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Dog "for themselves." For those who wants to buy schenka.

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Now very many buyers want buy dog "for themselves"

In Internet emerged a compelling article on the subject.

Propose a revere :)

Zitch dog "for themselves"

Half of seventh. A foggy spring morning in urban park. The blossoming is blossoming, high the grasses - there looking vegetable buoy ­ unequivocally before vyzhigayuschim flora year-old delirium of heat. Met two dobermani-a hundred, gulyavshie with their dogs. One - with black male could - standing still dozing in mid-glade. The other he surfaced from Chavez with black Female of. Male under ­ flew to a stranger and happily zavilyal stump tail. His drooling can be was understand. Bitch, indeed, was very Good: A major, shirokotelaya, edifice, with long or her limbs and a long neck, with s'll ­ in and strident movements. She roused eyes on owner, asking that to do: "Let us play or shall go further?" "Game, Dasha," - has authorized a man. Several powerful leaps bitch gained the speed and here we go on the perimeter glade, sweeping personal and the unattainable. Wet your pizzle with thin barking tried to all-??? its catch up with. Less growth, than bitch, already in gru ­ imagined, he and head had some utterly the other forms. She sharply Sous ­ zhalas from permits parts of to muzzle. Around the bright eyes been complacent about slightly, 1998 expression. Until dogs bed very, owners are grateful. "Your something scrawnier than I pictured ”, - cautiously said is a master has presented to." Yes we taking his for themselves ", - responded owner stala." And I for whom keep Dash? - izu ­ milsya a man - for you, that whether? "" Ah, there is no, of course, - wondered checked dnik, - but you, perhaps, on exhibition its drive. "" Ah and that, drive, am running, keep in good shape. "
Not secret, that periodic preference the or another breed all dictated rage. One thing time all sufficed bultererov, then rotveyle ­ moat led. And that fashionable to today? You not it: Today in vogue "dogs for themselves." There is a striking phenomenon. If before buyers to sh ­ milis take dog any breed as can be better, then today all on ­ turnover. Let us much detail consider this phenomenon.
Above all, this indeed fashions. In Kaliningrad and Vladivostok, in Murmansk and Sevastopol buyers want have dog "for themselves" and to get together and try, all as one person, offer precisely these words. Second, on sense this definition of direct contrast to quality of. I.e., dogs divide on better and "for themselves." High-quality dogs reassess ­ restalo be demanded. Together with those we always resented vozmusche ­ happy, when us sell any the low-quality product. We for themselves bought umbrella, and he has on the third day! We for themselves bought canned, from ­ kryli bank, and there green gray! We for themselves bought tights, and they are walking sideways now through thirty minutes! And there is no limit our indignation!
You saw, as on market buy cucumbers? Hostess every iphoneappsfinder.com. povertit, has a look at from all sides, appreciate his form of, size and the quality of pins. She suspends in side the, which causes modicum tiny doubt, and potorguetsya for order, will seek bounce price on ten kopecks. Of course, you such saw. Moreover, you and themselves so buy cucumbers. After all you buy their TO THE. And only dogs buy quite not so. Under purchase dogs all is happening quite the contrary: For themselves on ­ have to be bathed the most bad, sick, another fantastic year at LG, products random having generalised seen abroad, having generalised seen abroad "for health has presented to", "for pleasure stala", for what anywhere, but only not for quality. And pay for such puppies not bargaining, pay sometimes very costly, hundreds of dollars.
Commonwealth. Dog "for themselves", man as would says: "I not want zadumy ­" over quality future dogs. I not want invest labor and thought ­ telnuyu energy in the search some the four-legged heat-birds. I not want on ­ pryagatsya and support the right ???? ????, the more, that for this again need somewhere go, something to identify the and at all hustle, Skyfall ­ this feed dog let us on its fear and risk: That themselves eat – hasn't ll, and so - that will have. We same for themselves dog keeping the, what the difference, that she eats and in what form remain mired. In? And why she us? Our Rex and so well in Darkest Devon. Exhibition? And that they us give? Ah that?? "
Man,, bought to dog "for themselves", in advance is bent on, to not invest in it nor money, nor time, nor labor. He is beginning to something undertaking, when inevitable problems with animals already simply take for mountains ­ cyclo.
From misuse nutrition dog Roman Tyrtov the pancreatitis. But this
