster went. Strange only, that from below. Until was the one who wiped and soap gender realized - Nooooo, not plaster. Something another. A similar on.

In short, yesterday, until we’m with Father diddled around in computer, okay, mom fed child abrikosikami. And a strawberry. Not, mothers, mothers. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif
"Ah I same quite slightly-slightly gave!"
Had to on breakfast give Danke enterosgel.

Finally I spodobilas do child adresnik. Now have Danki with a always a wishbone from a,, it is a pity that its eat not is obtained. And still had to relax protivokleschevoy collar - neck she eats her stomach not in days, and on hours.


And yesterday. Know, was incredibly pleased. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gifAt stroll hostess labrika myrrh very long on us watch, and when in another times my raged past it for a ball, told:
- - and'm just admiring. He such good girl, and so you likes.
I confusedly:
- This is breed such a, gridlocked on man.
- Don’t tell, - replies she. - Poroda-breed, but to the naked mournfully in sight, as strongly he you likes.

Had to to invite to take this troglodytic and kiss in ofigevshuyu snout. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/kiss.gif

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Екатерина wrote:

mom fed child abrikosikami. And a strawberry.

Cach, it seems contact have? Did they make friends ’? http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/186.gif

Екатерина wrote:

Poroda-breed, but to the naked mournfully in sight, as strongly he you likes.

Here is it - happiness! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif



nell, I have mom hybrid Alexander since and Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy. She still his wildly fears, but. Need to! She all-??? realized, that not bite. Can concern the backs and quickly the pull hand, as from hot have a flat iron - this she has is called to iron. She more tries to affect him words, explaining every action and calling on the rage to conscience, which somewhere there, under trekhtsvetnoy as you will and very deeply. She his's trying to persuade, berates, in short, as with grudnichkom.
But under this terribly fears.

And feed is ready 24 hours a day, because in this moment he an angel - nowhere not climbs, not's a tweeker not leaps once, and almost not the chasm.

And this you little brat on it leaps once. He its likes, and when they with our dad so this ain come, leaps once. And snap teeth. Mom small, is obtained, that he as times on breast is mired. She OK still trying to uvernutsya, here is and receives from him bruises. She dodges and physical culture, and he climbs express love, but very perishing fast. In a result both unhappy with the.

Not know, as his from this wean. On me not leaps once, and here is how wean punch on parents?

But at all enormous progress, that she can is with him in one of it, that can "help patting", feed the with hands (he very cautiously Takes), that hoisted can print is (Pope feel overwhelmed by all the body, is being squeezed by his to gender, and mother quickly a downright cloth). This even not progress, this breakthrough!

Dad's, like, says, that if would him who-thread six months ago said, that "this woman here is so will now touch dog, I would spat the in snout." Don. Fears, but don. I all-??? not hopeful, that on least training and maturation they will find common language. And then parents will be able borrow Danku to itself, when I on units of day. Although would on until I't seek a new work.

"Courageous who hope indeed dies last." (With)

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Екатерина wrote:

Don’t know, as his from this wean. On me not leaps once, and here is how wean punch on parents?

Ban, to explain and deter. I other ways not know :)) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/49.gif
Our, too, happily under meeting jumped out of one on all friends-known-relatives. One our i?eyoaeu all the practice turn through under the hop, to not "get the rap" on prichinnomu community (personal experience) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif
But when became pregnant Anja (my daughter), the clear almost immediately stopped on it punch! All-??? entliki very clever. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif



My fear. Not can take for hoisted and roll back from themselves. Pope modicum knee was learned to present, and mom and this fears. So only brings it and physical culture. And he leaps once, trying to get to faces, to a lick. When homes I, I his sgrebayu in a bale of, until not quieten. Only then'm letting go. And when me there is no, keep with.






Ah that, the last teaching before getaway, passed with uneven success. Successive in 15 hours parents victims and destruction not discovered. Child was oeo and's being so obedient,. Mom launched see my father and be in apartment first, he intercepted prygnuvshego troglodytic in the air and competition was on gender, after what Danka his institution for on as much as ten minutes, but and this facilitated my, to quietly enter. And there lunch. And during lunch Danka nor on whom not leaps once, knows, can anything ruin. Quietly sits and awaits, first specifically spit in it.

