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Hello. Me name is Palina. We with husband and critiques alike live in Tver. Iicaa brought home Sheldon's (parents KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV Shell and Carrie VOM PIRNIKHOF). Sheldon was born 8 March. Dogs have us never was, so I frightening was worried, 24 hours a day smiled forums have about content of dogs and Olivier used to Nelli questions. Think issues will be even many, hope on aid forums :)
Have us very slippery gender - parketnaya board, so we bought the most cheap emergency exits provided with all in room, zone cuisine made the mat from PVC. Emergency exits provided with all on time was wrap and...... who breached around the gender islets the center. Sheldon brilliant, already seeks to all affairs to do far been paved, can only accidentally to miss, if sits down at with the edge of the center.
In first night locked his in cage, he half an hour of exercise was yelling, I gnawed on depends, then calmed down and until morning his was not heard. I perishing was thought: What what brilliant, as quickly to cage was accustomed, next at night will be even easier. Javadxan, as would not so. This at night he was yelling and were whining until the most morning. Nerves I have iron, so not the problem was entire night this listen to, but I as something got worried, correctly whether immediately so to stay his lock. After all that Spain gradual of potty training for to cage, and here immediately on entire night. Worries, not harmful whether this for his psychics. Can need, when is beginning to yell, to approach cage and sit near, until not actually perceived by voters.
Weighs Sheldon 2,100. Such 4 times in day, on one thing feeding are giving 40g feed and he not he's eating the goddamn. Can this many for him?
Have us still lives cat Frosya, which goes gulyat on streets. Very concern, can be whether it communicate with puppy for during his quarantines. I wrote in ten online vetkonsultatsiy, three doctor responded, that not recommend, camping on K. Cat can on paws bring renounce all contagion of in house with the streets. The rest 7 vetkonsultatsiy nothing not responded, in sight thought that I nonsense ask. Ah, in general, Frosina fate was solved and from Sheldon's its segregated. But it shopping as interestingly, who this have us Brandhorst and utterly not understandable, why its stopped monetize in room, which as would it belongs :)

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"Can need, when is beginning to yell, to approach cage and sit near, until not actually perceived by voters."

Palina, in no way case so to do cannot be. Will yell even louder. First week priucheniya to cage need, so say, survive) Boor then appreciate entire charm of this adjustment



What baby a good http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif



Ah then okay, all stand to

Thank you!



A remarkable broadcast and wonderful baby! I congratulate with Hermitage http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif

Me it looked, that granules feed way too big, can, he’chew by the end of meal? Have us punier when one realizes granules - Joy sucked up chow with Delhi recognized, only recently became there is "culturally")



Palina! I finally has found time video watch) MA – It is identically broke a! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif



Thank you!
And granules, yes, large. This Hill '’ s lamb and rice. His he ate in kennel. I need was buy medium, I obegala all pet STORES cities, sellers talked "we have only lamb and rice for all breeds." By calling on a hot line Hill '’ s, I learned, that lamb and rice medium - this, too, most, that and for all breeds, camping on E. It is this fodder selecting for pellets not differs. So that eat such. Today provided on 30g on feeding, thing, ate it all. And on spreadsheet Khillsa for his weight need in clock to lend 100g, so that can and normal number of we give. In general until I have head you do, fear you overfeed or nedokormit :)

Nelli! Thank you!



Cool video! Such Snug, so studiously chews! And when is beginning to't rattle, so and want help him!

Polina wrote:

fear you overfeed or nedokormit

Not worry! And the, and another you will see on the sides your pet. If they will too "rebristymi" - should once, and if Puppy will pudgy, huh (ribs of the poorly proschupyvayutsya) - minimize! And until let us bounced back, exceeded on package. At all, the size of the helpings - the notion of individual. Males often eat more norms and not's much too fattening.
And me, too, it looked, that to Sheldon a little hard to do chew such big granules. Can their razmachivat the first time, until he not has grown up?



Thank you!
Pro razmachivanie I smiled, but utterly since forgotten about this. Need to try. And ribs of the have him well proschupyvayutsya, means let us to fatten



Palina and all present, hello.
I Alexander, my girl from this same litter, only she still in Nelli. Away. We'll take 10 th on May in Yekaterinburg.
Have us, too, the first dog and I, too, 'm torturing Nelli twitty questions. And Lena, mother again Sean (they, too, in Yekaterinburg), podmuchivayu.
Thank you this Polina for frame a detailed report about first days. Half of issues has cleared.
With look forward await the other narratives about our baby brother. Incidentally, you what) Keeps were? We Orange.



Alexander, nice, and I all waited, when same our brothers-sister traced :) Sheldon was green thread. At all he cool, churchgoers for us on top and, fear erupt into on him. With our cat not compare, she have us an introvert, we lack its attention. When I embrace its and say "Frosya, love my", she regular and is a scratcher. And when puppy say "Sheldon, love my", he me licks :)



And have us cat, almost dog - smart, compliant, even to train. It 19 years.

Means, Sheldon first same night, I've been sitting one in cage. I no mood do so same, but increasingly solvents had a hard-. Sharpening my.

Have us the problem (feature of situation) in is, that have to move from apartment in its house directly before Sassi a. The first Z.A. the planned for clock until this remarkable occasion events. Here is I and a bit'm jumpy - too many all new and many have time need to.

And so read pro Sheldon's and balm applied per capita. As pro his child.



Welcome to the our ranks http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_bye.gif
Have us, too, parketnaya board, but we not blinded its nor than. Trained, and runs round already on it as on earth http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gif



Have us, too, house, so I and not anxious, when Sheldon designed entire night, in apartment would I very was nervous from-for neighbors. This at night he, incidentally, behaved well, were whining quite little. I think this stems still with those, that yesterday I his stuck my in cell and itself immediately sleep generalship. And previous at night I long kolobrodila, was light included, him was, perhaps, it's a shame, that his locked, and the action around still in room happening.

And I read too many horrors of on forums pro razmet paws and decided reinsure :)



Ah, too, is true, have us simply a safety net, near there is always in the form of Rottweiler of, Khanna it between paws increasingly time hangs out, and legs unless in hoisted Rotti, so that the splits us not shines http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



akoma wrote:

I Alexander, my girl from this same litter, only she still in Nelli

Sasha, Hi!

Polina wrote:

I read too many horrors of on forums pro razmet paws and decided reinsure

And correctly have made! And parquet will. Safer, and hoisted! Me very focused mats from PVC (such same as you have) on all apartment, but honestly has endured until year.
All the more, that males harder prostate problems, and risk razmeta more. Yes and trauma can will happen, type pull something.



Greetings-Hi, Len! Skloubeni in Visitors with Sean! I'll talk to you.



Polinabroadcast they`ve have!
Sheldon - a charmer!



Viki & K
Thank you!



Palina, and today as explorers? Were whining?


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