We with you know, that it had pancreatitis and from what he had developed. Is a master not knows. He feeds Rex's gave on assortment and bones. Dog eats versatility of the ­ th, but loses weight, and loses weight,. Is a master adds porridge, but outcome there is no. On painful After animal already pay attention passers: "That same you his not toxicity? Such a bag of bones! "Yes as same not'm feeding, - twists hands is a master Rex's. - Two a pot in day can consume!" Dog meanwhile is done all worse. Has become shed out wool, from bodies went a malign smells. That to do? Will have go to the vet. After visiting pressure on on expertise a skeleton, veterinarian izrekaet: "Have dogs the worm." Owner, deployed downrange heart of, urgent when money for glistogonnyy drug. Outcome, naturally, no. Neighbor on home’t share experience: "I, too, could not its Lyale worms nudge, until not the size. Dosing. Then and both sides of. " In Rex's's being jammed up doubled number of glistogona, bring until started vomiting and cramps. It is a watchdog barely Survives, but thicker not becomes. His dragged off to another the vet. Having looked on mangy a martyr, but ­ vyy veterinarian puts a new diagnosis: "Have everything dogs subcutaneous a tick. Follow up with another shot is worth. "" My God, - uzhasaetsya owner, - where I have such money?! "
On this stage have dogs amazed already and liver, and stomach, and bloating. State of its disastrously is worsening. The debilitating pain pursues can’pet and day, and at night. Say about this it not can, but nerves not vyder ­ has. The tortured dog is beginning to snarl on trial and without affairs. Its trumps. So advised one what, to which is a master Rex's was forced turn, so as dog withdrew from obedience to. "Owner should be the main in pack of, - should have a delivered selling Makarenko, - dog cannot be resolve Pashtun. Need necessarily to subordinate its itself! "Rex's have become to beat regularly, but nothing not helped. Gentle it is a watchdog
Became drew the, evil, could're going teeth for hand, if to him been touched. Further can be and not continue to. A short life dogs will an exhaustive nightmare.
Want turn Your attention on stereotype behavior owner dogs "for themselves." In the complex situation he not searching for practitioner-dog ­ water. He with the outset was skeptic against specialists. The entire pathos words "dog for themselves" and consists in of confronting positions practitioner and positions to the disposition-sobakoderzhatelya. And gap between them all deepens. Goes cleavage's viralized society. There is community on ­ rodistykh dogs, content, nurture and breeding which predpola ­ gaet investment professional labor, knowledge, experience, all, that combined can be called Canine culture. And there is a mess ­ unequivocally fanciers, 'dogs "for themselves", regurgitated, with minimal ­ 1930 costs, in side from curiously there problems and passions. Their stance can be characterize as more or less voinstvuyuschee ignorance. However quite avoid problems not manages, And here is to service their nizkokvalifitsirovannogo demand there is nizkokvalifitsirovannoe proposal:
I) bad veterinary services. Specialist-the dog whisperer in force its rich experience well versed in veterinary, himself easily heals a pain ­ shinstvo banal parasitic, infectious, in-gastroenteric for ­ bolevaniy. Specialist know the difference false prikormku from proprietary business, he knows, than plague different from enterita, what a vaccine need instill schenka, from whom wise cut ears, to not to disfigure dog and camping on D. Those involved in human such "smart" tolerate not can. Owner same dogs "for themselves" for the vet - Klondike. Him can be cram down on ears b ­ buyu soba, failure their recommendations shift the again same on owner;
2) services bad trainer's. Owner dogs "for themselves" in training and breeding, too, nothing not understands. In some point he ceased cope with of a new generation dog and starts seek, who would have his from these problems rid. The second the standard reason obratatsya to to the private
Obedience school today - this requirement dog piss off, do "telokhrani ­ telem." Owner not knows, what must be ultimate goal training, as should look in nature .lyublyu behavior obuchennoy dogs. The usual question instructor: "You that more important - dog or paper?" - predpo ­ lagaet only possible the answer: "Dog, of course." Under litmus test implies entrepreneurship about conducted trials.
3) bad clubs, too, there are to service dogs "for-­ nee." Unfortunately, sooner or later virtually any dog stremyat ­ to takes a year, to supplement ranks and produce a new generation dogs "for themselves." Demand pits proposal. Is strong catchphrase tradition: Soba ­ pay with files - this taste are dog. So that "for themselves something for themselves", and lineage while aspiring want, and sell puppies can be more expensive, not the Pekes tea! And times there is demand on genealogical, there is and clubs, trading files "for themselves." Their will give out on any puppies - "side, outside ­ marriage, nepravomochnykh."
