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Very interesting interview, on my view.

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Interview with an expert RKF Champion / FCI Revazom Khomasuridze

On rolled 4 December on territory Siberian shows International the exhibition dogs Siberia twenty-first age we interviewed with Revazom Revazovichem Khomasuridze - international an expert RKF Champion / FCI, adviser President RKF Champion on aac issues, owner kennels French our A Vigdors.

Share impressions about the exhibition. Than she will be remembered?

Of all-field exhibitions this traditionally differs good organization. She passes comfortable experience and for participants, and for experts. The impression from it will remain the most affirmative.

Who from todays participants launched his rocket anyway on you impression?

Ponravilis Cane Corso, black Black Terries, French Bulldogs. Disappointment have become husky. Among them was only several animals, appropriate standard breed, and have rest is manifest expressed anatomic problems.

what are the precisely?

Wu husky tail should be continuation of lines top, and most represented today husky turned tails, as groups.

have said: So whether this, that their cannot be to permit to intervention equine breeding?

Yes. And a good breeder should this to understand. Samoyede unambiguously need to exclude. -suk can be use last resort, if there is any special value in their antique bloods, but even this Undesirable.

A as you the overall level of dogs in an exhibition?

broader Middle.

Chego same lacks?

somewhat polish. First, need pursue careful predvystavochnuyu training dogs. Second, dog and Handler must be USSR. Here this not was. To khendleram I have especially many claims, often they utterly not understand, what wants to judge.

A what wants to judge?

Today me constantly accounted for Caribbean for khendlerami, and I should not this to do. This Handler should draw dog me and show in the best the form of. And all of this need to do very quickly. Todays khendlery they make excuses those, that only are beginning. But start need on exhibitions more low class, and decide wholly on exhibition such a level cannot be.

you not be stingy on remarks khendleram and bundle of?

Installation-account for to do constantly. Necessarily Id say, if, for example, dog nemyta and from it reeks. Any pet should be pleased now touch. And when from him stinks of on distance, touch already desires not arises.

places whether today such dogs, which very like touch?

Para mopsikov were as times such, even very glorious puppies French our, grifonchiki. Especially appealed two bebika Cane Corso and quality good, and by themselves very attractive.

Otsenivaya dog, you above all are looking on its anatomy?

Yes. But deceive expert very easily, especially in hotel reception. So I often am asking show dog in movement and on free tight leash. Let me draw your attention also on psychology dogs. If pet recoils at rich, if from him emanates aggression, a high assessment of not shall put. Dog any breed must behave quietly.

Dogs, which you appealed, have shown well?

Quite sufficient. If have dogs the good Anatomy of, then on large thirteenth time Handler already not matter. Importantly, to not US.

How Handler can dispose dog?

Handler, which more concerned, to show themselves, not dog, often is beginning to to yank its in the most inopportune moment. From these inordinate odyorgivaniy dog, for example, during movement can to move with lynx on inokhod, and this increasingly danger for.

So, what's you estimate level of domestic khendlerov?

In Russia little good khendlerov. Unfortunately, their can be recalculate on absolute negation one hands. Handler should be invisible on the ring, his task show advantages dogs. Irks, when Handler, instead of look on dog, zaiskivayusche looks in eyes Judge. On a judge, of course,, too, need look, to control situation, but only then, when judge this not sees. Even tolerate not can, when khendlery not hand, and foot run their fingers through their dog. For such I immediately'm kicking with ringa. This far from endorsing to zoo. Unacceptably also abuse. Today I expelled one the lady with ringa for what she but his Dog on muzzle.

A the, as looks Handler, has for you significance?

Of course. Handler should not be glaringly dressed. And today such were.

What you call it entailing clothes?

Suppose so., very deep decolletage, and increasingly resurfaced. I not against this, but not on ring. Exhibition this work for khendlera. But as people trek on work, for example, in office? Increasingly should be very correctly.

Speaking about decolletage as about problem external species khendlera, we invariably imply, that Handler this woman.

Yes. Most khendlerov in our country women. In America khendlery alone men, women difficult to find. At all so spectacularly numerous--there, that Alabay in Russia on 90% is concentrated in Genital the hands of. And among experts, too, predominate women.

Since than this stems? And well this or not very?

It is hard say, with than stems. But this well. The only there, where many women, more of strife.

There are opinion, that women-experts more demanding and liberal, than men. You agree?

Perhaps. Likely, men softly belong to a back-and any sign small beer. Kids cause more of happiness.

