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All about exhibitions (for newcomers and not only)

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Long in me's not deserted thought, that needs cover subject exhibitions.
Simply because indeed often difficult cope with all khitrospleteniyami stingy arrangements.

I will try as something facilitate some moments, to was easier for understanding of. Something'm just going to move, to not slaughter you head new minutiae.

So, you acquired a puppy. You have fulsome desire to go on exhibition.

First you need to to learn, in than the difference moreover or conjures arrangements.

There are such basic arrangements as:
- smotr young cattle (plemsmotr),
- or,
- exhibition

Showcase young cattle (Plem smotr)
Usually participate dogs age from 4 months until year. This venue, where dog described, manufactured its promery, weighing up the, is lauded its external kind of, movement. Estimates no one not puts, better not choose. This venue it is important as for noted to assess results his labor, broke a whether all the, that had gone very wrong under vyazke. For owner to know, correctly whether he of cultivating a puppy, is worth whether pay attention on any aspects of, obtain advice on nutrition, a and to everything else. Ah and this such a cheerful a mixer-where can be see a great and contact with masters of brothers / sisters his dog or with other persuaded, swap experience, simply a chat. Compare his schenka with odnopometnikom. And simply for a holiday.

This kinologicheskoe venue, consisting of complex special tests, aimed at identifying dogs, maximally repent demands standard breed. By definitions type superior nervous activities and other better characteristics dogs experts-kinologami (kermasterami) is undertaken selection Samoyede and prostate problems, in the most damning extent suitable for little use, and culling so many animals, not suitable for reproduction. This real selection animals for a view. On every dog is filled or-map on large list parameters. Often simultaneously with this endeavor nowadays is conducted Testirovanie on psychology.

In world there are several systems sporting event for dogs, precisely competition. This entertaining and spectacular sport. They accented different and their species many. For example, pastba, a fly, possible, agility (dogs) and anything.

Initially is zootekhnicheskoe venue during which is conducted assessment external of shape dogs, and also its behavior. This selection and demonstration of best representatives breed, identifying best tribal producers.
On exhibition come different men-- and professional breeders, and owners-lovers. Exhibition this venue, where can be and themselves show and other watch. Professionals attend their, to pick a producer. Someone comes, to to purchase or mind the schenka. Here can be to communicate with experienced zavodchikami, meet associates. Ah and of course same, exhibition this, too, sport, where there is winners and Defeated.
To gradation exhibitions review below.

It is important, all these arrangements not free. For participation needs pay premium the organizing arrangements.



So, you gathered all OK on exhibition.

First you needs will familiarize with standard breed. To familiarize themselves with him on Russian can be here http://rkf.org.ru/upload/documents/stan … 47_ru.doc, to make sure, that your dog fits standard, not has diskvalifitsiruyuschikh signs of.

Forth you need to ask themselves question why you this all need to?

Options many, but basic the next:
- consider that your-bitch must to participate in intended for breeding. And you want dear porodnykh puppies. And to puppies had documents - you need to obtain for dogs so-called razvodnuyu assessment of. And obtain its can be only in an exhibition and not only would what, but on seedlings certificated.
- consider that your dog-male must to participate in intended for breeding. And for this you needs advertise his stala. Because speaking than more, more often and more success you will his to present, the more the likelihood, that his t notice owners sook and someone of them chooses Rouseff your stala in fathers his descendants. Choose owners prostate problems, camping on E. Bitch povyazhetsya even if she quite not star, under this even super star male can to remain without descendants.
- ambitious hopes and are they vain. You likes win. And you chose this kind of contest to meet his egos. And together obtain many of the IOC, powered, medalek-to boast of they before friends and among acquaintances.
- 206, likes the entire this turnout. In an exhibition, communication with other persuaded dogs. For you exhibition this in primarily celebration and reason to hang out
- 206, very like your dog, all say-that she simply Angelin. And you want show its other, to can you dig it, the attaboy, all in awe of and otsypali together compliments.
- 206, very likes your breed and you want, to as can be more people learned about it and bisected with you joy possession of such super breed. Exhibition very are good on subject popularize breed in a whole, and not only specific dogs. This advertisements breed
- 206, want obtain description of precisely this expert, mostly this concerns experts-porodnikov.
-One from way to socialization a puppy. Many dogs, people and follow a very specific the atmosphere
- 206, likes puteshestvovat- and exhibition a lovely reason to visit other cities and countries

Of course, I in than something utrirovala description of. But in tselom- this precisely so. And every of these points not bears negative painting. That bad in is, to come simply hang out and to communicate with Test Ban, for example))



Then you needs vybrat- what precisely exhibition you want to visit.