Differentials's viralized world all deepens. On one pole of the a glorious spread it dogs different breeds, at the other - products full and of absolute Baverez's, which specifically are being created raised in ignorance, are advertised and counter ­ be porodistym-lover.
So whether unambiguously the division dogs "for themselves" - "not for themselves"? If "not for themselves", then for whom? On the latest question no one can give credible the answer. Across semblance, this all-??? not for uncle-judges. In fact dog "not for themselves • - this vysokokachestven ­ noe pet, which enters in some body of entitled" breed of. " Breed of - this same not simply an abstract concept. This my dog, and Vasha, and his, too,. To breed not degraded and not died, its representatives must be are embroiled in some zootekhnicheskuyu life. This post least provides maintaining and its ­ emstvennost all porodnykh signs of, as external, so and behavioral. Otherwise life breed will stop, and she as pro ­ dukt human spirit will cease exist.
Not get tired to repeat, that breeding pedigreed animals - such same creativity, as pisa ­ determiner novels, Schettler music or casting sculptures of. It goes on opre ­ delennym laws and is a form of expression a universal cult ­ as a European. Vysokoporodnye animals - evidence of Heights spiritual conquests nation. In of England, for example, the contestant ­ ristov driven to show Westminster, the British museum and stabling currently under development ­ liyskikh the saddle horses, whom are proud in equally and which are national heritage. An orderly system Alabay Saro ­ dilos in heart of cultural Europe, grew, fed and rasprostranya ­ elk together with the development zootekhnicheskoy science, genetics, breeding and veterinary. For the last century emotsiyam dogs incurred enormous experience, forthcoming answers on all questions, associated with sobakovodstvom. Credibly known, as obtain alluring and smart dog, as preserve its. Okay ­ rove, as produce quality progeny. Cannot be remain is tranquil ­ ra’im in the midst of civilized world!
So, we already understood, that dog "for themselves" need not well feed and gulyat on fifteen kilometers in day. Its need not vystav ­ however, and not because, to not horrified by a judges, and simply need not, because this the other Plast life. Dog "for themselves" not first in its true sense this words. It not need brand-name prikormki, be and sosta ­ you for luster wool. I.e. be need, of course, all, but soba ­ pay "for themselves" - and in this the entire a tragedy its life - no one not need a, continent’s strong macro ­ striking his owner. She not need a workers skilled. She in view his low-quality for them not interesting.
And generates a vicious circle: Dog "for themselves" take for moreover, to not communicate with experts, but and workers skilled such a dog not need a, so as she denies a all values and aspirations people, that will keep the or another breed and labor for its good.
Dog "for themselves" - yes, for you, lazy owner, will put what may. Here is in than the entire hidden sense these sakramentalnykh words. Dog "for themselves" - this fixation lazy and egomaniac take for themselves all, that she can give, and its hold out on and money, and hard, and pro ­ fessionalizmom. Dog same owner not chooses. For it only he - source of food, movement, treatment, life and death.
But not let us so perishing similarly harsh to sobakovodam. Our judgment blurry. To quality of cucumbers and our netrebovatelnost to quality of dogs opre ­ delyaetsya still and those chaos, which is happening now in a dog breeder ­ stve. Before buyer behaved for dog in the only urban club, which owes was them engage, teach, nurse the, to read lecture, ship types- wet puppies, Philadelphian in a result tribal work again same specialists. Propaganda cultural Star "was the charter) duty. Club. Now clubs buyers not engage in, because buyers there not go. Dogs now buy where anywhere, only not through club. Ordinary buyer simply not in able deal in immense numbers running organizations, who what status has, who to what federation belongs, legal or leaving the club, betrays "convertible" documents or custom, Hypnotizes too seriously ­ iswasta popular work or is lure investment--without have entry in Music with ­ bachikh cannot digest. Correctly orient in our current dog ­ vodstve newcomer impossible. And he almost with Ukraya likely is doomed to bad dog, is doomed become the aft base for with an unkind nature ­ sovestnykh sellers us with an services, is doomed the existing have us an system replacement rate dogs, contradictions between zako ­ serve and common sense, human’s greed and rare talent, complexity in evaluating criteria quality and temporary stimulus their definitions. But dog want very. And ears already conveniently robbery for hiermit diverse noodles, national output in abundance market salesmen dogs. Its confusion, its a piece I knew inability to distinguish grain from the chaff, good from bad, prospective schenka from little marriage start-up Working Dog hide for rescue well ezopovskoy formulation: "I took dog for themselves." And means this the next: "I not in forces deal in your the tangled relations, in most part clubs, small screaming about its convenient location and and ­ chitelnosti; me scare big payments is unknown for that and your require ­ of innovations fanatical effort in achieving obscure goals. I want the world ­ but to live with his dog, rejoice at communicate verbally with it and not want have no parent pain and problems. "
