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Comprehensive DNA-test at a discount 20%! Laboratory Genoscoper, Helsinki

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In the framework cooperation NHL Entlebucher Sennenhund posts laboratory Genoscoper, all owners breed is given credit 20% on comprehensive DNA test "MyDogDNA PASS." A special code for obtain discount: SWISS14RU

20 on MyDogDNA PASS acts only for dogs, breed Entlebucher Sennenhund, registered on territory trades abroad and some other speakers countries:
- contaminated registration of the invoicing on our Russian site http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/shopping-cart.
- contaminated address to representatives lab Genoscoper on exhibitions dogs.
- contaminated circulation for selection samples to livestock clinics partners lab Genoscoper on territory trades abroad (before convey in a clinic, DNA test needs pay on site http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/shopping-cartand have under itself raspechatannoe reaffirming of payment). The actual list clinics partners lab always can be found on site http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/dnkpass.
The above code discount not can be used simultaneously with other ad hoc price proposals lab Genoscoper.

Genoscoper Laboratories Finnish company specializing on diagnostic DNA cobak, launched in sale the first in world the mapping around the genome dogs MyDogDNA PASS. All owners dogs know what huge misfortune to and how large financial costs bears with a dog with genetic along. And already long nor for whom nor secret, that many breed dogs often are subject to various hereditary diseases. Such as disease hearts, dysplasia hip joints, cutaneous disease, disease breathing pathways, cancer and many other. Typically, breeders try to provide correct information about risk an inherited diseases. However, in most cases, they not have opportunities guarantee health puppies.
Already today the right assessment genetic health dogs possible! On the basis of the first global base DNA-data dogs MyDogDNA gives opportunity owners and the factory dogs simultaneously test pet on more than 120 known an inherited diseases and properties dogs. This will allow owners dogs and the vet correctly assess health dogs and, in the same time, will give the factory unique resource for selection optimal steam with goal improvements genetic health and reducing risk an inherited diseases for future generations. Thanks to constantly growing base data MyDogDNA, first time in history tests DNA dogs, became possible determine genetic diversity (level of inbreeding) for individual dogs, breed and, Volga groups in a whole.

Under aid simple scraped bukkalnogo epithelium with domestic hand cheeks dogs, owner animal, breeder or veterinarian can obtain full analysis health dogs around the its genome. When pattern bukkalnogo epithelium is sent in Laboratory Genoscoper on study, owner dogs receives access in its online. The personal cabinet in the system MyDogDNA and, with his help, can inspect results test their dogs, and also track lines a view breed in any time. Under desire, owner dogs can easily to share results its dogs, with vet, club breed or with from our in research group. For breeders importantly, that MyDogDNA PASS gives, also, access to unique kind instrument MyDogDNA Breeder - the first in world system, which allows find genetically optimal couples dogs producers. Results DNA-tests every dog enter base data MyDogDNA and, with resolution owners, become are visible in MyDogDNA Breeder. Breeders here around the world, which interested in searching for potential partners for its dogs, can watch results DNA-tests on breed in a whole and contact with persuaded those dogs, which promise minimal the puppies.

1 comprehensive DNA-test MyDogDNA PASS includes in themselves:
Outstanding decor - Friendly DNA profayl (isag or the American Kennel Club).
Testirovanie on more 120 known genetic violations dogs:
- known in breed disease;
- identifying potentially new violations embedded in a rock,;
- mentor test subjects disorder, which were found in other rocks by dogs.
Complex konformatsionnykh tests:
- some lokusy color of CFA wool;
- the size of the and form of bodies;
- type of wool (the Long wool, slight frizz wool, farnishing)
- tail (natural Bobtails) and camping on D.
Liquid level genetic diversity (inbreeding).
Dynamic and interactive online sheets.
Entry to the system MyDogDNA Breeder.
in 2006: Version of certificate with the results.

At real moment, in test already contains the next recommended to tested have dogs breed ENTLEBUKhER Sennenhund disease:
1. 's got a degenerative Syringomyelia (DM) - Nevrologicheskoe disease (outside dependence from breed)
2. Done hyperthermia (MH) slow acetylator (outside dependence from breed)
3. Sensitivity to ivermektinu (mdr1 gene) slow acetylator (outside dependence from a species)

Also, can be relevant tests on hereditary disease genes Entlebukheram breeds.

Page on our Russian site, which devoted breed Entlebucher: http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/breeds/277/entlebucher-mountain-dog
Here you can find description of all elements of whole DNA-test MyDogDNA PASS.

