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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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Ekaty! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gifI you very I congratulate! Illustrate, what this labor for the newfound owner! Only want to derail the. Where the to year you dog, you is going to think, that he grew,. All that knew forgets. And will have again hard. Then where the after 1.5 to two, he already not poumaet, and will tell: About! I the most chief! I quite big! I chief you dog, you on light of! And will have again to prove to who chief) session of will further until not know, but until two and a half until all quietly) luck!



Alla, and that here rasstraivatelnogo? All, as have all, and have human children and have running. Of course, I not...... folding up paws, and am not expected Ieft of the night on - are concerned. Perfectly understand, that still only begins, and further will and complexity, and difficulties, and problems.
But will be similarly encouraged progress, let and thus modest, need necessarily. For me, as for an inexperienced sobakovladeltsa, this enormous step, akin to piece of landing on moon! Of course, I gordyus and a, and their zverikom!
We with him good fellows.
On today we good fellows. And this to be sure, tomorrow'm going to go in Music for gift!

That will further. The will further. But wait this "further" already not so frightening, knowing, that I understand his hound, and he me.

Thank you all for congratulations, necessarily'll kiss from you Danyu.



Today us with Daney got cube happiness. Came I with work, a weary, has challenged the backpack, woman of an animal in a bale of and gulyat. Only moved from home, only zverik pulled up next on their Affairs, phone call. Friends with field, hostess of our siamskogo the look head is.
Says - we are going in wood for mushrooms, ah and dogs take, together and on created shall come. Want with us?

Of course, want!

читать дальше

You got it I of an animal armpit and running home, flock. Nedogulennyy Dania conditional statements eyes watched, as I run around on apartment, Muzeum Wsi Slowinskiej on nature of. Because this our the first Conqueror, then like ordained all. Loath backpack nabilsya food, water, drugs, napkins and other lawyers, on my view the application will need connections.
In machine Dania, too, almost not traveled. Three hours, when was picking up our his from zavodchitsy (but he was smallholder and slept entire a path), yes twenty-minutes until the vet, when a tooth drali. And here to go minutes forty, yes still with two French pit bulls, how, one of whom our irrepressible ritualnykh.
But all dogs waged themselves roughly, truth Dania stood entire a path over head is, the second floors there is the, and not went, as we nor wooed.

A bit Protestantism was in the forest to his with defence wakes up aggressivity. But I for good reason had feared. All passed more than is famously. Wild mushrooms we, of course, not raised. Come across single in field of view, but sake of them and do come not cost, but Wild Dogs received mass of is deprived, especially my, for whom this Conqueror on nature of was the first.
As they back yard with my friends with head is. As through the now surrounded, laying caldrons for back, vzapuski, with the first cosmic speed. Balu still managed to stay sound pissy with t a abandonment issues on aaao, that raze not can Danku catch up with. Was incredibly funny.

Then took to Bank, here head is recalled that long not'm hanging have Danki on neck and decided to remedy the gap. But Dania, not long thinking, flicking his directly in water, as Stepan Razin the Persian royal Feodor. Balu from indignation even uncanny ability speech lost on three minutes.
Then they iineeenu on the beach, by blowing up their claws sand, were pile-driving her in water and again higher on sand, swabbing on trees and even sank ball around the. Then actively inimical his to rescue, trying to take out that have us stick, which we sought hook up with his for uh, twistix.
Back trusili cheek, tired and satisfied.
Homes, after General Assembly--China cleaning with shampoo and your wrist, Dania was whizzing still minutes forty sausage, and only then of you, as decimated by a.

When we poured gulyat on the evening, went rain, and the entire our the scrubbing, out went after under tail.

But day worked, was nice and fun. And large thank you our friends, that removed us on nature of. And Dania brilliant and good girl, not gave me nor single a pretext pass through.

Photo so itself, because sack in the forest two turbovenikov on old that is, attractive opportunity ungrateful. Yes still I commanded behind all, so in kadrі mostly the rough C..
Danyu you will learn, white blot this head is, less melded white-black blot - Masek. He a man adult and a serious. Human its feet - this hostess our.


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Spharischen is copied the entire the text, and all same, short super, hostess must engage knigotvorchestvom, sobakin, son, super http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/110.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/109.gif



Yes, wood-our all! And attachments bushikov to bundle of allows not strain on subject-that backup in gays gave.
Is famously walked!



Chantal, super - not the word!

Yes, short Lies different. Importantly, that a spontaneous. If I somewhere'm flock, not be able to heal. And than for longer planning on, the less a chance. And here is so, for ten minutes until exit - always is obtained and is identically!

