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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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So I was nervous, when your narrative smiled. Charm of. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif
But on here is (intelligEnt) pools around failing or jumps over. Hoisted water - available.Fu-available.Fu-available.Fu as unpleasantly)



Екатерина wrote:

but him clearly not likes dress the scrubbing, out after.

We Petrushe my hoisted three times on day least. So she each time makes kind of, that this is not it tell go and jump in bath on a hand wax, type bananas in tinnitus immediately become addicted)



We wash ourselves entirely three times in day. Because as for a ball and aka, and on his gut, and on little bum cheeks. And still on neck hangs head is, so that others’drooling the fringe. The scrubbing, out only paws for us rare and bullshit. This when quite dirty, and I I hasten, we on the me leathers, here is then only hoisted and those strategically important parts of the, that in the holes are sticking out. Sometimes in the corridor my hoisted in lapomoyke, then reach until a bath, where my the rest of the Danyu. But would still each time Dania is done blindly-deaf-mute forever and mentally an emerging, when speech comes to showering. Only slice of cheese before its nose can lure his in bathroom room and convince a guy to jump in bathroom.



And that is why us usually account for bathe entirely.

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Ah perishing okay, can be simply use http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif

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Today there and made, simply wiped the. But after all his so out-- you know, and in rain, and in snow, and in a puddle of and in dirt. And every day! And if his no one's being, he vyvalyaetsya himself in efforts to to capture ball. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif



Girls, on D and my beloved born baby boy by with 11 fringes month-date.you already almost adults, but would still still children! Curious, Smart, harmful, good - prevents, but terribly beloved.



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Congratulations to D-NIS with Day Varenya! Health, some treats for lot more, inspiring their popes-mothers!



Congratulations to with mini-dnyushechkoy!
Still want say thanks to, read too many and has bought all luminous brelochkov, simply in delighted!
Very conveniently and talk.



Екатерина wrote:

Girls, on D and my beloved born baby boy by with 11 fringes month-date. You already almost adults, but would still still children! Curious, Smart, harmful, good - prevents, but terribly beloved.

Yes, children are rising!



Viki & K, oops yes not for that. Always interestingly listen to the moreover, who on its he obtain very. So I try to put share. For example, us lapomoyka very touristy areas. Even not represented, that so conveniently.
And ball around the colourful we there police forces. Truth, he long not had lived under. First was very is identically, in sight his well, as ball around the he at all weaving - elastic, flies far, leaps once highly and zuboustoychivyy. But then I, uh, pulled out chip, to replace the 9V battery, and Dania its stole. Until he with it in familiar from me've been running, something there hamstring. All, ball around the more not is ablaze. Use on the morning and day, as the usual the ball. Would still happy with.

Thanks for Sharing (greetings. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/kiss.gif

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Today us on the field was greeted words - about, Danka-football player came!
But to tell I want not about this, and about how, as Dania for morality fought.

So, field our with one hand fenced in picket fence, which belt us once his from the motorway, and with the other - near Chavez, which separate his from pedestrian miles of. And very these bushes recourses: CPU local winos ,-users, madly in love when and those who until home communicate not can. In force weather conditions, the first categories citizens descended from on there is no, and here is last cold not scare. So, in that evening, about which I want to tell, has been going past of our field two friend, age slightly for twenty-. Dark, until residential array still meters 700. Apparently, drags them these meters slopes in life, because guys understood, that not going to totally deliver. That need to now, here and very urgently. Chose they kustiki the better-looking one, rasstegnuli that inseam, have focused and …
Here of these shrubberies here was sticking out muzzle with a ball in or, white familiar and through ball around the asked:
- A whose this you, male, here commit? And, can, better in ball around the play a game?
Guys freeze, freeze, because as saw Danyu first time and guarantee, that he now will not mark ball around the not will find itself different toy, no one could.
I withdraw Danyu could not, when have him in familiar ball around the, in tinnitus automation manager arise bananas. Approach the I, too, could not, was clear, why young people stalled admire nature in full darkness. So that aid them was wait nowhere.
Not obtaining answer on its proposal, Dania leapfrogged ahead apples obey and made what his have taught men on the field - I slipped my head one of apples between legs. The, as me it looked, even breathe stopped. Dania) 'head so, that her teeth with a ball proved in immediate neighborhood from the most of expensive for this guy, smiled still more friendly and again proposed play.
I already situation in half from and hollered, and here is boys was not until laughter. They clearly forgotten, why has scaled back with pathways. The second, which was lucky more, trembling hands zipping up trousers, cautiously took ball around the for uh, twistix and cautiously eleventh Danyu away from friend. When missed a button the first, has drawn I.
- Just a freak accident you place chose, young people, - politely told I instead, hello. And, and guys with me agreed. After what had transferred me ball around the with Dankoy and in haste traveled the treasure of.

Here is such a have us the coffeehouse, history.

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'm laughing))
Cach, and with what goal taught a man Danku inter legs head through a slot?



Danka ball around the not gives. Only me and only when we alone. And when he with little ball to men...... do global expansion coming, their does it rankle, that they have schenka not can ball around the steal. Raze: Neither by cajoling. Nor force. They and've been trained his - covered head between its knees and pull out the liver. And he liked. Now he to all suited obey, head off between legs - - Sticks his and awaits, that his for uh, twistix potaskayut. On the field this already is called - Dania'm parked.



