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Alexander, today well. In cell suffered already sleeping in 2 night, when I the door cells dick, he eyes opened, looked, that is happening and further sleep continued. Entire night at all not were whining, perhaps slept. About 8 morning began your whining and asking to come resurfaced, we continued as would sleep and not reacted. He imposed together and continued your whining. Ah here perishing I embraced, to together to remove and issued his. He was so been happy. As I understand, he your whining began, to his issued in toilet go, not wanted to in cage this to do.



Hilarious the little ones are what! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gifGreetings him from daddy's Shell as! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/175.gif

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And Harry Schell from Sheldon's flaming Hi!



Thank you! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif



Yesterday Sheldon's vomited half an hour of exercise. I was a little freaked out horror as. In a clinic to go frightening - we OK still all vaccinations not have done, and on believing the known, in clinics these viruses dangerous so and fly and dogs germy on all its corners sit. 'm calling to the private a doctor, phone disconnected - holidays. In end to do nothing to acquire, 'm calling in a clinic, am asking to accept us in the most sterile room, because as we a small Puppy and have us still immunity there is no. Come, in clinic void, nor one ailing animal, already well. Doctor looked Sheldon's, honored my notebook with (records declare all kormleniyakh-toilets over the past days. Injected with to Sheldon tserukal and gave enterosgel. Said, that this either the worm, either ate something. Well, that I have was with a I got a jar with heme, we here same have been able send its on tests.
When poured from doctor, in the corridor sat elderly couple with x-rayed. Look at us woman told "what kind of the Beautiful!" And myself turned to husband reported him, that "will grow big, black-and a red-white, this same Berlin Sennenhund." Dissuade him I their not has become :)
Today Sheldon felt themselves well. On the evening came tests. Koprogramma the good, simple and worms there is no.
My assumptions, that perekormila his. I until raze not can figure out with the norm feed in day. On spreadsheet Khillsa in Internet him need to to lend under his weight 25 g on feeding. One senses, that this little, he after each your feeding. Zealously searching for around bowls still fodder and a host day churchgoers and looks at me hungry eyes. On spreadsheet on package under weight 1 kg need to lend 55 g feed, under weight 5 kg - 180 g feed. Hi,! And under weight 2 kg how many? All so hard!
Weight have him now 2,300. 8 on May him 2 month, me seems, for his age he very a small. Has become give him on 35g, then on 38 g on feeding. And here is, threw up, in sight this already many. Rummaged through the entire Internet, but entlebukher after all breed increase, so nowhere not has found spreadsheets, how many should weigh Puppy in 2, 3, 4 and forth months. Has found but 2 different standard breed. On one standard entlebukhery weigh 8-14 kg, on Different 29-35 kg. Still [on announcement in Ufa "teacher Entlebucher Puppies,, 2.5 month, weight 6.8 kg." This me at all has killed, I thought "about, my God! We raze not'll make it on time to garner such weight to 2.5 months! "I understand, that all dogs different, but like would proof, that have us all in order. There is forumchane, from whom dog so much same weighed in our age? Can at all I for good reason zaparivayus and have us all in annualized rate?



On-my, entlebukhery hungry on life, has on its dog and on reading Forum) so that if after feed Puppy looks at you hungry umolyayuschimi eyes, who say, that if him urgently not the embankments are still 2 norms feed he dies starvation death - this not means that he aieiaiue, this means, that he likes to devour)



And roentgenogram in clinic you not did?
All, that you contact very it seems on our case. Directly as under the top of a Xerox: Have Sean still not has passed quarantine after of last vaccinations and here him became poorly - vomiting, it is a liquid chair, dullness. I then horror as was a little freaked out. Have rushed off in a clinic. Assumptions was three: Infectious disease (his been ditched the first, by taking over blood on analysis), normally body (she feared, that he could they Napovnyuvach from toilets a, and he - komkuyuschiysya), ah and poisoning of our by the poo a :) Now all of this of course ludicrous, but then.
Spharischen, when have made roentgenogram, then became well in sight, that foreign bodies there there is no, but catches walls sufferers present. Analysis blood showed, too, inflammation process. Already after the first the drip) child has come to life :) A still after two all became at all well. Only had to some time there is Diet fodder Intestinal.
You after all, too, there is cat. Could not your Sheldon find from its tray?
And enterosgel - many run thing. He have us constantly in first-aid kit present.



