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’ re familiar with Zafiroy

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Katyusha! Thank you a lot! Derzhitsya yesterday not typically recognized spell out. But as only, so immediately, as states)
We, of course, under feeling was that from our first exhibition, Zafirka, too,. But all very liked!
Us in educational credentials wrote "G-prospect", "Best baby." Zafira / Zafira Tourer still small, and prospect already much) We are happy, thank you you for aid!

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Will talk and'll show, as all was happening. Exhibition proceeded in Propulsion Vologda 24 on May and named so: "All-Russian exhibition dogs rank champions RKFi" negotiators in Vologda 2014 "
Day X, 10 morning and fever more 30. Present test for dogs, which passed for vystvaku order 500.

A small play around before address.

Ekaty - real professional, right off the bat has found common language with Zafiroy,

And girl its Iistened to me implicitly))

On showcase speech Zafira / Zafira Tourer, despite fatigue, heat and a large number of dogs all stripes around, was in good mood and feel as "fish in water"
Look at this little face

Expert Zafira / Zafira Tourer liked immediately.
Emotions speak for themselves:

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The upshot of the exhibition the table entrepreneurship, ” is club and description of expert:
A remarkable temperament, the right coloring, an ideal coloring, normal head, excellent eyes, were instant upward, an excellent before, ideal rear limbs, an ideal biting. Several descriptions failed to decipher from conclusions, failed to bookshelf decipher, and still she told them pro perfectly the right White part of on breast. Generally we happy with will be debut and host Philadelphian is deprived)) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



And in completing the on cool the grass for a in the shade.



Zafirka beauty, congratulations to!



What propellernye caldrons-lopoukhi have little baby on the picture, where expert Ekaterina hand's tight! Congratulations to with will be debut! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/182.gif



Архипова Елена wrote:

what are the propellernye caldrons-lopoukhi have little baby on the picture, where expert Ekaterina hand's tight!

Javadxan, lapoushka such a)

yulka, congratulations to with so different will be debut!!



Thanks for Sharing (greetings! Us very pleased) Through 2 weeks Zennenfest, place in Camping reserved, need to work out.



Have Zafiry emerged each! And indeed do girlfriend - this little pug Lisa.

The first meeting: Zafira / Zafira Tourer interested, that for they tries to its sniff. But on paranoid as ever!



Ah and then - haters! Staged a the races between forested in park.

And toys not pity!



And here is and another derive familiarity and merry running errands-poprygushki!



URRAAA we have visited on Zennenfeste!
're getting ready in a path, Zafira / Zafira Tourer decided so wait, when we already finally shall reconvene. http://sd.uploads.ru/t/XamWT.jpg

On Zennenfeste in Shuvalovke all very different from exhibition, on which us managed participate in Propulsion Vologda.
A long way until seats conducting Zennenfesta - almost 700 km. Toured sooner, still not was and seven hours morning. On territory wandered along the tunnels already prosypayuschiesya Teammates, they heard a far be placed and to whom invoked. After long path was fatigue, but apparently only for hosts: Until we harvested tent Zafira / Zafira Tourer been running around, met with large kosmatymi countrymen, and that surprisingly, all was so peacefully and friendly, as with hand dogs, so and from hosts. Like it or on tight leash, like it or without. Truth without the leash Zafira / Zafira Tourer was hosted by real the races with bernami, petlyaya between tents, accounted for time from time reassure its and nail the in cell for a holiday.
When raised tent I on territory, looked over attractions, facilities and entertainment. And than more were in Shuvalovke, the more have us appeared forces and mood was a wonderful. Shuvalovka - a remarkable positive place with good energy.

On registration us ass kicked together classrooms souvenirs with symbolics Zennenfesta.
Zafiru 101 members Catherine Klokova, and we in another times wondered as Katya precisely common language with our petty egozoy.
Zafirka in the most responsible moments before an expert tried to sit down. Until expert says with translator Zafira / Zafira Tourer is worth, as expert firm Obama turns to it, Zafira / Zafira Tourer drive, with hand interestingly look bangin. Truth then understood why: Before the portrayal its not nutritious, and always before food, in anticipation, until we open the treasured a jar and break in a bowl, she drive (habit), here is and for a doodle on the ring tries to sit down. In exactly a describing expert not exposed the no shortcomings, all have dogs well and this not can not inspiring. The best baby when I'm. Very announced a promising reform agenda.

On an end to the exhibition us anticipated awarding - a huge number of situation and souvenirs, this was simply suddenly.
Looking at, that same there triggered interesnenkogo: http://se.uploads.ru/t/Lb3HB.jpg
Something has found http://sf.uploads.ru/t/yKSBX.jpg
Toy-pikalku http://sf.uploads.ru/t/rgkGl.jpg
Entire the journey not broken up with it)

All very liked and us and Zafire. Truth a pity that we toured only on the latest day, in next time do participate on full program.
Zafira / Zafira Tourer met with many countrymen and not only:

PS: Slightly not remained hunger, about half of on 8 decided, that can be a bit for a holiday from exhibition ?????? and snack. Logging in the restaurant Krapiva, and there closed on special. Care, logging in cafes Ivan-tea, and they already not accept orders. Well that in hotel proved 24 hours a day-generating cuisine of, and us not gave die with famine.



yulka, have Zafiry such a damn pleased with yourself the)



Cool report! Zafirka brilliant, little beauty!



stasyun wrote:

have Zafiry such a damn pleased with yourself the)

Javadxan, still would! So much is deprived!

ClockWorkMystery wrote:

Class report! Zafirka brilliant, little beauty!

Thank you, gorgeous)



Over the past after Zennenfesta couple of months us managed to visit still on paired exhibitions.
6 July opposed on at Russian the exhibition dogs in Propulsion Andropov (city), the last time in the classroom bebikov, because already 10 th us performed may 6 months. Outcome: Best yuebi, very announced a promising reform agenda. And description of expert the Motherland I.: The average the size of the, the right head,. Ears, the good thumping, the good L, free movement, slightly free elbows.

Pundits help decipher signs issue!



Main. Ears. Hmm. Except glamorous nothing in head not comes) slightly free elbows accented often. Likely with age will hold its. Although and could she on that any erupt into, and expert it looked, that free elbows. I learned to see free elbows, when after exhibition, where us wrote "very free elbows", she dragged me Beam inspect to Samoshkinu, and there he their not saw, put Banketku and Plekhanov smooth rocks, pretty ones, so here is if through Banketku on smooth stones, dog is beginning to balance, and appears effect of sv. Elbows. And at all description of good - I congratulate!



JUlja have Zafochki all is famously! Puppy is growing! Is shaped. Better pokhvastaytes as in Show zvezdanuli http://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gif



Yeah-h-h! Among couples-troika tens of bebikov ('ve lost with accounts), Zafirka took a a respectable second place, than even us ingredients http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif

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Except positive of emotions, Philadelphian on the most the exhibition, mass new is deprived was obtained and us and Zafirkoy under stroll on city FC Krylia Sovetov Rybinsk. Zafira / Zafira Tourer first time were dunked, with in the most River Volga-


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