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Podskajite please, respected bushikovedy, for in newspaper investigations I. In ties with particularity my work (clesed schedule), I have no opportunities let him run Danku constantly in one thing and the same time. 'm leaving on work in 7.20, come, respectively in 10 morning next days.
If I will gulyat with him two-three days in 10 morning, and one day (before work) in 6.30, have Dog not will happen dissonance, as those accident cows, which, in ties with laggards an hour, have to milk the on hour before, then on hour later? They (dogs, not cows) OK, like, adjust to do their affairs roughly in one thing and the same time, there is no?

Think over a change in work, but with my certificate this now, oops, as not be easy (thank you expensive government - profuznyy diarrheic you 24 hours a day!)



Dog for us, not we for dogs.
Nothing with him not will happen



Chantal, thank you, supposed to relieve. When we strolls in 6.30 he all makes on the street, and to my Atiku with work already makes all affairs on grab a diaper, and gulyat as would and not why. Only to who will have plenty. An, doterpit, so?

Text or: And work I would still great change. I its very love, but guts... did are switching all borders a reasonable.

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Dog Adjusts to the conditions life owner.
And gulyat would still need to. Ah and he all same a small, still learning tolerate.



Have us on ways, in weekdays in 6 :0 0, in weekend in 10 as least, they, too, sleep want)



Viki & K, Danka - the lark. So that until I - Campaign, not vyspavshayasya nebulosa.



Екатерина wrote:

Danka - the lark. So that until I - Campaign, not vyspavshayasya nebulosa.

Over time, he adjust, learning tolerate and adopts your or on days. We with spanieI have walked so same as Olga - in weekdays sooner, and on weekends cold. And with Sean I get out not before 10 every day (and the and later case), and he he's sleeping until the last :))



nell, as same you was lucky! And my crocodile is beginning to waking up with than half Sixth and come kicking in the door. And if she is open, then comes and knocking't on bed, type - rise! But his still can be lay. If Danish say - Dania! Sleep! Povzdykhaet and leaves. But not longer, than before seven. In seven already deadline. But then, having eaten and pogulyav, will sleep and snore until 12. Then will sleep and snore with 17 until 19. Sometimes, can and feed bill-- oversleep. And on the evening already in 22.30 official.
He at all something Dormouse. Sleep likes. But zhavoronkovaya Dormouse!

And I, as 100% nebulosa, of course, initially onwww.benaughty.com not deprived of sleep. And now, if me nowhere not need to, yes and host affairs not surges, I can, decided with him with walk in 7.30 am-8.00, too, have a good night's has to, as and he. Only I until 10, and he can and until 12 prodrykhnut.

Means, I can gulyat with him + - and a half-two hours, when learning tolerate? Already well! Have him and now at times is obtained. Not always, but the case, undergoes a. I here, undermine regional stability range to a doctor, since forgotten make a seating area out him grab a diaper. Kleenka has remained, and grab a diaper not marked. He honestly endured five hours, until me not was. I came, kleenka hot dry. Only illusion you have done, as he from happiness, that I returned, double-crossed on this down the plastic over so much, that had to wash the entire corridor. All, that naterpel, all from happiness has now issued. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/115.gif

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