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New Year holidays Petrushi in Lithuania’s organs is January 2014

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Soon already summer, and I all not raskochegaryus write pro our Christmas trip)
So that imbabers on the sly.
First will the theoretical part of. Ah and then - photos.

So, this was already the seventh-our been trip in Lithuania. And the second with Petkoy.
Contain we can December. Home have returned on the January.
Our path in this year was virtually identical had last year.
Moscow-under Vilnius-Nida-Palanga-Vilnius-Minsk-Moscow

Map path




stasyun wrote:

Soon already summer, and I all not raskochegaryus write pro our Christmas trip

Ah, finally!, it will be interesting! Tanja!, I the entire-attention) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Girl/85.gif



Where here 1980s, avidly potirayuschiy ruchenki?



And I'd settled in MediaPark or! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/blush.gif



Ekie you quick)) I so quickly not can :D



Plan tripwas such.

28 / 12 / 2013 - the remittances from Moscow in side Lithuania. As and in previous years we held next marshruta- on OSCE a highway in side Smolenska- on Smolensk bypass-turn on A141 in side Rudni- Vitebsk- Polotsk- Glubokoe- transition Kotlovka- transition Lavorishkes- ring Vilnius-Vievis (where we and have stayed the night)
29 / 12 / 13 - Veves - Nida
30 / 12 / 13 - Nida
31 / 12 / 13 - Nida, and also drunkenness and reined debauchhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif
01 / 01 / 14 - Nida and neighborhood
2 / 01 / 14 - Nida and neighborhood
03 / 01 / 14 - Nida-Palanga
04 / 01 / 14 - Palanga
05 / 01 / 14 - Palanga
06 / 01 / 14 - Palanga - Vilnius
07 / 01 / 14 - Vilnius - transition Medininkai - transition its of Shushtalep - Minsk - Moscow




Own auto. Before trip was passed diagnosis, ah on anyone of fire case.
Aoaee on shipovanoy tyres as well-in the Baltics she convicts are in winter period, but is necessary precautionary bumper ? on behind glass auto. In many countries Europe shipovanaya rubber is prohibited.
About trip on own auto also need given, that Certifi can be only two, no "kenguryatnikov", xenon only factory.
In machine must be in available spare light bulbs for by pharmaceutical, svetootrazhayuschie waistcoats. All passengers (in including and on behind the seat next) must be is belted in. Enjoy the mobile telephone during ruleniya prohibited from. Enjoy the video-registrar in some countries flatly prohibited from, truth, Lithuania this until not concerns. In Lithuania is obligatory near light by pharmaceutical 24 / 7.
Speed regime 50 kilometers / untangle in city of, 90 kilometers / untangle for city, 130 kilometers / untangle on speed a highway (she the only in Lithuania).
In Lithuania there is no paid roads and there is no demands buy vinetku.
Many interesting things about Nalanda on own auto, including traffic violation all European countries, can be find here http://www.vagante.ru/




First night we stalled in really the near hotel, which us has now issued navigator-after, as we driven Vilnius. Forces to go further already not was, and was desire to for a holiday.
We zarulili in city Vievis (Vievis). Unerringly on available there one the only. This family the hotel Vievija-neprityazatelnaya, and in that us grapple-grapple aimed a with Petrushey. But forces seek what something another the deployment - already not was, so that had to be convinced took hosts.
Site hotel on bukinge http://www.booking.com/hotel/lt/vievija … b489e297X1

On Nidawe stalled as usually have Yuri in our guest House Naglis. Site on bukinge http://www.booking.com/hotel/lt/naglis. … 76;srpos=1

In Palangawe stalled in the new for us, but utterly classroom a hotel Villa Chateau Amberrecognized on Bank sea. Not, but it moreover cost, I believe) That site on bukinge http://www.booking.com/hotel/lt/villa-s … 28;srpos=1

In Vilniuswe as usually stalled in his favorite hotel in the center of the cities Centro Kubas - Angel. Site hotel http://www.booking.com/hotel/lt/centro- … 443;dcid=2




Copies Russian passports (on anyone case)
Tu rights Russian
Tu rights international. In principle on Baltics can be and with our rights touring.
Green map - insurance
Enlargement a a Iiaiineiaua, if in conditions insurance zone cover only Russia
Medical insurance - on anyone case, case on the border border patrol, can want to "have fun" the marriage start demand all sorts of documents
Certificate F-1
Euro-certificate (if need to, write, as get)
Print-outs to those armour hotel
Money and banking maps



stasyun wrote:

Skorostnoy regime 50 kilometers / untangle in city of, 90 kilometers / untangle for city, 130 kilometers / untangle on speed a highway (she the only in Lithuania).