Exhibition accented those created by different rank and from him depend rules of naming Ekspouzd Violet Wonder.

Rank SED:
- You little faggot. RKF Champion (perhaps obtain SED, KChF, decision, ChRKF) - titles (except ChRKF) information is assigned to dog and , winners and 1- s seats in every classroom (interim, open and champions), title ChRKF accorded the better dog and better.
- Champion Federation (perhaps obtain SED, KChF, decision) - titles (except decision) information is assigned to dog and , winners and 1- s seats in every classroom (interim, open and champions); title decision accorded for Best dog and Best Souquet.
- a Candidate in Champions Federation (perhaps obtain SED, KChF) - title SED accorded dog and , winners and 1- s seats in every classroom (interim, open and champions), and title KChF - accorded the better dog and better.

- international (perhaps obtain SED, CACIB, ChRKF) - title SED accorded in every classroom (interim, open and champions), SASIV and ChRKF - the better dog and better ;

-rang the PC (perhaps obtain the PC, ranked, SS) - ranked accorded in every classroom (interim, open, in the classroom winners and champions), and best male and bitch receive "the PC (winner of America NHL)." Title SS- "Certificate of Conformity with" accorded only to the dogs, involved in distribution, on liking expert.
-rang ranked (perhaps obtain ranked, SS) - ranked accorded the better dog and better . Title SS- "Certificate of Conformity with" accorded only to the dogs, involved in distribution, on liking expert.
- rank CHK (perhaps obtain CHK, ranked, SS) - title ChK- "Champion club" accorded the better dog and better . Title KChK- "a Candidate in champions club" - in every classroom (interim, open, in the classroom winners and champions). Title SS- "Certificate of Conformity with" accorded only to the dogs, involved in distribution, on liking expert

Titles R.cac and R.CACIB information is assigned to the second dog exhibition (dog and ), under comparison remaining dogs by choice expert.



deciphering reduced symbols Ekspouzd Violet Wonder and buy certificates.

SED - candidate in national champions beauty (camping on E. Candidate in Champions the countries, where received);
R.cac - Reserve candidate;
CW - winner class;
R.CW - Reserve winner
Decision - champion federation (RFSS, RFLS, RFOS, OANKOO);
KChF - candidate in champions federation (RFSS, RFLS, RFOS, OANKOO);
CHAMPION RKF Champion - champion RKF Champion;
CACIB - candidate in international champions beauty (candidate in Interchempiony);
R.CACIB - Reserve candidate.
J.CAC - candidate in youthful national champions beauty (candidate in and see Young Champions countries);
-54 (Best baby) - the best baby;
BEST BABY (Best puppy) - the best Puppy;
Liu (Best junior) - the best Best junior;
BOS (Best of opposite sex) - the best bitch;
Best Male (Best of opposite sex) - the best male;
LPP (Best of located) - the best representative breed;
CHK / CHAMPION NHL - champion national club;
The PC / P. NHL - winner national club;
Ranked - candidate in champions national club;
SS - certificate mimic
Mainstream CHAMPION NHL - so champion national club;
Mainstream P. NHL - so winner national club;
Mainstream Ranked -yunyy candidate in champions national club;
U.S.S. - so certificate mimic.
Of Morgan (Best civil group) - the best in group FCI;
COP15 (Best civil show) - the best dog exhibition;
R.BIS (Reserve-Best civil show) - reserve the best dog exhibition.

All titles information is assigned to on choice expert (and can be not assigned).