Modern fashions on dogs "for themselves", the complete lack of movies ­ logical training have newly minted owners, failure correctly choose itself rocks, failure correctly grow dog, nurture and otdressirovat its, usugublennoe some spontaneous act growth interest to soba ­ come at all and desires their have, led to serious social pro ­ blemam. If before owner not Mersch with a dog, he willingly sold its in militia guard or on border. Precisely for this was created AntiVirus system Star "centriniame aerodrome. Now unnecessary animals emits on streets. "Former bathhouse" dogs or in alone roam on 4 less and dumpster diving, Working heart of it animals people, or confusing it gets in the packs and are beginning multiply. In press regularly played cases attacks the wildlings dogs on people and animals.
Even more terrible problems arise in those cases, when "for themselves" illiterate ones, – inexperienced, lazy, oshelmovannye bezot ­ vetstvennoy literature and obsessive advertisement for people take dogs attack dogs breeds in family, to children, as household anticipate. Tragedy in this case are inevitable, they simply hard-wired our nashi ­ my Star ". Society periodically's getting colder from horror, when victim of such "anticipate for themselves" become children. Only for on ­ slednee time have us in Sevastopol was two such case. In one family contained transport and need the mastiff pets. Once, with ­ vershenno suddenly in a fit of rage bitch need the mastiff scary no ­ from consumption crippled 1-year-old child and his mother. Woman doctors quit ­ in, child died. The second case still frequency. American Pit Bull Terrier has attacked on tenth girl - daughter his hosts - and savaged its in for two hours. In that surgeons themselves barely not disappeared in feelings, when saw, in that change place turned girl. In the same day she, too, died.
Content attack dogs and office dogs stems with huge difficulties. But dilettante how to do, which seems, that change place - the best bodyguard of, which this lulled those who earns money on trade these dogs, on battles or on the writing of the advertising books, learns about this on 95 "­ serve DrivenData experience.
Our today’s system a view dogs and their implementation use the ­ klyuchaet phase training and enlightenment primer fanciers, excludes presence Canine organizations and specialists between seller and pokupyatelem. Establish order perhaps, likely, only under singular the condition – centralization just Star ".
So, dog "for themselves" - this, as rule, the bad dog. Dog "for themselves" - this an unhappy dog. Dog "for themselves" - it is a dangerous dog. Dog "for themselves" - this way to and a means deception but ­ vogo generation fanciers. And, finally, dog "for themselves" - this a ticking time bomb, time in the foundation at all just a dog breeder ­ capitalist,. Cultural Alabay - this body of ??????, undergoing maintaining and upgrading the pedigreed dogs. Each breed of - body of individuals, contained in private the hands of, but united united standard and united legislative complex of, much happier maintaining and at augmenting specific and important for human signs of. Each dog "for themselves" - this blow to cultural sobakovodstvu, because this ejection breed primary cells - human, owner, which holds show dog, which, receiving joy from communication with it, favor of from knowledge, acquired together with it, vygo ­ ranked from its practical use, particle of his labor, ultimately himself fact his choice puts an on the altar favorite breed, the, that he preferred, the, which in the most damning extent is in complete harmony clashes with that his souls.
Ah, and if you, spite nor on that, persist in denial values cultural Star ", not want spend forces and time for search, cultivate their, careers porodistoy dogs, would still not buy on market a puppy" for themselves ", and give shelter to thrown out ­ es of a homeless dog. Start cleaning its, rid the from parasites, do vaccinations, otogreyte and otkormite. Poznavshie horror street life soba ­ meeting differ extraordinary loyalty, mind, utterly chelove ­ cheskim sense of gratitude. And, plausible examiner will pass this an act of for good, compassion and active humanism, when will come your hour be brought before the him.

