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Bundessieger-2013 (the German show champions) and CACIB in Merion Hopkinson

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Yesterday 11 / 10 / 13 Kingdom most Dogs Bilbo area in the classroom
Today 12 / 10 / 13 Kingdom most Dogs Bilbo - CACIB!

Congratulations to! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/FlagSML/12.gif

P. S. , Sat down beside continues to zhzhech)



Congratulations to Bilbo, owners, noted, Handler as his assailant! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif
In Germany win very difficult!
All the more pleased, that in sukakh, too, Russian dog received Legacy was this offers from database
Our greetings Russian-lover!



I congratulate Bimasyu with superb results! TsATsIB in Germany - this with steeply! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gifhttp://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gif



Thank you all for greetings!



Alla, photo let!



Spurn roused subject refereeing in topic about Mohnke. Want to share opinion about German exhibitions. We were on two TECON in Leipzig and Merion Hopkinson. Surprisingly, but German experts not give attention psyche of the dogs, and little attention pay on movements that have many dogs impossible see, from for behavior. If would, when I didn dog, have fallen records with German exhibitions, not with Eurasia and Russia, I have would not was entlebukhera. Adults dogs not so quite, little moreover, that they try to they each other, but and twice into on me, when I proceeded past, and even not viewed dog. When Beam right off the bat performed team sit, masters entlebukherov were strongly surprised. Ah I utterly not agree with choice Bob on the first the exhibition in Merion Hopkinson, even on the photo all in sight. Choice dogs for past merit this not option, on my view. Ah and about expertise Dr. Khlenshteynera, he on four exhibitions nobody chose only German dogs, not only in entle, but and in grosakh and bernakh, on the other day already win not German dogs. The failed backs, weak pyasti, raw brylya, strange movement, belligerence - this all says goodbye) Pod French and the Swedish experts German dogs can scarcely won would. Ah and argument, that dogs not place in stand, I not accept, so as gormonichnaya dog, with normal anatomy itself arises in vystovochnuyu stand, simply because, that dog so conveniently stand. Me liked opinion expert from Slovakia, then Drie Stoepen his name, which said, that when he view defended entlebukherov, he not wants to see in canine traits grosov, of Rottweilers, apentsellerov, he wants to see entlebukherov!
Write with the phone, am asking forgiveness his of mending)

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Alla, I with you agree - absolutely not understand choice winner Bundezigera, can, in early life he was good, but now quite not in the form of.
Such impression, that expert is important only severe the backbone of and a huge head - nothing more. I not say, that need to focus movements, but determine anatomy without movements it is difficult.



Too a tough the backbone of not yet brings good nor one breed. But some breeders consider this the tip his a view.
Often a tough the backbone of and damp go together, and to them join the absence of ease-of-in movements, problems with joint, provisshaya Nimera, weak pyasti.
Witness, that now is happening in bernakh. In the ring go "bears", which not can run and 5 meters. Of course, this already quite not workers dogs, what should be "Berna. About stamina already there is no and speech. But on some dogs even impossible look without tears! In sight, that dog not only hard, but even and painful for move.
Here is and entlebukher should not have too severe the backbone of. In standard too broad bone (the so same as and too just a narrow) whilst as lack of. Need seek to harmony, not to tyazhelovesam.
About aggression. Say, that Germans likes such povedeni have dogs.

NN wrote:

but determine anatomy without movements it is difficult.

This truth



nelin wrote:

Skyfall about aggression. Say, that Germans likes such povedeni have dogs.

Nelli, but after all there dogs not simply aggressive, they and utterly not don, all time any perevozbuzhdennye, straining upon the start in all sides. , prikolno themselves lead on this the exhibition. Pre have him fulsome desire to all to answer, wool raise, with challenge on sides looks. Then looked, looked on all of this, and became rabbit becomes more evident, perfectly performed team "near", rightly move with him, he to become not its mistress in 28.0g looks. From cells his, I take it out, drive contrary, or to piece on pens, in eyes looks, only that not says - mother, I all correctly do, mother, I a good, I fight not d.


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Results exhibitions » Bundessieger-2013 (the German show champions) and CACIB in Merion Hopkinson