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stasyun wrote:

and Myeong-gil?

The younger Myeong-gil differently. Not http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif
And have senior at all transitional age http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/91.gif



Here is today Dominique walked around for a - so walked around for a. The trawler who will have plenty (on its head), he on joys got a jump on any something aunts who marched past. They (thank God) were delighted such a sudden happiness and not have become on him and on me yell. Dominique as derp pragal on them all paws and squealed from happiness. The younger son are observed over these so, that my incited cries "Dominique, me!" Not heard no one, except me. http://s19.rimg.info/1127af8a73c62a9acf8a568b1dcc7241.gifwhilst grading papers,’me brazenly ignored and spoke with new among acquaintances. Had to his pull on wild horses wouldn. What to do, comrades? Options: 1. Not mock with defence wakes up aggressivity, until. (And that "until", 2. Mock only on closed platforms or deep at night in full alone, 3. Nothing more until not it would turn into. As same me do so, to he people not feared, but and not was pleased everyone aim, as Saleh ’?



Маус-Маус wrote:

but and not was pleased everyone aim, as Saleh ’?

Have us stood before the same question. The answer is simple, with age will emerge adequate wariness regarding. Have Petra as closer to year emerged.

Маус-Маус wrote:

not mock with defence wakes up aggressivity

??? I still'm letting go only in places absence of dogs and people. Husband pitnu and so-but protecting his one enjoys listening almost implicitly

Of course, it is important execute orders poslushku. Without this raze. Asserted obedience not rapid process, to the same permanent

Still we have code expression type "Petr, leave me alone from people" -esli Petrundiy with curiosity to someone neck. Or "Petrousha, this not your machine" ~ when your she interested in someone else's machine with open doors. Ah and any about this. The crux of the one-forbidding, but people then more adequately and quietly belong to probegayuschey past Petki

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Thanks to, I first with Dominique was leaving far away from people and dogs. Then've given pro should also and I have all really got messed up. Need to, to spoke, to not feared, but under the form of people and dogs he simply sick from joy. Perhaps stuck find company people and dogs on chessboard, to precisely there mock his, and in else time let us on tight leash walk. Dominique until not get spooked by, but he realistically is staining my and's tearing up clothes, whom OK this on psyche?
About prohibiting teams. When no one there is no near, we very well all hear and understand. When there is something important details, we politically tone-deaf! I so understand, that this problem was have many, and to decide its need to curious to gradually! Hi,, here is sits in me teacher: I OK so trained, to children immediately all upstaged, that aunt programmer diagnosis, and with pyosoy as something each will.
Still question: Salesmanship - this that? When dog not fears surrounding, not recoils at them, not climbs in scramble, applies to him purely neutral.?
And the last: Me from Forum not will expel for annoying as you with their questions?

Not cast me, Dominique a good, and I'll do better. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/81.gif



Mouse ,-Mouse,
Me seems, that fashionable word "salesmanship" were being called the general nurture dogs. In my opinion
Dog must adequately to respond to people, children, janitors' with with a broom and a shovel, must be able communicate with other dogs. Must on Atiku say in the Veterinary Surgery please (as for example) not run off from horror and arousal. For, to ensure dog skillful themselves to wage its need to gradually to inform with all these situations and help it.
I here is memorized the as Alla wrote in some temke, that has gone with Bimom and in the housing department and in auto and everywhere, taught his exhorts healthy unconventional jobs.
Bananas in my ears we all, I think, passed.)



My in my opinion, that on opportunities dog with schenyachego age need to carrying with a everywhere, it must with childhood absorb in themselves all their surrounding its, importantly-this people around, when doggy will grow-believe me, many run past will fear your dog) This is only you know, that Vasha dog "such a a stuffed the entire." And no one never's going to hurt. Have many another opinion on this about)) We ticked itself task achieve from dogs, perhaps the wrong word, -indifferentnosti relative to outsiders people. To lend a doodle on the street t ban to lend even well familiar. She has sometimes "insurance is protection", but noticing-always rightly. In city of dog must be "sotsializirovana", in the sense, that not yield inconvenience people around, not be aggressive, a cowardly, and nooborot, have "the Nordic" character and 25?C. And game,, uh, dog's joy and anything-this on gulyanii with brethren or alone how many anywhere)



I with you agree on 500%



Daniel wrote:

I with you agree on 500%
Signature author
Me on "the Terms of")

Daniel, http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/175.gif



Ah that, long I wanted destroy some myth pro should also. Time it is.
Immediately say something inaccurate-this my I.M.H.O.,, based on a small experience.

In accordance with dictionary salesmanship-this process becoming a personality, learn – ­ man knowledge, values and norms, destiny of this society.What Presents utrirovanno, the result is skill coexist with environment in world and consent. And for this need to know norms svoєyu and them conform to.

