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Internatsionalna exhibition "RUSSIA-2014" (2 CACIB) 8-9 November 2014

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Understandable, Shakespeare CACIB and LPP, Hagrid -CAC and RACIB
As you're free-vyvesi modicum catalogue and explain it to, mzhsta, where descents with the upper parking



REZULTATY GROUNDS RUSSIA 2014 08 November 2014


Klass puppies
Kingdom most Dogs Kurt- och. Persp., 2
Fraiche Energy Ay GM Namba Uan- och. Persp., 1, Best Puppy

Klass juniors
Kingdom most Dogs Zolberg- och. ., 1
Perseus from nobilis homes - och. ., 2

recognizes class
Kingdom most Dogs Hagrid - exe, 1, CACs, R.CACIB

Outdoor class
Kingdom most Dogs Smile - exe, 2, male
Kingdom most Dogs Shakespeare - exe, 1, CACs, CACIB, ChRKF, Best Representative Porody


Klass juniors
Victory's Secret Audrey - exe, 1, JCAC, Best Best junior

recognizes class
Of Indian old from nobilis homes - och. .
Splendid Spa colour Venezuela - but / I

Outdoor class
Kingdom mountain slip the dogs Horik - och. .

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ClockWorkMystery wrote:

Outdoor klassKorolevstvo mountain slip the dogs Horik

Have us och. Chorus, not very aptly poured.



Alisa, and pro other prostate problems known that?



P (park

We toured today about 10.30-11.00, issues of on underworld parking why something were closed (though on oaaei over them was written, that free seats in bulk), so we go on multilevel parking (this the building for building 3 corps Crocus Expo), entry on parking with of butt-end buildings. If stand the face of exhorts entry, the from Left from you slightly ahead will Crocus, and outs of with parking services will be as times for this side. I've already jotted down couple of strokes for visibility (with as painting I have now all not very :)).




Slightly later'm gonna post photos, and until wanted would a bit to share their impressions.
Governments, then we the first time were on such a large the exhibition and me not appreciate :)
Have us in principle today morning as something not pass out free samples.
Began with, that under the Congress with Volokolamki on Moscow Ring Road to us in his behind has arrived L, which why something saw her as, that it need not to dwell, if ahead biking machine is worth, and can be simply to go forward. In general, we Kisslinger bit with cozy woman, with insurance and police and with envy watched on Crocus, which creeping up quite near :) In end, we on nerves, dog from-for this, too, nervous, in general,, the more the merrier.
Outcome - on place we were slightly before 11.
Parking street before 3 corps's blocked, albeit wastes, underground parking, too, closed off, modicum on oaaei and referred, that there heap free seats. Had to to go on multilevel and seek place there. They its dostraivayut that whether, in general, there many concrete dust on gender, orphans as.
Us very are blessed with location ringa in side, there was less people and not was such it's poke, as in many other places. Tomorrow will not so pleased, defended have us in mid-have transition between premises, today there was not crowded out.
For dogs there is a dust that, I so understand, as usually, but many dogs there walk not want, of course same, and smells is worth an appropriate alongside them. To word about toilets. Despite ban vygulivaniya on territory krokusa, people would still, of course same, walk, with many not udosuzhivayutsya for their dogs clean up, saw on the street about parking miraculous heap. Many dogs you know, peeing directly in of it, as go, all floors in luzhitsakh and latest latest fusion style :) One cheeky Bern tried to mark our cell with-within and only my an outraged sound of distress his spooked, strange host same, treplyuschemusya on the telephone, was not before him, even not apologized then, and urine his wee things we themselves ottirali from gender.
In a whole, very many mysterious and inadequate people, which utterly for their animals not watch and not think nor about them, nor about whom something friend around. And this notorious of course.
Me not liked organization process in ring. Gross of was tried well and spell out the, long back yard with my friends, ticked best on jobs, and then began gruel. I so understand, that decided do a small pause and why something crowd people saw her as, that this the most appropriate time and place, to Marty McFly himself work out with their shelties (and god with them with appenami, which must exhibiting after us, but why there were "Berna, which to the time already now you have, and perishing those more that`s - I ah quite not understand).
In end, all 10 bushikov as if intermingled in together. There is no, were evaluated by judge quite spell out the, each dog devoted time, watched her teeth and eggs, watched go jogging to itself and from themselves, but here is with perspective outs - ah terribly all was. It is unclear, who in what classroom (and if with studs me was challenging deal, then with bitches of - at all the gloom :)). Best dogs watched under emotional outburst during on the ring virtually, with as something catch a glimpse, on jobs not fail and camping on P.
Description of received what something quite dry that whether. Hope, tomorrow us more lucky :)
Ah and of course same, still times I congratulate all winners and wish luck tomorrow's participants!

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Big exhibition always less are pleasant, than monkey. Crowds and not adequate dogs and owners are so distressing, often still and scare.
With classes over time're)
Lena! You languages (cannot be so write about competitors, even if you confident (I not doubt ;)), that you have the best not light of it is a watchdog) us all they best! Check a tick themselves on place owner dogs, and if so about your favorite dog write? Here is I would torched the Lyndhurst in fluff and by and dog and owner, which would allowed itself so write about my the boys, which, too, the most beautiful, but lose on exhibitions other KRASIVYM to the dogs, if would benefitted all exhibition one and, too, dog, on them would not were, was would not interestingly) Moreover shortcomings there is have all, and have experts different opinion, who the on one thing points out attention, who the on that the another, one judge for a swirling tail higher och. The choir not will give, the other attention not generated, for many is important khendlinga and display dogs, and for whom the this at all no matter. You have still will many exhibitions and victories, but need to give tribute competitors, and perishing those more not mebers.



I congratulate all winners and participants! Until meeting tomorrow!



All, agree, this my subjective opinion :)
Posts mop up, to no one not bit confusing.

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And all-??? Alla rights.



I congratulate all participants and winners!

Individual greetings the winner - Kingdom most Dogs Shakespeare and his the mistress Svetlana! Good fellows! http://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gif


Lena, not be upset! Not worth so emotionally respond. You have still ahead! Believe me! And fail will engage, too, need honorably. And perishing in no way case cannot be secretary its opinion about competitors on universal discussion. This very incorrect approach: ((

Wish all luck on tomorrow!



Nellie, 'll do better :) modicum and’m gonna stay until under his opinion :)



ClockWorkMystery wrote:

Nellie, 'll do better :)

Here is and nice!)

ClockWorkMystery wrote:

modicum and’m gonna stay until under his opinion :)

Ah, personal opinion still no one not revisit it) His the availability of even welcome http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif



Thank you large
Separately thank you want say People I http://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gifhttp://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gifhttp://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gif



Sorry for offf! Nightmare what the! Go with mobile network on forum) account for again regestrirovatsya)

I congratulate all participants and winners! http://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gif
Shakespeare play!! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/109.gif
Lena, I congratulate you with Grishandiem) Xoroshij outcome) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif

Judges different-gays-red) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif
Exhibitions many) but, agree with you, that my it is a watchdog better all, not because that better, but because getten berry a favorite) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/609.gif

Wish all entlebushkam tomorrow new victories and luck! Waiting for with look forward results! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_in_dreams.gif:flag:

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stasyun wrote:

Alisa, and pro other sook known that?

Have Audrey accurately right on, seen Red check box. Rest not memorized the. All as the was mixture in this time.



Means, daughter KGP Victoria and KGP Bilbo, too, Congratulations!



Thank you all for greetings!
Until meeting tomorrow!



ClockWorkMystery, . From songs words not played. You even not represent, what a residue remained. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif



Tanya, thank you! We happy with our the result!


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