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Perhaps not in the right section write, hope administration forgive and (or) will choose a in ensured.

Want to purchase schenka Entlebukhera. In bull. Is willing to take right now or a bit wait, if puppies only are planned. Puppy need exclusively for family, nor exhibitions, nor a view not plan - regard options with insignificant for health marriage made (coloring, hall tail and camping on D. The price to 25 camping on R. Am in St. Petersburg, but can take From or to agree about s means of delivery from other regions.

Respond can be here or for speed in contact - synced and corrected / du.sign

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Hello, Andrei! Those dogs, which trek on exhibition, they, too, for family, such same spoiled children and beloved, as and those which exhibition not attend. Breeder feeds and cares about yup equally, regardless of, will or not will Puppy visit exhibition. Marriage on charged, indeed do not marriage, and lack of, not is zaprescheniem for visits exhibitions and not harms the health. I have male with disadvantage of on markings, and on exhibition we not intended, yes and not knew that this such, bought exclusively for themselves favorite, not for relatives and neighbors) Only hall tail reduce price have schenka, so that oboznachte for zavodikov, are prepared whether take schenka with zalomom. I puppies not prodayu, I have two stala.



Ah or kriptorkh



We have girl with zalomom. If interestingly in BOS write.


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Give,? Puppies and adults dogs » Buy Entlebukhera