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Got lost Zheta

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Today In seasoned got lost Zheta 8-916-672-64-63. Not know that to do. City big. Escaped from daughters. Gwinnett County announcement on site cities, 're putting up a announcement on city. Who found - call out - that take. Reflected / stipulated - please inform.

Alternatives at night through 10 hours searches

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Oops! Horror! I tomorrow'm leaving, and so would helped seek. As she to people? To cause be appropriate? V on Zhetu? To what place in seasoned? Include announcement on pesike, need to around the photos fling obyavy, and posibility to set on the district, in clinics veterinary, in shops, janitors' to stump. And phone its give.

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Place still announcement on Bernklube - http://bernclub.ru/forum
And here is on this really a large a time announcements about Persons downtown and the area - http://claws.ru/

Very hope, that Zheta there will



What horror! I hope, that girl there will. Hold us in rate, please!



tuk wrote:

Today In seasoned got lost Zheta

's nursie our, nightmare what (Don’t fall asleep (How so broke a, daughter how many? Zhetka felt alarmed something?

She has there is adresnik?

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nelin wrote:

Keep your us in rate, please!

Please! Than help? Can, tomorrow deport in a railroad a kid fitting with machine, comb through the all back alley?

't belong here, only not now, don't speak, that is happening you there?

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Tanya, likely on the street, seek and're hanging obyavy. I on pesike placed, and asked girls from bernospasa on bernklabe to place. Modicum would rather Zhetka was homes!



Alla wrote:

Whilst would rather Zhetka was homes!

Only hope (



Called up each other with owner Zhetki. Tomorrow let us seek Maria (TTT / (






Oops, nightmare! Know not on own first, that experiencing masters in such situation. When got lost our dog in another city of, we on every post and on every House kleili big announcement with pictures of dogs. Very effectively informed me that on stops and stores. Offered people stickers everyone Danilo Tuerk past us man and explaining situation everyone gulyayuschemu with his dog. Gave information on radio and local television. To Towards pro proteryashku knew the entire city. And to by the evening already almost every specialist knew how be given name breed. In end thanks to local, dog caught that up in a fugue able. Most important as can be more tried information. People must know in face who got lost!



Here is read this subject, can that the use to anyone. And at all zadavayte any questions we now experienced in searching for. There are already experience in searching for not only its lost things, but found and others’dogs lost in different situations.

Please! Urgently!

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Cach, where and on that to pay attention? As lead employing bushiki in this situation?



My God, thanks to, found, at home, and all you Thanks for Sharing (support, http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/flag_of_truce.gif



Thanks to, Tatiana, with machine - curfew



In short deal was so - in lunch used to walk with critiques alike in neighboring district, during another has with its rubber ring firmly under wheels, a cyclist, after what headlong lomanulas between homes in side of our cleanup. On cries and team daughters - zero. She fled for it until the most homes (on leads had watched passers-by), but here footprint just snapped. Wife with another began to keep combing neighborhood, through couple of hours raised on ears all schoolmates children, forces then combed all neighboring areas, all an opposing-powders to showed photo and offered people phones, through 3 seek has joined and I (came with work), soon went pattern, that saw in construction alongside our home, that its back yard with my friends wild dogs, saw our local by the dog walkers, said that she was the entire vsklokochennaya and's a crazy freak, not had similar levels on calls, somewhere galloped. About 12 fringes, a Tatiana, agreed to careerism seek on machines on city, but she wisely advised this night an eye on our suspect and we ranked positions around homes. I periodically've been running on barking all, but for home have us goes vybudovani and directive there no, I Isaev even break itself nose, so that tomorrow on work - vicious dog-fighting wounded. Until obrabatyvalsya homes - wife call guards with developments and said, that child have hemmed in local Wild Dogs and she here not far. Headlong wife here we go there, next and I. Brute nasty, but damn pleased with yourself immediately admitted vsklokochennykh hosts, 've been so whining and've been jumping from joy. Homes, after cleaning, that characteristically, set running performance. In short remain mired in our best mood, as if nothing and not happened. But Tears for these 10 hours exposed from three steam of a maiden's eye Perhaps a host the pelvis.
Here is such a here is history with a good the end of.
Dog, incidentally intact, without injuries and damage, only bears deleted under zero (are visible pink the papillae of), in sight on the road, 'Arry establishment chopped up.
Still times all thank you. If honestly, when me, a wife and told, that dog ran away - I have locked up its feet and I itself said - ah increasingly, the end of the. Once she have us so same was running away, but was then quite child and was this in farms, where run the was have nowhere. Then have sought hours 4 and found. On this time I "understood" that increasingly futile, because as a railroad this you not rural-urban divide Kudinovo. But after, as the quest began for and as us sympathized with surrounding, and especially thanks to your support I suddenly understood, that she not can not get unlost. Especially when Tatiana proposed to come on the search. In short “entertainments ”, expensive, prays, thanks to. By valiant to the guardians, in construction, and also outbreak sought my of female than half, and, hope not without participation sacrifices my nose, Zheta he's sleeping on bed, svezhevymytaya and nakormlennaya. Yesterday are registered on zennenfest, hope on meeting. http://i.smiles2k.net/hello_byby_smiles/1_011.gif



Conclusion about how, that need to widely informing masses - only the right, well, that so many good people http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/297.gif



Thank god, to shag it,!




Thank god! Zhetochka with us) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gifhttp://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/136.gif



Whew. Ah and survived you! Thank god, that relatively quickly to shag it,!
And adresnik something all-??? was or not?


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