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The Danaides from "of the Crown Russia"

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Continue to wage chronicle maturation. 20 days homes.
Of benefit to:a significant urezhenie number of "affairs bathrooms." And most often they incisions in EL for this place. There is no, it is understandable, that not describe new pathways was cannot be. Ah simply raze cannot be. Or, for example, Registan from plastic the bottle with hydrox cookies within, too, not was no opportunities. But if there is no such utterly compelling factors - all goes, as need to.
At night comes now only two times - roughly in two and roughly in four. The agent, that affairs made and grab a diaper need to reverse. Sleeping now himself, more often in the corridor. Can peek into bedroom, ensure, that all on place and again withdraw sleep in corridor. Sometimes sleeping in cage, but the door must be is open! Otherwise - nightmare, arbitrariness,, genocide and violation of Geneva Convention. For the first ten days antigryzin applicable in his-ucts three vials. Over the past ten days - three times. Child opened for themselves, the baseboard comes off! Had to suggested a his close. (, the baseboard comes off, not child!)
Perfectly knows team "sit", truth keep its not keeps managing. Sits couple of seconds and again came charging in.
Much less kusak and jumps. Not I’d say, that has on there is no, but hands even concerned podzhit.
Of cons:faffing around! My calamity. That to do - mind not'll do my. And bathing then move - tank after fainting on earth. Clearly water his not scares. But cross is worth such. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif

Collar tries to schesat. Today sake of interest notorious chain. He on it even attention not threatened both. At all. Only Clattering, when on gender lie down and all. To live not prevents quite. Ur! http://s52.radikal.ru/i136/1302/c4/a8beb35cef96t.jpghttp://s019.radikal.ru/i622/1302/3f/1521652c63aft.jpg

Of put:when child sits, have him gets pinchy knots front paw. Not always, but case. Was would man, told - inhalations, a cramp. But without pain, churchgoers normal, is carried saygakom, all it bends.

Now about sad things:
A bit to paraphrase classic - "if a duck cut off its feet.." Alas, she was so young! It was just 20 days! I so its loved, she was my the savior in difficult situations and has already given its health for my calmer minutes!

Today in four o me had to produce operational control over intervention and to amputate remaining stumps rear paws have plush does anyone remember that after, razodrannykh severe Dankoy.
Now this hapless stump even beeping not can and I not know, how still his ?????.

Farewell, duckface, I will remember you forever! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/42.gif


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Farewell duckface! Times in two nedi I changed "with the sawing." On new toys) violations more often, and now almost quite rarely woodchuck that any of igrukh, remont, for diversity.
In a bath washed their, when was small, so: Was made until fortune "die, if not sing", one feeds, the other washes, times three four and now cleaned quietly. Accurately also in fenu got, and to the street.
I a total screw-up with the first walk on full program, ah as same, all - gulyat can be, I with his dog of walking gulyat, ah and raised, and have us Dmitrovskoe highways 8 ranks, a rumble, emergency vehicles, set, people about subway a fucking fortune. Ah and scared your baby. Then only with food, on advice kinologa, with bishop says to was strongly aieiaiue, VERY-VERY aieiaiue, so same on dacha to petardam got. Now all well)
Ekaty! You have desire to, so that all tickles! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif



Alla, thank you. I am learning together with him, until incapable impression, that have him is obtained better. Quick, this one he clearly faster. On sofa forces going lacks, so he all the practice with ready. If naughty boy., not awaits, when going to get shouted at, is assaulting the first and immediately ticking.
And here is with turistice he me puts in impasse. I not know, as his divert, until nothing from proposed options not rolls: Nor toys, nor delicious treats for everyone. Five minutes and hysterical with dying. Having heard cherished - home, a living waking corpse includes enhanced supersonic and is borne to home / work address given. ???? would still to prejudice, here ottaskivala his of maneuver, was yelling, as Sassanid. Calmed down only, when familiar ledge saw.

Need to to think about school! Seek teachers!



Alla wrote:

farewell to the duckface!

Javadxan! And we with all crumpets said good-bye after proglochennykh tweaters, which auknulis us operation.