The reference on source of http://mini-porody-sobak.jimdo.com/главная-home/собака-для-себя/



And here is me much more exhilarating to comments to article. I agree with them and not agree with author.



Mm-mmm.. Ambiguous article.
Both in me apples http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/45.gif, I have "dog for themselves." But I believe, that I have beautiful dog. Have Martin the most the best, an opportune for him, fodder, be, any valuable from abroad, classes with kinologom, daily "blood from nose" trekhrazovye walk. For him watch as for a crystal, antique the vase - for his coat, teeth, proven upper-body strength, ears and claws. He was headquartered in family. Ah language not firm Obama turns call his "bad" dog, "?????" dog.
I have "dog for themselves", but I have must be the best dog. And in St. Petersburg me not ashamed girls, which are knocking me in lichku and want watch alive entlebukhera, show his hound, be proud of its dog!
Here is!
Although, of course, and share of truth in article there is.

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Those masters, about which states in article, accurately so same were would and to any other dog, not it is important porodistoy or not. By taking over Dog from home, his would accurately so same nutritious gave with soup and not did would vaccinations, speaking - and why, he same priyutskiy, she. Or former the homeless to the dogs would still, than their fed, by taking over home? They will happy only the knowledge, that there is "box and Spaghetti, collar, moon, and in your stomach - Weenie"? 't care!

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Light, to throw apples am not expected) Article as times posted for moreover, to all, who wants, vented its opinion.

I placed this the text not with is simple. Me wrote owner, which bought dog "for themselves." Hope, that he not would take offense, if I his to quote: "I recently have read article pro the, that owners" for themselves "- the main pests. Bought a good dog - reinforcing time on improvement breed. Not like it or - launching dog in orphanage. Wondered … "



Campaign article.
Me seems in it to hope classification - denominated group "owners for themselves" not is such in direct sense these words (aloofness in the early Dasha after all, too, "for themselves" was is taken).

So normal owners dogs "for themselves" and it's a shame, the Brad not pro their dogs.