A even say, that judges take bribes

Talk all can, and can whether prove? I often hear such talk, and on forums in Internet this subject are discussing. I in this not believe and, until their eyes not see, not feel. And even if we suppose, that such somewhere there is, then ask need in primarily not with judges, and with fanciers. If man gives palms, means, he understands, that his dog not fits is necessary level. A normal breeder knows standard and works on good breed, and not on good title. And bribes he to lend not will. These and differs breeder from razmnozhentsa, which sees in canine only source of income.

There is some a body over judges?

qualifying Commission. But all complaints choose must be conditioned on evidence. Without evidence no one even view their not will.

you pursue your business French pit bulls, how, and which even breed you like?

Love dogs, which have face, - korotkomordykh. Rest love on distance, i.e. would never have became their keep. I want to see homes face, not snout. Have French coach , for example, face almost human. Have such dogs and characters special, they not can live without rights.

Expert-tererist Natalia Leonov pleaded, that the most intellectual and predraspolozhennymi to communicate verbally with man dogs are Black Terries. You agree?

I believe intellectual dogs our. That`s very clever, shnautsery. And tereram not caring on owner, they can quietly to live in kennel. For me intelligence this ability to dogs to make autonomous decisions. Sheep-dogs, for example, never their decisions not accept. This soldiers, they await team. And me like those, from whom brains work. And this, incidentally, always in sight my dog.

A as you to dvornyagam are among?

Too well. The most high intelligence as times have them. The Mutts remarkable, and me very pity, when I see their homeless on the street.

statement couple of words about their personal professional attainment of. This nice be judge?

Dont always. Sometimes account for pass through downturns moments. In my life was such episode: In 79 year on one the exhibition I put well East European ovcharke, and then it turned out, that is a master,the result, beat up its and left in an exhibition. I was is to blame in trouble this dogs, and me had to its take From. After this history I a host year not has judged. And now, when'm assessing dog, I always think about how this relate on its fate. For the same reason often zavyshayu estimates assholes, they.

This is the overall trend. All judges evaluate bough does not so strictly, as Samoyede.

Because male for their lives can produce more the large progeny, than bitch. And means, and harm breed he can bring more. Moreover, in nature, males always brighter female mates. Dogs not exception in kobele more are indebted porodnye signs of, and so assess their need stricter. And increasingly-??? I always anxious about fate dogs, that'm assessing. For example, today had to disqualify couple of animals with wrong;, but I saw, that this is not threatens to them negative consequences, because masters their truly like.

How same on exhibition, yes even such a level, are trapped dogs, undoubted disqualifying? After all experienced breeder should understand, fitsstandard breed or not.

The most interestingly, that these dogs accounted in championship cheer classroom. I.e. they already managed obtain titles champions. And there is the unstated rule, that in championship cheer classroom-lover not place estimates below is famously in tribute respect those experts, which was awarded them titles. But because in this case speech commanded diskvalifitsiruyuschem vice, I violated this rule not want held accountable for Alvarez maneuver refereeing.

And again arise questions to referees

Yes. And such often the case. As and in any society, in forensic environment just equally split and good, and bad. Increasingly should be in the balance of.



Want say pro Democratic. Before and the dawn his classes in the modern sobakovodstve, I his not understood, yes and justice sake of, was rough around the edges. But this was long. But after, as I several times was have him on interning, I understood his refereeing, with which agree and, importantly, I understood, that man indeed perfectly knows, that view, perfectly explains that and on than (in sense articles http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/331.gif). Ah and kind of, "Whooaah-multi-, case have all.
I very respect Democratic.

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Project with shaky filters shaking from. Andrei Klishas 2 part of



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Not d create a separate subject, let here will interesting, on our glance, articles, interview, notes.
Here is've given article of our zoopsikhologa Dmitri Tarasov - a professional the highest class, and was so sad vhat.
http://antidogxanter.ucoz.ru/blog/u_kog … 4-02-15-61



've given. Of light, thank you.
, it is a pity that perishing very far have them centers, I would gladly on lecture like, but directly 3 opposite of the late cities.
And you not has gone?




And you not has gone?

I has gone, because and say, that Dima utterly damaging! We with Martin through the entire city traveled on 2 times in week, when Olia our in hospital engulfed.



Danielunderstandable, not, it is a pity that I without machines http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/126.gif


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » 're getting ready become champion! » Very interesting interview, on my view.