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Chief cook

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Propose a here share ulyublenimi recipes, shmavouries, modules "Kvant and in other whatever bite-.
After all ????? of us there is "brand-name" prescriptions for, simply something on mood, and can someone searching for recipe.
Let us share!
As and promised in Sadu and balconies and terraces, write recipe hall on winter, but slightly later, as until books its — she exclaimed.
And until propose a watch and military chain, and then and cooked hen's neckline prescription Ilia Lazersona
Why the wanted to tell pro them :)
As times it is getting cold and can be something razogrevayuschee dead meat if you eat.
Ah very recommend, such khrustyasche juicy simply charm of, with recent vegetables and greenery mmm, mmm, gloop!
Recommend from prescription not rollback, although perhaps would still will tasty, but not so.
And au gratin, she are a divine creature! For those who likes a crisp tempuru, most the!
Pleasant appetite!



Not, it's yummy.!) now, of course, far not dietary, but hasn't can be)



Now season very delicious mushrooms - Quist

Very simple and delicious recipe: Approved wage cuts for employees wash in annuelles Cold water, posting in boiled water and boil 20 minutes. After willing to flip on a colander, again wash Cold water. On razogretuyu pan add a bit cooking oil with without smell (2 cultures phytosterols) and posting skinless boiled and promytye approved wage cuts for employees. Add a bit water (to not nearly melting, and tushilis) and 200 grams except sour cream. To 20 minutes on slow fire. In late (for 2 mines until willingness) add a bit of salt, peremolotyy black pepper and chopped fry a greens (dill, parsley). Sue in hot the form of! Vkusnotischaaaaa)



Oooh, we with Alenkoy only today on lisichkam I) adore their. Very delicious mushrooms.
Although for me all mushrooms delicious. Genuinely believe, that cardiac, chocolate and mushrooms debauch cannot be :) good quality, of course.
But approved wage cuts for employees this separate the. We truth their fried with nice piece of fried "friendly" lopali. And still, not so long appeared in sale biscuits approved wage cuts for employees. No one has tried? This type firewood. "With icing. Very similar. But contagion, as raisins http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gif
Here is we today and on dinner and on dessert with chanterelle – they all.



Viki & K wrote:

not so long appeared in sale biscuits approved wage cuts for employees

Tried http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/yes.gif, know. On market told 300 grams, so me their've been watching so much polozhili- 3 days at work ate



Nunenayu http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gifhave us cleverly ‘ with Alenkoy. We for half-day unwound the two of. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/45.gif



And me yesterday have sent 8 kg. A bilberry, So that I can weld it compote, jams, freeze, and still yesterday I you got cookin 'here is such recipe
http://povar.ru/recipes/pirog_na_kefire … 12218.html
Tried her hand, very simply and tasty.
How I know, such it are called have the French KLAFUTI, this when fruits-berries fill it test reminiscent blinnoe, cake is obtained wet and The Steak Houses GOODWIN and, importantly there little flour and sugar. Cherry clafoutis can be there is keenest and cold and still very fffkusno with simply shouldn’t compare. A good recipe klafuti there is have Niki Belotserkovskoy, but she has everywhere very fatty cream, and this recipe very even Diet!

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Cars, whose the not works reciprocal, written being expunged. You so not remember?
I very love klafuti. Incisions quickly, as and ones get eaten and very delicious!



Viki & K, Ol, point put it away-in-exile, in late. This she error: Please resend. Here is the right http://povar.ru/recipes/pirog_na_kefire … 12218.html



Viki & K wrote:

Masha, whose the not works reciprocal, written being expunged. You so not remember?

Kefir — 300 milliltre
Flour — 4 Stiglitz. Phytosterols
- No, that — 1 Stiglitz. Spoon
Cream oil — 25 Goham
Sugar — 2 Stiglitz. Phytosterols
Egg — 1 I.E.Grabar
Baking powder — 1 Tea spoon
For toppings 1.5 Bada berries a bilberry.
All ingredients for test jiggle it round a mixer, or a blender. Form of for baking zastilaem paper for baking and nasypaem berries, forth drowning our test. We bake in the oven under 180 degrees in during hours.