Rules of naming Ekspouzd Violet Wonder can be read here http://rkf.org.ru/documents/regulations/titul.html



Under registration on exhibition, needs burn dog in a certain class.

Klassis determined by coming from age dogs:
Class baby with 4 to 6 months;
Class puppies with 6 until 9 months;
Class juniors with 9 until 18 months;
Class interim with 15 to 24 months;
Class open with 15 months;
Class veterans with 8 years
Mentor to make matters worse
Class winners with 15 months (only on monoporodnykh exhibitions);
Class champions NHL with 15 months (only on monoporodnykh exhibitions);

Date definitions age dogs is day, previous the early exhibition

Information about stimulus exhibitions in Russia can be watch here http://rkf.org.ru/index.html



And now in diluted forms that would.

Exhibition level CACsallow obtain or close (depends on situation) titles:
- Young Champion Russia,
- Champion of Russia,
- Champion RKF Champion,
- Champion Federation such something.
Look information about stimulus exhibitions here http://rkf.org.ru/shows/other/ranga-chf-kchf.html
Also often the organizers put it up there announcement of forthcoming the exhibition here is here http://pesiq.ru/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=7

Exhibition level CACIBin Russia and abroad allow obtain or close (depends on situation) titles:
- Young Champion and Champion countries (where is conducted exhibition),
- Junior Champion of and Champion of Eurasia (Asia and camping on Afghan,
- Young Champion and Champion Europe,
- Junior Champion of and Champion of World,
- Rocheby
Information about CACIBakh, prosperously in Russia look here http://rkf.org.ru/shows/international/i … onal.html. Two largest exhibition CACIB in Russia this Russia (is conducted autumn) and Eurasia (is conducted spring)
Information about exhibitions overseas can be found on site Canine federation the countries, which you interested in. List us with an federations in the composition of the FTsI here http://www.fci.be/en/members/ -klikaete achieve escape country and see site federation
Information about Championships World and Europe find the next way in banned we are butchering World dog show or Euro dog show and year-and get get on convener exhibition
Example, ChM 2015 http://www.wds2015.com/index.php will pass in Milan. MOLDOVA AMOUNTED TO 23,7% 2015 http://www.europeandogshow2015.com/ will pass in Oslo

Detached are worth the next exhibition. Here notll earn CACs or CACIB. Here specifically awarded title.

In Russia:
- American Bulldog's Specialty exhibition.
Information it is possible find or on site NHL http://entlebucher.ru/cntnt/o_klube.html or on Forum NHL Monoporodnye exhibition (ranked, the PC, CHK)
On these exhibitions, in dependence from rank, can be obtain or close terms of a set of title Champion of NHL
What it is important!To participate in Monoporodnoy the exhibition can any dog from any kennels, even if she (dog) not is member of NHL.

Golden collar.
Information can be find here http://rkf.org.ru/index.html. To participate can only dogs akess titles CR and YuChR. Rules on site can be read.

In of England:
- CRUFTs show.
Site http://crufts.fossedata.co.uk/. This so-called Oscar dogs

In the US:
- Westminster show
Site http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/

On three past classification dogs different from customary us. Before the participation needs to familiarize themselves with rules conducting specifically these exhibitions.



For participation you needs register.
Do this can be different ways. The main option-will familiarize with way on site convener. Usually registering the ends for month before dates conducting exhibition. Principle one, needs provide the organizing:
-chek about remunerating payment (often can be pay through he-layn form of on site). Or provide warranty letter with condition pay in an exhibition (if there is such a option of). The cost of registration those cheaper, than before you you recording on participation in the exhibition
-zapolnit registration form of or smallness or paper (last send in the form of any scan on mail or fax)
-predostavit a copy of be described as puppy cards or pedigree (domestic or export). On be described as puppy card can be be stored by under registration only in class baby, puppies and Juniors. In adults classes (and even for juniors, if you all OK are going turning a blind title YuChR) - you need a bloodline. Can be and Russian. But for of set CACIB you in have order need a export bloodline, and otherwise not be stripped of. Ah and for trips abroad you need a export bloodline. Lineage while aspiring get in RKF Champion in exchange for schenyachku. Order such, first global schenyachku on Russian lineage, then Russian on export. This can be done and in one day all, simply will cost more expensive.



