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What quaint first-grader) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif
Rhineland "would a" always looks thicker the back



Hilarious first-grader enrolled) grow up kids.



Photos very cool - mood convey! And her teeth you have simply remarkable)



Yesterday us founding 4 month.

Is considered, that we finally healthy and can be privivatsya, that we and tacitly on Sunday. Until worms we and're looking out, far better attempt learn. Have us after all her teeth experienced – means, in school it is time.

The assistant our, where had mostly forests,, every day is changing, camping on K. Underway go landscaped work. Disassembled peat heap, Head dresvu, very a similar on sand. http://s5.uploads.ru/t/HcRV0.jpg
Forming dig, on which can be speed as a rocket. Truth, here same shackling account for. About photographer. http://s4.uploads.ru/t/8DC6k.jpg

Began to plan pathways. http://s5.uploads.ru/t/3EcMW.jpg

And have prepared stones for December construction the walls. http://s4.uploads.ru/t/PyjO2.jpg

Ah, peat even a bit remained … http://s5.uploads.ru/t/qYyIU.jpg

Even we began gulyat on we. http://s4.uploads.ru/t/vkVMX.jpg

Dog until familiar here is so, through fence. http://s4.uploads.ru/t/c9EY0.jpg

So as had, increasingly-???, girl, she very likes the neighbors' flowers on and. http://s5.uploads.ru/t/lsL2C.jpg

The neighbor's a she, perhaps,, too, likes, but, from sin away, is witnessing for him here is so. http://s5.uploads.ru/t/QKFje.jpg

In these weekend rescue son on air from every direction, he with parachute there jumped out of one. http://s4.uploads.ru/t/wCmno.jpg

On contrary path it turned out, that dog should not strongly be tied to strange host. http://s5.uploads.ru/t/WZFID.jpg

And this plate us had been given the clear and his mother Lena. The clear until the last hoped, that him leave gift, but, when understood, that there is no, on-perfect gentleman only has sighed and kept silent. http://s5.uploads.ru/t/H2eLj.jpg

And this had with reinstated in Corrida play. http://s5.uploads.ru/t/iybWZ.jpg



An excellent fairs!
And bushiki, it turns out, nornye dogs)



Such a duvulechka you nice! Charm of!

stasyun wrote:

A bushiki, it turns out, nornye dogs)




On the third picture such a the entire girl-girl, posing in



Tomorrow gathered on Nebezyzvestnyy (DHPPi + LR).
've given, that cannot be privivatsya during change of teeth. And have us as times her teeth raining handsome. So can be or not?



Privivaytes already! :)



Even question.
After vaccinations quarantine month (a host month) - that this for us means, need to whether harden regime communication a with the outside world? Now we strolls not only – on, but and on we (full of unused dogs here there is no, everywhere purely and garbage not lying around). Their own late under khozyakh dogs flank the side, although here their not so many and all privitye. One times aiceee on air from every direction, but were there brief and under austere supervision (more not plan nowhere until).
And after vaccinations that us can be?
Very-very want already in selling people and in school. Is obtained, that only in 5 with plus months can be? Dichaem.

Unfortunately, until his the veto, which want trust, not has found. So ask here.



Where you only all of this vychityvaete?! What month! Quarantine week maximum! And times you already so walk around on over our village, then and continue gulyat, and nor about than not think. Nebezyzvestnyy only do finally.



Ah here is, so and not can choose the veto. Today Sweating specifically in a clinic, to a doctor, on which tends to was stop. He me all of this and hyped. Feel, something eyebrows, here is and asked here.
Nelli, thank you! Ur!






My modest opinion.
Pro Nebezyzvestnyy from Cow Disease in 3 month (first) us all doctors talked that gulyat can be through 2 weeks, but fully immunity is generated to 20 days. Have more adults dogs Perhaps term generate immunity less.
About schools. As shows our practice on the early most important to dog under any opportunities sat. Near, me, apport, obstacles - everywhere after complete the team dog must sit down as can be closer to strange host.
Have us problems until only with socialization. Are Iost,, you know, distracted when present modicum who the outsider.
Strange that in Yekaterinburg there is no 1 good doctor? Can trust neighbors on over our village, they same where the are served by.



ncux199rus wrote:

pics that in Yekaterinburg there is no 1 good doctor? Can trust neighbors on over our village, they same where the are served by.

I have the first dog, contacts not they. Friends as something not by the dog walkers. In village, we the new arivals, of course, then let us communicate on walks and will know who to whom churchgoers. And until perekrikivaemsya type "we without vaccinations until - approach the not can - and as you name is."
Have us in city of there are two-three known the vet with excellent reputatsiyami, have them always sold. Fear, that to them's admission to will each time it is difficult enter. They on serious cases. And me, as neopytnomu the storeowner, like would turn to the vet often - ask, clarify, ask, the most to come. Until not my hope, that can find the money his the vet, close situated territorially and unchallenged I have trust. 've been monitoring it its district, until successes not very. But, you are right, need to to know where are served by dogs of our the favela, whom recommend masters. Deal time.



Not quite understand that here complex. As me seems can be be remembered from whom there is dogs. And if with – master you approach the not you can, then should get rid of father`s burden and approach the without it. Vkratse explain situation and voila. Tell, will reveal and all will.



Yes, now, when understandable, that to do, as do can whip up. As usually, obvious thought not always immediately come in head. Thank you.



UV, prominent.
In the first clinic refused to do so, as we need to. Think clearly on instructions, on concrete circumstances no amendments. If would all vaccinations recast, as there pressed, from homes poured would only in six months.
In the second clinic, too, poupiralis, but have made as were asked. Truth, had to to sign strict of paper.

I have such a sense of, that account for to read increasingly, that write on fence. On all fence differently. And have all their arguments. Nelli, Thanks for Sharing (support. As agreed to, skloubeni scheme further vaccinations. Our scheme. And the I another fence'm waddling and make ends'll trade you everything.



akoma wrote:

Phew, prominent.

I congratulate!

akoma wrote:

Wu us in city of there are two-three known the vet with excellent reputatsiyami, have them always sold.

In-in, have us so same. I forums have ran everyone, has found the veto, which can be trust, wanted go to it Nebezyzvestnyy to do, to contact, so she loaded was, had to to do have another doctor. Truth the other doctor us grassroots. Several times already were have him, he and I stitched up Sheldon's. And still, I vetov on last name thing vyiskivala in contact and in the fighting, watch information, who where studied under. In one clinic did Nebezyzvestnyy, us doctor not liked, then in contact I saw, that she studied in when agricultural Academy, and there at all, how I know, there is no secession veterinary. How she works doctor, at all it is unclear. And doctor, which us grassroots studied under in Moscow in Academy them. Scriabin. Think, until let us to him walk.



Ur! Hemophilus infection made! Took by storm)
That do next? Gulyat, play, communicate with other dogs and vast. All can be!
The next Hemophilus infection after change of teeth! I.e. in September. And not about than not think! All well :)


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