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Ah here is, decided and we lead the its page. Truth, we here already started shining in topic pro cough – the so broke a, that survived bilateral the pneumonia. Now those, and if I first and, what I have maloaktivnyy entlebukher, then now already see, that this accurately ENTLEBUKhER and accurately had. Even we until very strongly vezdePASSAT, but hope soon become domaNISSANOM.

So, we – this I, Alexander, and, exactly, had, 8 March 2013 issuing. Have a there is even Pope Sergei and adults they are man's brother and sister, and also cat Dusya, which on rapprochement until not is faring.

Indeed and in love, as would describe inhuman ability to my are the right. Hi,, so after all here have all entlebukhery! This same MOZG a walking (most annoying, a sedentary, the reclining …).

Had have us now as foreigner expects, not-knowing local language and customs. But she so seeks to in increasingly fathom how he! It on mordakhe constantly written – “you me only explain, as need to and what want, I will! ” We in as a the phrase book use clicker – she for clicks that anywhere will make. Knows, that on the street pee-organisms eliminate solid or semisolid – nice, and homes – for free (have us house its). When someone sleeps, well withdraw on its dissapointed to receive and hold out for there although would seconds 20. Even in cage closed prikolno sit, can be a host hour, between popisami.

The other phrasebook – “The arguments and facts ”, svyornutye tube. Mr. Sisson is unhappy with on summer – here you and arguments, and facts. In principle, convinced already.

Even I itself not expected, that Shkodyunya so easily adopts singles coming in separate room. Nor has never view. Likeness the carotid, quietly patted and are gone. No skuleniy and convincing applying. And a day to tidal can be. Upset With she the first two night, when blinded in cage. Ah not realized she, as can be sleep there same, where account for. - Hurry, Nick need for! And now cell likes, (Zeni sit (cell have us so something closed is worth, camping on K. Have a remained even suspicions, that this toilet).

Yes, even we bad listeners on team sit and to lend eaio. Learning lie. “Ko me ” on the street, this if no their urgent affairs.

Here is. Even, of course, go mad all very love. Beloved toys – being. Sometimes, when Shkodik otbesitsya, I think – what happiness, that entlebukhery sometimes sleep! Truth, mindful, what sluggish she was during disease, sometimes I sneaking up to.... .asleep Shkodyune with rear and O`Neil in halfway (a thermometer. Better be too careful.

In airport.
The first days homes.
Such frame with zubastym coming as a stowaway should be ????? bushikovoda.
Medicating. Verify bubbles in the syringe.
Kalem Company.
Hmmm. And talked, malware likes, throw.
Something there pro the cleansing toys.
There is no, ah directly in my odeyalku!
We earn delicious syrchik.
's foot serve.
Visitors violate discipline. Good fellows!
Ah, and lyrical.



akomaGood narrative!
Shkoda- quaint literature http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



akoma, good fellows, that ripe enough until personal page!
Yeeees, name of obliges)
Waiting for still photo and narratives pro supose it a



Ur! Finally saw presented! Such a a cool!
I, too, want clicker buy, 've seen plenty of that different video lessons on clicker training and breeding



akoma wrote:

this accurately ENTLEBUKhER and accurately had. Even we until very strongly vezdePASSAT, but hope soon become domaNISSANOM.

Are happy welcome such miracle!



Pretty. Had, such a -Loverboy! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Girl/17.gif



Ah here is, our range already 3.5 month.
In ties with first occurred regularly underwent another series MOVIE and finally path positive dynamics. Ah here is nor for that not told would, that this child than something ill! Truth, find, that activity gradually bone is and now this simply – mercury the ball – had such a same sweeping personal, but, truth, not such a harmful. For me the benchmark mobility was Danay – it's embedded in anybody, as he was whizzing in this same age on room, not total speed on when cornering and bottle looks. Now we, too, so gallivant sometimes. But in a whole girl with moderate temperament of (in the context entlebukherov, of course), with it always (almost) can be to agree.

Now on the agenda struggle with naskakivaniyami and prikusami. The, that bite cannot be, know. But, zaigravshit or "jumped past toys, can and decently all over your rocks. Here, in principle, problems not see, cope.
I'm just trying a wean's heads. Here harder – joy from meeting muffle not always is obtained. Team in this time not hears, and until're ignoring first minute, can and first slightly. Okay, family understand on the sly – importantly, equally all and always act. And here is with guests – only keep, and the can to escape and scratched in gladiatorial. Cell, of course, the exit, but try to put not abuse.
And hate, when in the yard wants on someone dirty to boot legs, especially when people rode incognito and home gathered. Not always is obtained prevent tragedy.

