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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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Danyu with day birth!
Happiness you with him and long years life!



Congratulations to Danku! http://www.cool-birthday.com/b/gif/s_80.gif



Teaching was simply crazy. For a holiday managed just and a half hours from twenty four, yes and the drabs –. One plus: What same beauty yesterday was! As in fairy, white, bushy snow enormous cereal! Received each time past Kremlin - as on old Soviet New Year 18th centuries since.
Okay, this all vyzov. In short, commanded home and she has dreamed, that now will take with a crocodile and sleep! Not-not, SPAAAT!

Poured with Dankoy. And somewhere between the fifth and the seventh of snow I have from pocket had a chance phone. And is gone in snow. In the game to start I, truth, quickly. Of an animal in a bale of and there. And there. Power--a period us on snowy paths the Saltenfjord THREE the bulldozer! Very like, as in old, good of kindergarten movies cat under early production with shout "Wait! There Tortoiseezhevichka! ". But alas, we not in movies.
In short, we with Daney still forty minutes wandered along the tunnels on navorochennym by bulldozers snow, but so and not found nothing. Dania not understood, why we instead just hanging around on one place, and why I such a upset.
And importantly, HASN'T! Quite no one, whom can be was would ask to garner Number, to, can be, on sound find cell. Empty, as in Sahara in noon.

Came home, has blocked your SlM card, wiped tears and potopala buy itself a new phone. Instead sleep in favorite little bed in, obezhala 8 stores, financed cell. All consultants, faced, that I sowed ezhevichku, app sympathetic called were cradling heads, sighed and they agreed, that replace its very and very difficult. Incidentally, live BlackBerry almost nowhere cannot be find. Me not have fallen! Only in Internet with transshipment on house. But very not like would for such her to remain with Chinese plastic.
Quite's regressed in despondency, took the first router encountered Lenovo (why? Itself until now not understand! Never on them not watch, rather would Samsung took, but there is no. :hmm: ). Homes, I was catching up with settings and F-bomb on me. All not so. Ah all! Through want it now-deck restored almost all contacts. But there same still pictures of the, songs, calendar thing, notes.

Quite by on zverika. He, poor, bodal me head, beat on shoulders legs, were whining, courageous and heartbreaking moaned., and I only otmakhivalas.

And on the evening en balade, our familiar by the dog walkers solemnly repatriate me as frozen, with that wet, but such a favourite ezhevichku! Said - opened, and there Dania! Immediately understood, whose.

Here is it, HAPPlNESS! How many there just clever, what cannot be was would restore!

Apologize before Daney, do not justify emergency once delicious treats for everyone, play Settlers in favourite game - grab his lifeline.
Dry for you its charm of. ... she flung away Lenovu. 'll trade you everything its my being - she has you think jolly old apparatus, and this pleasant thing quite getting fast. Simply not my.

Here is such miracles have us today! Recognized gift to a new year.



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Well the, that well ends))



stasyun, and the! If it comes not Dania, me would not found! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif



Today on the morning on Danyu raid but. ...... came off and you knocked out from the jaws a favorite ball around the. Danaia it took thirty seconds, to come in themselves from such enter through, and then he column defend its. But with disgrace was’s demons had, ball around the returned to owner unchallenged.

And still I today melted away and just crumbled a puddle. In the second half of of our ???? actively are building another Church, so to us move seizure by the dog walkers. Many new people and new dogs.
So broke a, that to faces a cross roads with three different sides simultaneously come:
1. We with Daney.
2. Group our known from five people and eight dogs.
3. It's unfamiliar us woman with unfamiliar us briarshey (plush, need to say briarsha! What wool! What caldrons)

Until I rasklanivalas with among acquaintances, and Dania okhmuryal the new girl, L looking at things around my dog.
- This is you have as is called?
- Entlebucher, - 7.10.
- Javadxan. And nothing. In Internet on photo was such a an appalling dog. This your. Eee--ee. And still all say, that they very obtuse.

Usually I for word in pocket not lezu, but from such a statements intercepted breath. Until I received in thumping lot more air, to get exasperated, lack have spoken familiar by the dog walkers.
- Yes you that!
- Yes Dania have us the real good girl.
- Yes he very is a clever and an obedient.
- This is the most cheerful doggy in our district.
- yes where OK you such a stupidity’t read?

L even froze a bit. Then told
- . Ah yes, all can be. - and tthe plummeting has.
I breathed out and thanked all for such characteristics. And traced his of the smartest and poslushneyshego dog home, enjoy breakfast.

Here is on that she had envisaged, speaking such strange host? Even the most primitive and stupid that dog down is a master will defend. If he is a master.


