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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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Of our protection. Today, compensating for has good behavior, to the park and, brought the terror. Growled, fought tooth, jumped out of one. Took for Scruffles and raised on streets. In the entrance to him has drawn labradorka. The Young, but very a well-bred. The lady of the I couple of times seen, she their breeds. Danka farewells on gender and shut down snout legs. Dogs fears, to people climbs all, but preference gives the beautiful women - only ottaskivay.
Through five minutes on the street all repeats itself - listening to people bitch, crying, clawing for its knees, upiranie all paws. People boomerang, looks with wonder what could happen (on me, it is understandable. His something wish http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif)
Again did nothing, all has brought home. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif
In would made him reprimand - not ashamed? In apartment - big vicious it is a watchdog, but as on streets, so "moms do, save your, help!"?
Home went, downcast head, Dangling my caldrons and with your tail. Signed on grab a diaper, has taken a sip, has passed past all toys and farewells. Nor barking nor growl, nor kusak.
Lies, head not raises.

Incidentally, in environment as pathways, to laminate close. Can smell, until all not's gonna wet, not actually perceived by voters. And there will 8 meters! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif



Catherine, not want frighten, but you need to harsher with him. On a neck sits down at. Already tries to. "Kill" not need to, but pressed with his hand, Perhaps, is worth on the sly. And that surrounding condemned look-so this their problems)



Yes I and so not of, react on his whining. But he same drive on his behind or lie down in beach and all, further only been dragged through. Until still can be shift the hardly, but need whether? On toys zero attention, dainties. For that? For having indicative sensationally? Obotretsya.
I all-??? hope, that when will all vaccinations. (Soon! Through two weeks, and can be will normally gulyat, here is then figs he pokapriznichaet. And until we seek only briefly and away became all.



Ox, lopukhnulas I today!
Yesterday had to driven bag with Alpo in the bogs (he previously for gateway kitchen stood, it hardly anything on top of, and here urgently the way the need cuisine from of an animal (or of an animal from cuisine) isolate).
Of walking I, means today in this cozy corner, Danka, as usually, accompany.
I him - ah that you for me're, uh, walking? Food there accurately there is no.

Open the door and the first, that sees they - bag with his feeds.


Such a condemned-was really that incriminating expression snout I not seen never! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif






And you still you're shocked, why my parents fear Danku?
He keeps managing well pretending discrete and innocent


But in deeds this irrational they!

Especially, when deal concerns sausages!



Ekaty! You so Kisslinger write! Want pogroms and narratives about these a Pogrom http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gifOh!



Alla, thank you. In school wrote composing for the entire class.

Fear, that another two-three such more smashing and beat of an will already nothing to acquire.

Today we have improved record for'm gonna nip on 200 meters for example terrain. Danka was barrelling with the streets home so, that I have wind in tinnitus did the whistling. And until this he farewells an enormous belly in greater a puddle and said - all, here me and bury.
And only having heard cherished - okay, home - corpse has come to life and's wavin 'with speed, size the speed understanding sound.
And after all we taking with a a favorite ball around the. Yes and get with him (though homes figs run a prioritized search selecting!)

Homes, the first affair, he breathed on grab a diaper and wrote down the the entire purchasing supply.

After such a an exemplary speech had to wash a living waking corpse entirely. This was the second separate views about difficult fate puny get a puppy in paws terrible pani.
He'm hanging cloth on by a bath and was yellingso, as if with him live would skins - on gloves off. Although water at all something not fears.
But then man lunch, and I was able painless wash themselves, bathroom and entire the rest apartment.

That to do with turistice - mind until not'll do my!

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Here is on this I not love swaddling clothes.
And at all, will have gulyat until a successful and as only be done miracle, oblaskat boy and give lakomku. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_in_dreams.gif



Chantal, yes, I so and submit. But this already after vaccinations.
And here is that to do with his unwillingness? When he plops down on his behind or on belly? Pull hardly for ceasing? To bet on hoisted? Give. Two steps and again lay-down strike. Nor toys not help, nor delicious treats for everyone.



We in its time on advice Viki & K (Olha) bought a remarkable a box for feed, a handsome, vivid and such convenient, that even pity was his under fodder give :-) http://s2.uploads.ru/t/h3IXd.jpg
And about "will fall on belly, go not wants, unless" - had to shimmy on tight leash got 3 burenku :-) were bracing as could, my Bessie, but I was adamant. With "toilet" us more was lucky, camping on K. Time our first walks Nakamury on summer and we have walked until you drop hours on 2, if not more, but the first time (week where-), too, all good carried the home :-) A then as something the very "everything will run without problems") and en balade already first affairs did, then have walked.



Екатерина wrote:

A here is that to do with his unwillingness? When he plops down on his behind or on belly? Pull hardly for ceasing? To bet on hoisted? Give. Two steps and again lay-down strike. Nor toys not help, nor delicious treats for everyone.

