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Crooning this the benefits or harm?

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Ludik77 wrote:

A times will repeat: You then you nothing more not seen, not has seen, their dogs not drove, on classes not was present. All, that you write - this yours your entry opinion.

Exactly, and you their LIChNYKh dogs drove? You has given birth to modicum one litter, you this litter ottrenazherila?
Ah why so respond, after all above than that the to lend other, need to on itself test.
I not against trainers, but all same as breeder, I recommend the, that experienced on their personal canine. And you that experienced on their canine?



To why, trenazhernyy hall and Wilkes depicts sick-lover, to improve their the quality of life, strengthen the that need, and Puppy should evolve until a certain time naturally.
I already on one Forum wrote and here write. Engulfed on Malakhov, there one its procedure to come out right then to make the plastic nose, when its was asked why? Because as nothing terrible there not was. She said - "to children were beautiful"
There hall collapsed. So here is, all gimmicks of... room service, not improve regions of the born from from simply champion.
And here is the quality of life sick dogs improve.
But this holders halls not interested in, them of money cut down need to.


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Increasingly about health » Crooning this the benefits or harm?