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Trip Petrushi on Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Frances organs is 08-09 '2013

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Spodvigala-spodvigala you on individual themes, opt out)
Then prostimuliruyu personal, as the saying goes, example :crazyfun:
, The report will not quickly, immediately errori.

Trip was intended become and comfortable and useful, was coincides with to participate in the exhibition in Geneva (CACIB and Euro Dog Show) and simultaneously to-obligation holiday package.
Imbabers with the brief obrisovki of our path.
24 / 08 / 2013 - call completed Vienna A, road tolls through Linz (Austria) for a small shopping, road tolls until 08 am Gro & # 223 ;v enediger (Austria) Bfor overnights
25 / 08 / 2013 - Conqueror on Lake K & # 246 ;n igssee (Germany) C
26 / 08 / 2013 - Conqueror on chimate Austria's a path Grossglockner Alpen internationale (Austria) D
27 / 08 / 2013 - setting to the lake Boden in city Gotzis for overnights (Austria) E
28 / 08 / 2013 - setting through Switzerland along Geneva Lake on a few days to city Annemasse (France) Gfor overnights
29 / 08 / 2013 - Conqueror on vystaku CACIB in Geneva (Switzerland)
30 / 08 / 2013 - Conqueror in Yvoire Hand Annecy I(France)
31 / 08 / 2013 - Conqueror on vystaku Euro Dog Show in Geneva (Switzerland)
01 / 09 / 2013 - Conqueror in Gruy & # 232 ;r is 's famous confessionand Montreux K(Switzerland)
2 / 09 / 2013 - setting on a few days in Sommerach (Germany) L
03 / 09 / 2013 - Conqueror in W, & # 252 ;r zburg (Germany) M
04 / 09 / 2013 - Conqueror in Mainberg, Werneck and Vogelsburg (Germany) N
05 / 09 / 2013 - overhand in Sommerach (Germany) M
06 / 09 / 2013 - setting on night near cities Passau P(Germany) with grand in Freising O(Germany)
07 / 09 / 2013 - arrival on path in Passau, setting on night in Wiener Neustadt R(Austria) again same through Linz (Austria) -aey a small shopping
08 / 09 / 2013 - setting in airport Vienna A, call in Moscow


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Tanya! I'm loving it! List impressive) what are the you good fellows! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



Tanya, you have us such a one) interestingly shopping! Waiting for report! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_in_dreams.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif



Ur! Again pro travel with dog!
Let us monitor theme, camping on K. Very want pokatatis with master on Europe. We now without it nowhere, and in vacation increasingly would still Day. An independent experience have us there are already, now on the sly getting my bearings here in subject travel with dog. Of course, we not yet soon going to travel, until pristrelivaemsya and indoctrination doing that. But such information in 120 not that much, so that - Tanya, a large Thanks for Sharing (initiation themes! Skloubeni!

Incidentally, on todays day more just iai?yaaao flight (reach on machine until borders from Ekaterinburg for us it is unrealistic). As Pertusha transfers a vanity in departs and long separation anymore? Long whether departing from stress?

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nelin wrote:

won a impressive) what are the you good fellows!

Realistically, trip Lies "a furry monster" so many peregonov from-for need in different sword Europe prove. For that a huge thank you my husband Mitte. Unfortunately, in a large number of dates precisely because of peregonov we nothing failed to watch, I even as something has become rethink, that any decisional laziness in us emerged. Ah and accurately realized, that need to all OK to overcome themselves and again to drive cars, good in Europe taking diazepam not such quest as have us-this to can be was the most sit up and all somewhere get lucky, not be convinced Mitya)

JakIv wrote:

Tanya, you have us such a one) interestingly shopping! Waiting for report!

Not, not think. Simply not all want spend time on the creation themes and writing the report. But I hope, that within comments all OK will share experience, because precisely experience very valuable under planning travel and their implement.

akoma wrote:

Ur! Again pro travel with dog!
Let us monitor theme, camping on K. Very want pokatatis with master on Europe. We now without it nowhere, and in vacation increasingly would still Day. An independent experience have us there are already, now on the sly getting my bearings here in subject travel with dog. Of course, we not yet soon going to travel, until pristrelivaemsya and indoctrination doing that. But such information in 120 not that much, so that - Tanya, a large Thanks for Sharing (initiation themes! Skloubeni!
Incidentally, on todays day more just iai?yaaao flight (reach on machine until borders from Ekaterinburg for us it is unrealistic). As Pertusha transfers a vanity in departs and long separation anymore? Long whether departing from stress?