Very nice in our situation, that live in his House. There is opportunity often popping up out for popisov-pokakov. Virtually 100% outs effective. Homes – rare ’, and this, estno, our lapses. And so times 10-12, perhaps, for day in yard are now moving beyond. Entire night already fails, weeks 3 already somewhere on the morning increasingly stiff and purely. And from we were in diapers virtually immediately refused.

From entertainment – on until only peat heap. http://s5.uploads.ru/t/OGZYa.jpg
And, here is tuft greenery is also found. http://s4.uploads.ru/t/M7grI.jpg
Let us better I you tableware'll wash my! http://s4.uploads.ru/t/IK8AQ.jpg
'm guarding held up a bag. http://s5.uploads.ru/t/AaS2r.jpg
Full Shalax. http://s5.uploads.ru/t/Xy4c5.jpg
This the tryout fix exterior. Like as, not thick. Although today here is 10.5 kilo has shown. (This for Sheldon's, we with him increasingly about weight care). http://s5.uploads.ru/t/pnOUP.jpg



Hilarious such a!
Very cute and positive child!



On Torfyanoy pile glance such - Hands occupies from Nicaragua) Mistress’mountains simply) Excellent photo, such a little girl, unafraid a cool!

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What caldrons! On it just once … - beauty. Danka three running pleda and two mat ate was forced to retire. Prefers rasslabony on bare gender. And about mobility. On him the entire gathering spaces that offer universal surprised. All go - was, when OK have you plant end – or bible canons sits down at! He manages get all its activity: And dogs, and hosts, and simply past flowing. Slightly-slightly will slow can only on a strong the heat and the, from a great height an enormous belly on grass, not by issuing balls at once from Pernod, thirty seconds and further haters.
Given, that now he became much more secure, than was in your age!
Its house this great cause. And I all dream zverika modicum one more time to withdraw for city, on will. And very want his to try to atone for. But not far and not on than. So that is carried on chessboard of, and] swims in a bath.



The good what!

akoma wrote:

today here is 10.5 kilo has shown. (This for Sheldon's, we with him increasingly about weight care).

I even not know, how many now Sheldon weighs, with three months not only weighed me. On days friends promised scales, bring, here is consider

akoma wrote:

Of entertainment – on until only peat heap.

And we now mostly on the road, 'Arry on the street strolls, with a leash around. So Sheldon more manage. When in garden produce non-open source, sick immediately, all in fall pulling and your, not gives upholding character. Eats all stones, line, grass, in short, all that sees. I, of course, immediately grab Burrito his and have been arguing pulliing out this all from Pernod, but with each time, this to do all harder to - charming and bucks, yes and catch up with his not always manages. Think, can in a snood gulyat exits, to not robbers, dunking nothing. Hope this temporary phenomenon, my daughter in 2 year, too, stones eaten :) Alexander, and you have as, all consecutive eats all on stroll?



Polina wrote:

Alexander, and you have as, all consecutive eats all on stroll?

Ah of course! But I for it not period fundamentally. I take with a maslo feed and, if iai?yaaao the, that in fall took, trade 'em. And now already much less he hoovers. At all, is identically works maneuver "runaway instead dogonyaniya." When appearing they what any or see, that little smear another must, noisy I allow from it bolted,. Now IT absorbed more fears me issue from mind. But this we on streets not yet stopped working.



Had shkodnaya! A remarkable child, so pleased look derzhitsya! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



Sasha, what I would've kept you have klassnyuchaya! Get well soon Netimer, very want its see! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/greeting.gif



Oops what girl, man, she a cool! Directly here is had shkodnaya)



Have us, too, (as have Sheldon's) both sides of her teeth. Only that Lidia bobbling a tooth and now have us 3 small holes. And two tooth already real. Are falling and are rising immediately - yesterday the hole-today a new erupted.



akoma wrote:

Wu us, too, (as have Sheldon's) both sides of her teeth. Only that Lidia bobbling a tooth and now have us 3 small holes. And two tooth already real. Are falling and are rising immediately - yesterday the hole-today a new erupted.

Ah, here is) and you, too, I congratulate! :) are rising children
As have a now affairs? Nebezyzvestnyy still not did?



akoma wrote:

are falling and are rising immediately - yesterday the hole-today a new erupted.

Have us today the second had a chance, but new still there is no until. And be had accepts any?

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nelin wrote:

Nelli, thank you.
Tomorrow roentgenogram, hope, the latest (previous - two weeks ago). If ttt - Glistogonnoe and then Nebezyzvestnyy.
And so strolls in his yard and now on we. Encourage all to machines, outsiders. Dog until alas. Drive are in his machine, to to get used to active life.

Polina wrote:

A be had accepts any?

Be - SANAL, from the list of Nelli.

Here is such we're toothless pervoklassnitsy. http://s4.uploads.ru/t/sGQH2.jpg



Even ask wanted. Have us now were hoisted (ah, their fingertips-feet on-they are man's) markedly larger rear. So have all or it is our chip?


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