Gee, thanks!



stasyun wrote:

point put it away-in-exile, in late

Done proofing its message



Has bought the slow cooker. Long studied staff, then has bought book, greater and ileum. Two weeks restricting all in it. As me nravitsyayayayayaya! Moreover has mastered prescriptions for Dyukana in it.
As option, a heezy tasty units cheesecake.
A pound of one cottage cheese, two phytosterols crack one milk, two phytosterols corn starch, three-four eggs. If cottage cheese is a bit dry, then can be a bit milk, slightly baking powder and slightly sakharazamenitelya - stevia, all shape the beer and in the slow cooker, minutes through 40 all is prepared. I is, by so gladly, husband all of this works by filling jam and sgushchenkoj) You can add tertuyu rind lemon. Did already 4 times always well is obtained.
In the crock-pot did you cook borsht (all uploaded, through hour is prepared), grill and a half kg beef, in Cimmerian gauze dipped (couple of hours) in soy sauce, very juicy Lies, in the oven so not ever good at. Language is boiled hour-and a half in dependence from size.



Alla wrote:

Bought it, right the slow cooker.

And I has bought two months ago! Actively'm using!



And I here is until very want.



What temka useful)
I am to those ladies, which not like be preparing and prefer be preparing quickly, simply and unusually.
My mama darling on its balconies and terraces love grow pumpkin and Giving their all and the entire. I and so and m kiddin tried to their be preparing, but all worked as something Mmmmm. Mmmm. Not fountain. And in one day [on a delicious recipe of pumpkin soup have Beloniki
My family got most all stenochki a pot)
She has at all many interesting things and simple. For example, recipe unconventional of gumbo http://www.belonika.ru/recipes/232/, onion routing soup http://www.belonika.ru/recipes/211/. And dietyshi its are incomparable)

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Beloniku love, she has all simply and tasty.
I very love be preparing, especially pastries!
Pies on, peremyachi and cheesecakes my brand-name it, ah this without false modesty)



As and promised, write:
Recipe "Borshch on winter"
That will require:
Tomatoes - 3 kg
Pepper Bulgarian - 1 kg
Carrot - 0.5 kg
Beet - 1 kg
Onion peeled - 1 kg (for fervent opponents string can be without him, although he there at all not is felt)
Where sea salt - to Italian tastes (I I put it right 1 force canteen spoonful of)
Sakharnyy sand - 2-3 table phytosterols
Oil vegetable - 100 gr
Vinegar 9% - 50 gr (I'm using homemade apple vinegar)
Greens (to Italian tastes, can be vary dill, parsley, celery)
As preparing:
Pull one of tomatoes in thresher, are posing on the fire, after heating-, ubavlyaem the fire, adding where sea salt, sugar and brewing 20 minutes
Three carrot on major terke and go to sleep next to tomatoes, indeed do there already can of tomato pasta, truth zhidenkaya, boil all our minutes 5.
Chopped then we cut them up Bulgarian pepper and to tomatam with a carrot.
Not ticks tore through his worms've been driving onion, as you love in soup. Eeugh and adding to our varevu.
Beet rubbed with on major terke and weaving here there is two options:
1. Immediately go to sleep next to out
2. We saute 5 minutes on "Mediterranean diet" oil, adding 1st. Spoonful of vinegar, for color of and then adding to out.
All all vegetables cut up, have flicked.
Adding sunflower oil and vinegar (who as likes 50-100 gr)
Making braised still 10-15 minutes
For 5 minutes adding sharp-force greens.
In hot the form of in banks, are giving cool down. Deposited in Belarus) sale.
D is happy if like!



Thanks for Sharing (hodgepodge from Beloniki! On weekends will make!



Viki & K
Olja, and can be recipe a piece of cheesecake! Very their love, and here is to do not becomes (


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