Tanya,, gee,) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gifI with these manyachkami-drivers-Nellie and perfect,. When we go on MOLDOVA AMOUNTED TO 23,7% in Switzerland, vzhimalas in chair and in city of, and for city, and on a highway) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/115.gifThere are women in Russians villages, and traffic violation them not led) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif



JakIv wrote:

and traffic violation them not led)

Javadxan-aha. -here is fines there crazy)) So that we seek not violate.




We did on invitation of, which us 01.05.2001 Yuri on our the request-for them we had to a small'll take your money pay Yuri on arrival.

Lithuanian a visa before can be was internationalist only in the Embassy of the Lithuania http://ru.mfa.lt/, that meant huge waiting lists on cold, and from falling not with first times on the surrender docks.
But, Hallelujah, in the past year they opened maintains a visa center. Here is site http://www.vfsglobal.com/Lithuania/Russia/
Very liked there 38,322 on a visa. Is in ten-minute walk from forge the Taganka. Lines virtually there is no. Seventeen windows, two of them-casava. As usually - let’s take do.

Leased for husband. This requires or replicates promyshlennyy about marriage or simple power of Attorney (can be download with site), signed husband. Naturally, all docks husband were signed by husband.

Documents (Hua invited from hotel):
-zayavlenie with a clip-on photo needed-style (The announcement can be fill on site embassy. Very conveniently, there is opportunity maintain draft. At the end filling -udobno print out for applying in maintains a visa center)
Where invited I wrote on a sticky note, but operatsionistka rewritten handle on statement. Sense in next - priglashayuschee face, having drawn invitation in Lithuania-prisylavet you only Norem sensitivity-numeric invited,
-spravka with work with the monthly salary was,
-kopiya evidence about marriage,
-kopiya docks on machine (before, incidentally, are not taking),
-kopiya health insurance,
-starye passports with Lithuanian visas
- And innovation fits - 6.2 Permitted on the processing personal data (downloadable with site)

After formalizing the-you give of paper for pay in ticket office. After pay - of paper pogashennuyu you send in window, far fighting.

The price - 35 the euro for a visa, 18 Euro-maintains a visa collection. To pay can be in the euro, in rubles and banking card

In the cheque there is Number conducted which can be track status. Can be to occupy ready to passports on their own, and can be was order courier with transshipment, somewhere from 460 rubles. But such a sum drip irrigation for every passport - and me garrotted toad)

Generally, nothing new. But there is no lines, all quickly-culturally, there is banquette-where sit, there is coffee-machine gun. And not need to deep frozen his behindits feet on the street)

That it is important given - invitation on nerodstvennika is done on three months, camping on E. You can ask for details get multiviza on 3 month. But then medical insurance must be, too, on three months.

If you have no opportunities obtain invitation, then to specified higher list get added:
-broni hotel,
-spravka from bank, about available sufficient funds on accounts - usually least from calculation 60 the euro on human in day

Generally, if need a the additional consultation, until filling statements - don, and help.



Like from technical parts of all. If there is questions - don.

Continued should.



Tatyan, ow! Derzhitsya the where? 7



Маус-Маус wrote:

The pictures the where?

