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Monoporodnaya exhibition breed entlebukher Sennenhund rank CHK 25.01.14

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Respected owners entlebukherov! Deadline records on exhibition - Saturday 18 January. Who not yet sent documents, hurry up, please.



Interestingly, many whether on this goes through Monk's will come industry? http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_in_dreams.gif



RFOS promised people to preliminary catalogues tomorrow. Hope, this and monok concerns))



On our data videotaped about 25 dogs. Can someone chestiune directly through RFOS



Podskajite, please, in how many will begin exhibition and how long (on experience) will continue? Have been arguing figure out, would whether I after work drop by, to modicum one peepholes I merely!



Mouse ,-Mouse,
School-until there is no. It must will will emerge here http://rfos.info/sabaneeva_2014.html



Thank you!



I think, that this information will more very judgmental for dogs, recorded on SED
Verbatim - "News on catalogue. On tel 8-905-759-69-70 Olga. Fragments that not will, so call "



To go for 600 kilometers, and school-until now there is no http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gif



MACbKA, in the past year was on the evening in Thursday. T. E. Waiting for



Perhaps, in an exhibition will strangers or first time visiting exhibition in Sokolniki (disambiguation).
So produbliruyu information from other those pro exhibition

-kopiya docks records on exhibition (statement and a check) - this on anyone case, if suddenly for some reason dogs not it turned out in the catalogue,
-vetpasport and a clean F-1 (for foreign) and F-4 (for Muscovites) -but like as Animal Control on place will
-kopiya pedigree or schenyachki - Also on anyone case
- Fill, as least for passage vetkontrolya

To dogs:
-Ringovka / chain + vodilka for ringa - of course, can be and on collar-tight leash remove, but this less conveniently. If same you never ringovkoy not enjoyed, and to present are planning dog on their own something, of course, to present its need to on how in than she trained walk, camping on’s collar and ceasing
-Kletka and / or bedding - ah if use.
-Igrushki (to Kilmer played Bruce Wayne was wait) - but here must be cautious about visions. Toys with a large flock dogs can become bone of contention.
-Vlazhnye napkins - to scrub themselves and dog (under dirty weather), lead in order
-Sukhie napkins
-Paketiki for "trouble" - zakakannoe ???? not brings joy no one
-Polotentse -nu, too, on anyone of fire. For example, if rain, then print is dog
-Miska for water
-Water, that sipping dog
-salfetki for eye and ear - to print is, if that (can be and-napkins this do)
-Lakomstvo- the, with than works your dog. Most often this pieces of cheese, heart of, liver or any something other some treats for
-Aptechka (including shears, place cotton’s, a Band-Aid, • and camping on Covering on anyone case not would prevent

To owners
-Raskladnye chairs-long stand very awkward. But in principle, can be and without them indispensable.
-chay / coffee / juice / water / cognac in the flask - ah this on desire
-Fotoapparat, camera, planshet- on desire
-Ruchka / a notepad, -vdrug will need that burn

And do on anyone case-- Label it cell, a bag, water and camping on D.-na case, if will forget, then can be was would identify, whose this

Most option not judgements are, but as shows practice -polezny :)

Pro place conducting exhibition
Cleanest Sokolniki, pavilion 4 or 4.1 (will known later)
Entry on parks alongside stages - on 3-Mu luchevomu took some local cut-. Entry taxable (seems 250 rubles).
In than may be the problem for drive on machine-a large number of machines and not tone a large number of’Opera seats likely will lead to traffic jam still on the driveway on final took some local cut-. Can be also become stuck in the cork on really edge of the forest-then will I, camping on K. Machine in the midst of congestion not kinesh, on foot not any place. So options two-or come much earlier -chtob have time with all Tyres get during. Or same can be to leave auto on transverse edge of the forest, but about a fourth-story radiation oncologist for Ascent, camping on K. There on direct can be plodding until pavilion. Go somewhere 900 meters.


Red cross marked by pavilions 4 and 4.1



http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gifof our Roquefort dressing in Westerners recorded on mono!



You've reached them?



Shulakovna wrote:

You've reached them?

Yes you did not reach them, but long couldn't just dial http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_855.gif



Yes there at all not understandable, that is happening. School-until now there is no. And us to go 600 km. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_212.gif



zubova wrote:

Yes there at all not understandable, that is happening. School-until now there is no. And us to go 600 km.

Cach, I with one hand ah very love Sabaneevku, very many good, but there is on the door frame with resulting and for timetables. Every year.
Perhaps to this need to already philosophical spirit treated.
With a take a copy of pedigree and docks about records. On case definitions gender, age and problem :)
Need to tribute to, that always shoals deals quickly.
Most importantly, maintain calm :)
Luck all!



With Forum Doggy http://pesiq.ru/forum/showthread.php?t= … p;page=157

7.10 all whom, alas, not it turned out in the catalogue.
Contribute no one can be, wonderful lists prohibited. So, if you are arriving would still on exhibition, beret with a a receipt about remunerating and show your on registration.
Who not goes to, then then in office RFOS.

From whom dog proved recorded not there. If by age your dog baby, Puppy, Best junior, then not worry, goes precisely there, because as nowhere more not can.

And here is if mistakenly Registre in the other adult class, or in Juniors instead, for example, an open, then I want you to bring with a documents, confirmatory record precisely in the class, in which you wanted, and, hope, there can be will translate

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Finally us exhilarating to catalogue SED.

Class juniors / Junior class TQN 428 23.09.2012
Class juniors / Junior class TQN 488 22.04.2013
Class juniors / Junior class OKP 568 billion 20.02.2013
Class here has between their. / Interm. class TQN 426 17.09.2012

Class baby / Baby class TQN 511 31.07.2013
Class juniors / Junior class OKP 552 01.12.2012
Class juniors / Junior class TQN 448 14.01.2013

And comment: "If you NOT found their dogs in basic lists used, send on email rfos.info @ gmail.com a copy of Bid leaf and a copy of receipts about remunerating exhibition payment, to we typically recognized printed additional sheets in catalogue. In case if to the dogs from additional list of not will be endorsed titles, exhibition premium will fide you in full. "

On goes through Monk'scatalogue not posted.

in-@-@ GROUNDS:
8-00 – the beginning of registration
9-30 – misconception judges in a major ring
10-00 – the beginning of refereeing in porodnykh neck and
16-30 – the beginning of contests and bestov

Germans and location rained


school-raineduntil there is no



Of course organization exhibition astounds! Day before exhibition, and there is no nor school-, nor the catalogue (I pro mono).
Not weathering - I called - the availability of dogs has tested, and here is timetable not said, although it me gal much more.

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