For dogs in fact this nurture, but in very broadly words.

Namely needs within nourishing.
1. Teach dog not write homes, not expense estate, not bite, not bark to and not shut up about it and camping on D. T. E. To you was well coexist within your homes and your family.
2. In - camping on E. Training teams,, too, part of socialization. Sit, stand, lie, near, available.Fu, cannot be, me and other-other. Around the this we train dogs, to was comfortable experience with it to live, with it gulyat. Travel very on Affairs, walk on exhibition, walk in Visitors and camping on D.
3. Skill behave with itself similar. For this, of course, essential communicate with itself similar. Play, engage and anything. For, to ensure Puppy not grew then in aggressive relative to other-lover watchdog. Of course, withdraw from what a dog, man can muscle to go talk on a dog, got and bitch on bitch-impossible, camping on K. This expression of instinct. But dog should not to throw on all that is moving and no would size and gender she not was. This very helpful for walks, if want issue in the free flight. Because harvest his hound in I might go each time, when she decides they ??? ?? ? ? toot toot helpfulness - little moreover, that awkward, but and dangerously
4. Skill behave with humans. In this case - not feel discomfort in a large flock people. And also not Fuehrer aggression relative to people. We live in world people, so that priority have human, and dog should not distract to live people-their whether bundle of, lights filtering whether past people and camping on D.
And so on, and the like.

In than same myth.
I already not times and not two use with those, that the term "salesmanship" in fact is used as slang the term. Namely, that if dog requires socialization - means she has problems with mentality (demands specific adjustment), camping on E. Dog morbid coward, that in end can continue to lead to aggressive behavior.
I against such a understanding of. And the already this word slightly whether not for use the f-consider.
Any dog, any man (pardon, that give on one line, but this is so), yes and at all any living creature, resumption to live in sotsіumі - should be sotsializirovano. This axiom.

In than can reverberate specificity socialization precisely have bukherov.

In this breed trusost- this pathology (in other rocks by this, too, not welcome, but your thoughtless breeding became to argue to what this the notion of in dekorashkakh, for example, depreciating) - repair very long, necessarily under supervision skilled instructor, and not always, unfortunately, townsome.

Have many bushikov can reverberate another regard -mnogie of them almost nothing not fear with childhood, very active, very want all know and and recognized immediately. Outcome - when we the first time came on exhibition, protecting very turned on, huh from large numbers of dogs, with whom it recognized now like contact and play. She lomilas in all sides. Gipervozbuzhdenie, of course, has led-that soothing team she simply not heard. Here are in example exhibition, camping on K. This was the first such large on accumulation unfamiliar people and dogs venue.
As this "treated" - stratal team first in tranquil place until of automatism, and then gradually facto’t irritate factor. So same dosed attending hemangioma dogs and people-in this terms of exhibition very convenient option. T. E. On exhibition not exhibiting, and Malesherbes needs touring, to dog accustomed to the atmosphere, to influence as they will deter factors waned.

But, of course, need to understand, that fear of something, too, may they puppy arise (or then this the complete lack of instinct self-preservation, that, too, not there is well). From moreover, through that we over or I know, that have other was - fear of drop-down have an umbrella, elevator, a height chart, childhood strollers, machines, bicycle, utterance razryvayuschikhsya have any firecrackers on. List can be continue to. Treated simply-gradually, through positive strengthened, dog priuchaetsya treat data things purely neutral. In this case goes conversation precisely about difficulty whelping, camping on K. Reasons fear in adulthood age proliferate from some situations in childhood.

T. E. Need to understand, that what would many run psyche ideal have dogs not was, as would she not was is - if she not goes in people, if she other people and dogs not has seen never, if environment its life not the capitol years - such a dog will be needed the correction behavior, camping on K. She not accustomed to other conditions existence. And all new will continue to lead to cognitive dissonansu.

T. E. Have term "salesmanship" many various shades and big undertones, this needs remember.

Ah and importantly, love his hound and robіt for it all, to and she themselves sheets member of svoєyu (ah of course, in understanding, primenimom to it) - and then all will simply is famously. And you have will harmony.

P. S. Generally as something so. Want still times be noted, that this clearly personally my understanding of the issue, based on a small experience and large numbers he’s describing information http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif. But hope, that diminish in any the least this will help newly-minted owners bushikov. :flag:



"T. E. Have term "salesmanship" many various shades and big undertones, this needs remember. "
Agree. Question, perhaps, not in terms. Importantly the crux of the issue, essentially you are right. In a broad, prostetskom sense "salesmanship" - this nurture dogs, for its "a comfortable" residence "and pleasure owners) instruments applies all, that you have listed, I would added still" underwent slyness of "hosts, which not can" on humans "recognize, that dog something all-??? pet, not people. And priority ")" should be have people. In sense, I say at all about environment.