Upright-upright. Raw on requires strong disk :D
I here making the connection, that not entire theory wrote until. Simply time katastraficheski there is no-work trolley, yes studies with top hamper covers up)



? Language
In Lithuania, in-related travel places, absolutely all say on Russian. So problems there is no, from words quite))

In Lithuania natsvalyutoy is rescues the. The current course 1 rescues the =1 4,1608 rubles
Ickhodya from its experiences-- we cling such concept of. Have us always in - The receipt has gum there is in cash 100 the euro nekrupnymi bills (ah on anyone case). Borrow many the euro in countries, where he not in tilt-having arises from for cross-appreciation (first ruble on the euro, then the euro on natsvalyutu to change on of retail course). In principle, almost everywhere accept to remunerating maps, that facilitated life. Means have us lie not on one map, and on several-to prevent situation prove without money, if map ATM eat you, or her Bank blocks on their reasons (case and such). Ah and on place-to have all OK the cash Any of decline local currency in local ATMs - Commission for lifting of 3rd party bank not great, and here is the difference in courses not so sufficiently dire, as under purchase cash the euro and exchange their on natsvalyutu on place.

the Internet and the link
Seek choose hotels, where there is no-speak. In principle, in most hotel-restaurants he there is. And also in trade centers.
Pro mobile the link. ?????? expensive, so there are several options - buy local your SlM card (very justified in twenty minutes from everything you), or enlist the tariff a normal on time trip, or use tourist your SlM card. We and operators a normal for travel the tariff, and are clinging SlM companies http://goodline.ru/ I give full the redirect clustered with my the SlM card on this. But texts come only on Russian.

Ah in supermarkets can be many what to buy some of that tasty and ready. On Nida in appartakh have us was cuisine of, so that often prepared homes. We not lovers pafosnykh restaurants, and here is small kafeshki- restaurants this on us, Pyotr everywhere put it to work. She sat under table, reported receiving from me delicious treats for everyone in the form of or fact in advance feed or cheese, ah or so juicy pieces of from my dishes)

progress borders



Tanya, huge Thanks for Sharing (such a gain invaluable information! Husband until not shown - us still house to end need to - foresee and from him huge so much! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/175.gif
But that me especially surprises and enamored, so this your memory - remember in detail (that, where, as and for how many) so much just! Thanks to, still times! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/297.gif
Ah and photographs, of course, waiting for, as and all! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/cool.gif



Nell wrote:

But that me especially surprises and enamored, so this your memory - remember in detail (that, where, as and for how many) so much just!

Flax, ah when you this himself podgotavlivaesh and you're working on several months, and then're in control of under trip-it the very is remembered) Nu and still I man-plan, camping on E. I have use videotaped under prepare)



stasyun wrote:

Just time katastraficheski there is no-work trolley, yes studies with top hamper covers up)

I at all realized, that me so many WHEREOF distracts from favorite dogs! As it turned out, not me one! :D



progress borders.

The problem situation in is, that each time collaborators pogranzastav can "rocking out" differently. So importantly rule-ask questions, to not lose time vain for nothing, Igbo and so you his likely forced to chase losing.
In this time we decided a bit change itself, and there traveled as usually through pogranzastavu Kotlovka District-Lavorishkes, and here is back through a new for us pogranperekhod Medininkai-its of Shushtalep
At all advice on transition borders will the next - try to not move border with Friday on Saturday and with Sunday’s drama on Monday,, and so same in the early and in late holidays(ah naturally holidays and our-camping on K. Our full of the, and local-camping on K. Local are beginning mass resettling of the now :crazyfun:)
Time for transition most convenient - with Bajaus until elegant 5 morning on local time. An excellent service to track lines on of Belarusian side borders here http://gpk.gov.by/services/map/
Have Lithuanians such a service, unfortunately, I not know

