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Journey on couch (photo from trips)

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I for! Remained to garner group willing go, and further let us work over program trip http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif



And Piterskikh the ladies with moderately authorities steeped male could entlebukhera go back (1980s, demureness potupivshiy gaze and vzirayuschiy with hope)
Lady modest,... appealing, keeps managing to drive machine.
Male was indiscreet, damnably she, machine not leads from principle.



Татьяна wrote:

Where is here record on "go" and on "Bohemia on farmyard"? We already marshal in turn!

Bohemia this well.

nelin wrote:

I for! Remained to garner group willing go, and further let us work over program trip

Have them there every year pass holidays, parades celebrating with zennenkhundami in Entlebukhe. This of course was would interestingly



Daniel wrote:

A Piterskikh the ladies with moderately authorities steeped male could entlebukhera go back?.

Consider gladly! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif



nelin wrote:

Let's take care of gladly!!

Then we, too, in "waiting lists"



Something all as something look worried. In affairs. Enjoyed summer as not was so and not there. One senses lack of vitamin D.
Loath'll entertain you a bit. 'll post an on a sound bite couple of exotic photo)

So, Indonesia, May 2011(this was our the first trip in Indonesia).

Island Bali. The Yasukuni Samuel Lot


Island Bali. Cleanest birds and reptiles.


Island Java. Яrusnye landing potatoes.Yes-yes. Precisely potatoes)


Island Java. Cattery turtles

All possible sizes-from krokhotulek until giants)






Kingdom of Wahran


the Family


Edaaaa.And like you have your dinner, but'm on picture-but salivating palate flow) to the same this all there is indecent cheaply)


P. S. Hope, I have all-??? in the foreseeable future come hands until write confirming stories with http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/mail1.gif



Tanya, razvlekla) first: "Krabiiiik", "family", and then: Bam! Snip on dinner) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



Room is off, the wrong an associative a series of)
Deal in is, that the entire twenty minutes from everything you she here is such a-many creatures-imaginations, krabiki and other. And then this same on lunch-dinner on saucer. CE la ae.
Have them in this respect all as something easier, "more primitive" -nu not in sense nedorazvitee, and in sense, that easier on perception. For the European and Russian human, not had watched this in living, may seem and not well normal :D



Not can not to share!
Tomorrow on work'm flying on, your mightiness. With the most immediately favorite city Paris)
Love this city tender and A vibrant love. Derzhitsya with me!)



Daniel wrote:

The pictures with me!)

About, super! Waiting for

P. S. And have us all as something not incapable love with him, perishing how many times planned reach there, yes all raze



Paris wondrous city and for everyone he its. He as a fractious L, have someone with him at all not attitudes he picked up relations, someone to him indifferent.
I have with him love with first glance. I all say, Paris not need to look, Paris need to feel. To hear music within themselves by closing eyes, moment of morning air in which swirling aromas for fresh bring in your croissants and lifetime of sound coffee. Gulping glass guilt, simply sit in Arts Boulevard cafes nowhere not hurrying.
Oooh, I about him can to speak endlessly) hold me seven)



Light, gladly'll take a look Paris your behaviour eyes



Ah here is and over my “Bon · ”
I already told, that Paris - my the most a favorite city. Have us with him love. With the first my meeting with him passed 13 years. Since then I seen many cities and countries, but my heart of would still belongs Paris. Be can this because, that than something blurred he reminds Peter … and can on somehow other reasons. I was in Paris numerous times, but never leave his jaded. Always remains easy hunger, the thinnest, as a wispy cloud, feeling separation and desire to to come there again and again. In this city of me virtually impossible debauch mood. Before 'real' environment with him I always'm putting together some plan moreover, that a new wanted would see and what beloved seats to visit and each time my plan agenda remains unfulfilled)
In this time Paris met us windy weather with pronizyvayuschim pulled, but this would still was II


Because we were there on work, then free time was quite slightly-slightly. Pictures, too, not very many.

Place cult for tourists, but it and understandable – hence is a one of the most or species on city with Heights avian by air


A lovely snow white Sacre-Coeur.
I love buy fillets and coffee in cup and simply sit on the steps and watch on rooftop. Near can sit and loudly to discuss something Plato students, still in our resistance elderly couple, andromeda each in friend until now, and the bottom two friend loudly debate. And I will simply silently smile, listening within themselves any French songs)

Famous, Square artists place du Tertre. Of course this rather can be called but allowed, but includes any people she seen - Wang Gogh, Gauguin,), garde, Picasso, Camiel, Renoir, Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec … even 4000m2 as well as all on the skin by.