Dania walking for smells, but within semblance. Nor has never was, to I, propelling eyes, not saw his hound. But here still and head is helps, he from Vitalii Dani nor on step not exits, and if not hangs have him on neck, then simply goes cheek, paw in eaio.

Text or: And Danka so bonkers from is deprived, that neither never in the forest paw not, banged up! Apparently, decided to, that this indescribable! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



That OK, yesterday’s racing on career the beach firmly reinforced me in thought, that after recognized-??? is urgently needed me leathers. Not warm. Only on dirt. Because as telling dog full-blown bath three times in day not there is the Hood. Nor for me, nor for Vitalii Dani.

All attempts to lift with Wild Dogs masterpieces were eaten by locusts. They flatly refused stand exactly, norovya tuck yourself in in a pretzel. Loath had to racking my brain about that is called "on peephole."
In no clothing left I immediately realized, that correctly made, that not took with a a crocodile. Because as:
1. Department clothing contains the Yushukan in branch toys. And there balls!
2. And exactly contrary department with shmavouries.
3. And measured me leathers Dania not agrees even under fear lifting animals.

In short, figured with my daddy issues in mind the ratio length hoisted-body and chose not the most striking from ". Very me liked, that there all on kuliskakh. I.e., can be seek to adjust.
On the sticker was the writing - a shar pei.. Of our protection. There is I have several known Sharpeev. Nor one of them there not only, even with toilet soap!
Has brought. First figured with my daddy issues from afar, like fit in. Further was circus with horses.
It turns out have Vitalii Dani not 4 hoisted, and 28. And all splayed by an asterisk. And still five sewers. Whom he tried to me leathers with themselves skusit.
Ah, the jaws had to liquidate, by stuffing their in one muzzle. Dania offended by a fucking kite. Inflated so, that I felt alarmed, that me leathers not zastegnetsya.
Later 24 minutes all hoisted were packaged, and woozy child remained sit on little bum cheeks, fearing do step.
Had to go for cheese. On choked child came. Became understandable, that size of this one clearly our! Length paws an ideal, move nothing not prevents, not slipping back and not way.
For entrench effect immediately same went me leathers let him run.

Results here is: + stearine belly!


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CatherineI congratulate with corduroy trousers! Danke very goes! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif
We, too, want gets to Sheldon buy, now casing it for now. Tell, please, if not secret, what you have firms me leathers and how many cost? There is whether there hole for popisov? Affairs their albatre Danka without problems in me leathers makes?



Me leathers our, native, the domestic. BEST. Model for boys, so that all small holes on standard benchmarks places. Problems have Vitalii Dani not there is, all makes, as usually.

This thin plaschevka, so not life-support, keep in view. Dog in it "Wet, PoWerful." Not gets wet, and Wet, PoWerful. As if would sweating.
Today after-hour walk under a down-pour rain lifted, wool was wetter. Not wet rotten, as was would without clothing, and vlazhnovataya. Two movement towel and all in order. And from within me leathers was wet, that easily on its own again cloth.
But for us importantly - the clean belly. And it there is!
Is worth all naked. All 1,500 the repeat in D.
I not has become look something strongly Kinski, because as not was certain in size. And 1,500 the repeat in D losing it's a shame, but not critical way. But us is now over!

I am not expected let him run Danyu in it constantly. Only in a strong dirt and when I hasten. For example, before work, when simply there is no time wash dog carefully and entire.

Incidentally, today me leathers, handcuffed already for 7 minutes. Progress.
This hour ago.

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Catherinethank you!



Екатерина wrote:

By the way, today me leathers, handcuffed already for 7 minutes. Progress.

They quickly adjust to kombezu. And for khoza this is so conveniently!
There is still not strongly prorezinennye kombezy, there of course doggy in a strong rain mokrovataya, but not nasty. I have different were, I strongly nezamorachivayus, importantly wash remains only paws, http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif



Mokrovataya - not frightening. Importantly the clean belly! Because as, when until exit on work 20 minutes, and have you clump dirt on tight leash. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif

And here remains to wash it hoisted and those strategic seats, that in holes sticks their necks out. And all. Can be to flee. Incidentally, me leathers today has set for 4 hours on the battery. Remaining slightly vlazhnovatye seams prosushila iron, and he again ready for exploitation.

Ludicrous, when zverik tries to in it dust yourself off! And obtiratsya about the walls! Importantly, to capture until this and send in bathroom.



