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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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Cach, practice before grouse shooting relatives is us known event, but this, in fact, not so frightening. Will get used.
Likely they get spooked by growl Vitalii Dani and his jumps-pokusalok? So? Ah from jumps need to discourage something (truth, who would have spoke-we not tone in truth, so that with uneven success. Pokusalki - ah he same maaasenki still, buy him lot more pogryzushek, to is engaged in a was. Distract. Of course, immediately not tickles-but over time all will enter direction. Ah and pro the growl -i already as something office-, as on one of shared occupational on poslushke-the Young girl-Handler Golden Retriever puppies us asked-not infects whether my "changing seasons" dog 7 months one all in district (this given, that near begalo 2’s your-Corso, identity, carriage is and adults, Golden Retrievers. Indeed, with hand looks Danish, but this raze not aggression. Peter and now the time every, when we Las lush green) How here on sobachem Forum foksyatniki said, that understanding of otliyachiya growl comes with experience) you, too, chase distinguish and not to be frightened)
About laskovosti. Have us girl, but gladitsya, too, not ready nor in what before. And now is- especially, if sees, that we with husband on couch sit've been necking -pryam lezet between us, tipia "ah. Same me rather." I, too, not tone "haptic", on a cuddle make out with you all OK sometimes want. And Petrousha have us, too, not tone obsession with in this terms of, so that we came to a particular balance.

As something so. Hope our experience "Dummies" you will help http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif



stasyun, huge thank you for support. But with the mother case Clinical, this, alas, not treated. Although I and have been arguing. As Nebezyzvestnyy, small doses of. Persuaded its, that if not will communication, he not will to accept its for their and then full paragraph. She is, but comes his feed, if I not keep up with dropping out to 13 to return. Truth, with ever hit by shoe blazing. Here I cannot nothing do, without slipper, would you she in apartment simply not bashing.

And today us can be congratulate, have us the first the classic a Pogrom. For half an hour of exercise with my mom's departure and until my return they opened kaloshnitsu and've torn right through all newspapers (why something not shoes, stole with everything the roll of paper and fucking up his on small pieces of. One hope, that not hangover, yes.

This is so. One the brink corridor



From vandalism you will help cell. Or walk "nauboy" before pokidaniem you apartment.
Have us drala there -nu bored it, and us homes there is no, and the most themselves entertained; lazily with drugs) But here need to understand, that if not borrow 24 hours a day words are possible and such options. We with humor on this look (ah tore, ah pokleim anew). Children different accented-have someone not ever gnaws at wires, and have someone and furniture can pokhrumkat, and have someone not suffer razrushitelstvom. But this again same treated time and growing up)



With cell have us until not is obtained. Until the door is open can gladly in it sit, sleep, be left lying around, play. Is worth only the door hide - all, the cry, cross, barking all, listening to people bitch, breaking of head about bars with goal blow the door, vytsarapyvanie, biting rods (already couple of times he got stuck) and vast.
Short "on the slaughter" until, too, not is obtained, have us still there is no the third vaccinations.

Khrumkat we company internal site all. But I to this was ready, so that surprise this not became. But until what OK, cheating little.
Will be borne have seat sofa, wiener to defile is tall, eyes will close the. Sleeping. And himself cautiously, corner Pernod khrup-khrup the upholstery. Heard same. And muzzle under this ah quite an innocent little. I created sleep already, what me claims!
And is worth only by frowning and over him, uh, just lean, falls on back, caldrons he spreads on gender and paws, on breast warehouses. Recognized poor a small a puppy dog before big nasty host the 2016. And himself teeth to drawn or become on the sly reaching.

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Ah bushiki- noble dodgy character)
I’d say on sekretu- our so and not trained in cage prolonged sit. Truth, not tries to its eating, and simply says. We have made so-- voted it on plunder of national greater room (“After closing the door in corridor), where took care to remove all sgryzaemoe. On wires been pepper sprayed antigryzin-homilies on the upholstery?
About umatyvaniya schenka - how allows me oboschit my meager experience, the lush short not most genuine a means often. Importantly - "to torture" brains your baby. Before departure work out with him training teams not-strongly userdstvuya in terms of excerpts, camping on K. A small still. Let she'll sit down, 's gonna stand up,, we'll keep him, resembles for you). So they umatyvayutsya faster.



