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Beauty of Belarus Maple The syrup

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Our to the young Rudyake today did probably slam fist year. Gift him have prepared and soon his solemnly give (if mail not let). By the end of first year life Rudi finally began understand our mood, or on days and other small beer and became virtually ideal dog. Only oftentimes the implementing various things from homes and he spreads on vote. Him one times it looked, that us this likes and now he with tenacity sheep pulls out the the cushion, then shoes, then clothes and neatly dumping around homes. Ah okay Rudi, let us you discourage something and from this habits. Still, Rudik made us and itself gift by closing yesterday young champion Belarus. Triviality, and pleased. In the second year life-political self-confident nation. Terribly are happy, that we have he, and he unambiguously glad, that we there is have him!



When the second year life-political self-confident nation

I congratulate :) of his!



Congratulations to with Dnem Pit and with the first title!



Thanks for Sharing (greetings! Rudi confused and exasperated:



Congratulations Rudika with... Happy Birthday!



Congratulations to with day birth and with chempionstvom! Let handsome is growing internall? and happy!



Thanks for Sharing (greetings!

Finally the came gift for Rudi, will now be trying to be down on chessboard of.



gift for Rudi

The Beauty.



"Rudi confused and exasperated" http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif
Ah, this OK gift-vizitnaya card, entlebukherov) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif
I congratulate) …) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/109.gif



Oops thank you, gorgeous!
Without such a 2002-Entlebuch (district) as a Roger without cows!

Yesterday syrup got in a fight with that is very. And as always the case, to the dogs modicum would of henna, and I what the started climbing alone physically separate and received such a good bite from entlebukha, well modicum • was near and in jacket, modicum and easy, was. Off wounded and reduced bites reported, that are sure as known decorate ??. Then me vivid people heard a, that need synchronously for rear its feet roll immediately two.
Straightened then Rudyaku, to watched far’t bite http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif



All in a whole goes run their course. Over the last time minus another phone, minus about ceasing and minus blood-pressure cuff. But he already a bit is content from this and promised more nothing not eat, except an edible


T. K. Were in anticipation baby, then we smallness of worried as The syrup qb to a new family member. Obchitalis all sorts of exhortations, porasprashivali kinologa and related known dog-person person and in a whole followed procedure, namely: All bought in advance whether, pritarabanili a crib, a carrier, the empty cardboard roIl, gave to everything this get used. But when emerged plump, dog, he his smallness of so much as sniffed, licked head and since then on month sent in ignore. The first time bark, when who the bought these child on hands, now, later month already stopped. I, I devote Siropchiku attention even more than child, so he in principle's thawing and already becomes on the sly from Othello in senior a baby brother.




Sometimes think - well that entlebukhery not black, and flag of, and so was would another photo 2002-


And this we Mmhmm. You know, near hospitals the emergency aid in Minsk. It turns out here such chic cleanest, where never no one there is no and such's a land of opportunity for) …. So that, who wants to visit devices with his dog and lives in Minsk the mercy of ask. Entlebukhery wake., where you? We waiting for!


Still interesting feature of Rudyaki. He to death to us McCotter, faced so, that neighbors transformed breathe, leaps once until ceiling countless times, but when's random like it or his help patting, then makes such kind of, as if this does "ginormous" a favor with his hand, type as here is here


And at all already you miss me? You on the summer of, on take in warm.


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A remarkable you guy! Entlebukhi, they such, breathe transformed each time,’owner) now I accurately know, and the young boys, and girls) http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif



You not say! I before very was exasperated such a pass affairs, so happily faced, and now often so happens, that as have Sharikova from's viralized hearts - "on Aleksandr Vasilyevich Kolchak fronts wounded", because Rudi bouncing around like this realistically until the top of and Reserve still hoisted hope to throw a on shoulders, often misses and clawing at me face or what any their. The last time recreate 25?C, by sending his on "place" and he there sits, whines and desperately's shaking his tail, but all ??? sits and awaits, until'll take off clothes and shoes and only then gives will emotions. But already not so zealously.
Here is so here is roughly




What the top photo a cool! I recognized not can :)



Rudka a turn on Belarus attempting tsatsibe, truth only first day. Although on good need to was would go on two days, but be afraid for neokrepshuyu still psyche. Sobakenu founding 18 months literally on other day and Ugandans he in an open classroom first time. Decided go on exploration, can be so speak.
Have Rudi literally in the latest month became manifest itself complex alpha-vicious fighter - growls and tries to run, not on any appropriately for this vicious fighter not below his growth. Small ignores, even if those are. With than this change connected until it is unclear, until on institutional reform on stage starters growl. In an exhibition slightly got distracted talk and already Rudi ryknulsya with messes on Shunyu (if I not location is, there such very slight constant idle movement was). Rudi of course have been downgraded in side for a moment, but trend so itself, then still on husky so same tried to I wanna dive.

I perishing thought, is worth whether him go on defended at all, but ??? went. On outcomes received CACs and RCACIB and went satisfied home. Indeed do there still tests on place loss on PRA, very conveniently broke a.

Ah and have been created another entlebukhera home, now already in the form of mugs


As only after exhibition Rudi farewells in machine, immediately was curled up in decrees and zadrykh. And us until home to go was minutes 15, when toured, very ponuro jumped out from machines and'd you home. There I had included water in a bath to wash it him hoisted, he in the process actions still propoloskal language and's laying in sleep until the most the evening. Such large exhibition for our young men still stress




With language titties very likes, taken the unusual German. I here is quite recently learned that dogs use the so. You have at all in temke interesting cadres, gladly'm.



Skyfall outcomes received CACs and RCACIB

I congratulate. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/108.gif

Wu you at all in temke interesting cadres, gladly'm.

Yes. This talent, so noticing. Me the same very photo like :)



Yuliya K.

Thank you! Glad, that derzhitsya like. Perhaps because have yielded such, that love of our born baby boy by, and he in return gives something good. http://s16.rimg.info/c015594d3420ad87619688c3c818a1b5.gif

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Esdec wrote:

Skyfall outcomes received CACs and RCACIB and went satisfied home. Indeed do there still tests on place loss on PRA, very conveniently broke a.

Congratulations to Rudika with an excellent the result on CACIBe,, it is a pity that failed to in this day to visit in an exhibition.
Very are interested in information on analysis on PRA, how you managed pint this test, after all in Belarus his not make?

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