Here is that wrote on BK

Лелик;921432 wrote:

Today on the morning seen alluring dog breed Entlebucher Sennenhund in collar, she fled along roads, in district Ruzino, not far from Zelenograda. Dog ???? well a quiet, methodically pins escaped on their Affairs, I thought: What that samovygulnaya. When through 4 hours, I evangelism back, then again its saw, she sat not far from were marginalized on high hillocks, and not far from it two tadzhika had garbage along roads. I has drawn to Tajik people and has become brought up these stupid questions, whose dog, Right near it proved girl, in an expensive collar, very nasty, but under this in sight, that but right. With Tajiks change their testimony every minute, then dog like you occupied the master, but samovygulnaya, then have become me brought up these stupid questions the good whether breed of, I told that she besporodnaya (and the suddenly decide its sell friend any). Then said, that this dog their owner, and she with them walking, and that they when routing home, then and dog for them goes. I nothing not realized, but under this dog sat on distance and to us not was drawing. I say these Tajik people "if dog your call its, why she not suited?" They its called, but she only loosely povilyala tail and has remained as sit on place. Generally not gives me contemplated this dog. Wrote, and suddenly who the searching for, nights not sleeping, breed the increase, and girl very the Beautiful.

No one not lose dog in district Zelenograda? Or who sold there? I have there male lives, and here pro bitch written.