Exhibition this venue, where you must field dog. So you need to figure out, as you this chase to do.
- Internally. But not seriously impair would watch couple of video, as this is done, and better Malesherbes with profesonalom, which you upstanding assholes wants to train and bolts. Honestly this not be easy, although with hand looks very easily. You same need to not simply to stand up and you with dog, and to she this made talk. For if even you have dog with ideal its back, and you, in view Hagerman, its will bet neudachno- the she can for expert look as hunchbacked or, contrary, with a failed its back. There is no, I not want exaggerated the need professional khendlinga. But note, that on super show and on first places more often all OK all dogs with prof. Khendlerami. And very often this simultaneously and is a master dogs, but simply enormous experience and practice have made this owner profesonalom.
-nanyat Handler as his assailant. That need to understand, that that well Russian, ministry-death. T. E. Makes sense all OK choose Handler as his assailant, which Hypnotizes your breed, camping on K. He knows all nurples breed. Usually names are transmitted from mouth to mouth on sarafannomu radio. And can be still go on exhibition and have personally experienced see work khendlerov curiously different.

Perfectly the combination of both cases. On itself Id say my dogs flaunting profkhendler, but under this I and itself studied and continue to be educated with their dogs khendlingu, camping on K. Accented cases, when your Handler simply not can for some reason field s dog and you account for his substitute.

Engage can be as individually, so and in group. Need and the and another. And engage need to and in spied a and on the street, camping on K. Exhibition pass and in of it and on the street on different things surface.

About occupational khendlingom and the most process invoicing dogs.
In normal life dog churchgoers in collar or shleyke. To present all same better on ringovke. They accented different species. Chain and vodilka, or simply-rag-or leather ringovka. Here is here can be I merely diversity http://pardi.ru/category_148.html And ??? dog need to hooking walk in ringovke. Also as were being conditioned its in its time walk in collar and on tight leash.



Is famously. You signed up on exhibition. You pursue your business with dog khendlingom.
Another offers moment needs not forget this timely vaccination dogs from Cow Disease. Vaccination must be made not previously than for year before exhibition, but not later than for month. And about this must be of three years vdmtka in vetpasporte dogs.
And still, if you start your biking journey on exhibition overseas, the dog necessarily must be chipirovana. ???? date chipirovaniya must be previously dates of last vaccines from Cow Disease.

The next moment. This external immaculate kind of dogs. Our breed of not requires of grooming. But it must be clean wool, her teeth. But of course do discount on weather-if entirely rain and dirt on knee was, and you exhibit your paintings on the street, be a dry and a net not tickles. But take with a napkins, to a bit peel the dog and towel-to its use before it a ring, is worth all OK.

The next moment. You will need holder of for numbersand as for dainties. , too, be acquired in stores. Usually have Handler as his assailant this all there is. But supply not would hurt.

And ??? if you stomach themselves field dog you is worth mass their the outside guise of. Convenient, but this hotell has clothing commensurate status exhibition. Convenient shoes.

So, remained quite a bit until days H.
That you needs still do until exhibition? The answer - obtain a clean in gosvetklinike.
List SBBZh Moscow here can be watch http://bona-mente.ru/archive/reference-book/286-sbbg/ won a your cities need to identify the in 120.
You must be obtain a clean F1, if exhibition passes not in is district, where you reside. And F-4, if in is. But easier borrow F1 always, to not mistaking the)) hrs abroad-this separate the. There need a still will and Euro certificate.
In a whole about vetkontrole in Russia. On ideas, on most exhibitions there is Animal Control on place, camping on E. Our current reactive model--you come on exhibition, really shows vetpasport, What'll take your money and will do vetkontrolya. But officially is considered, that you owe come on exhibition with already final inscribed F1. And if on small exhibitions this theme not worth acutely, then on large exhibitions can and the problem arise.
About the most F1. She acts five days, including date obtain. If you worldwide.Would on two exhibitions consecutive, you not need two Help, simply do a copy of, to give its on slow. Control.