And I told, nudge obey under his behind. Could not not to speak, because as this problem arises for 90% owners. Into cannon fodder should be have owner from intestines, lucky bishop says to feel anything like that futile to be stubborn.

Shulakovna wrote:

bought a remarkable a box for feed, a handsome, vivid and such convenient,

A box indeed a handsome, but give for him almost 4 camping on R http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/91.gifI better couple of bags feed buy.
There is not less beautiful, without wheels, and are worth 1000r. And sobsno wheels why?



Catherine, hope-me not douse a shoe at for advice)
Until he not too severe - pick up his for Scruffles and hold while, on weight. Him not will be hurt, but will unpleasantly, and yell will as in his behind wounded (importantly, not caring on opinion surrounding. Helps return brains on place neslushayuschimsya bushikam.
Simply our stallion already weighs almost 19 kg - I its raise not can, but have husband is obtained, Perhaps, so she his and one enjoys listening better. But there is another the notion of as "the magic pendel." This of course same not means, that need to kicking dog with the entire dope, but podpinyvat very even helpful will. And the soon dirt will - he puzyakom entire its and will to collect-zamuchaetes launder)



Price spooked, even wlfe's on site, clarify for how many bought) Considerably cheaper, in two times. But on the very moment were not sophisticated, in choosing containers;, bought this and very happy with) own for mobility) When my floors on kitchen, 've been taking his there-here)



'm kicking, not strongly, of course, but steadily. No reaction. As lay, so and lies. Pull. Neck all-???. Protestantism.
For Scruffles prefer shake this, when nakhuliganit, but he immediately is flipping out and tries to admit in hand. Pro voice accompaniment under this I already not say. Well understands, when contrary, to gender reading. Then utikhomirivaetsya on while,, snarl ceased. But this well homes.

Rather would Hemophilus infection, are gonna sit karantnin, and there. Hold on they! --Konteyner for food there is on 10 kg, I in him from bag part of otsypayu. In cupboard, where a box, Danka as times not climbs. Why something quickly understood, that not gonna fly. So that here problems there is no.

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Екатерина wrote:

. Rather would Hemophilus infection, are gonna sit karantnin, and there. Hold on they!

Fear, that low--as turistice this not solve. He will kobenitsya and further. Now stay down on his gut-and then can start to run away, and team ostensibly not to hear.
I think, many this pass, and not only with bushikami.

Is flipping out - again pick up, but so-to not latched on and shook. If allowed her teeth to dissolve - received on's chin, (not strongly, but understandable). Or fall to keep pressure on.
Simply on hands his take -but not when he (Zeni, and when you need to. This like as, too, strengthens your authority.
He specifically you now tries to build.
Perishing if our squirt tried to this to do the marriage until now have had one us on punk or not is checking, then your ninetieth anniversary will this to do specifically and bezpovorotno, for kobelino)

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stasyun, yes this all understandable. On hands I take, through 30 seconds is beginning to wriggling. Fall zazhimayu - released, only hand removed - all anew. Clear, that he is claimed. Me surprises, that he so themselves on the street is leading. He same not fears, and the first five-ten minutes him even likes. To people climbs, is watching with interest, that is happening then?



Javadxan! Brought carpet solutions pathways! Not, after relocation raze cell not buy, even photo camera not buy raze.
Until rasstilala and was vacuuming, they was dispatched in cell, where loudly complained on genocide, arbitrariness, and repression. Fought head about depends, I gnawed on and clawing up Pallet, trying to ambush undermining.

Issued. In short, they from happiness lost recent brains, was whizzing, as is a mad Hare, petlyaya, minutes forty. Then simply've been running with using rabid eyes, not knowing, for what the end of the put or what first describe. Then was sprawled out on all eight metram brevnyshkom.

Urgently had to reconsider strategy industrialized fishing toys. He previously eiaee toy in the air and further drove with it on little bum cheeks or his gut until Wall. And here. Realization, caught. Not went! Not glides for more pop! In the first minutes was many ofigeniya.

Tried to shift their besilki on me - received on ass. On, the baseboard comes off - on nose. Now lies in the interface all three walkways and just gets his jollies.


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As you nice pro him. Write it, one thing pleasure to read! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif

Екатерина wrote:

He same not fears, and the first five-ten minutes him even likes.

And if try take out his far any for city? There something to flee have nowhere, can be and to float. Put in snow chair, sit down the most and show, that go something have nowhere!
Interestingly, what have him will reaction?



nell, I would with relish, but the problem transport. Bezloshadnaya I.

On the morning they pooped on one of walkways. Saw already process. On my - This is that such?lowered the caldrons, dokakal, was detached on couple of steps, farewells on belly and shut down legs snout.

Has drawn, asked - not ashamed?
Slightly moved paw, showed one eye, looked around the living them me with heads until legs, said theatre - yip - and again that's covered it paws.

Until was cleaning, 've isolated his in cell, to not saw, as I'm laughing.
Artist - logogram-– my! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif

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