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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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At all I nice and plain's fucking gorgeous


But for a sausage. 'm gonna tear!







Yes, our turboveniki not very merzlyavye. Yes, kombezy them for the most part nor to what. But if would today Dania was not in me leathers, his would have broken. They got in a fight with husky for its ball around the. And me leathers us almost saved, adopted on themselves the main blow the clutches of the and teeth, remained to heal visited Germany on muzzle. Understand, that this is not reason packaging that dog down in armor, but today I was one these minus 27 and our warmer kombezu.




Екатерина wrote:

they got in a fight with husky

Ox perishing these husky! Dominique a month ago, too, husky've been offended. Under this they - bitches, and he - Puppy. Is a master said, that they peaceful, I Dominique the trawler to them play. And they his let wrinkled and pummeling. Grapple poor thing ruined his schena, walked away with few scrapes on neck.
I'm so sorry for after, but he hero, fought for his estate. And armor - this ARE the BEST brown trousers? Here is certainly they! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gif



Shelties enormous, size of with decent a sheepdog. Older Danki. They not in the first time walk together. But today him as you dangling off a hook under tail fell. Barely carted the place away. Danka still minutes ten had a limp and complained. Then nothing, runnin 'and forgot, that hobbled all the on three paws. Homes toured, injuries there is no. Only scratches on muzzle. Apparently, eaio trunk'm pinned, and from teeth inherited of that part of, that was not protected kombezom.

Mood have Wild Dogs today in zero. The entire day lies such hapless. Muzzle in Central Army Metrology. Even play not requests. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif



Shelties! Kill all! In zarodyshakh! - this opinion of our Dog.

And, too, 've been offended small. Ah, not quite small, the eighth month behaved. (Then only two weeks over, as we his took).
These two healthy forehead came closer to peacefully skakavshemu Schenu and "took in the lunchbox" - let's roll, let's roll! It is a watchdog not fool proved, whiskey now to home - and have walked something far - and embarked in defense have Owl, striker to doors. This husband told - as he for them all running fled, and what picture saw.
And I hear under windows barking all, thought - not my whether bark? - look out - there is no their, only husky cruise under the lantern?.
T.’s they to our been doing that, but freaked out by in sight, close not went.
Such a here is was have us history.
Since then Anwar hates khasok. All. Small, big, boys, girls - without difference. All eat!

Very are sympathetic after, but he brilliant, albeit podranen. Ball around the (stick, plate, a ring - whom that) need to defend, and the so much willing upholding character bold enough!

You feel better soon! And Zelenka at all decorates http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/kiss.gif



On the morning after got a new ball around the with bubenchikom. Need to whether to say happiness, which delivers this brenchaschaya a disease the dog does and parent pain me? Think, no. Poured we on streets and on the field met with our adversary. Is a master Danku saw, immediately took his the alligator's on ceasing. Dania played and suddenly smelled enemy. Deserted the ball, oprometyu me and for my its feet hid. Until is a master with husky has been going past, Dania opaslivo was sticking out from-for me. And in some point understood, that a new ball around the with bubenchikom!so and lies on path. As times on path haul vicious husky. Barely heard whining from of fear, Dania jumped on mat and charge to the tee. Grabbed and frisky saygkom ago, for my its feet. Friends hurl cannot be, let even new and rubber! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif


How Dania me heals a

To live one fun, but accented moments when … Well, Marfa village yesterday at work. Set of full, zhentelmenskiy: Pinteratura, snot,’s throats and burning desire to heart and hope to die here is recognized'll be in a minute.
Lived to see it until morning, priplelas home, vygulyala zverika some as, spolzala in Music, understand - all. : Do. Say - tribute, you here do that like it or, and I to die went.
Danka got worried, hostess in an unscheduled time in bed! And I have temperatures pret –, her teeth right frame. Halytsh brain understand, that need to to stand up, plodding until cuisine, find the first-aid kit, to warm water and drinks is febrifuge, but nor forces, nor desires. Has thrown my being SMS, that bequeath to it of an animal with all his of movable and immovable possessions, zakutalas in vatnoe blankets of and passed out. Through dream can smell, they breathes over the ear and its nose is digging blankets of. Forces his lift the stupidly there is no. And, think, on figs, itself him told, do, that like it or. He still posopel with different sides from me, then jumped on bed, in flux, same its back on my back and squeakin ? has stopped. He sometimes sleeping with me, but always in feet. Couple of hours on soft blankets of ponezhitsya, and then would still leaves on gender - feel hot him.
Aco through two hours. Pinteratura peak, because ceases, became feel hot. Turned, mother my, that this? It turns out, when he nose under blankets of looked, this he me all their balls and toys'd been planting. Ivan Kalita from all sides, and himself farewells near, Stream. He same net, uh, dog's wool, better any the stove. And himself endured heat from me, but not absent coordination nor on centimeter.

So that, the glass water not know, and, without balls not I'm going to die!

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Dania jumped on mat and charge to the tee.

Here is Dania hero-then what. After all, can be said, under bullets column friend to rescue!

and, without balls not I'm going to die!

Even 4000m2 as well as’s tears flowed in from. Joy for your union. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_angel.gif

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I have, too, in nose schipit.’s tears flowed in.
Ekaty, you feel better soon!
Dania continues to dynasty, you now both doctors.



Thank you for wishes. I itself's with the tears of happiness have been wiping, when realized, that he has done, until I Slept. Good girl my. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gifA they so and not understood, for that his in that tight,.