So, tomorrow exhibition.

In advance collect increasingly necessary, to with morning not Caribbean vytaraschiv eyes on apartment.

Primernyy list.
-kopiya docks records on exhibition (a check and camping on D.)
-vetpasport with functioning inoculation from Cow Disease
-spravka F-1 (in help place appointments should be referred place conducting exhibition)
-kopiya pedigree or schenyachki

To dogs:
-ringovka / chain / vodilka for ringa
-kletka + bedding - ah if use. Why strongly recommend cell or boxing. Perhaps, you will have long wait its waiting lists, and can and not long, but on exhibitions (especially large) very many people. To dog was comfortable experience and you themselves conveniently take boxing or cell (soft -samoe the). And on dog no one walk and treading water not will. And at all safely. But need to understand, that if your dog to cage not reliable-in first day its in an exhibition try to there put will not quite smart move, camping on E. 're toilet in advance.
-vlazhnye napkins
-sukhie napkins
Count for debris and was very clean for other trouble
-polotentse -nu, too, on anyone of fire
-miska for water
-miska for feed
-korm (this if long wait will have, and dog trained eat more often, than 1 or 2 times in day)
-kosmetika (ah this if something need :))) This is, for example, a means for neskolzheniya paw prints on gender.
But can be and Coca-Cola use. But more often all OK pathways lie on ring
-salfetki for eye and ear - to print is, if that
-lakomstvo-heart of, liver, choked or other entertainment NATO you are using in as a dainties. Better the, that not tone Corrasable Bond and it smudges.
-aptechka (including shears, place cottons, a Band-Aid, and camping on Covering on anyone case not would prevent

To owners:
-raskladnye chairs-long stand very awkward)
-chay-coffee or cognac in the flask - ah this on desire
-buterbrody -opyat same on desire. Usually there is cafes, but expensive
-fotoapparat, camera, planshet- on desire
-ruchka / a notepad, -vdrug will need that burn
- Fill - on such large exhibitions usually organized sale three.
-zont, if on the street will undergo exhibition, and the suddenly rain))

And do on anyone case-- Label it cell, a bag, fodder, water

On first exhibition better take someone itself in aid. And the simultaneously carrying all things and dog vesti- very difficult case))

In advance verify timetable exhibition. And necessarily check his on the evening before the show. At all not adopted to change yes day until timetable, but case and such. Little moreover, check timetable still and in the catalogue and vyveshennoe about ringa, when arrive on exhibition. Were precedents, when on technical reason on site convener was referred the wrong timetable.
In advance witness location rained and Number your ringa.
In advance verify as organized parking a lot, to on place not spend surplus time.
In advance verify, as get to seats exhibition on these and on public vehicles.
BKV on exhibition better in advance. Better walk there, than opozdat- for no one you wait not will.



So. You profits on exhibition.

The first, that makes sense do, if you as least two the first with things and dog goes to ring and commands cell and their things there. That it is important try sited so, to not hinder other participants. And ???, if you suddenly parking and behave is indecent other participants-this not reason behave also) This is their karma, let they themselves with it then deals.
The second in this time goes to server.Usig Animal Control. Shows vetpasport and F1. Will a ticket.
Forth goes on Registratsiyu. If deal happening on major the exhibition type Russia or Eurasia, then first go on smallness registratsiyu- man on it on breed, gender and behalf of dogs finds Number in the catalogue and reports his you / sometimes and immediately oldest. Forth you go on simple registration will catalogue, tickets on two faces and, the case, a gift from convener. Do vetkontrolya Which on Registration.
T. E. On airline these action you have in the hands of must be Number, catalogue and two a ticket (on him you and your satellite can enter and exits with exhibition, but often their no one asks then).

Number need to consolidate or on drawn, or on breast, or on pocket. But to he was visible expert.
When arrive at Number-check his on catalogue, and the byvaet- are wrong registrars.

The next nemalovazhnye moments.
Dog must be vygulyana. Understandable, that Puppy can okonfuzitsya then need to quickly all to remove. Adult dog for such a bit of confusion can to lift with participation.
Seats vygulov usually organized in several places.

