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One our "selling" i?eyoaeu spoke pro its a sheepdog: "In desert she one enjoys listening perfectly, BUT. We live in a large city of! "In my understanding of dog, as well as and man, has appreciated in" desert ", the crux of the, Mowgli from all famous notebook.

Fully agree with you! (See Dissertation about socialization)

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Very recommend in city of gulyat on tight leash. Husband as the slightly "not fell" specifically, when Bimasika parading young people decided cost and got kicked "our favourite mongrel." Until now remember as in the past year talks obyavleni about lost Mary, from sin away - ceasing, better in jail, than not known where!



How many on time can be walking with 4-'s month puppy for in frost (-15 -20 degrees)?
Mmhmm. You know, without pelts, but all time actively! Is obtained on 30-60 minutes.
One the familiar told: "You that? Minutes on 10 enough on such a the cold. "
Here is I and in love: "Suddenly zastuzhu sobanku my?" Truth on him not in sight, that he... freezing their butts off, is carried a satisfied!