On downtown weather is one of the most unusual sculptures of, creation the famous Jean Mare – “Man, progress at variable through wall. ”
According to Kipling historian > Aime (living in one of these homes) lived-was simple an accountant and once opened in itself ability to undergo through Wall. Buoyed by thus unusual a gift, he visited his sweetheart, that jealous of husband, moving, used to lock on the key. And once our hero stuck in wall …

The most known windmill – clean layer.

Now here is famous on the whole world of with same entitled. From whom will opportunity, not Piazza money and carying. The bottle of spumante yet (an in the cost of a ticket) on representation creases irregularities and sherkhovatosti and the easy nirvana you secured by) A in late the very, the legendary doing the can-can.
Street Pigalle at night and street Pigalle day – this 2 different world. Day here can be chew fried chestnuts
And watch the food court and micro-R?ros Airport. And at night all revives red lanterns and get asked by enjoying carnal passions.

And if still not tortured you not the most shedevralnymi a few snapshots of and long narratives, then later carry)



Of light, super! With return! Your Paris very delicious! Take!



Tanya, thank you!



Of light! Nice! Quite the other Paris, not the in which we were) Thanks!



Thank you!
Carry its contribution. Be can someone this will help open for themselves again this magnificent city.
Paris keeps managing be flashy and the pompous, but well itself can be brought before the you restrained and slightly severe.
The building Opera Garnier as times expressed a solemn and was pretentious. Standing still on the steps Turquise him, turns themselves in luxurious women, speshaschey on evening notion. In me long process goes idea buy ticket and to there listen to the opera) But this not simply. Tickets on performances need to buy for several months.


From Tiananmen rays diverge the streets. On one can be plodding until Place Vendome Square,
This Square
Acquitted would
Every city
If it comes was I
De Bourbon-Vendome the column
I it comes married
On Place quo la Concorde
W. Mayakovsky
Here is 5 • unerringly just, where stayed such known persona as Coco;, Hemingway, Proust, Yusupovs, Romanovs and from which traveled in its last trip Princess Diane. This was the most the first unerringly with telephone, a bath and electricity in rooms. In that day, when we there were, then facade of hotel was hidden from power building constructs and tissue interaction. Can simply ukrashalsya to Christmas …

De Bourbon-Vendome Square – now Square prominent jewelry homes. You only you exagerate in music names - forced, Dior, Boucheron … Glass stores namyty until luster and Tower you eyes rays jewels. And still in Paris utterly not cost nothin 'I to dwell and staring on entire this luxury, sign' Yuzhnaya 'in the shop-windows. And let you not can (until not can) afford to buy even the lunchbox from this displays planted, you well can enjoy fasting truly writings jewellery art

Louvre Museum. Louvre Museum rightly is considered one of the most rich on collections museums world. In it, as known, represented famous, La Joconde brush Leonardo Davinchi. Personally on me she not produced the impression, but can this is only reason again look it in eyes and try to penetrated the secret, about which all say.
Louvre Museum I love outside.
And day
And at night
Now even strange to imagine, that in 18 st century his intended denser, in such a disarray he was after as royal residence suffered in de Versailles.
Not far from Louvre is arch Karuzel

Precisely from this arc begins so-called “triumphal path ” - mnogokilometrovaya direct, undergoing through Square Consensus and Champs field until Arc de arc on Tiananmen Charles de Gaulle.
Champs field (opposite Maillot) – essentially this the main street Paris. She's charming and's glamorous
Now here, as and in all European cities, opened Christmas Fair. And what here only not meet)

In Friday solemnly enshrined Christmas automatic highlighting, but this we, alas, saw only on local television)
At all need to say, Paris to Christmas decorates themselves as secular a lioness before way out on reception. All luxuriously and with taste.

So! Might stop me) and throw the tomato,, and the here will a whole book “My novel with Paris ”



Daniel wrote:

“My novel with Paris ”

Let-go, take!

P. S. Light, and keep thrusting, pzhsta, not previews, and originals?



stasyun wrote:

World ``to, and keep thrusting, pzhsta, not previews, and originals?

'oc. Agreed to)




Of light, ah recognized with bank-and-and-alshim gusto ever read any Poe, dreamt! Thank you!

Daniel wrote:

So! Might stop me) and throw the tomato,, and the here will a whole book “My novel with Paris ”

Not, not count on it) let take this delicious novel) We wait for! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif


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