Example certificate on Russian language, which owner dogs can print out from profaylu tested dogs in the system MyDogDNA: http://file.qip.ru/office/ns8qtWpm/Russian%20Dog%201_RUS.html
Example official paper certificate with the results test MyDogDNA PASS: http://file.qip.ru/office/yQ0G86xa/Demo%20cerificate_russian%20dog_ENG.html

On our site we stationed exile on profayl demo dogs in the system MyDogDNA: http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/dnkpass.
At this example you can detail to familiarize themselves with the results test "MyDogDNA PASS."
Results consist from several partitions: "Genetic violations", "Cleanthis / draft confisomer" and "Genetic diversity and ties." Simply, continue with on appropriate integrates.

For dogs, registered on territory trades abroad and some countries CIS, full version of test MyDogDNA PASS , without Accounting discount, is worth 134 Euro.
Order his can be on our Russian site: http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/shopping-cart

For those who wanted to be in rate our news, ?????? and debate, we created pages MyDogDNA in social networks:
In any: http://vk.com/mydogdna
In Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mydogdnarussia



Useful exile about MyDogDNA

From tests OTDELNYKh genes By analysis software VSEMU genome Possibilities, which gives research in area genetics dogs

Familiarity with MyDogDNA panel tests an inherited diseases dogs and data will show an results tests

5 causes test DNA your dogs

Genetic diversity, of the outrage syndrome popular producer, and also advantages whole DNA-tests on real examples from the experience breed Cotton de Toliara I District

Cursory the review measure level genetic diversity various breeds dogs

Real distribution of porodnykh mutation, command hereditary violations

Selection samples DNA How this is happening!

We prepared instruction about how, with what start under informing in results whole DNA-test MyDogDNA PASS.
She can prove useful as owners dogs, which only're thinking of about testing their pets, so and our clients.

DNA tests, initially from net curiosity. Since perspective noted

Opinion the breeder breed Cotton de Toliara I District about MyDogDNA

Testirovanie DNA my dogs Experience owner dogs



Thanks to, that opened it was a twig! Drove forward this do today)

On today there are already 6 dogs, which want like to get tested.
Tighten it up, comrades!
If whom the want see test entlebukhera, write on what-straight for the test Beam (KGP Bilbo). To place PDF file here not can.



A virtual autograph-Team MyDogDNA on Championship Europe 2014, which will pass 23-26 October, in Czech city of Brno. On booth will organized selection samples DNA for subsequent conducting test MyDogDNA PASS.

All the details in event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/701612949927214/


23-26 October Union address. - MyDogDNA PASS on price 99 the euro !
for send certificate by registered letter, mentor levied by 10 the euro.
Also, will act discount aboriginal, NHL which cooperate with laboratory Genoscoper.

The actual list NHL you always you can find have us on site: http://www.mydogdna.com/sites/default/f … dna_ru.pdf

Witness, please, attention!
- Special proposal on MyDogDNA PASS, within exhibition, not can be used nor with somehow other code for obtain discount.
- Over two hours until conducting procedures convention of biomateriala dog should not feed, warranted isolation from closer contact with other animals. For puppies, as least for two hours until convention of biomateriala, needs to exclude feeding .Most milk.
- Payment will be vetted by in cash, in the euro, either through credit cards in Internet (will take a bit longer time).

"AS BE Since SOBAKAMI, KOTORYKh WE NOT're going to carry In Brno, BUT VERY want the da DO THIS AT LS Optical Light Source comprehensive DNA tests MYDOGDNA PASS?"

1 variant
Have us on site you can order kits for selection samples DNA: http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/shopping-cart
Under registration of the invoicing, specify, please, code discount: EDS2014RU(or code discount breed from NHL)
With this code, the cost of whole test MyDogDNA PASS for each dogs will 109 the euro (99 the euro for analysis + 10 the euro for send certificate by registered your departure).
Kits will in your local separate mails later 2-2.5 weeks.
For moreover, to results tests wore the official status, samples DNA should distill veterinarian (any incumbent officially veterinarian). He identifies every dog by reading account / stigma and assures selected by samples signature and print on a special form.
Selected by samples and certified forms transmit representative lab within exhibition.

2 variant
Learn have his the vet, perhaps, have him in available there is synthetic tsitoschetki. Any producer.
Here is, that such tsitoschetki: http://moskva.all.biz/zond-citoshchetka-tip-d-g2000158
If tsitoschetki sow, fill on every dog here is such a form of: http://www.mydogdna.com/sites/default/f … ng_rus.pdf
With these forms of, go to the vet, identifies every dog, produces fence DNA-material (4 brushes on every dog) and assures filled with forms signature and print.
Regulation for selection samples bukkalnogo epithelium: http://www.mydogdna.com/sites/default/f … ush_ru.pdf
Advise prepare empty new envelopes (formats are A5-A4) for samples every dog.
Every envelope are signing (that dogs) and put inward 4 brushes and completed form of.
Selected by samples and certified forms transmit representative lab within exhibition. Pay for chips on place.