Still moment. But come, to your dog not has rushed on another dog and not set scramble, for this disqualify can. But and to on your dog no one has attacked. Need a adequate caution.

Dog necessarily must be on tight leash! For dog constantly need to keep, to not escaped. And i.e. individuals, which open cell one leftist and go gulyat.
Not want frighten, but sometimes on exhibition come zooshizy. Monitored the dog constantly or ask someone from their tag along, follow. For things, too, monitor, to then not cry on subject of a stolen.

And still curious to an important moment! Especially owners young dogs and from whom this dog the first. Not need to try to will introduce your dog with other, especially adults, proportioned member ofthe. First, your dog simply can first other dogs. And second, all OK exhibition-this a competition. Someone administered, and someone on nothing. Not need to provoking. People focus, not need to their muddle the with this love. Ah and case so, that someone simply not likes, to his dog met with unfamiliar dog. They all have on this right.

Makes sense dog remove simply stroll a little bit of a, to not sit constantly in cage, to not staying up. Expectation case very long. Wook sadly, case and so, that defended delayed look on several hours.



Closely but come, that happening on ring, to not provoronit its time.

Procedure invoicing classesat different exhibitions so.

But usually this is so:

Males baby
Has presented to baby
Choice Binh Duong Province baby
Males puppies
Has presented to puppies
Choice Binh Duong Province a puppy
Males Juniors
Has presented to Junior athlete
Choice Binh Duong Province Ch,
Males class interim
Males class open
Males class champions
Males class veterans
Choice Binh Duong Province stala were picked by from winners classes an interim, an open and champions and veterans
Has presented to class interim
Has presented to class open
Has presented to class champions
Has presented to class veterans
Choice Best has presented to - were picked by from winners classes an interim, an open and champions and veterans
Choice Binh Duong Province representative porody- were picked by from Binh Duong Province Ch,, Binh Duong Province stala, Best has presented to



So, it is time exit your dogs in defended.

Procedure action. He write.
-at order, as spelled out in the catalogue, you get off with dog and vystraivaetes in one line.
-Sobaku bet in stand.
- The expert passes past all dogs assessing their in a whole.
- Maybe to approach each-watch her teeth, test the availability of Faberge? have Samoyede, touch back, tail. Can take height chart and measure dog.
-Dalee all on team expert are beginning movement around the circle running. Dog must to flee you will. Usually be going against-hour the switch around expert. Dog always must to flee with the hand, to was visible to an expert.
-Dalee all again apply in one line and begins personal of an expert every dog. T. E. You on invitation of judges failing to him dog and bet its in stand, to expert could its as should consider and assess. Expert dictates Secretary detailed description of each dogs, celebrates under this as its dignity, so and shortcomings, then he flaunting each dog appropriate assessment of. If assessment is famously or more aware of the "curse we - you go in tail line of and have been waiting for further action. Most often, if assessment another- you are leaving the ring. On this for you exhibition ended (but not leave the center immediately, need to wait describe, which will give out after all rained your breed).
And thus look around all dogs.
The case, expert except estimates in hotel reception requests run from themselves and to itself with dog individually, and do circle individually. The case, requests run two dogs in parallel from themselves to itself. Listen to instructions expert or his interpreter.
After individual osmotra- most often expert offers run all overall circle. And Next all brings the and distributes seats.
And ???, not forget congratulate winner. You it is not difficult, and him pleased. And after all on this place in next time you can prove and you.

What it is important.
Prohibited from fix dog with their feet, only hands. Cannot be dog to cause pain and punish its in the ring. Not need to to carry its for tail and to post up on ringovke. All this may lead not only to reduce estimates, but and to disqualifying you and dogs with ringa.

If your dog the best in the classroom, it awaits not far from ringa comparisons.



What estimatescan be mooted in an exhibition.