Is happy. That interesting theme. Immediately errori, quickly write not tickles. But on the sly d try to putting photo and write infru.
Pro call. Many this theme interesting-I know, itself priesthood, was) I in this fictional will try lot more paid attention technical deliberately-and under call, and pro lease auto, and the a common subject "regulation", I it seems not soon I'll finish this) So that in any time soon this again touch and clearly write their the impression and sensations. But already accurately can now say-fly can be)



Uuukhkh. Here is this a kickass trip! Skloubeni photo with enormous look forward! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



JakIv wrote:

Tanya, you have us such a one) interestingly shopping! Waiting for report!

Agree on all 1,000% http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif



Not, Tanya, you UNIKUMY! Good fellows!
I at all I'm sprawled from your mobilnomti and resolve! With look forward derzhitsya, chafing hoisted in anticipation to pleasure) from viewing!



The flash drive's, Shulakovna, Daniel, thank you. U is)



Tanya! Let photo already! Have been waiting for!



Support donnaIt want enjoying entertainments masterpieces!!



As would some from you not like was al me apples, but in this part of narrative not will photo, and will description of technical moments.

Most the first, with than us was we must ask this:
Jet or car?

We long could not figure out that choose. Experience was only with auto.

Cons-pros us seen each other in such:

+ you nor from whom not depend on were; not need additional dissaving on lease auto; in machine can be is stuff them with some curiously-different useful and not very things, especially under regaining the-not will emerge balance, which will have pay for; under case-can be in our machine and house were incredibly friendly well the size of the allows; there is no concern-that there with Petra, camping on K. She constantly on mind
- very a large number of time is wasted on a path (this is the most big minus); sootvetstvenno- and of gasoline many spent alone, adjusted for, that our machine many fuels eats all ; yes and machine zhalko- enormous range, fact burden with technical perspective; also is credible much loss of time under transition borders

+ impressive is contracting time on a path, than reduces fatigue driver; personal auto avoids big burden
- most importantly, what feared, as Peter will choose a call; the need rent a auto; the need spent on boxing for flight; the need mentor pay for call Petra as; the likelihood enter the preponderance, that again same longer term in Misc. Financial spending

Something until more no + / - not Drie Stoepen

Been complacent about the scare stories from betting with your social network. And that dogs add in airport, camping on K. good the movers open them cell for walk. And that boxes, as and packing, bombards as --something on telezhku- boxes with a huge Heights are falling, dog getting hurt. And that pressure and temperatures in pet separate such, that many dogs not survive. And camping on D. And camping on P. But under this was many of views that all right on, dogs fly, problems there is no. The only, that me immediately rejected exactly what several man, in including and pertaining to aviation, in no way case not fly Russian passing.

Generally, thought we thought, estimate all spending in there case and in another tag-on tag-, and all OK stomach fly, about than we, in principle, not hotela.

Ah and forth began exactly preparation.

Purchase a ticket
Like cheaper, but very cheaply can be buy only not less than for six months. We same began to act only in June.
The most cheap direction direct this Berlin, Munich, Duesseldorf and Vienna. Primary progressive planned fly in Munich, but then you perverted on Vienna, camping on K. We knew airport (camping on E. Surplus time on the search just not is spent), rent auto proved cheaper, more cushy direct flights in this time were precisely there.
Naturally, an important was question value of flight Petra as.
Whom have studied:
Aeroflot- only fact landing on board dogs is worth 50 the euro, forth in weight if the cost of dogs + boxing less 23 kg, then 100 the euro, less 32 kg 150 the euro. T. E. Have us on nose in one side left roughly 200 the euro. And ??? Aeroflot wondrous kantora smiled about them reviews, all different about value of say)) T. E. Can be was count on 200, and on arrival in airport you can force to pay 300 the euro. Paying produced under departing, as negabarit purchase a
Lufthansa the price issue 150 the euro in 1 end. On size the maximum and weight not was.
Air Berlin (he same in his composition has Niki) - the price in 1 the end of the 75 the euro, being conducted immediately on site under purchase a ticket. Can be and not immediately, and then in reservation TUR. Under booking needs contribute in form of the size of the boxing and weight. They have no gradation within sizes and scale. There is maximum for flight in parlor scene and there is maximum in weight and size boxing for flight in baggage. For any size and weight in baggage, vpisyvayuschegosya in from and until -stoimost similar-75 the euro. Reservation needs also confirm on the telephone (more precisely not necessary, and makes sense).

