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Write the abstract on breed. Very need cues.

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Dobryi day!
Me name is Kateryna, I vladelits kennel bigley. In this moment had my learner's, on courses RKF Champion, that would become an expert and theme resulting my essay. Secured on breed Entlebucher.
Very likes this breed and long experiencing to it the most nor on feelings :) But in writing my essay. Originated some questions, answers on which it turned out not so something simply find.
Respected breeders and owners this admirable breed, please hold maximally possible little and help deal in nuances breed.
Kintes please ssylochkami on known world nurseries entlebukherov (with Russian, like, start). If not it is difficult, Podskajite, where can be find information about basic trends development breed and where can be to familiarize themselves with kinds of in breed?

In advance thank you very much, grateful to!



Hello! Very pleased, that our espoused and a compelling breed you are interested in.
Here is here German site downgrade popularity references to sites about Entlebukherakhcan be 'Market on pitomnikam European.
And about issues, not very understandable that you auctioning the in view. In sense understandable, but too globally.
Breed in Russia the Young, particularly literature there is no, but something can be to be sure find.
Not hesitate to zadavayte questions, than can will help organize.



Viki & K, thank you huge for the answer! I initially... went through this forum and the first affair went on link on rating sites, but she unfortunately not works :(
Can, there has changed worded? Can, you although would here you can point to name several European nurseries, and I already their'll look for in Internet itself?

About global issues. Interested in the availability of types of in breed, there is they or not strongly stand out? For example, in my breed (. Bigley) there are several obvious types of and they highly differ from each other and have different experts there is explicit preferences. In two nutshell can be described differences between them. Here is, and you have decided inquire presence of seed different types of or fashionable currents. And not necessarily in Russia, and in Europe in a whole.
Pro trends development breed - here like would to know, as was formed over desirable type of and external ethos breed. As strongly (and than) regimes differed dogs, for example, living 20 years ago and to what seek to porodniki now.
Also interested in, what porodnye especially emit in breed and on that particularly pay attention in intended for breeding and under of Ukraine in ring?

In two nutshell, as something so, and answers need, too, not deployed, but rather generalized, simply, point to basic moments.
Can, have someone from overseas nurseries there is on sites interesting articles about trends in development breed and camping on Afghan. Pokidaytes please ssylochkami. Me quite difficult this seek, camping on K. I even not know names nurseries, and you can your visitors something similar :)



Podskajite, and you in what city of live?
Here even enter Smicor https://www.facebook.com/groups/entlebucher/



Viki & K, Thanks for Sharing (ssylochku!
I in Moscow.





You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » The total talker » Write the abstract on breed. Very need cues.