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Neodnorodnyy chair

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In composition me (, too,) like Akana, Russia, Oridzhin and Ekanuba. But here is ironically, precisely on bezzernovuyu Akanu of our slabit.
With Oridzhinom forever any disruption; in short, eat Ekanubu. First ate "lososevuyu", and now - Joggin & Agility. (Though, at all something, more as a heterosexual seek feed.)
Chair an excellent, tests in normalcy. As said one special, "in healthy the body - healthy (the right) a turd."



Анна-М wrote:

precisely on bezzernovuyu Akanu of our slabit.

And us, incidentally,, too,. Refused from Akan (and consume GO! Kakakhi, sorry, directly the benchmark http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/110.gif



I mired in topic of the dry cannot digest)) an unambiguous conclusion for themselves made such - ideal in all relations feed, appropriately all-all-all not there is. Need to ship types- wet individually. Everything else very ambiguous. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif
We until stalled on Akane lamb-apple. Rejoice at still sooner, but like "the exit" became less and governs better. 've been translating on the sly all-???, without hunger strike purchasing. Going to observe her month and re-deal it tests.
In those same new kormakh-kholistik me several still confuse unexperienced ingredients, which in naturalke is not welcome like would - themselves by growing potatoes, oats. Or this already largely outdated information and as they and oats already give?



Hello! Very am asking aid.
My Almushi 2 month. 'm feeding as a heterosexual a wino on glycosidic + beef + cottage cheese 1% repackaging with kefir. Yesterday on the evening fed gave grechnevoy on glycosidic + (boiled heart of, liver, the easy) + carrot on terke fresh. Today chair not it is a liquid a normal, but with fat and. That this may be?
I very'm panicking. Had to rush would today to the vet, but have us as out of today output. That to do not know, Podskajite please. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/126.gif



Still not mentioned, today implemented lessons on a and in as a dainties represented a knots for pieces of cheese. Can choked instigated, can cannot be thus small to lend choked.
Very a member, Podskajite please that to do.



Hello! Bag for on water, and not on glycosidic, choked after 4 months yes and the "Lite", i.e. non-fat) the which it turns out the most expensive) for dainties well can get away heart of, beef, chicken that said Noy carried (deshego and helpful). And drying not toxicity?
Be give the?

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Have bukhov mucus in youth-this almost rate-is stabilizing work 1920s. The Presents not lethally. But ideally, of course, better it comes not was. Perhaps, that you introduced in ???? ???? something new-here is and reaction. Sometimes mucus even case with red (bloody) Ophelia-not need to from this fall in celui. In principle, the introduction of something new should occur on the principle of-one product in one day. And not every day, of course.
And as higher Alla wrote-milk, where sea salt-sugar, oil cream in bag for-cannot be. Purely grits-- grits on water.
Choked better on the principle of: Than later-the better. And non-fat-better 9% Interwiev, especially in really the early.



And still-kefir, too, should be the low-fat.
And purely on logike- to lend diversified in "one vial" not-there is well. Give the, for example, bag for boiled with otvarennym liverom. And a carrot give through hour to nibble on, together as "scratches the backs" NATO you its rub something)
Ah and purely in as a notation) Dogs got need not diversity in terms of taste. They need to balanced nutrition in sense the right ratio nutrients, minerals and vitamins. T. E. Addition puppy need not so much diversity-how many content just needed.

But this all about nutrition.
And here is on topic foreign primary - most often figure availability of inadequate to the, that dog not poops. And ceased to drink and there is.
T. E. Need to look not only on chair, but and in a whole on state of a puppy-if OK, paddles, sleeps, sipping, plays, temperatures normal-what something departures, yes for example, the same ponos- this not something giperkritichnoe, and simply child something not the scarfed down.



Thank you huge for advice. Deal in is, that this the first dog have us in family, and experience have care for puppy for, as such by there is no. So and anxious perhaps on location--near train station, but better perhaps to over stay awake, than not until stay awake.
Yesterday on the evening Almushe gave bag for soak with chicken breast - today chair a normal, without slime. Assumptions - reaction, or on choked (though gave it quite slightly-slightly), or all ??? on boiled liver and the easy.

Drying not'm feeding, with first day are giving only a straight girl. And not so long, days five, I allow be for puppies.
In general, until are seeing.

Very one for advice on nutrition,.

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In Belarus there is excellent canned vocal meatpacking district (like standing dog are called now). In composition on my view ideal. Sometimes also try to arrange to his bukhu celebration - rice with these canned goods, so sorry stones in toilet churchgoers. But if honestly constantly so feed are afraid. Difficult balance preserve Kirchners be. So such akanoy for puppies, albeit not stones on exit and mucus case sometimes, however me seems, that deal here rather in "govnyashkakh with the streets", than in stern as Network.


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