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Statement from Pogudinoy A. W.

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I am currently member of presidium NHL. Am asking you to exclude me from members presidium, either to consider question about ejecting Mamigonyan E. In one organe- place is with it flatly otkalyvayus in light of past events.
Explanation my action.
I try to put maximally to exclude from his life "not comfortable" for me people (other epithets not write, to not be US in libel). Its posts, behavior, gouge personal of e not compatible with my life principles, and my dismissive to the dogs, people, doesn expression thought. Moreover its charge, that me who either "repping" several insulting and are ridiculous simultaneously.
With respect!



Fully support idea about ejecting Mamigonyan E from members of the Presidium of. In primarily, for insult members Presidium and owners dogs. And also for unethical about it behavior on forums.



I not a member of of the Presidium of NHL, but very want, too, hear, when will put question about ejecting the breeder neentlebukherov Chantal from of the Presidium of? If do you let to be on this meeting in as a deep pockets and free listener.



Tanya made them! And you as a member of NHL write statement in consisted NHL and abject with requirement conducting sessions and deployment are interested in you issue, tell its view officially) and perishing then you as member) necessarily invited on session and will not be able not draw such session, for one thing and on you look who and as Votes)
I personally am convinced, that Mamigonyan not can consist in Presidium and their behavior and a mean streak hurl shadow over NHL, rocks, each of us!



So and will make.


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Forum NHL » Statement from Pogudinoy A. W.