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The right landing.

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Here is the reference on photo and the beginning of discussion about how as sits dog.
Danay from "of the Crown Russia"
Unfortunately not administrator and not can driven the beginning of discuss in a separate subject.
Have us, too, Puppy when drive himself drive on one lyakhu. How this can hurt in further also called BAER, correct growth joints?

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Wow as you deeply. I can was an asshole what. Have us so - on team "sit" drive talk, properly, simmetrichnenko so (recognized the, not dog). And in life ah as sits down at, so and sits. Sometimes and on side still leaning pretty bad (but than older, those ostentatious), sometimes and to Back against the wall privalitsya. Living after all, we after all, too, sometimes lolling sit down, not always as Ballerinas osanochku keeping the.



ncux199rus wrote:

Seneng this can hurt in further also called BAER

I of course not veterinarian, but how I know, then dysplasia this disease tribal and provided bad your feeding. And insufficient physical activity either under undue loads you can provoke his.
That concerns my dogs, then in schenyachem age,, too, sometimes sat in razvalochku, now very rarely. So that think if you will pay dog tribute attention, and judging by Forum in this there is no doubt, your dog will have different health and good joints.
But under dressure dog must sit correctly. Incidentally, when you pursue your business dressuroy, then dog must to do team not crossing with seats, camping on E. If dog is worth and you it say team "sit", then dog simply seemed to forget his behind. If dog sits and you it say team "lie", she simply shots up hoisted. If dog sits and you it say "stand", it raises his behind and camping on D. This many run play around for the right formation dogs in physical sense, ah and in mental fitness of course.



Instead asked this question on class. Handler said, quote from a - on team dog must sit as been paved, in pose vacation - as it conveniently.
All. Question closed.


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Increasingly about health » The right landing.