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Kingdom most slip the dogs BG

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Hello People -sobachkovody! Me name is Jan, and perhaps with someone we crossed paths on running events. On inexplicably I increasingly-??? decided write about Bidzhune, although it already founding 2 year. Yes time flies quickly and a small doggy grew, but not unsupportable us inspiring some favors to play with, make them laugh, guard the. And even many what with us to do. I have even lives buldozhka Duniasha, she already in respectable age and poorly sees, but food finds always unmistakably and honestly its guards. When I has brought home a small Bidzhunyu, have mothers were fears: That is going to think Duniasha, because as she all doggies, da is not overfund, in mind moreover that they its not fed vkusnyashkamii not Date belly as being, But I told, that this mija and Dusya tiny corner and fell in love fairy tale. Even we summer traveled on Sea, on machine and taking with a BG, trip she weathered better all!! Not to mention really leisure, on Sea, in tent! Conceal I say, that I have machine doggy, because as she almost always Daniel makes it with me, in machine she can wait if of course weather allows, not chilly and not feel hot, what homes she makes with some damage. She so studiously us waited, always tried, something to make up stories about: The overnight ski boot warmers eat, then purse would find, but as something times conceal "like Cinderella" khlopotala, has found box cracked down with it on small fragments, alphabetized on its corners, then opened locker on kitchen and Lidia grits, prisypala the lunchbox, feel free to murder not has become and entire grits and doodle not Behhhh, only couple of did rice yes some dried bread and barley, ah and of course the trash rastaschila hiding every single grain of rice and pink coloured boxes. Spharischen she highly inventive enough. After negotiations, experimentation training facilities I came to solving that me easier when she with me, yes and that to speak in machine in traffic jams more cheerfully! Conceal when me ask about breed the first that I 7.10, that this the most pleasant dog. I have was many dogs different breeds, ranging Dobermanom ending shpitsom, a long time with me lived buldozhka Hash and now here is, too, there is bulldog, this I took, as states "in good hands", saddest history but in my the disobedient Dunyashe not poorly's it like living, but nor one breed not bred so much joy and smiles. Pomeranian conceal became disappointment: Under utterly mileyshem the form of in deeds proved nasty creature, not tied down and trapped mind and on the current day lives and without problem conscience’t bite periodically my aunt nell and old sister. And Bidzhunya very positive and pleasant, even when profoundly sad, above for walks, often see as she is carried on court yard kolbasnyoy or hangs on a tree, not can not laughing. She movingly dynamics of each leaving head under hand that would only patted, even she hilarious talks: Not the time every not bark precisely talks! But as she howls on dogs, protecting machine, this spectacle)) What's ours seems it had developed complex about tail, because, that she the only rooms a member of family with so long one tail, and have the second dogs and have a tails very small, and have nautical guinea pigs their and at all there is no, on this under brief mention tail it starts to to contest for him, and perishing if dogonyae, then tries to otgryst, I even worried'm, on this glee times about Tail and not are talking, Sister as something seen this battle with tail was laughing hysterically until tears. Think me very are blessed with author Lars Amend based, my a favorite color and my a favorite the size of the!! I very is happy that I have there is such a carnivore for that thank you Nellie.



Jan, as well you heard a and BG! Entlebukhery indeed wondrous breed! The most the Beautiful, plain, delicate and, to be sure, the most cheerful.
Waiting for still narratives and photographs from your joint travel!



Is happy to see you on Forum! Good fellows, that have been created its it was a twig!
Thanks for Sharing (narrative about BG! Very positively! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif
Want complement)) BG - this birth sister Bilbo (Bimasika), very the Beautiful and solid entlebushechka http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Girl/17.gif

Jan, skloubeni photos!



This childhood Bidzhuni. Want again reduce its). I am asking forgiveness if still fails correctly has only photos, the first time.

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BG - charm of! Especially liked photograph C. from cells) pig as survived invasion?