Me often ask sorientrovat on value of. Let me give you here some figures.
Tickets on two there-back us with husband came in 19654 ruble (usually, if in advance, then can be buy those same tickets, but for 9,000 on two).
Ticket on match Peter there-back -6450 rubles.

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produce monopoly auto
The very subject well indicator (in topic instructions then.
But that importantly the cost of at different sites one same offices (I mean for the US, Britain, Europe) can be different. Simply because different currency and their rates currencies from our differ often.
For themselves long already exposed the, that cheaper all is obtained reservation in pounds sterling on British site.
The second moment. Can be book directly have Lessor. But cheaper is obtained on site have brokers. Such brokers many, but we prefer Auto Europe (http://www.auto-europe.co.uk/). Good those, that immediately can be to see who precisely will the distributor (again same .NET., we prefer Europe car). Visible clearly, that every Kostov. Based money immediately, but possible abolishing armour for 48 hours until without losses money. Also perhaps changing in reservation, as broke a have us.
We first have booked the most it simple model, type Fiat 500 the price on 15 days 354,06 ?. But then until us has peaked, that packing + boxing + Peter + we there simply not kirsch.
Had to change on model type online Golf Estates has. In end on 15 days the cost of has become 459,21 ?, that greater in themselves also full coverage insurance (something here is on earth possessed me in this time this option include-well, that not HDDs had unxepectedly gone). With leasing always it is important remember about Obamacare insurance exchanges. Incidentally, under obtaining machines-us second a diesel Opel.
With such value of in deposit on under obtaining auto have us have frozen 650 the euro (razmorozilis through 10 days, but this from bank depends).
And ???, to not spent on place navigator with predzakachennymi now have us was with a.
We not talked, that we are going with dog, camping on K. I not has found such a demands on site. But we took with a the plaid, to make a seating area out his for Petra as. And before the decommissioning auto we vacuumed for his and just been washed from place bandages are used and outside

Purchase boxing.
Boxes many different. But in Western airlines is worth a clear condition, that dog must have the opportunity to stand up, to still 10 centimeters until rooftop remained, and orient on 180 degrees. And should conform to standards IATA- international associations Zlagoda.
Generally, in end we chose Marchioro Idhra the size of the 6 (here is here the entire XMEGA http://www.marchioro.it/en/clipper_en.html). They modicum and expensive, but strong and cushy.
Also we having purchased trough, son-neprolevayku (but here is with this I would, we had this bet)

Reservation hotel.
In this time I all OK decided not been running experiments-and we have booked hotels throughout path. Did this, using service http://www.booking.com/ an moment unerringly should to permit living dogs. T. E. First selecting hotels on territory and on dates, and then in filter prostavlyaem Dopuskaetsya the deployment household animals. Ah and nemalovazhnoe- the availability of parking have hotel, let modicum and not private.
Most often not requires prepayment, although for guarantees armour and requires putting data plastic maps. But are possible options. For example, in this times on armour in France (which was on 5 days) unerringly for 2 days before of our arrival tried to to write off the cost of 1 night, as a guarantee, and money on a map not it turned out (made something I stormozila on this issue). Had to in short notice them call you, 't have to read data the other maps, camping on K. In different case us reservation simply cancel would. Or, for example, in the first hotel in the mountains requires 30% prepayment, but data maps, to to lift themselves, they not took. Had to spisyvatsya with the hotel, beg bank requisites, to do read more-one that has evolved me mentor in 10 dollars for read more in his bank, plus 10 the euro from bank-correspondent.
The cost of different, depends on season / not season, plus the location.
We seek navigate on the cost of 50-80 the euro. Precisely in this spectrum are good private apartments.

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Dobiranie until airport.
We live in Moscow, and these all said)
Three option (there is and more, but these the most adequate).
The first. On its auto, which then is worth on parking lot airport. If in Sheremetyevo there is opportunity more-less cheap auction find, then in Domodedovo the cost of days-600 rubles. There is parking in really city of Domodedovo for 200 rubles, but will have pay for taxi there-back, for on foot clearly not stage will))
The second. Friends. Have us this option of not worked)
The third. Taxi. Police forces a special zoo taxi, to and boxing and suitcase and all we there interupt. Rates different, depends still at night or day was nice. Have us with north Moscow until Domodedovo at night cost 2,500, day returned -2000 rubles.