Екатерина wrote:

Lastly slightly vlazhnovatye seams prosushila iron,

This surplus. And better have 2 kombeza



"Slick" http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif




28 number of on tribal smotr we not are trapped, because as I was on –. Ah, strange, if would was otherwise! But 29 number of have Vitalii Dani was incredibly saturated day, about which I want to tell. Further will many words and very many remarkable photographs!

читать дальше

To starters I decided implement a long may, and have on after public transport. Because we bezloshadnye, and move freely as something need to. On the morning in Sunday people little. On the morning I has clarified its have that change of, not will whether they against, if I will be spending some their with the crocodile. Vozrazhayuschikh not was. I had landed home with work, gathered, woman Danku and on streets. As only they made their affairs, we traveled on bus / Walking halt. In bus ride Dania behaved almost roughly. To wear the muzzle I not has become, people was three and a half rights. Dania but instead to on whether, tried to with all contact, heard my - cannot be! Has sighed and settled down near with me. Facilitated his exactly on four stop from seven. Further was listening to people bitch and barking all, and spikes for place. Have subway had to to put on the running muzzle. Resentment not was limit. Closed fall not prevents him loudly express their discontent. In carriage barked, ai? and using, tried to walk and Caribbean. Then started climbing me on hands, then embarked have doors on rear hoisted and are you staring at in window. Loudly remonstrated., that nothing not in sight. In short, attention we to itself attracted.
On the escalator as times was oeo and's being so obedient,. Stood kept, nowhere not in the chair, steps not scared.
But as only we have made step on streets from underground, Dania sat, sorry, organisms eliminate solid or semisolid! In subway goes crowd people, and my sits the eagle exactly fall! Well, that took packages. All removed. Got nervous, poor, poor chap!
Then Dania drew attention on a huge number of not that title Joseph Heller described them hitherto beauty. So that 15 minutes on foot until work became have us almost in 45 minutes short in small leaps from tree of to tree.

At work Dania barked up guard and drivers and cigarette on kafelnomu gender, razezzhayas legs.
Then was sent challenge in our side and us dovezli until home, graciously's Dog from re-stress. Entire a path in machine Dania stood on rear paws and watched in window. Well, that glass have us tinted, and the said would - quite Quotes okhamela. Dogs driven to!

But this only the first half of history. The second half of began through hour after of our return. , a girl, hostess dalmatina, with whom we Mmhmm. You know,. She professional the artist, absolves people and animals. And invited on photo session, "until there is no rain." We agreed, of course. Long wanted do Danke good take pictures.

There is no rain … As … aha. Not typically recognized we withdraw, as they livanulo. Yes so, that we in moment're all wet rotten. Then Dania was laid me in a puddle, then Amenhotep in it ball around the, then … yes many what was.
So that on snapshots Dania wet and dirty little, as alloys. Believe me me on word, there, under these layer by layer clay, my dog!

When we has been going home, from me sharakhalis people, because I was resembles on a golem. On asphalt remained clay traces. Decided, I has put in a corner first shoes, then a jacket – and trousers. And then long. I was digging up under layer by layer dirt his troglodytic.

Part of photographs I want you show. Please, do discount on weather. A photographer on photo. All take pictures klikabelny





Catherine, excellent photo!



The Danaides very lovely detached! Photo remarkable and adventures, too,! Good fellows!



Life under the motto of "nor days without surprises" continues. Today exactly in 19.00, for half an hour of exercise until exit on evening walks, often, I was in a bath, and Dania was sprawled out on couch in big room and primary musolil probably put on that rubber ring. He often with him's tinkering, so no alarmed signs not hit. When I returned in room, from rings has remained exactly chetvertinka. On question - Dania, where everything else? Huh, big dog only louder zachavkala. ???? No, in fall, there, among teeth, was sticking tiny blue cube.
Ah that … of an animal in a bale of and on cuisine. Little stingy with the between its knees, opened fall and from the entire souls sypanula there of salt. Well so sypanula, not expected, that with another of the late have salt shakers such a loophole. Dania about Will.i.am. After, as the trawler genuinely remonstrated., long used to smack, so and don't give a rat. Then galloped off in room, where his and barfed. Immediately and many.
Poured all 6 pieces. Full ring request. All removed, gender'll absolve, dog otpoila and went gulyat. Now Dania on me sulking, after all he so much tasty for day received, even the meatballs, you from soup. And here bam … and all had to return.

He until this days nothing not sippin! He chews and harmless. I all time collect pozhevannye parts of toys or pieces of units were. But never sippin. And here recognized glitched his.

Month between desire to with the little SOB ??? ???????? ????? and hug and cry, that all go off.



Very good photo, Danka handsome!



What same a handsome a boy http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/636.gif


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