When parents came in 20 hours their met torn out with flesh one, the baseboard comes off and partly pozhevannyy the other. And also still a bit prokopannaya deeper and deeper the wall. Seems, in Danke is waking up descendant became Faria, and he tries to dig out, though move. Truth, why something in bedroom. Not otherwise, as and abbot, Shiller wrong with choice direction.

On the morning came I, and we went gulyat pro prolivennym rain. A bit was your study group, and when Seimyniskeliai choked, went home on large circle. Danka ran play with a huge homeless like wet dog in, I his otdernula, and zverik, as enters have him in habit, charge on me. Had to remind dirt bag kid, who here boss. Extended on back in the midst of the most deep pools, Danka wondered. Very hope, that about his been some inappropriate behavior, not about the impact movement border ice on cognitive development largest cockroaches.
His short space, crept, dust himself off, and meek embarked near its feet, with much fondness looking in eyes.

Now he, washed and a big money-scribbling've been fed he's sleeping on couch, and I need to go in a psych ward for inscribed, that I not a psycho (and the I something has become in this to doubt http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif).




Екатерина wrote:

and not about the impact movement border ice on cognitive development largest cockroaches.




Ah that … morning began for Vitalii Dani highly frustrating way - his fobbed off by with breakfast. Priskakav should lead Labour in deposing time on cuisine and startled there empty a bowl, Dania first surprised, then genuinely remonstrated. And went expected to investigate, that for on …
Zveriku clearly explained, that times he not diary Fed with tooth voluntarily, today this will have to do violent way. Loath, in avoiding excesses, your feeding. Not will.
Dania excellent from such a enter through and farewells sleep. And that still to do you command. Remember, d'Artagnan as something said Planchet, when the asked have him money on food - who sleeping, the purely.
Here is Dania exploited this Council, although Dumas hardly read. Instinct.
Then his have and in outside urochnoe time kicked on streets.
Given, that in the last time Danku was being taken on machine, when him was two months and I was picking up our his from Chantal, were some unrest, as will choose a trip.
Ha! Quietly fit, quietly sat, five minutes popyalilsya in window, then in flux and put an snout me on knee was. So and drove, good not far.
Only, when stalled on refuelling, and girlfriend went to pay, topic of. Far?
But all they surrounded machine and watched on zverika.
In a clinic penetrated, too, quietly, and here is in cabinet already … tail had tucked, caldrons svesil and dug his heels in, got 3 mule one mean.
But under this not ill tempered a, even not a single peep nor during exploring, nor during procedures. Beat off and wiggled out, as real the guy, silently.
Nabryzgali freeze of, gave in a revolution and have become pulliing out a tooth. And he not ordinarily. Ah raze. Dug his heels in and all.
Had to embark on for forceps. Times … Everyone, is free! Ur!
Was asked - a tooth go back.
I told - of course! Of the four modicum one on memory need to!

From cabinet jumped bullet, but when I, transferring his girlfriend who, and itself by taking over might, went back, came sprinting for me, than terribly surprised doctors. Voluntarily there no one, usually, not goes.

In short, Dania brilliant, good girl and hero!http://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gif
Doctors he grassroots, his many in that tight, and were petting. All said, that very a handsome, gentle and, softest fur. Simply silk.
And teeth such, the hardheaded, have zennenov them still not your visitors!

Text or: Me when me the most were removed another failure her teeth, surgeon asked - you harmful?
I told - very!
She has shown me vydrannye her teeth and told - here is such roots accented only have shower, when harmful people!

So that Danka simply owes was be my! We with him even in this similar.
Now my the sun he's sleeping, because as very there is want, and cannot be another two hours.

On road in a clinic




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Danka and ball around the

But has drawn Isa, and Dania with relish authorized it its toy.

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Baba Kolorado against!

its in gift
Have sent the coffee pot,
And pudelyu - to whip her
And a collar.
Happily old,
And a poodle not glad
And requests gifts
Send ago.

Have been running around in the pet store. Took a picture of for old hat adresniki and has bought a beast than a many just. For starters have us ended-wrapped figs and the cookies. And that for life without cookies and rolls?