Ah, first, us on the way there killed applause? Suitcase-prolomiv his in several places. So that had to buy smku-suitcase in Germany (incidentally, in no clothing left Metro). Second, we ??? are trapped on preponderance in both suitcases. In airlines Niki resolved one suitcase on human weight to 20 kg. Have us on human was 32 kg. As times that began in bounced back to 50 the euro on suitcase for preponderance)

Ah as usually:
Moldavia + their copies
Copies Russians passports (on anyone case)
Rights Russian
Rights international
Insurance on auto
Certificate F-1
The euro certificate
Print-outs to those armour hotel
Print-outs to those airline tickets designed and landing the cards (in Niki for 30 hours until by air can be done he-layn a check Israels right to)
Opened reservation auto
T. K. Aoaee on exhibition, then documents for participation in the exhibition
Copies pedigree
Money and plastic maps)

Training for to strict
T. K. We extremities were united by, as protecting will choose a a path, then decided consult ca what soothing sue. Naturally, to experiment directly before had an enjoyable flight we not have become. Have made this in advance. Someone advised Stop-stress. This was something, first Petra starters go mad all (as cats with of valerian), and then crashed. We understood-this not for us. A Bayuna I so and not bought. Podavalali slightly Fiteks drug on herbs. But something I not have observed what something influence on Petku in terms of uspokaivaniya. So decided for yourself - not worth do come on this.

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Departures organs is airport Domodedovo
As this was.
Taxi has arrived on time. Allowance in taxi is possible was only in box. Petke, privykshey to go on behind the seat next I have on the hands of, this tone not appreciate-upset With almost entire a path.
On arrival, the first that we have made-went seek Animal Control. In Domomdedovo cabinet vetkontrolya contains the Yushukan from Left (if stand its back on exits) after all crossbars, but until the room international flying. The door was closed, but we there was a knock-us opened. Dog can be only on the hands of or in box win (fill) in cabinet. Head. Doctor took away have us F1 and dismantled a copy of Euro Help. And proshltampoval Euro a clean. Vetpasport not looked. On my question-but us that-thread would give, responded, that times we have Euro certificate, then and is famously.
Forth we officers left in a corner and sat across wait registration on flight. She, a disease, was started only for 1.5 hours until departure.
Pro slipping. Ah understandable, that there everywhere asphalt, but if stand its back on airport, then from Left (where OK / Afghan) there is concrete-there we and were.
Began registering the. We marshal in a common turn, but representatives airlines was invited us on stand Priority. We had registered had, loss baggage. But the cards landing us until not voted.

What concerns boxing.
Themselves we triggered on bottom warm mat (British, those that with pattern legs fell), and trough, son have filled water.
Here is such instructions were from representative airlines:
1. Wheels decline immediately and untick, camping on K. Then their no one not stockpile
2. Boxing zamatyvaem adhesive tape, which us representatives airport accommodating have provided, across two times on the circle, camping on K. The movers think, that sidelines latches-this pens, respectively formed for them, break, a trapdoor cells (Khykhy)
3. Said us under surrendering on hotel reception negabarita remind employees airport, to with zip ties with two sides reconstruction cemented the door to body cells, to no one not fulsome desires open the door (we forgotten, and they not have done, but all go off)
4. Go on stand negabarita, weighed all and ask representatives airlines.
We conducted all manipulation with MDF.
Went on stand negabarita. Boxing + match Peter who. Called representatives airlines. Nakleilis all tags on boxing. Boxing set in upward mobility, representative airport left on would together with MDF.
And we began nervous

As only we have reached in jet-I starters torture the stewardesses - where our espoused protecting?! In end they promised all test, then come and said, that boxing with it on board, all well.
Mitya all jumpy enveloping even more than me. There of the maiden the flight attendant's made something began to squeal-laughing, so he vskolykhnulsya- this Petrousha shouts. Me slightly a seizure not pushing)) Now ludicrous, but then was not until laughter. Had to him explain, that from baggage us all-promote nothing not was would heard.
But have calmed down, was the flight

Arrivings organs is airport Vienna

T. K. Was early morning, then waiting lists on through passport control not was. We quickly over all formality. Poured in hall the Imperial baggage. Negabarit have them traveling on separate tape. We waited for slightly-slightly and rescue team from Gavar left cell with Petra. Protecting, of course, was runaway artificial intelligence she tried to simultaneously going on hands and me and Dima. All somewhere roared-had to in end its all-??? plant back in boxing andbad luck in it, although she and upset With.

what are the conclusions we have made on upon in respect boxing.
Mat not was enshrined in end he smyalsya in street corner, and Peter sat on bare the plastic. Sippy cup the entire splash out on boxing, camping on K. Boxing raise, naklonyali under loading unloading. But not to pour water cannot be. Although I understand, that Petra nor breath not drank, camping on K. She at all tare not respects, and prefers water from-under tap. So under haul flights back I adhesive tape attached mat to beneath the cells. And water poured slightly-slightly.