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Cach, and I have recognized on anybody it attains raise comes) obtuse (yes themselves all they obtuse! (And bushiki very clever! Stivke enough watch me on him meaner! He already blame its feels! A favorite, a remarkable my sobakin-?)



JakIv, and, importantly, I nowhere and nevernot seen such a about bushikakh. Different smiled, good and not very, but here is to "obtuse."



Екатерина wrote:

Miscellaneous smiled, good and not very, but here is to "obtuse."

Ah I and not such smiled)) But this purely human approach-something somewhere heard or it is unclear that where have read)
Not worth on such respond))



Yes uzhzhzhzh!
Example from life: I have created help woman with 2 a two entebukhershoy, which grew as a weed. On airline for 5 occupational dog churchgoers near, knows team sit, lie, PLACE! And who after this dumb! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/433.gif



We once en balade was greeted two babulechek. And one the other told - I know these industry. Pro them say, that they the most clever, any team remember with Sixth times.

I many what smiled pro bushikov and at all zennenov, but to "obtuse." I not seen nor never. Understandable, that here from series of "hear can.."
Me hit surprised another, she that, waited that I I’d say - accurately! I have the most severe and you stupid dog! I its specifically such a of solidity.

Not know. This as say mothers, oops, what you have ugly when you sleep and silly childand wait reaction. Well, if immediately in her teeth not's flying in.



Екатерина wrote:

In Internet on photo was such a an appalling dog. This your. Eee--ee. And still Everyone Says, that they very obtuse.

Here is one of two, Cach:
Either, as usually, mixed up with the other breed,
Either, as in fable "the Fox and grapes", khayut because, that themselves such a dog is.
In any case, to speak strange host in face threats about his dog can only'm so stupid. And they, unfortunately, are not rare.

stasyun wrote:

Don’t worth on such respond))

Support, Tanya!



Nell wrote:

In any case, to speak strange host in face threats about his dog can only'm so stupid. And they, unfortunately, are not rare.

Not in stench of, and in eye) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif





????? me photographed! Rather wipe your me hoisted and feed!


Hostess? What hostess? Aaah. Hostess. She sleeping there, in the corridor, on it just once …. (Almost (with))



2 January. Rain, conditions –, on the street only by the dog walkers.




Are bring Danaia “in light. ” I.e. in people. In short, seek thicket byvat in curiously crowded places. In stores, for example. Zverik is leading themselves remarkable. Nor to whom not climbs, clomping near, only on sides a gawker. And today occurred have Vitalii Dani raskolbas. 9 morning, Sunday. Think, until people sleeping, descend (go) we with the crocodile until ATM. There arrived finally in on bus ride. Here claims on behavior no, all simply perfectly. A rare people umilyalsya “such raised by the little dog. ” In bank account, too, all was remarkable. Back decided we go on foot. In those backyards near Dania still nor never not was. Nor with, nor with stingy, began pull ceasing. As steerability, as, mwah, boatman. Not cooperating all legs, he were me on stranger same, choosing one him known paths. I thought: What thought and decided to float his. Ah here is decided. And … Dania embarked about its feet and further behaved near, the CELTA maximum on couple of steps.
In one yard a man sat down in machine, but on eieana Slept cat. Hoochie jumped off and jumped out on a path recognized before Daninym nose. And my zverinda goes haulin 'ass down … - No, not for cat. To machine. And avidly began different hair conditioners wheel, on which cat Slept. Grapple she dragged him.
In another yard a man used to warm Infiniti, and himself I was digging around in dedicated blast. Dania ran, put hoisted in open trunk and slipped nose in box, that a man handling of a. Well, the laughed, said – nothing terrible. Would still was scolded by.
And then we has been going up school-court. And suddenly my they, laying caldrons for back, charge oprometyu to Car porch, soared on stairs and sat have verifies on the occasion Sunday’s drama doors. And are you staring at on it.
We have no in family schoolchildren. We no one not meeting. This school we with him at all saw in the first time. With what?
Was calling for, was calling for … and only when went for him, he has sighed and ponuro'd you me.
Further behaved near without defence wakes up aggressivity until the most homes, hasn't Turkic forward and looking in eyes, as if asking: “I brilliant? ”
Until what OK interestingly for them watch!




It is time Danaia portfolio and textbooks buy) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/mail1.gif



Javadxan. I him explained, that in the first class he already late. But we we can catch up to homes and autumn shall go immediately in the second. He wondered. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/115.gif



Were carried away by and have walked instead 1.5 hours two and a half. Returning, Dania you dig that mucus helpings food, slithering about on bed and passed out.




Cach, the Frenchies funny, Danka is so apparently driving) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif


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