In mortar baby and puppies:
-Very announced a promising reform agenda (very promising) red cases about,
-Perspektivnyy (promising) blue cases about,
Neperspektivnyy (not promising) green cases about

In mortar juniors and in all adults mortar
- exe (excellent) red cases about,
- MA It well (very good) blue cases about,
- Yes (good) green cases about,
- while its (positon) yellow cases about,
- Diskval (you all) -belaya cases about,
- Without estimates (not evaluation)

About the spoils estimates. Debate with an expert in ring cannot be flatly: First, for this you and your dog you can be authority were disqualified, and second, expert in any case more pros, than you and even if you with his opinion not agree, then this not means, that are right you, not he or she.

On airline exhibition you will entrepreneurship with description and a myelogram Ekspouzd Violet Wonder, if you their was awarded. Get close to Secretary ringa and there will. On ideas with these files, if you ranked the first seats you can to approach the premises Commission and obtain gift the Asian or socket. Most often reward all OK Binh Duong Province baby, Binh Duong Province a puppy, Binh Duong Province Ch,, Binh Duong Province stala, Baltas bitch, Binh Duong Province the veteran and LPP.



The best baby, Best Puppy, Best Best junior, Best a dog, Best bitch and Best veteran can be relegated on of RKF. And can and not be directed.

Of RKF usually ???? after the end of the all porodnykh rained., camping on E. On the evening, hours in 18-19 and camping on D. In the catalogue this written. Focuses on time - if you vystavilis on the morning, you makes sense to go home for a holiday (and give for a holiday dog). If until BESTov couple hours, better visit in an exhibition (suddenly they begin accurately on time - rarely, but case. To Best dog need to prepare so same, as to porodnomu ring and even carefully - you yet to compete with bosom pals representatives other breeds.
Best Baby came - all dogs trained title Binh Duong Province Baby came breed compare theirs between themselves. Four recognized Baby came exhibition rasstavlyayutsya on seats with first on fourth. Them usually give prizes, outlets, medals and camping on D.
Likewise of RKF puppies, juniors and veterans. Incidentally, if your dog has become Best Yuniorom its breed, and then and Best 15, you go and in Best Juniors, and in Best Group.
When chosen Best Baby came, Best BOB, Best Junior, Best enteteinment comes time of group BESTov (Bset civil Group or BIG).
In the system FTsI all breed dogs share on 10 porodnykh groups. Our group Number two. Go Best Representatives each breed appropriate groups and their compare between themselves. In each group is conducted the positioning with first on fourth place (them usually, too, give prizes, outlets and camping on Afghan, and the best dog in each group is participating in the so-called general Show or Best civil Show (or BIS). From 10-fringes winners groups were picked by Best Zitch dog Shows.

On this usually exhibition ends can be to go home.



Ah and finally, all passions after an. Description of, clubs obtain and anything considered. Derzhitsya look, video, too,. Results we have uploaded on site breed or on Forum.
And it is time to talk to the about ethics and nurturing owners and khendlerov.

Id say immediately. Without obidnyakov. Opinion you its you can mouth, of course, this yes. And pro the, that expert sees in the first time rocks and at all not knows, as it must look. And that judge Kuplennyi. And that your dog was the best, and you unjustifiably gave not first place, and first place gave diagonal position-lyamoy dog unfairly. Irrigate each other and other slop can be long. And can be even not to yield to the end of the exhibition, and directly standing still for ringovoy ribbon to discuss in nerdy act other dogs, experts and owners.
Only here is naskolko- this characterizes you themselves?
One slovom- unseemly. And is unethical. And even if other this make - this all promote is indecent and not gives you rights to do also. This their karma, let they themselves for it respond. You same in childhood parents not forgotten nurture.

You, that judge fool , so go and gonna learn on Chief Justice and chase judge in its pleasure of strangers dogs))
You, that your dog better, so subscribe on another exhibition-and win its.
And want discuss do this on kitchen with their close and friends. To simply neokonfuzitsya

And at all-one simple advice.
Not exact and the perishing so to heart all these results, yes simply because, that you its dogs like as love on for what she exhibition wins.
After all truth.



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Tanya, thank you huge, this simply celebration some!



Tatiana, huge thank you! Very informative! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/297.gif



Is happy, that someone this will help))


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