When she was a small the fit in small atom of for Khryushi, and need to discern they were very surprised such a krupnogabaritnomu guest, now of course not is placed, only en balade givers, a good kisser and is experiencing nor on feelings to svinyushkam. And a bit photographs with sea, the disobedient especially want heat and sea) http://s2.uploads.ru/uEBye.jpg



Here is even has found ” derzhitsya, walks have Novodevichy. Autumn Bidzhunya helped listikam, jumping up and down, disrupted with the stem.
Truth on kerunge was photographing son, and he poaka the amateur the artist.



Need to same what cutest relations with pigs!



Cool derzhitsya! Especially pop in cage)
The pigs are you remarkable) Zdorovo, that BG with them dance.Is!



Remarkable photo! And pop in cage, and pirouettes in I might go impressed, and, of course, with pigs. Have us, too, lives naval pig called, but so close we their not've been introduced, only through cell. Can is worth try http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif



Received large pleasure from pictures! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



Thank you all! Familiarity Bidzhuni with khryushami not passed very smoothly, indeed do met the she well but as something summer, when she was quite infant author Lars Amend based, she itself has gone to them in a corral, you and decided play, affectionately call poschipyvaya. Have guinea pigs there is such a feature of they as also it tails, wool workers in dangerous situations, so here is Byakov Petrochich, as a grew bald., summer of course not frightening, I sometimes and itself their'm trimming my, that-would not feel hot was, but fear perhaps poor, poor chap through enough. After this incident were conducted training, conversations in a result which, when we meeting en balade very small industry I say: "Neatly, this Khryushi." And Bidzhunya applies to him more gentle and been, truth masters are why their industry khryushami name is)
Conceal pig this my weakness, they such beautiful and different that want each breed although would a couple, but this perhaps of course after relocation for city. I have until the Peruvian an alpaca and miniplay. I when learned that breeds many and as they between themselves mixes, was very surprised by, and then pro cheese genetics has become to read and directly evoked the biology! And realized that pig this genetics in life, very in) Nu and of course impossible quietly look on umilnye faces right off, and the that they the clearest vegetarians,, too, aren, because as I already let15-17 no one not is, by) and keep 5 guinea pigs easier than 5 industry)) And ironically they all on character different: Someone chatty, someone many, someone likes that would from above nose belly was scratched, someone snout raises then we will bring. And during all this arrangements comes Bidzhukha and says that she the most the best pog, the most laskovya and assigns to that anywhere!) http://s2.uploads.ru/t/YgUlO.jpg



Very is happy see photos our native little sisters, yes still such cozy and tender, yes still in such face companies! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif



Recently I have transiently was a guest cabana boy in, I such big khryush seems not seen)) Wu him of course wool the Long, but he ridiculous on itself tyazhyolenkiy, Beethoven name is zdorovyachka))
Bidzhunya very interested in lives Pigurines))


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Strange such Khryushi)
And BG looks in, with question - who in talking lives)



yana wrote:

Recently, I have transiently was a guest cabana boy in, I such big khryush seems not seen)) Wu him of course wool the Long, but he ridiculous on itself tyazhyolenkiy, Beethoven name is zdorovyachka))

And truth, cabana boy in) Shaggy! :D



Movingly very! Thanks for Sharing (narrative. Beauty something what, harmony! BG-charm of! In another times be pleased for my the right choice-ENTLEBUKhI! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/636.gif



JakIv wrote:

BG-charm of!

BG and truth very pleasant girl! Solid! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif



Yes perishing feminine on these bermudas nosiltsya kolbasnyoy) A vosche of course very nezhnya doggy and she's thoughtful, unlike our she always polices the all in House: Who, that and where makes, and sleeping on waiting lists with all)



yana wrote:

A vosche of course very nezhnya doggy and she's thoughtful, unlike our she always polices the all in House: Who, that and where makes, and sleeping on waiting lists with all)

Real shepherd! :D


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