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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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And that this for shoes? What firm? The price?



Ferplast Trekking shoes. The price depends on retailer from 1,200 until 1600. Size differ price on 10-50 the repeat in D. I had booked in Zoo the mall, there 1205 the most a small and 1255 the most big.



There is I have with our kin arrangement: When I on –, me call only in cases screaming murder! And all! Pro usual "as affairs" I itself'll call. Because as I can be on relatively small business, exert aid and vast.
Loath, when ringing phone and melodies my, I have heart of in heels moves away. That? That wait, honey,?
In short, practically there now to challenge, sings … sings, a disease. I grab Burrito phone.
- We in apartment enter not can.
This my came to bill of an animal. Both of the castle turn, and the door not is a. And for gateway silence. Usually, Danka whines, when their hears. And here silence.
- Stop! Without panic! Likely, this Danka bolted from the inside locked.
Mother (they OK always the worst think):
- A if interupt in apartment and from within have closed?
- Don’t let us to think about this, let's stop on version strip thug.
And have the most Vnutre ekaet!

Ah, I've called known men, SmarTire on castles of no one there is no. Found the countess, which remaining. But they need a propiska. And I with passport at work. 'm calling governmental superiors prior. Say, so, nourished German, and so, I on couple of hours'm outta here, man. And you as want without me. And was awake at.
Drilled and beat the crap out castles. Opened the door. T the first - no one. Then in bedroom from-for bed cautiously looks out muzzle. On muzzle written - I you himself all'll show. Take, that want, only leave me cube sausages.
Having defined (determined), that this I, not enemies on his class three ??? ???????? ?????, they with joyful struggles and squirms came sprinting me on a neck.

In short, until parents were just discovering the door outside, this. To fostering pavlino-duck-urchin decided to help them from within. And legs moved the striker plate.

Until the door was had been blown wide open, dad's, like, lead his to leave the hospital. Dania flatly refused exits from apartment. Was yelling and all. Type: Ah kudaaaa? She OK there, and me kudaaaa?
I listened their incited cries even from elevator.
Already through FIVE minutes they swarm in back. On my ofigevshee AS?
Not less overwhelmed dad's, like, said:
- the Beast made affairs not the CELTA from home and have to's wavin 'back in porch with such speed, that I his barely retained. He shows, as tank!
My they! With the streets home! Himself!
Under this on the evening, returning with walk, I sometimes say - Dania, I got lost. Deal me home.
Dania is beginning to cut to disco head, 8 ears and all guise of show, that neither pro what house he not has notions, and created, not occupies to remain on the street.
All he, it turns out, knows!
0.1 castles, was removed on figs a hinge, and I storm away back on teaching.

Pending on Dankinu a new their litter box money are gone a locksmith. To the park and until will sleep on old, which still not entire you. Himself is to blame!

And now illustrate you culprit, it announced.
Dancing young entlebukherov. (Principal Danay from of the Crown Russia.

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decided to help them from within. And legs moved the striker plate.

Here is so, thanks to favorite dog, is reinforced our nervous systems system - regularity of situations only something and just http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/182.gif



Ah, Cach, you have and life! That neither day - the adventure! :) )) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



Екатерина wrote:

At muzzle written - I you himself all'll show. Take, that want, only leave me cube sausages.

Ah, very strict STOROZh) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



Yes, bushiki such PIO mode and hdparm. My doors opens, your contrary closes))



JakIv, behaviour for still the. When In the wake me penetrated a-a locksmith, Dania with struggles and squirms - URA! Visitors! Wanted to cat on a neck and him. I managed of sexually across Trunk in the most the latest moment.
nell, I not against rural. But they, why something, more often occur, when I on work or before work. Or in holidays. Or in midnight. There is no, I, in principle, own best guess, why, but all of this not gives enjoying adventure wholly.
stasyun, ah, as are opening cabinets and everything, Dania forest, as only became until knobs with booking. Pootkryvav all in apartment, he lost to this vsyacheskiy interest. I have now only one cupboard on protection from children is closed - in which his Yumbers lie.