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Here is and came the real ocen, but always pleased to return in warm and solar summer. On one page we raised photos participants the Summer vocation of MyDogDNA, the first two contestants with more just votes.
http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/blog/letneiy … s-mydogdna

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Expensive friends!
Now you can pint material for whole analysis DNA MyDogDNA PASS , estimation more 100 an inherited diseases, and obtain results, bluntly, in Novosibirsk!
Within cooperation with laboratory Genoscoper (Helsinki, Finland), ZooTsentr Dream. On the Tim invites owners dogs test DNA your pets.




MyDogDNA, and in Moscow you have no arrangements with any clinic?



stasyun wrote:

MyDogDNA, and in Moscow you have no arrangements with any clinic?

Dobryi day.

In Moscow, on constant basis of, we are working with clinic VETVILLE (http://vet-ville.ru/).
But s patients, respectively, Takes additional paid for selection samples, work with files and send us samples national transshipment. Also, not act discount from NHL.



MyDogDNA, thank you



I think, that can whom will useful information. And feel more comfortable do in Moscow. The cost of 80bln in VETVILLE -12000 rubles



In just November and until the end of current year, we do you unique proposal!
Complex DNA-testing MyDogDNA PASS on price 85 the euro (instead 134 the euro)!
Proposal indeed for dogs all breeds.

Simply, specify a special code WINTER2014RUunder registration of the invoicing on our site.

To move to commissioned: http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/shopping-cart





The details about result on page: http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/fotokonkurs



Special proposals to 20 April 2015!

In The run-up launch new version of test &, we provide owners dogs all breedsopportunity order current version of whole DNA-test "MyDogDNA PASS" with maximum steep discount!

Simply, specify a special code PASS2015RUand arrive at "MyDogDNA PASS" on price 103 the euro (instead 134 the euro)!
To move to commissioned http://www.mydogdna.com/ru/shopping-cart

In case group-think balloon invoicing tests for 30 dogs and more, the cost of "MyDogDNA PASS" declines until 85 the euro!
Write us on info @ mydogdna.com

Proposition indeed for dogs all breeds. ) take much for this shares testing should be tons until the mid-on May 2015. Code discount this shares not can be used simultaneously with other ad hoc price proposals lab Genoscoper.



We introduce a new a test panel "MyDogDNA 2015" and a new site MyDogDNA!

07 on May wood. Was launched a new site MyDogDNA: http://www.mydogdna.com/. As only on English and Finnish language. The Russian version of the planned later.
MyDogDNA 2015 - this a renewed option whole tests DNA dogs. In him was been included a large number of new mutation an inherited diseases. Final list for dogs, registered on territory Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan you can find on exiled: http://www.mydogdna.com/sites/default/f … sts_ru.pdf
He, as and previously, different from Finnish and European lists.
In psych already tested previously in our Cold dogs now are displayed again added disease, on which can be mentor obtain results, by clicking button, "Add."

Order testing "MyDogDNA 2015" you always you can on English version of site: http://www.mydogdna.com/shopping-cart

Select one 3-'s products:

1. UPGRADE from MyDogDNA LITE to 2015. The cost of 60 the euro.
This option be appropriate you, if your dog already was previously tested in our lab by MyDogDNA LITE, you have there are results tests on hereditary disease and you would like add results on new hereditary disease and properties.

2. UPGRADE from MyDogDNA PASS to 2015. The cost of 40 the euro.
This option be appropriate you, if your dog already was previously tested in our lab by MyDogDNA PASS, you have there are results tests and you would like add results on new hereditary disease and properties.

3. MyDogDNA 2015. The cost of 99 the euro.
If your dog not was previously tested in our lab.
In case, if your dog needs produce a the computer DNA-profayl standard isag or the American Kennel Club, you are available these additional options with + 40 the euro.

The cost of delivery one kit for selection samples - 8 the euro.
Paying produced squarely on site Cold.

1. Renewal results will take from 4 to 6 weeks.
2. In case, if your dog previously was tested in our lab and there are additional samples DNA, then for obtain new results re-selection bukkalnogo epithelium not requires. Every such a case is viewed in individual order, so ask contact with us on address: Info @ mydogdna.com
3. Paper certifications, currently, manufactured and represent the storeowner dog on single request:
- either specify Please, send me paper certificate in remarks, in the creation on site;
- either send separate request on address info @ mydogdna.com.
Paper certifications manufactured and represent owners tested dogs in for 2kh weeks after the publication results.
Still, until 2kh weeks, ranks their send by registered letter,.
4. C 07 on May 2015 discount on testing MyDogDNA for breeders and Activities Fair breeds not envisaged!
5. With 01 June 2015 support users on Russian language will be implemented with a small lag.


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