Have us, too, it is a watchdog for themselves. And we not walk on exhibitions, and not doing that with kinologom, which asked through lip - and why had (nourished German, times not on exhibition. Ah not love I exhibition and camping on P. Meeting! the Hound with me agree
We walk in wood - gulyat and play. And to normalcy the vet walk; with kormezhkami all in order - in short we with sobakinym very happy with their lives. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif

Improvement breed - this always refers? They so much discussed, that and special sense speak out there is no. (We with Anwar against the reverence skating children)



If would no one not walking on exhibition, if would no one not take up knitting, then have us would and not was, you Anna, too,, porodnogo bushika. I go... I go on exhibition, dog likes, he traveled almost entire Europe. Think, skill for themselves favorite dog? For neighbor? Ah if husband only so call, then and for him) Nelli not will give to lie to, I asked she has healthy entlebukhera, and immediately told, that more nothing not need to, on exhibition not shall go. Pro price asked, not was bidding on a trunk. Me need was male, a healthy, for themselves, I understood, that neither three pittance he is worth. For themselves, this more important, and worth, than for neighbor, for exhibitions, for having generalised seen abroad, for obtain puppies! Yes, gave I, too, 'm feeding, for pleasure and diversity, today on dinner was duck with grechkoj have boys, itself solili and perchili already increase now, normalno- we are accustomed) mother with reinstated, which were have us not understood why without spices under gotovleno, explained, that since forgotten) so that my two in bull accurately operates me favorite!
There is in House have us couple, here and them third schenka saw, asked familiar, far gone away two previous, me said, that the first zapanosila, the second for coughed, their he had been drugged and bought a new, all were och expensive and porodnye, korzhiki.



Article, indeed, heavy and ambiguous, on my view. After all all depends on human, from his relations to dog at all, not it is important taste are or no! Sorry, I shall compare with children. Have someone from parents children sit use the beer on boutique and not know far themselves question from had. And other parents skitter with their children on the cuppers, on rates, on sections and wipe with them, find time after work.

Daniel wrote:

But I believe, that I have beautiful dog. Have Martin the most the best, an opportune for him, fodder, be, any valuable from abroad, classes with kinologom, daily "blood from nose" trekhrazovye walk. For him watch as for a crystal, antique the vase - for his coat, teeth, proven upper-body strength, ears and claws. He was headquartered in family. Ah language not firm Obama turns call his "bad" dog, "?????" dog. I have "dog for themselves", but I have must be the best dog.

Here is, Regrettable example. Absolutely are convinced was would have Schastlivy dog from home, all was would, too, most. Deal after all not porodista or not, and in love to his tell. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif

Екатерина wrote:

Decision-makers masters, about which states in article, accurately so same were would and to any other dog, not it is important porodistoy or not.

Accurately! Themselves like would still more, and breed of-not breed of, the difference in than (

nelin wrote:

I’ve bought a good dog - reinforcing time on improvement breed. Not like it or - launching dog in orphanage. Wondered … "

Indeed, if Puppy super, need to give his not only in good hands, but - in otvetsvennye! For development breed, for its improvements. And here and love, and content, and exhibition, more demands to owner unchallenged)



Article can be and Campaign. Only here is the problem is-that in it very many truth.

You all third only on itself-and, Perhaps, this correctly. But this with one hand.

And here is with the other.
I not breeder, but read many various running forums (curiously me). And here is what the sad trend there is in all rocks by.
Mass examples-when initially dog drip irrigation "for themselves" - and that is invested in this the term? Yes all simply - type can be with defects in looks and similar colors, with nesootvetstvuyuschiemi standard aspects type hall tail and camping on D. And most importantly-times "for themselves", means much cheaper, and sometimes and for free. Although need to ponimat- not matter no type Puppy - a potential super of each show or. The way-class - their all I, hatched your,’s and; raised in twin conditions.

