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Recipe household mayonnaise. Or mayonnaise "as before." Forced husband write)

So. Mayonnaise "as before":

"Two eggs (can be use quail in such a same entirety as two chick), 400 grams cooking oil with (any Umbria), nohat spoon of salt, two sugar, nohat spoon dry mustard, 1-3 (in dependence from the desired more taste) table of spoons present vinegar or juice lemon

Forth all simply as day - eggs Anthony the first, is growing larger oil, everything else immediately from above, forth a small subtlety - pogruzhnoy mixer falls on level of eggs and all of this deal it’s breaking only on this level (i.e. not need to dicing those this increasingly higher) - through couple of seconds is obtained mayonnaise (I longer wrote, than this is done in reality) "



House choked:

4 liter household Mad milk (last resort from polyethylene packages with rapid the maturity use), 1 liter kefir - any

Heats up milk, as it is beginning to already substantially getting hot, in scraps, spontaneously to him podlivaetsya on the sly kefir, almost milk already wants to start Chicxulub impact - not give to - call Energy Saver switches off - dolivaya remaining kefir
Through minute milk is splitting in two different parts of - this small pieces of cheese-cottage cheese and exactly the serum-water
Through some gauze separate one thing from another
In gauze will abandon choked, then we're out're consistently knocking on plate and from above are posing pan with a possible counteractant - type press, through couple of hours when this is the from gauze! Get the gauze oformivshiysya already today slice of cheese, we salt the serum and toss? Toss there our slice of cheese entirely
All of this in refrigerator, through clock are removing choked from serums - increasingly


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