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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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Екатерина wrote:

Yes, that still 5 days vacation!

. ? Yeah, a good you vacation, nothing to acquire say! Feed! Dania - hero! :flag:



Yes. Will, that recall and to tell colleagues on emotional outburst during on work. Dania made all, to these two weeks I memorized the to stay. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif



Are sympathetic Danke. Get well soon! And in what specifically place paw Korea?
Most importantly - set aside seam entity. And patience you will have develop! We two weeks quietly were on povodochke, despite all protests with hand Sean. And then, when seam began take to heal and ceased screaming, he at night (until we slept) dismantled bandage, after killing their his. Well even, that much of bandage I can have withdrew "height", and smaller - "through an effort."
And taking injections - is nonsense! Dania to them will get used! Especially, if after every injection site vkusnyashechki to lend :)))



Paw Korea on mounted side finger. The typical this whack sore of. Apparently, with raid synched up in something keen. With current transitory period all in order, although today Dania already hauling around with a ball sausage. Should sit a bit pripukhlyy, but so and should be.
Homes, after processing, one grasps the the free overnight ski boot warmers, to and wound by not turning a blind, and get to it cannot be.
Taking injections Dania knows, itched after trauma, but antibiotics all onwww.benaughty.com painful. And a doodle he not Takes. When Dania manufactured, his not bribe even the most favorite the culinary delight of. Then cools down, will come and ask me for - where?




Danayke want popadayuschikh recovery! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/flag_of_truce.gif



JakIv, thank you. Tried to take with him word, that all norms on injury over this year he already performed. He promised, but, seems, has crossed fingers in my shoe. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/115.gif



With the nature he, however! :cool:



Have us, too, trauma struck, truth go off without joints a cut was, but tendons not especially. Process recovery policies--and about 4 days. And under this Filya quite not unyvaet. (Here is our Homer would very has felt and got upset about) Yes that Filya entlebukher) summarizing the your it was a twig I understood that entlebukherov take optimistic Oh, make love with humor below the to any situations) (have like devices and Oh, make love - entlebukhery camping on E. Not unyvayuschie))



Attention! On territory Pirogovskogo reservoir not far from Bank campers was been strange being. Aggressiveness being not administration, was driving themselves friendly. Being perfectly floated, nyryalo and utterly not was unafraid people.


Caused by on place specialists's been identified in it a rare kind of waterboarding, myachikolyubivogo sobakozavra.

No dangers for people sobakozavr not represents. Contrary, willingly goes on contact to those, who ready to leave him ball around the. Greater part of time sobakozavr conducts in water, above on Bank only for decision-food. Well cultivated. Ill sobakozavr easily subject to teams, willingly goes on call and one enjoys communicate verbally with man.


And so same well finds common language with other home cannot reverse it.


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Katya, I so understand, Danka finally swam To Her? http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/cool.gif
Himself] swims or only for a ball?



Yes, us finally managed extricate on created. Dania absolutely not fears water and perfectly] swims. Can and himself, but for a ball much more interesting. The only negative moment became the, that now he neck dive in any substance, although would remotely imitating liquid. And withdraw his until it is unrealistic. He rather strays from technoy has presented to, than from water. Account for all time bdit.



Екатерина wrote:

caused by on place specialists's been identified in it a rare kind of waterboarding, myachikolyubivogo sobakozavra.

A such vodoplavayuschiy sobakozavrik)
And our malyavochka still not knows that such swim in an open a reservoir. Hope, that soon study for a cook this mind pastime and it like)



yulka, after, too, on first year not managed experience this joy. But now they is detached.



We very worried, as Dania perceives the domestic Dzhuffa. All-??? have them year difference. The Danaides almost adult, and Dzhuff still child. But.



as Dania perceives the domestic Dzhuffa

Congratulations with new drrrrugom!





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As always Newsweek stylistics http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gifand work left higher all lauding, ah and hostess the that need to http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/186.gif



Dzhuff - cousin head is on someone from parents. Seems, on mother. Apparently, drive bushikov - have them Family. Dzhuff with relish runs round for Daney, truth have him still lacks forces so much Caribbean, how many running around the Danaides, but he an! And in Friday have him will emerge cousin brother! Him now three months, and he in pyatnyshku, as were head is. So that soon Danyu will chew and drive TWO YEARS bulldog!

And, and still Dzhuffu today must buy waistcoat, to he could with Daney swim! And the awaits on Bank, as a forsaken learns. And is experiencing. And conditionally, when Dania is floating away.

Here is such a have us a flock!

Thank you on good word, Chantal, but with host the 2016 Danke not very fortunate. I inexperienced. And irresponsible in terms of support breed. But I his love.



A compelling story occurred with us Iicaa.
Sit with Dankoy have Owl, waiting for their friends, to together go gulyat. Goes picturesque couple. He and she. Young, but already such … swollen from everlasting holiday. He and now in fuckin 'gone, she still a bit is oriented terrain. He before it on its knees fell, hands kissed, in love vowed. She his tried lifting and further on itself flinging. And with them not less want being. Imagine, the mill property, but on high, toevskikh paws. Looks ah very funny!
And here is this peretaksa-nedotoy passes past us. Dania, of course, tries to contact, but I his going into holding pattern. Masters are aired, who knows, as they react. Zverik proved girl, not directed on Danyu no attention, it is important has passed past. But guy-is a master near us stuck. Looked around the living Danyu and tough to asked:
- Man?
- Man, - 7.10.
He (with a drunken tenderness of):
- A have us girl.
- I see it, - say.
Here this drunken lout body falls before the Danaides on its knees, Exhales him in snout couples alcohol and …
- you the man, you such a handsome, the guy! Ah, recognized horror, what a handsome. And that for breed?
- Sennenhunds (I decided not into in the details)
-, Nwoo, this I and the movement not'll hear from me. And have us (guy boomerang on its helpfulness, sighs, but very-very affectionately call and proudly) – sausage on legs!
Curtain! Roarin ', seems, even Dania!

Here is my the guy, which today founding year and a half.




http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gifa cool history! http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gif
With polutorogodiem you!


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