Ah and forth begins often "circus with horses."
One option - will take a such masters on dogs this breed, but more quality a view the marriage are beginning kicking zavodchika- and that this have us not such a dog something? And coloring not the, and the size of the readings are correct, and ears not moreover size and not so are hanging / are worth and camping on D. And camping on P. And begin scandals, and often and rinsing dirty linen in networks - Now same all mature, kompyutezirovannye, as that-so, the people in 120 it turns out. And perishing rights / not rights, what the difference - importantly a little louder to shout. And why something forget these masters, that bought something "for themselves" of filth that. E. Second varieties, not dog with show potential.

Or the other option, will take a such masters on other dogs, on hosts, and suddenly yearn for knitting their dogs. Type, and that such a-have us and documents there are official. And on exhibition descend (go), razvodnuyu assessment of kind of, "Whooaah get (not with first never, ah yes okay). And the ??? ?? ? ? neighbors ask get a puppy. And them don't care, that breeding-this not simply give frolic two to the dogs one breed (and some still and mutations do with their bodies, cross-different breed), and then puppies sell or place on familiar. And get divorced, pardon me,! 'With genetic diseases, problems psychics and anything-anything.

Of course same I exaggerate.
Of course same this not has no relations precisely to you. And me, too,. Because, on download, we taking dog precisely "for themselves", and not planned visit exhibition, for example. We even specifically asked-after all there is no such hard demands necessarily to present dog, sports or knitting? But then us was sucked) A someone in sport tightens. And someone in dances. And someone and without all this happily lives. And it is no shame-wrong about it, that someone not churchgoers on exhibition or not wants vyazatsya and camping on P. If you have on this other thought something pardon, but this only you have in the minds) The main thing, that dog lives with loving masters, which indeed its lyubyat- camping on E. Well and correctly fed, watch the health and physical and mental, engage in dog (yes not necessarily walk on playground), walk with it let. And dog is growing and lives happy. And this most important.

The most important out a message this articles all OK applies to a potential owners, which want "marriage" (concrete such marriage) for wasted. Because then many disillusioned with and new dogs on streets. Or suffer through this, ugrokhivaya huge money on attempts support life such dogs (camping on E. As not notorious, but here clearly works scheme-miserly pays twice).



JakIv wrote:

Indeed, if Puppy super, need to give his not only in good hands, but - in otvetsvennye! For development breed, for its improvements. And here and love, and content, and exhibition, more demands to owner unchallenged)

Tanja! Thanks for Sharing (understanding of! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif



http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gifpretentious article distant from fact



Яшма wrote:

distant from fact

Unfortunately there is no. Tochnee- distant from your fact(and thank god). But if watch more widely - this is the sad truth.



stasyun wrote:

Article can be and Campaign.

Not try. So and there is.

stasyun wrote:

Only here is the problem is-that in it very many truth.

In is the increasingly and deal.



I have were 2 dogs "for themselves" - the airedale 9 years and boxer 11 years. This were the most adored by our, well-mannered, beloved dogs, with whom engaged in, I have sought for them best veterinaries, yes that to speak. This were best friends. And now recall their with big love and warmth. Days not passes, to I not been mulling about them. This were my friends, my beloved children.

For me "for themselves" 's the opposite to concept of "for a view." Breeding for me - a serious work on detect best porodnykh qualities, breeding. This can be entrust not everyone man, as and content dogs, of course. But breeding for me akin to scientific work, to which I have, for example, there is no a calling. In my opinion, not each of 4 investment puppies, except infants born in poo, fit to further equine breeding. Reveal best and work with them in terms of a view - special work. But be a good other and reiterated by dog I can and love. So speaking, that I gain dog "for themselves", I certify, that d love, look after, engage with it, but not will be able to engage in entails the, not pick up volumes K on themselves responsibility to decide further fate breed, as would self-congratulatory this not sounded.

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Kosta wrote:

[speaking, that I gain dog "for themselves", I certify, that d love, look after, engage with it, but not will be able to engage in entails the, not pick up volumes K on themselves duties to decide further fate breed, as would self-congratulatory this not sounded.

