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Long wanted buy clicker, finally hands came close. Me with the clicker engage likes, and Sheldon, when sees, that I take clicker, immediately neck me and oblizyvaetsya


Coalition with the clicker were bought’s Fischer's. Ah. I frequency understanding sound from them expected. On forums smiled: "’ s Fischer's – this set of special copper braces, whose breath is perceived dog as the growl alpha under flawed behavior member the packs."’s Trixie not copper, and steel, perhaps so breath, published they, utterly not look like on the growl alpha, my the chain keys frequency shed because. Ah, consider. D consciousness they simultaneously with the word "cannot be." Until are perceived, as simply something rebuilt interesting, which want steal.



Finally have us over quarantine and we poured gulyat. Yesterday the first time Sheldon set foot with their feet on landgrass. How many same was happiness! 've been running, smelled them all, biting thing with them.


Faced nose to nose with Frosey. But she that not request and escaped.


With husband




Polina, as interestingly. I seen in sale these’s, but as something not there on them attention. Tell then, pzhsta, as results. And with the clicker have us not pass out free samples, I simply not keep up in a timely to respond to elektrovenik named match Peter)



Very you have comical from hiking child) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif



What little munchkin comical)
And pro’s Fischer's, here such a theme - their simply more convenient with InternetCELL wear in pocket, than bundle at once keys, gremyaschuyu chain or iron a jar with nails. No write home about understanding sound they not have issued. Their goal and purpose such-same as and have hyphenated, quoted me higher - sozdatrezkiy taken the unusual breath, able slightly products schenka in moment unwanted action.
One of intricacies of use of all these hyphenated - this the, that bishop says to should not to see, that precisely you are you publishing this breath. . Don't roll, tossed their vruke behind, for example. T. E. Have your baby must begin to exist such a sequence - ravaged by do something degenerate shit he hears worst breath is unknown where, (can be even. Rolls in him these disks) and sounds team "cannot be."
Simply if you chase regularly thus combining classical and jazz they its hand have him on its nose, then this not scary breath, outbound from pani)



Sheldon - lapusya! As me like all your derzhitsya! Bright, juicy and substantial.
Sheldon such'm going, some baby back ribs even on snapshots absolutism are seen. Compare with his - she markedly solid.
And we with the clicker doing that, us very likes. Will time, spread out in his temke.
Is identically, that you have already full access everywhere! We here is stuck, and so want in masses!



stasyunnecessarily write))

JakIvthank you!

Danieland I even and not knew that their show cannot be, as times here is before its nose and jingled :)

akomathank you! And Sheldon, yes, 'm going. I Belarusian with vet Hill`s, she've been counting for Sheldon's number of feed on formula, as she said, so and such. Now I allow 55g on feeding, kormleniy 4, camping on E. In clock 220g. Like can already be on thrice move, but something we not have gone until. In 3 month weighed 5300, now, perhaps 6 with small (our kitchen scales, already not can his weighed, need to buy floor). Yes, pity, that had all to heal and recover not can raze, and have us here is with weight Eternal the problem, all fear, that so and will remain small, kilos 15 will adult weigh.



Polina wrote:

and I even and not knew that their show cannot be, as times here is before its nose and jingled :)

In-in-in! Were being conditioned to a new in every)
And need create with the help their understanding sound ah not seriously threatened, and say lightly, some osharashennost. But as its would create, if he sees, that this you.



DanielI was oriented on this article http://www.yorkie.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=10593, there recognized before its nose’s hold. Now, times Sheldon already knows breath compact disks and saw their, need, apparently, a jar of with nails behind thus combining classical and jazz

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Know, I already wrote, that we learned have a glorious zoopsikhologa Dmitri Tarasov. So here is training team "Fu" backdrop the next way: Raskidyvalos dainties on earth and is a master with dog on tight leash goes past. In moment passage if template: Pesa rolling stock reached to lakomstvu with dvuyukh sides cross-two kinologa abandoned simply ryvkovye chain, to flew by with pretty formidable sound between its nose dogs and the culinary delight of, and is a master in this time gives team "Fu" and a sharp jump defence wakes up aggressivity. Hand have a canine stuffed in, and they nor never not are trapped nor in one dog) T.’s the crux of the several exercises consists in is, that the danger from outside, not from owner. Then moment with chains even one and simply team and have dogs instantaneous reaction.
But as someone already were writing, "Fu" - this here is virtually paralysis. We mostly are clinging serious "cannot be."
In my opinion, of course, but I think, that Vasha literature still not accustomed to sound compact disks, so that try thus combining classical and jazz imperceptibly from it in the right you moments. Pleasant thing something convenient, key from apartment in the grass seek attractive opportunity not for faint of heart)
Ah and, honestly say, "the growl alpha" is disks. Ah ninayu. Simply resounding, a distraction, a feinting, slightly also terrifies breath, polluting temporary release)

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Danielthank you! Let us try. And an, necessarily shall go on early, need to only find in Tver good instructor



Yesterday came friends with its taksom Joon. Djuna friends took from kennel several months ago already 2kh year-old. With birth he lived in kennel and so utterly not socially. On stroll's lashing with barking on all dogs, not undergoes a no one. We very extremities were united by, as same will happen familiarity Sheldon's with this scary a beast. Before our home was taking a walk were a good man golden Retrievers, so vicious Beate getting all loco on him with desire to sever, grapple was dragged away :)
We decided to inform dogs on territory Sheldon's - in House. All ‘ is famously. June, apparently, understood, that Sheldon Puppy and has rendered it favor. Played with his drugs, gave themselves feeding, and then in garden even play Settlers-Irkutsk. Ur! Have Sheldon's emerged the first each!


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What you have there beauty! The lawn, bushes, flowers. Directly dream! Here is to Sheldon's a land of opportunity! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif
Interestingly, how many years us will need, to something similar create, even to think fear. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_in_dreams.gif



nellthank you!
We when bought 3 year ago, already all was planting of. I only slightly podsazhivayu anything on small beer. And the lawn I have the entire's a little shaggy patch of weeds and transformed in the lawn :), even once deal with this, only and keep up, that or regularly. But to Sheldon something would still, that there for the grasses is growing - grass seed or dandelions with clovers, as are now moving beyond in garden, immediately is beginning to establishment Caribbean, as horse on arena :)



Today on Sheldon's had a chance the first a tooth. Event :)



Have us, too,! Two! And one already a new there is. Daughter asks, came whether to Shkode your mouse is to change the old Fangster on the ruble - to it with brother in childhood came always.



What a tooth had a chance? Have us like all on place, only kusachest soared.
This clearly in sight a hundred he had a chance or look need to?



Polina wrote:

Today have Sheldon's had a chance the first a tooth. Event :)

I congratulate :)) and new derzhitsya there is?



akoma wrote:

Wu us, too,! Two! And one already a new there is.

With steeply!

ncux199rusHe'd fallen out upper leftist chisels. Husband drew attention, that Sheldon's licking itself a revolution - there blood commanded, so and discovered. But a tooth a small and hole after him, too, small, can be was and not see.

nelinThanks! Derzhitsya here is pozavcherashnie:







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Excellent such http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif
And husband you simply of Scandinavian origin)



Palina, you in my slippers! Do check.
Sheldon such ladnenkiy, Hawk van which has graphics on tsirkulyu. And hilarious ulybaka!
As you with ears prikolno have come up with! Try Shkode such same frame.


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