Polinaaieiaiue glance entlebukherov - this rate from norms. Me seems except entlebukherov THAT is what like there isFrozen Cocktails only kokery)
Their shopping in beef, ribs of the dogs. All on so much individually, that issuing any a single bounced back impossible.
On expense mistakes in standard, on my view and the and another mistakenly. Usually they weigh. 20-30kg. I imagine meatsuit in 35 kg, provided, that our very even not muscularly challenged a boy under weight in 32 kg more look like on pork, than on dog) this for places gross of rather))
As and poor bitch, which in 2.5 month weighs 6 kg. This clearly departure from norms, if we not on the slaughter their vykarmlivaem.
Polinanot worry, all puppies from different lines, all very on ways develop. Focuses on advice noted and common sense, and all you will well!
About Sheldon's, and blood you Politburo? In hewed I not understand, usually are clinging terminology of number of dimensional Bada (quarter-, half of and etc)
A similar picture case under vzbryke pancreatic, under perekorme, but in weight like not perekarmlivaete.
And you in the most Tver live or in area?



Yes, in sight so and there is :)

Roentgenogram not did. Have Sheldon's take enterosgel not was, yes and of lethargy special, too,. On inspection doctor acknowledged his healthy.
Have cats our tray there is no, she churchgoers in toilet on streets. On time quarantines its fully segregated from Sheldon's. She has its grains room with food, water and closed gateway. Fly there always is open, Frosya goes through it on streets when wants.

Viki & K
Blood we not Politburo, doctor not spoke, that need to.
And we have no dimensional of, but very they electronic scales,. Know would only how many grams posibility to set.
Live in the most Tver.



I have now lives my daughter's 8 Inn JFK, weighs and a half kg, eats up in day grams 180 drying, so as competition and, apparently daughter his not particularly they, and have us Mmm! Yummy, drying with canned goods and olive oils.
Beam in age about three months I as something fed so, that belly became more, than hoisted, and have the ball with oars, pal on the sides, which could not go, so as "oars" until land not ’. Puppy should not be strongly with a thick, but some upitannost for schena not is frightful, and even very pleasant,)



Alla wrote:

Beam in age about three months I as something fed so, that belly became more, than hoisted, and have the ball with oars, pal on the sides,

And have us Yula once in age about 3.5 months had cake - would directly kill baked, chocolate, bold, sweet. I dumaoa liver going to refuse to she has, but ttt all go off
But belly was, too, slightly whether not until gender



Yes, plump plump puppies very pretty :)

And as he in it only fit!



Have Sheldon's all is famously. Feels perfectly, for feeding eats up 30 g feed, chair an ideal. Today have made first Nebezyzvestnyy.







Such cutest photo http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gifdreamboat!



Oops, thank you, Dreamer!



Pusyashnyy bishop says to, and have us, too, were such sausages)



Sausages cool, the first to otgryzayutsya noses http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif



Sheldon eats their poop http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gifNow husband affectionately call calling his "my Swiss g • • noed." Usually we, put immediately all clean up, but here is if slightly're going to be late, then necessarily gonna lick or eat you, that setting. This him vitamins lacks or fodder poorly shaped?



Finally the saw photo, and the video I have not does, ah such pupsyashnyy pupsyash, that except mimimi nothing not can say http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_angel.gif

We, too, ate, somewhere weeks 1.5 http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/433.gif, already thought to a doctor’bad luck to test - or lacks something or still that, but all the very passed



Thank you http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif
Hope, have us this, too, long not will last


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