Have him on of pillaging much room, corridor and cuisine of. Today first time turned a blind room, left him all anything, he and has plundered. Antigryzina already the third vial went. Helps on time, and there can be refocusing. Sofa close doubles,, until tantalizing. Forces going still lacks - pop heavy. Yesterday took refuge in the location on shelf, shoved his face its nose in just look at the menu, and he touch. Just look at the menu throwing his hat, together with him and the TV. It is a watchdog as much as three minutes obaldedo in him was staring. And I slightly cardiac not I got more than my, when behind suddenly someone began talking.

For me and so churchgoers tail, sits under gateway a bath and toilets. From species not rolls nor on minute. Sleep one flatly refuses, only near. Truth, on bed not climbs - neighborhood we not recognize. We love on a distance.
"Sit" have learned well with the second team, truth pop on laminate Pulls Away ago and he falls on belly. So that "sit" this or "lie" me the most until not understandable. And here is with zapreschayuschimi until-deaf. Any "there is no, cannot be, available.Fu" - faced growling you do and doubling efforts whether pocus is or attempts something steal.

At all, me seems, that have him in ancestors was a. Love wallow on back,, he grips upper paws or teeth toy and quickly-quickly its to push Series. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif



Екатерина wrote:

Any "there is no, cannot be, available.Fu" - faced growling you do and doubling efforts whether pocus is or attempts something steal.

“I don’t seems. This he shows. Who in House is a master. My first listened to only me (I have not know she puts out) daughter (yes and husband) from event do remember crying. I it popular explained, that dog in such a case simply sits down at it on a neck and paws, hold, and I help not can. Because listen to the he will child (whore …! Hah is growing). Daughter realized (Nwoo. Almost) and forced (modicum as the) listen to (and fulfill) all its team. And couples to in primarily. Now fight those that would these team not yell. And quietly strictly to speak. As on training and breeding: Learn not dog. And itself uchishsya- dog 1-2 times explained and he understood, and here is itself (this I) being obtuse forever.



He listens to, when a sleepy or ten minutes after my return. And after food. I already told, in him as if daemon uh... it possesses you. Truth team "sit" knows and serves very clearly. Only good from this zero.

At steep when cornering Danaia is abandoning in it into the ditch.



We have daughter-get a puppy, that in childhood lovingly a besnovatoy) guess why?
We, too, thought, that fuckin 'Energizer not the pet chose itself)
Passes this. Nooooo, Sunshine remains, and here is besnovatost passes, with quite quickly.
Importantly clearly and finally world steel rope market YOUR line, otherwise any Puppy sit on a a neck and its feet hold.



Viki & K, this is understandable. Experience Dog, truth, no. There is experience (and good) in training and breeding parrot (team - let-paw, Oh, sic 'em - enforced on cheers!) and younger brother. So that, think, with schenom I alone. Perfectly understand, that need stock up on patience and wait. And tolerate I becomes, itself stubborn, as mule. Who whom. :playful:

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'm too shy ask, and that makes parrot on team "go get 'em!"? http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gif



Catherine, a little boy-you, devil, you you, charm of simply http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/636.gif
About besezha have us was, too, most. ???? began this about 10 the evening - ah and that? Yula eaten, we all in collects, that still for happiness need to? http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif
Was happening all so - we went to on sofa look TV (until this Yula was vygulyana, umotana teams and drugs and on the idea of must was sleep without rear legs), and in town Ulu demon getting in demon. She been running around and've been jumping on us with breakneck pace, bite us (no amount team not helped, with, that "available.Fu" we well showed already), bite, ports, she ripped up all my too hot at night, used to bite my on us clothes (torn apart me 2 couples household performance) and all in such a spirit. Teams in this moment she not Iistened to me and hour this all lasted, then bam and dog sleeping. We failed about 2 weeks, then me ARGUMENTY. And have us became so - play Settlers in’s Whispering game in room and town Ulu in corridor with team "sleep." The first 3 the evening she was howling and was scratching to us, I on its of movement the door, told "available.Fu" and in nose pryskala a. Then as cut off, now have us calmer the evening and sanguine dog --. In the corridor in cage she not sleeping, we it making mat (on it lies bulky knit a scarf), on it Yula and sleeping or simply on gender http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/636.gif



donna, Romka (parrot, the wiggly, 25 grams weight) on team - Oh, sic 'em-set up beaks, rastopyrival wings and running on gender fled to on mother again, which with swear I will scream vzletala on sofa. But never in all 15 years no one nor never not bit specifically. Could razygravshis scooping up, I once was bitten by his in the answer for eaio. He on me he stared right conditional statements eyes and asked - you that, as a biter? (Talked better many people)

And still I represented a him about the penny (who remembers, was donationware in five kopecks, a large), put on Barrel rib and were the one pushing. He was still chasing rabbits its, drop wood on the table and on team - bring it here - reared in beaks and studiously were me, although she his pereveshivala.