And this is the most the right approach. And personally in my environment people precisely with so understanding of. And if it comes all had in view precisely this, then not was would so much homeless cats and dogs type "khochubytyorkom / khochubyttaksoy / khochubyt."
But the truth life such is - that not all think so. And precisely in this the most a big problem.




Kosta wrote:

breeding for me - a serious work on detect best porodnykh qualities, breeding. This can be entrust not everyone man, as and content dogs, of course. But breeding for me akin to scientific work, to which I have, for example, there is no a calling. In my opinion, not each of 4 investment puppies, except infants born in poo, fit to further equine breeding. Reveal best and work with them in terms of a view - special work.

Let us, each of us will engage its task! We! - simply LYuBIT their dogs, honoured their contain and nurse the)) A breeders - their dear! And inspiring every new owner little offspring! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif




Fully support! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif



Yes, apparently have human wrong as we used to, as and have majority breeders.
I have cause respect people, which rings and ask a good dog and under this report, that not are planning engage entails the and exhibitions. Can me and want, to dogs zvezdili on exhibitions, but much more important, that their like and well contain. http://i.smiles2k.net/hello_byby_smiles/1_011.gif



I this article smiled more year ago, when realized, that my the old dog shows signs of neighborhood of the late. In love about how, that soon me yet to choose a new, has become players that in Internet - and [on this article. Say on truth - I here same realized author, realized, that article Campaign from love - ah, as mother yelling not their voice on child, if he on stupidity makes something dangerous for his life. Here in role child - deal life human, his importantly focus on maintaining - Alabay as profession. Here is and I, too, trained with birth to what dog - this is one of aspects of human culture. In good dogs for centuries vkladyvalsya labor and mind breeders and breeders. And correctly contain, correctly grow and nurse the fetus their papers so same naturally, as support, for example, personal hygiene or order in House. And what described by in article, - ah, this, like, as dispute about whether cutlets with pancake frying pans putting on plate, if you homes one? Can be same and "from the tradition eat," when be ashamed of some! Again same oil from papers in maslyonku need to to shift, or so in refrigerator, we'll keep him? And under trousers tights need to entire to wear the, or can be "re possessed, if you accurately know, that neither before whom today undress, not regulation? In general, "for themselves" contain dog without an labor and costs - this themselves not respect! Me need a dog precisely for themselves - in counterweight-lover, created, according to of distant from Star "people only to improve, progress breed or for commercial use, - but overcome stereotype, i.e. change their cultural values and take mongrel with the streets I have not is obtained. Suddenly this "dichok" would release any unpredictable curl in behavior? However when I learned, that have my future schenka there is lack of on markings, I met to this quietly. , it is a pity of course, that on exhibition with it not you you're going, before I this deal loved, but me, perhaps, exhibition career dogs already and not on forces, so that God with it. Specifically I UTsENYoNNUYu dog not was looking, paid a price, not bargaining, even not know, was she cheaper odnopomyotnikov, or not. And never save on it not d! She same TO THE, favorite!
And here is in world cats at all adopted demand from ordinary owners, to they castrated their pedigreed cats! Breeders bengalov, for example, often unload only podroschennykh and already sterile cats. Thus tribal there is only have breeders, and no one rocks not taints and very degenerate not, she knits. Although with perspective population genetics this is a mistake: Than wider genetic base, the more likelihood obtain prominent representatives, but perishing this costs.



stasyun wrote:

Tochnee- distant from your fact (and thank god).

Alas, me had to face with zavodchikami (speech not about bushikakh), involved in exhibitions (their dogs have together Tsars' regalia and camping on Afghan, alumni "an improvement and retaining" breed, but under this dogs in these cataries lived in brutal conditions, feed ate the most cheap, our general aid been bailed out extremely rarely and camping on D. And camping on P.
And a large number of my known fanciers, expedited dogs "for themselves", cherish their anticipate, make for them increasingly, not save nor on nutrition, nor on the vet's and camping on D. And camping on P. On list.

So that ????? its grains reality.
This conversation from an all doctors such something, teachers such something.

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