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Katya, 's just get you better! Not know as what about the nurses, but "lezhalka" have you accurately there is! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/186.gifHe have you simply good girl! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif

Екатерина wrote:

they got in a fight with husky for its ball around the

Our Shonya, too, not times had fought for their balls. And why something always with studs significantly larger his. And here is assholes, they he balls himself trails, for that on chessboard of region very gallant holder.




Oh how Dania wondered about the future.
Dania never before not was conceived about its future existence of. Him and in head not crossed, that once in bowl can not prove food, so all proper there a cooked immediately and immediately. And here he their eyes saw, that hostess, i.e. I, is preparing … as would this say … give oak. And got worried. If such happen, that with him will? As watchdog a smart, Dania decided to do his first in life stash. For this goal were chosen to in as a tasty hen's a neck.
I, by causing a neck in his a bowl, not unwittingly about his intentions, horsefly on to my computer. Passed while, and my time the brain sent over signal: Of crackling from cuisine not heard, yes and Spaghetti not Clattering. But well ?????? tsokot claws on the tiles in direction from cuisine until big room with all stops and back.
Deployed chair, listened. They where in kitchen, jumped of on corridor until a bath, posheburshilsya there minute, jumped of further until big room, peeked in it, saw, that I still for leave the computer on and so same liter V8 up front jumped of back.
In short, evening until walk has passed have us under the motto of - find 6 zanykannykh chick the necks. Uvlekatelneyshiy have quest. Dania barking and vorchaniem just signal me chilly-ardently, and then sought to steal that are recovered posed and to put a back for the location, grids or under carpet through dubious theatrics can. But all six the necks were found, collected back in a bowl, after what I strictly (Choking down taken to) told - palleggi now or I. I'm throwing away. Dania has sighed and in three minutes you dig that all six, pre by taking over with me the oath, that that get to just die I am not expected, and tomorrow he so same gets full a bowl food.

Here is such a huh, big dog I have is growing.



Exactly year ago. 3 February, after bruising workers of day, in a spooky the coldness we with my girlfriend Marishkoy brought home bushy to fostering clump on chubby digits......, short paws. As the on gender, clump immediately same went to in bathroom, where signed mat, there the most giving understand, that intends to here linger.
And here is already year, as on home is carried this trekhtsvetnoe public, crushing and ?rysia all, that enclosed under sticky paws off. And would still I love his more all on light of, because this MY a dog, too.

In 9.39 morning, for 10 minutes until of origin, I left record in his dayrike - UEKhALA FOR dream

Photo made in first day
After 2 month.

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Congratulations to with anniversary! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_bye.gif(nun) Have conduct together still many lucky years! :jumping:

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Despite protivneyshuyu weather, we decided take out zverikov on nature of. Lies fantastic almost two ticking short-a-jog on the forest, the beach and zamerzshemu the reservoir. All returned home wet, all messy, tired, but satisfied. Under the ice not Flunk, miracle avoided meeting with a huge global watchdog, miracle wash their hands its fixation on the tree ball around the. Nature damaged, but not very strongly.
fairs "I and my brother-ritualnykh head is".

All photo klikabelny. And very are typified by. Precisely so have us pass simplify everyday walk.



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Snow is melting away with simply catastrophic speed, but our field, which in days a thaw became large lake, bucks Atiku Spring. So that now we have for celebrations big steamroller. Now nerve, raznokalibernym ice blasting. Somewhere he matt, and on him still can be move freely with speed sleepy turtle egg. Somewhere he, as a mirror, and there even nose to poke not worth, itself more expensive. Somewhere he enduring the a tractor, somewhere ominously whirring, and somewhere falls, is worth only on him look. Dogs and masters cautiously walk on the perimeter, closely looking itself under its feet. But not Dania. After that the ice, that the water, that land. Bazailles! And forward.
And spat, that hoisted altogether run in different hand, that which is concealed srednevesovogo, 1-year-old bushika past balls at once accounts for from three to five meters, that shackling account for the all claws, then an enormous belly, then the rump. Importantly Caribbean!
Nothing, that the first five meters're running on one place. Paws, quickly occupy, but ball around the why something not closer. Then, in some point, is happening grip, and Dania's flipping out with seats. Is said that past ball, retards with swear I will scream and though, clarion barking reports the entire miss glade - NOT TROGAT! I now for him return! And begins in dark side. So as path lies already past balls at once, then he on tilt all-??? manages hooking off his teeth. Now importantly slow about the lady of the. And its (i.e. my task - on time dodge. Well developing coordination and appreciate.
But Spring all-??? Fights Back, and Dania with head is, as the most svezhesozrevshie representatives kobelinogo gender on miss glade (the rest boys or older, or younger than), open for themselves new sensations. The entire mangal he CHORTLES, when Ballou, filled upper legs for butt what-thread labradorshu, goes to for it on Ice on rear.
Or, when Dania, catches to any thread attractive pointy-haired the beauty of, as in case with a ball, nips past and barking reports - Girl with! Not leave the center! I now vernuuus!
In short, the ice have us until not is melting away, so that here is so and Mmhmm. You know,. The ballet on Ice and the ice carnage in faces every evening.



Dania so funny little paws semenit, select from on Ice. On-my, have him worked out own technique overcoming Frost mages – cover http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/110.gif



Passed five months. Our girlfriend who Iris almost year. After - 1 year 3 month, but. Something same must remain unchanged in this hectic life!


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Many run couple!



Екатерина wrote:

It took five months

Five months tender friendship?
The Danaides - a small besyaka. Pampukskaya khryurya.
You already Spring enshrined, 'm. And have us this function until not available. Yesterday are dealt a pretty yet another Portia Snow. For comparisons with “entertainments ” landscapes - 16 March in Yekaterinburg.


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