Читать дальше

violations acutely stood question with collar. Raze could not pick a an opportune. To not were mopping and to in size. With the first like as easier was. And here is with size of ah raze. Our a favorite after Dankinoy moult became him it's much too big, and zverik learned quite cleverly from him the batter comes out clean. When he has done this in the midst of roads, I understood - all. Turn in Internet all-??? cherevato, such things when I makes water, groping, hands. But under hands raze not your visitors. More just like your collars-ZP. They well sit, well hold and well is regulated the size of the.
And yesterday, as it turned out, their only-only brought in Music. And here as times I! Ur. On joys has bought two: The usual and stranglehold, to discourage something pull.
Ah and until heap - muzzle.
We OK bezloshadnye, if where, or taxi to inspire or team bus-subway. And and there, and there requires muzzle. And to the vet, if that,, too, muzzle.
One have us already was. Danka his affectionately call hated, tried to rake up the moss, and then simply the bear chewed bands, has brought me and solemnly put an to yet. Type - here is you.
So that has bought him yesterday the second.
Dania quickly fit in backpack, clean off a complete disregard for your collars and muzzle, took out delicious treats for everyone.
Received on what I'm hearing.
Your collars generation has and are now being adjusted without problems. And here is muzzle …
To capture, to keep pressure on snout, to put on the running …
Keep … adjust length belts …
Javadxan, 'll be in a minute …
Nor delicious treats for everyone, nor even choked … you that, us for choked not buy! This same violation of Geneva Convention. Limiting rights! Violation of freedom personality!

Dania the fuck you talking to so, that even not tried to muzzle with themselves rake up the moss. Stood and, silently, watched on me complete of contempt eyes. And then was detached on the most the brink carpets around pathways and'd pissed. Defiantly. Stood and had a lickle piss, looking in eyes. Truth, when I embraced with seat sofa and has drawn, this does the fluffy one ass realized, that now will terror, pressed caldrons and lomanulas to duck in cell. ????, me it looked, that even a door for a tried to hide. He slunk back in the most a corner, farewells and covered for legs snout in a snood.
I.e. on protest enter through facilitated, but on advocacy its positions - 't care!
Washed my gender, carpet through dubious theatrics can, lifted with of an animal muzzle, but left his in cage. Close and told - with zassantsami not’ve spent. Three hours sat, silently, not doing, not attempting to and I.
When issued, behaved perfectly.
Here is now 11 morning, until so themselves and is leading. The the brink carpet failing party.
Here is such have us affairs.

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Catherine, have us with selection 2002-, too, were problems. T. K. Head until not grew-and if simple collar buy and normal to button a, then is obtained such the neck jabots from skins. Ultimately we chose here is such your collars-martingeyly http://pardi.ru/category_324.html
They like as and simply collar, but under natyage utyagivayutsya, but this not garrote, that valuable. Perhaps, the right thing would have would was call poluudavkoy. Very nice look bad. And the quality of good.



Have us one such. With a metal fastening.

And here is this is considered "semi-garrote." Have him plastic, but with no.


As with his help "strangle" I so and not realized. And not need to us! He very well podgonetsya under the size of the, that for us much high.

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What you have your collars never AGAIN, and have us only supermax, otherwise all hands vomit!



Nata wrote:

what are the you have your collars never AGAIN, and have us only supermax, otherwise all hands vomit!

Have bukhera and storgach, I in of shock. Yes esho have one-beloved, not have whole brood not principal.
Girls and can boys, ah I cannot understand this, I have in city of be ruled 9 dogs, and only 2 of them buzhera. The rest grossy and berntsy, but here is believe me, we have walked, solely on ordinary collars. I nepriemlyu strogachi., nerpielyu owners, which are amenable to advice deshovok and dress in on dog this,
So they up to before own by the impotence of and failure. Nurse the got to have not only dog, but and themselves http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif



I have dogs entire life, Ruslanka the first on which I has put on the supermax, he of course not metal, and plastic, but without him alas raze.
I too love its psinku, as child, and'm raising respectively, in short there its the bellwether, and she my, here is so until and live)

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