So, most often we can have on direction thereso - we going to of last refuelling before of Belarusian part of borders, she is located roughly in 10 kilometers from borders right on movement. At all all Lithuanian and Belarusian refuelling on pistes delights the presence of seed toilets, place for parking on sleep, as least top of the chippie, but more often the food court, and often presence of seed soul. So that we - Equipment pack-up there and're sleeping hours until Bajaus morning, and forth already Maruku to border.
Forth describe as most often this is happening. Are possible variations.
So, going to of Belarusian border. There you brings the pogranets, Takes passport driver and docks on machine and his green card, looks, how many people in parlor scene sits. Outcome-you give of paper, where written how many man and on what machine vekhalo on territory frontier post. Without this papers you not released for territory frontier post. Here is have this contractor and sprashivaete- in what you corridor: Red or green, camping on K. You with dog. Most often you send in "green" corridor. Respectively, checks with signs are going in side green corridor for legkovushek. Where a badge of "Stop" -There's Limnological, before, as to continue movement, where a badge of "20 kilometers / untangle" - we are going 20 kilometers / h. Generally violate traffic violation fraught with strongly.
So, you dispatched in "green" corridor, but this not means, that need not to do know in respect formalizing the dogs, namely passage vetkontrolya. So, machine in turn set in the corridor, beret docks on dog-vetpasport, F1 and, on anyone case, Evrospravku and the contestant of paper, that you on travel gave, and go in the building, which from Left in the process movement is worth. Get close to the ventilator window "Animal Control", say-that with dog Tatranska, Which docks, you place the seal about the vetkontrolya on a piece of paper, that gave under travel. The last time me staffer said, that all these demands with clearing the vetkontrolya lifted-and sent the treasure of. And accented options-when specialist vetkontrolya himself machine comes, looks at dog, is checking documents, puts the seal about the vetkontrolya.
So, dog translated. Now turn for a passport control. Rightly move to the ventilator window desired, are serving set of docks - Moldavia, evidence of on machine, his green card, of paper-that gave under travel. Get passports with dark secret that one might, ah and the rest docks.
Waiting for arrival customs official, which requests pootkryvat all doors and trunk. At all, protecting have us the kind still “I and guard machine, so that we in advance both warn, that in machine dog, can quite the barker. Petra wearing my seat belt on behind the seat next. But muzzle we not we dress, and us nor never about this not were asked, although I always his with a drive. You will ludicrous, but some customs, especially Europeans, recognized "Headed" from what protecting their oblaivaet - Anyone guards, and means this with steeply :D 1425 a customs officer often, too ,-documents, then moves away in the booth, something there notes, documents brings. And vualya- you can travel very. But this not all. 're driving up to technitians with territory borders, Which of paper, that you have written the initially pograntsu, and palace, a classical mansion on territory Lithuanian frontier post.
. Certified the border. That the contestant important, even if there is no nor one machines-clearly to follow and sights and color why take. In darkness this conceived it is difficult do, camping on K. In darkness read calligraphy on svoystva ah curious to problematic. Generally so, going to a light, you in the road tolls, that from Left-there written, that legkovushki have the right on road tolls. If is ablaze Red color, then stand and waiting for green. Forth we are going moreover diversity "at the Gate", that there is. You there, where "All sandwich." For neevropeytsev rozbivki on Red and green corridor there is no. At this pogranperekhode data gates extreme from Left. Are posing machine, waiting for pograntsa. Understand-who of them who- who through passport control, who a customs officer-virtually impossible)) So that waiting for arrival modicum whom and follow instructions contractor borders)) Set of docks the same-Moldavia, evidence of on machine, green card. Vetkontrolya as such by there is no - simply employee reveal vetpasport, but he can demand and Evrospravku show (: Let and such).
Your machine and you several times will take a-Romania will examine, on the results of you will make passports with dark secret that one might, and can ask and to the ventilator window passport controls approach the-to on you there yes.
So, documents you repatriate, a clause raised - you can to go. Vercellina a bit-you as "KOS" still have one gate and they, which can be as open, so and a closed. If closed something were entering in state of Zen and waiting for, when his will open.
And voila! You finally on territory Lithuania.
Recognized under the check-out with frontier post, or in a small remove from it-you can stop still alone border patrol, on machine-this Council, they verify work their employees.
About, and another innovation fits in this year on territory litovkoy frontier post. They there fight porting contagion, so in this year they set trough with dezinfektorom, make all machines to dwell, and passengers undergo on spetsdorozhke. Petku we not were forced this to do. And at all, in principle, not understood tsimusa this procedures.

P. S. Since forgotten to mention another offers moment. Usually the road to pogranzastave odnopolosnaya, but there is the kerb. If in extreme right-wing front page (in fact on were marginalized and on front page) are worth soonest possible delivery across, they virtually entire dM perekoyvayut. You need not Still Rise in turn to furam, camping on K. Have them its grains the ranking and their gates. You must be on leftist front page get until waiting lists with legkovushkami. Turn Fur can be curious to a long, so that not frightened, leave Karlovy Vary until waiting lists legkovushek, although case and so, that have make passenger auto its and there is no, so that immediately Tatranska to the street for make passenger auto.


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