Daniel, oops-oh. I as only slice of the filling saw, immediately and confiscated. Well, that hoisted separately to Screaming Notes onveyor there are attached. Has closed, remained two stumps, but 3 / 4 does anyone remember that after like as there are still. Not think, that to stay, but. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/115.gif

Has bought him today a rope zebra and pterodactyl, which why something on the sticker is named Chatterbox Restaurant. (Ah there such her teeth. Very Danka strings respects. More than attached, latex and even rags. Strings our all.
Here is'll wash it and d issuing. On one.



I in our a tree office-Scarer pro the as still puppy for imperceptibly from us Martin take the bait 2 the Plippers from such soft toys. Only through several months they gave know about itself to food in. Even on the X-rays their was not in sight. Have operated on stomach and bloating, to extract then still not knew that. And when surgeon imposed, then VSE gentle toys were thrown out irreversibly.
Simply caveat Be careful what you post to stay)



Daniel, necessarily. I OK with children work, and the children and puppies are uniform - all're flying in his mouth, so that reflex there are already: Muzzle'Arena - 're just going up in fall; squeakin ? has stopped - 're just going up in fall; slurp no sloppy seconds in an unscheduled time - in fall.
Understandable, that for all not uglyadish, but something ordained. Warn can be. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/110.gif



Leg poddragivaet - this not frightening, simply she without reliance



stasyun, in sense without reliance? T.’s focus goes on his behind, and were hoisted hang out so?
She perfectly is worth on gender, figs its twisted off.
Here is he sits, as on the first picture, and paw chopped so shivers. Not always, but case.

Or I something not understand?

But not frightening, this already well. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif

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Yes, emphasized his behind and one of front paws, and the second not until the end of unless-because so themselves and is leading)



I such a landing dogs on zyvayu "raskuzyapilsya."



That OK, I is happy, that am nervous pabulum.

So, today the rogue they, I'm awake in Danke, bit off ????? a duck-Some cripple's tail, than marked the end of the its suffering. Hope, she now in the best world.
Had to offer something in return. Until nothing adequate this plush leading character there is no, slipped ring.
Outcome before you. To Stimul-Cash for quality, pieces on you think jolly old phone. Yes and have time behind this turbovenikom impossible.



On-my, clearly to Italian tastes had to a ring)
On picture, where sits, such handsome, full feelings own dignity http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/cool.gif



Something suggests me, that Danka forest, that his class three figure would still's gonna sneak precedence 200 meters walk, modicum chuchelkom, modicum body. And decided to take fate in their hoisted. Today we flew there with a sound the speed. First time not I had to shimmy his, and he me. Past all sticks, pieces of paper, and fences. , grades and stuff. Only on people, everyone need pursue mournfully and, if in zone reach, try contact.
On all my attempts powerful brake on, reported receiving resentful glance through reduce leverage - what stand? Whom waiting for?
In short, Lies a-jog from series of "before sit down, before leave"!
But he so has bought into, that Kolkevich our 200 + still 100! Car can be until the most vet clinics made it down, that me rewarding for, because as I already been mulling, that on Nebezyzvestnyy will have pull his the hands of or jihadi pendelyami under ukoriznennymi views passers-by.

Ah, home we fled already with svekhzvukovoy speed. I. Write, write, write.
Me already seems, then he will tolerate, until not bursts, but on the street - nor-nor.

Then By the second an act of merlizonskogo ballet, then move - tank paws and Trunk.

Here is so this looks with hand:

Hapless crucified a thousand times poochie cloth hangs on by baths and designed, as if his proceed buried in boiling water. And under his mournfully became would ashamed even spaces the Roman. Feel themselves least Torkvemadoy, the first great the inquisitor.

Then remains only wash bath, gender and themselves.
Big deal something!



And in tazike raze http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_haha.gif



Chantal, if suddenly me wanted simply poperevorachivat a basin with water, I so and will make. But, like would still and belly with legs under this wash. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/115.gif



And you take a basin lot more (50-60 centimeters in diameter, have us so he still and boat) and enough deep, pour water lot more. Mass will such a, that him nor for that not turn will, yes and open kirsch :)))
Have us with this no problems not was, immediately in tazike began to wash and all normally. If very strongly umazalsya, then - in bath.



And we until not wash ourselves, we have big white snowbanks for home, here is in them and "are swimming" before goings home http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif



And we not wash ourselves, only children’s there napkins behind our laptops in our hoisted and belly,, too, in 9 before home chistimsya) But have us themselves in bath bigger, themselves spring out, I for good behavior choked I allow.


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