Catherine, from faces Danki memoirs not want write) I understand, that you not until laughter at all was, but you so nice thinker and with grinding halt after share humor, that have reader not remains choice, as laugh from souls!



lenkin, Oh, fear, that there is no. Not such perishing I have ability to, oftentimes the, that and because of, perceive quite not so, as I had envisaged. So that, 'll stay tethered to such drawings from life.



I think that all SCARY DOLLS!! Need to collect, not, truth, is read as on one devouring, arts similar inoSrantsY pYshut, and here their nuggets http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/mail1.gif
Ah and if who that not so perceives, betcha this their problem http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Girl/85.gif
To why about opening doors. I have some dog children http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/433.gifopen doors on streets as from within exposure (from indefinitely sustain itself) so and with open the (on themselves) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/91.gifif on time not close on a hinge, then house will vystuzhen http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/128.gif



Chantal, betcha with schekoldoy we and're in trouble now! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif





Especially good the latest frame (large plan)! :jumping:



Javadxan. Actors rasklanyalis and asked translate of Immigrant Absorption them applause in flavor equivalent of. Had to to convert.



Catherine,, you are-cyclo-'re just fucked! And accompaniment directly teak go looking-teak http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



Our girlfriend Butterscotch has become adult a, so that will have while, look to be bored by without it.

Spring! (Though winter of better!)



Haven’t update with us nothing not happened. Car can be as much as two weeks!
I today soap windows. All. So here is, only I flung open window in big room, as this. Pavlino-duck-urchin decided to (first time in life!) a guy to jump on the windowsill. Understandable, that hoisted on laminate go, it is understandable, that force and moment push he not he calculated on. In short, I managed to capture this. This dog, when he flown past me in window with third building. Under belly and for withers. Was yelling, as're insane.
This pilot-Baturin after the spoils hit and bang. And I have hands there is no. Quite.




UV. The scare stories on night.



That for to live without rural? Simply awesome, not zhizt! (With)

That OK, apparently, to on time the aborted flight with third building not allowed me Ieft of the night on - are concerned, my feel planted me another stress. On morning stroll escaped for a ball, and returned with him and find a bloody't. Water with a always, immediately rinsed out. This whack sore of on because. She's oozing strongly. Hardly she dragged me home. Dania was perturbed, required continuation of Chancellerygame, tried to get ball around the from my pocket and was extremely nedovlen those, that quit home before time. Homes wound by processed, imposed up tight around and drove off in a hurry on Affairs. Met me trekhlapyy they. Dania stubbornly refused Still Rise on right front, although on the morning perfectly on it was running! Has tested around - got soaked. Until changed, oschupala fingers - not reacts, Pathological mobility there is no. Anew processed and progress has been slow have my tubes tied. They hobbled all the on three paws. Is now over time evening walk. Lifted overnight ski boot warmers, under him wet dressing. This me became not like. And, when, a girlfriend about "where meet?" I told, that gulyat not shall go, and shall go-pay we to dokhtoru-eye surgeon-the vet.
Hang on, hang on - told girlfriend, - I now will come and'll drive you.
As well, that I agreed to! Although go us exactly one halt, in clinic it turned out, that now broken Dania two large vessel and need to sew. And to sew, need to to lend anaesthesia, because as wound by need to expand and seek source of said.
In short, two vessel he's been cauterized, wound by sewing up, special again that the. Have become we Danyu cool. Gave antisedatin - Dania sleeping. Will nibble at for nose, tried reflexes - Dania sleeping. And only when I told - Dania! Ball around the! Zverik opened eyes.
Until machines Dania Fund himself. But as same his was rough. Hoisted naughty, Serzh Sargsyan added, benchmarks lost. Laughable and tears. And still Danay in clinic was howling. Not-not, he was howling! I first time for year heard of from its Dog. I was certain, that he at all this not keeps managing! Nor never never! And here, in anybody a, hoisted's heading toward the exit,, banged up snout to Maastricht ceiling and has now issued such to enjoy, that surgeons collapsed! And perishing they many what heard.
In short, lies now crocodile, spoon her for with favorite pretty rope of yours, from narcosis exits. Hoisted still poorly so. There is want, already came trucking scratchin 'around for, and cannot be.
Now seam process and antibiotic toxoid. Two times in day. And this is so BOLNO!
Well, that still 5 days vacation!

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