Translation Studies 1 Octo, I tried to then, but he immediately Reserve grab pulverizer, leaps once, not reaches and she falls thus on the hands of. And the time every under this, as big a ghastly they.
And yesterday through 20 minutes celebrations again recalled that a small, zaskulil and zaprosilsya on hands. 't care! Fund legs until Owl, there I his took, and homes immediately the first affair write. All studiously has brought on pleenku. Perhaps so and courageous, can be so?

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Catherine, our a small martyshulka until now aktivnichaet. And before at all was "vpopemotor") Just now she Takes in her teeth toy favourite and starts cut into establishment, and apartment have us linear, so that circle on room, reversal, corridor, cuisine of, reversal, corridor and so endlessly. Under this she still and narykivaet) We on this even attention not turn, only perishing if strongly razdukharitsya, will disable your online, and the neighbors can come and blow the whistle us on anything)
But on gender tell all make a seating area out mats on rubber core element. Have us lies one in room, and one in the corridor -but I understand'm going, that race. Simply one of problems from-for slick gender can become (since forgotten as correctly is called) divergence front paw prints. We now this vypravlyaem. And the reason too cliche - Peter leaps once with bed and seat sofa on laminate, its feet's heading toward the exit.



Екатерина wrote:

on team - Oh, sic 'em-set up beaks, rastopyrival wings and running on gender fled to on mother again, which with swear I will scream vzletala on sofa.

Ah now understandable, why mother Danki fears :crazy:



stasyun, she she feared his with the minutes, as his, 45 fringes day, brought home. He was such a small, that prolezal through depends cells, had to its wire braid. He then not the that bite, he small chat something barely heard. I clutched his in the hands of, and she stab him him finger at in the back and were squealin' from own courage. And when me are girlfriend with Toye on the hands of, mom's been locked in room, through the door shouted -, hello. And he and until access, and then through a small crack was interested in - are gone?



stasyun, mats. Need to try, but fear, will Frozen Cocktails. On mat in a bath made attempt in the first same day, had to to remove.

Now narrative about how we strolls. Ah, first with scandal to put on the running collar. Wait until his, truth, not tries to, but here is to put on the running.
Okay, under exit from apartment I take on hands - corridor, upward mobility, porch. Already in would begins hysterical - I big, let me, that for violence!

On the street give on land. The first ten minutes active search, open eyes accompanies all, that is moving, climbs to all, only ottaskivay.
Through ten minutes - Oh, yes. I same a small Puppy. Aye-yay-yay, man me on ruchkiiiii.And legs lack for its knees.

And than further from homes, those stronger and more often concert by on grandstanding. The public kositsya with condemnation. Still would, Campaign hostess offends such a small shred and simpotyazhku.

And not do you say, that this gidget bites, as medium-size sizes Diamond, is a scratcher, as wild cat and of us steals all, that not is suspended there... to Maastricht ceiling.

Okay, nor fig, of course, not making, we're circling back to home. And here the Danaides Crosses on gallops and flies so, that only caldrons flying,. Unremarked remain all papers and wand, and even the slice of bratwurst, from which on road "there" had to ward off kicking ass.


And looks this roughly so - back home! Home! Home! Home! Wow you, and that this is to come through? Ah yes, I same home! Home!

Have Owl I take on hands, in would he again recalled, that big and rudely breached his rights personality. Designed and manages to power through, telling around the home / work address given, what I ‘ Some Harley Street quack.

Barely moment you step into threshold, is borne on grab a diaper and write, write, write.

Further need manage to lift the collar and to wash it hoisted, ah and all. We homes.


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Cach, and why on hands beret? Can little by little exits very, ranging with threshold apartment? So faster will cease on pens asking to come



You need to to decide problem with apprehension for mothers dogs. Until for good this not over. Invite kinologa home, let he will with mom, plus will recommend as fight with growling you do and other lawyers problems. You when 3 month?



Here is told need to borrow senior http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Girl/85.gif
There is no, us puny give http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif
Mother again already nothing not going to undo this, and this not fear of, and convenient scheme behavior. The dog whisperer not will help. Here psychologist need, can maneuver human hear it.


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