I, too, read and'm laughing. http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif
Have us that the a similar was. Only Grishka was on tight leash and without balls at once, but very him was interestingly, that this as during makes in Oximetholone pills.



Ah you here gender-Forum what a laugh) I, too, Lol)



You would saw, as I was laughing hysterically. Because as expression faces apples to hand words impossible. And Dania such - oops, fresh hands! Seems, you me still not police reportedly used! Take uh, twistix and forward! Whrrr!



Екатерина wrote:

as Dania for morality fought

Yes perishing, cute child! Lyubulyubu http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif



Yesterday got cube happiness. Today all is melting away and flowing, but yesterday was nice!





Ah that OK, here is and we have reached before the first serious dates. I congratulate his beloved a crocodile and his charming (in than I not doubt!) you sisters though with the first anniversary!
10 months ago I brought with her home tiny bushy little fetal ball on short paws, and now on home such as got a big-ass, Curvaceous, dlinolapyy, Peter Cottontail and Hemp Knight slono-a mammoth, everywhere sticks its curious nose and all tastes on a tooth.
He turned my life with legs on head and has unfolded on 180 degrees. And I love his more all on light of.

And now will many-many words.

читать дальше

Wu you sbyvalas dream? I have - yes. How many themselves remember, I always wanted dog, but fate, apparently in as a tests, set me parents, which the, until the tremor part fear animals. All! From God's chosen cows until for the odd brontosaurus. So that all talk about dog ran into each other decisive - not under our life! I waited. I waited enforcement its dreams 34 year. There is no-there is no, parents alive-healthier, simply I has become to live separately and now could win "modicum a crocodile!"
I have long fact with dream have family and children, but dog … Dream about a dog has did not proceeded never.
Parents not believed, that I say seriously. And, when I told, that tomorrow food look schenka, me responded - mad rolled off? What Puppy? Why us not has warned? Composed in mind, we to you not shall come, help not let us and its feet our in your House not will! Had, too,, dog!
I already office-, with somehow adventures we with my a reach at all until Lena-Chantal and what impression produced on us Danka.
One man was interested, Lena told - think about it. This your the first dog, you am sure, that can handle it? Guy will with character.
I been mulling entire a path home. All five hours. But only about how, that I have will dog. Finally I have will dog. My.
My poor the dog does unlucky, I muddle-headed hostess. I not shtudirovala reference books, not prove hours on case forums, not Behhhh questions fanciers. I been mulling only about how, that through two weeks I have will dog. And all. Perhaps, no force in world not forced would me intervention.
My not understood, as I, which in the free from class day, could slay cooped up have phones to five morning, and then prodrykhnut until 12 days, voluntarily would argue Still Rise at lighttime, let him run pet 6 times in day, clean up for him, wash, feed and vast.
There is no, I not lazybones and not sad sack (and this my parents know far better other). But for recent years relative prosperity, I trained to live one, for themselves.
Even now book by sometimes asks - you not do you regret it? Here is quite-quite not do you regret it? Nor never? Not can be!
There is no, not regret. Quite-quite. Nor never.
I already not remember, what he was baby. My girl remembers well, and me seems, that he always was thus - vibrant, large, strong, onwww.benaughty.com curious and very good. I since forgotten, as came on work in bandages, as on the table stood • and Zelenka, as crying mother, looking on my iskusannye in blood hands - I'll kill his! He over you's mocking me!
I already nothing this not remember.
Remained still not they resembling loose baseboard, pogryzennaya bedside table, razodrannye plaids and ubrannye away in cupboard gentle toys. On antresolyakh lies unused packaging diapers.
Around the home are scattered obslyunyavlennye rubber toys and kanatiki. Have Vitalii Dani in using the incandescent method there is their being shelved: For toys, for some treats for, for tug ropes and combs and for drugs.
I have in phone appeared numbers the short round-the-clock the vet, challenge taxi and delivery feed.
I have appeared new friends. Alone of them me nice is to scold, that, when Dania has eaio, I bred taxi, not, a them.
In no clothing left and on the street with me way to say hi people, betray Danke Hi. At work after "Hi", ask - "as son?"
I have stopped climb sugar, because regular lasting walk in any weather with physical burdens reduce his better any injections of.
Me not want nowhere go after work, I I hasten home, because me await. And when I open the door, from apartment in corridor come pouring out to fostering Shercer. Whimpering and povizgivaya, will punch around me on rear paws, norovya a lick in nose, and chew sleeves (a disease such a.
Until I will teper, he will bring me all their toys, and then himself sticks his snout in collar, and we shall go gulyat.
He almost adult. His actively interested girls, truth, he still not knows, that with them to do, but very interestingly! More just he fears, when I parents with him to speak. This most ghastly punishment. Better with a glove on little bum cheeks, than silence. He protects my parents, believing (and rightly!) that the bellwether he, and they his a flock. Incidentally, later 10 months Pope and mother deeds before, that he NOT bites. Now they his'm a honer, they use to wipe down him hoisted and even can 'to cuddle.
Yes, they make this sake of me, but progress is manifest.
Under morning he necessarily\ N just hop on bed and dies down in feet. Truth, when, can be found his almost on pillow, but he himself not knows, as there fell. Honestly-honestly!
Sometimes I look on him and not believe, that Wu child IS a dog, too. That this is not dream and that he never disappear with dawn.
Us with him still much yet to learn to. Have us still many what will. But one thing will remain unchanged: He - my am throwing dream.


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