Departures organs is airport Vienna
Here us no one not floated without waiting lists. First we with all old piece of junk have defended a common turn, loss baggage, were relegated to pay for balance. Covered on hotel reception business class preponderance received your. Went surrender match Peter with MDF, but specialists negabarita asked us walk still-and come not previously 40 minutes until start plane, that we and have made. First boxing have educated in some bureaucracies. Then we wash their hands wheels, rolled up re-all adhesive tape (bought his in off Landstrasse), have been in boxing Petku, zaschelknuli the door. Specialists [boxing and swept.

arrivals organs is airport Domodedovo
We in advance were stressed about what us heard a returned week of previously. Sense the issuance negabarita in Domodedovo is happening so immediately under exit in a luggage zone right there is upward mobility. Here is there all on would and purpose bring and in knot fold their. And when girls poured in this zone-boxes Dog (stood fall without any control of filth that. E. Come any closer who like it or, launching and do that like it or. In end, Lines we with speed of light have moved to pasportnomu control. Generally, we over distance from seats landing plane, until elevator negabarita (including through passport control) for record time 15 minutes! And then I another 30 minutes waited ~ when your Pyotr as, and hasn't? Until the rest of baggage will give out
On upon Peter, too, has behaved a bit nervously, but already better, than in the first time.

How many Petrousha was recovering.
When did fly in there, then only terminally to Towards next days.
As thiss staunch defense.
First, Petre on auto had to travel together with a suitcase on behind the seat next, but without me, camping on K. I to them there not fit) In end-she all time tried to get to us on front the seat next, but ceasing not allowed. This it not relished, so that she us many told-that about us thinks))
Second. It seems, she she feared, that we now somewhere'll disappear. But under this it very like sleep. Respectively, she taraschila eyes of the last forces, all OK used to fall asleep sitting, stagnated moskoy on the armrest ahead, again'd wake up and stared-I even has become worry, as would not zashiblas strongly. Fell asleep she only in hotel normally. All of this time she as would she feared, that we somewhere podevaemsya. But on the morning it already all in district was interestingly, and clearly not until us)
When did fly in in Russia. In machine in bokeh it has behaved well normally. And perishing as toured, and she saw "they will caress you porch immediately has rushed home, not popisav) Nu and homes happily eaten, played around, all their dead drops have unearthed the and skhomyachila. Generally, as and not went.

P. S. If there is questions-don

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Tanya, continue in the same vein! Here is directly the, that need to - nor more, nor less. Accurate answers on neprozvuchavshie even questions. Directly a big wet kiss want!

Until wrote, even three series of appeared. And went these host affairs! Increasingly, me homes there, I in 120.

've given. So increasingly detail, that and issues until there is no. Ah, so we seriously even and not are going. Morally're getting ready.
Thank you huge for enormous labor!

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Ah and now a bit photo.


Did fly in we in Vienna(Austria) very sooner, in 5 morning, had to wait ~ when your will have discovered kantora to rent power auto.
On ulitse- rain been watering as from buckets.
Flowed in town 08 am Gro & # 223 ;v enediger(Austria). Why there-because we wanted very enter the chimate Austrian a path-see witnessed beauty.

Himself town a small, lovely detached. There clearly will well and winter, and summer. Truth, we there on him was coming out feet and not we went for a walk)

That such species in district.Almost every house has room for ceding the.








We stalled in talking, that right.Our apartments at the second floor - entry on the ladder.


A this still until Crazy fucking Petrousha


grew dark


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akoma wrote:

Accurate answers on neprozvuchavshie even questions.

Very is happy) but if arise what something else questions -sprashivayte



Tanja! Wow! Simply there is no words! You real thus very popular with useful and importantly clearly defined and information! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/297.gif
Huge THANK YOU! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif

PySy: Derzhitsya sugar, as always! Saw, zanostalgirovala and again request in Germany-Austria.

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Daniel wrote:

zanostalgirovala and again request in Germany-Austria.

I not parents to get all nostalgic :crazyfun:


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