Thank you all for substantial answers! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/297.gifgradually in my anybody all behind, importantly, that much very strongly conformably with my own grasp about fostering, training and breeding and camping on D. But I such a exciting stuff baby mama, that all time fear something do not so, something miss and camping on D. Obtaining your answers in anybody prosvetlyaetsya, is becoming more understandable, as further act! Ah that OK, do act! Actually writing at work, teperv garden for junior and kiss-love of our a glorious and samogosamogosamogosamogosamogo Dominique! As well, that soon holidays, we will more gulyat and more they socialise (as would "abusive of" this not sounded).



From, Tanya, what you brilliant! So detail have outlined! I here is raze words to thus-same the most views pick a not was able! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/297.gif



Mouse ,-Mouse,,
Importantly need understand, my in my opinion, that no one except you not will make from everything dogs the, that you want. This leisure a dog, too. No matter, was objectively, a poodle or York) There are their especially have all slip the dogs, in camping on CHAMPION And within breed. All are wrong, and "even professional" drillmasters) What you want obtain? Can be you for a comfortable communication with dog enough common obedience (+ let-paw) Psinu can be downloaded into precisely on something, and can be simply receive pleasure from life together with his favorite dog) and gulyat in park. Sort things out at, realistically, that you want receive from dogs. And hence was born algorithm action. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif



Thanks for Sharing (advice. On fact I many read, collect information (starters this to do even before, as schenka bought). Entlebukher I have first time, until this was chow (but this quite another the). I very well illustrate, THAT me need to from dogs, so and have been putting questions. And my anxiety dictated by my own warehouse character + professional activities (I teacher). Respectively and my drive all you could get better idea, obtain information from first hands from of experienced owners and desire to do all correctly, not harm, to then not recast.
Very many useful councils gives Tatiana (stasyun), it would already and book write it is time. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/mail1.gif
All man so much grateful to!



Mouse ,-Mouse,,
Chau something much bigger problems than will huh, big dog)) Bukhi-shepherds, he has many what, contemplate nurture’s budget provides for priori, understanding of simple demands-through couple of exercise settling. Perishing painful for good ones dogs) Through a year old chase be surprised their "ponyatlivosti" around the) http://i.smiles2k.net/hello_byby_smiles/1_011.gif
Yes and still, about experience owners, I would not divided on experience simply communication Dog (different breeds) and precisely experience with entlebukhami, rather can be share on experience with hunting breeds, Park, decorative and camping on D. After chow, you problems, at all, be should not)

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stasyun wrote:

In this breed trusost- this pathology

But under this want say, that expression of of fear have a puppy well normal phenomenon, and the people can jitters fact.



laki wrote:

Through a year old chase be surprised their "ponyatlivosti" around the

Yes I and now already wonder, as he all police raided are seized with! Noodle such!

laki wrote:

Chau something much bigger problems than will huh, big dog

Chau I have was shower, when cosmogonies. Absolute flegmatik, the very calm, team virtually not nurturing (believed this below its dignity), but understood me without words. Problems with him at all not was NO in terms of communication / obedience and camping on D. Only very allergichnyy was it is a watchdog (eczema there prevents) and at all to live without me could not (the so scarred, when I somewhere was leaving, that not slept nights spent, walking okhal-akhal, not ate and camping on D.

laki wrote:

After chow, you problems, at all, be should not

Ah I hope, that their and not will. For this try to put on time ask questions, which as times and are linked with characteristics breed and still with those, that I already not remember, that such Puppy (I have perishing and sons something are growing older.
Good there is this forum, where gather people, professionals Exactly in bushikakh. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif



Маруся-Нафуся wrote:

But under this want say, that expression of of fear they straight well normal phenomenon, and the people can jitters fact.

Cars, I about this, too, wrote, 's reabsorption in topic about socialization. Have us on one issue-three themes actively are based) and everywhere individual the pieces)

Of course same seriously threatened-this normal expression of feelings have any live beings. And this, too, need to to understand. As and the, "cowardice" not would still "seriously threatened")

P. S. Ca ask lyudu shove up all in one subject? And the without 100 grams not you'll figure it out)



Mouse ,-Mouse,,
I have dog 2 year, and I not mean moral rights considered themselves special one., precisely in this breed. In such a terms-I not "assistant." http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/cool.gifspecial one. Can be called human, have liked was not one such dog, different gender and age categories, for years 10, perhaps, and better-more, so, that what was in my consternation, this is only my opinion on those or different issues, but, I not see big difference with measurable payoffs in bukhov and those same sheep-dogs, corgi and other shepherds) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif

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stasyun wrote:

too costly S. Ca ask lyudu shove up all in one subject? And the without 100 grams not you'll figure it out)