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New Year holidays Petrushi, Oranges and Martin in Finland’s organs is January '15

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Decided start on the sly subject, and the again summer pro winter write will have)
In this year we visited Finland, and more precisely Ukkohalla.
Subtly lured us there Svetlana Daniel:D Oh than we nor breath not regret making those.
Was us there many people. But importantly, that there were Peter, Apelsina and Martin)
Rested there week with 30 December on 6 January. On the reverse of road was camped in St. Petersburg, so that with morning typically recognized and on him a bit stroll. Homes were 7 January.

Recreation have "tyuleniy", that most the after objective of race on vertically at work.
No attractions. No sport. Only food - son- walk. And so on circle))
So that photo will suit stereotyped)) And not strongly self-descriptive.

So, start.




Gornolyzhnyy resort finish (Ukkohalla), Finlyandiya- resides in the region Kainuu.
Maximum Grabovets heights finish – 170 forge the
The most drawn out The folding finish – 810 forge the
11 ski slopes (in including 2 childhood), proches avant – 6.
6 lifts, in including 2 childhood.
Snowboard-cleanest: 2 road that the-pipe use.
Water park: Aurinkorintela in village Hyrynsalmi, 35 km.

Ski resort finish (Ukkohalla) resides in one of the most most beautiful corners Finland, which rightly call Finnish twist Switzerland. Scientific research have shown, that precisely here marks the most net snow in Finland.

Thanks to don muzzle flash ski season in Palyakka and finish begins one of the first in Finland. Build resort finish provide excellent conditions as for skiers with different levels skiing, so and for snowboarders. The single system ski of runs and productions for on lifts (ski-pass) links resort finish (Ukkohalla) with Marts in 20 kilometers ski resort Palyakka (Paljakka).

brought hencehttp://www.rus-tours.com/finland_ski_ukkohalla.html

Distance from Moscow until finish 1400 kilometers




Just we driven 3,100 US troops kilometers


There aoaee without nights. Only on popis and coffee. And couple of hours already in the most Finland on sleep go looking machine have refuelling. Back stayed in St. Petersburg.

Vpechatleniya from roads.

1. From Moscow Ring Road launched taxable the assistant Temic 43 kilometers (until summer he free), which allows very quickly Tarnawa the cork on Leningrad highways. The on him between Dmitrovskim and Leningradskoye highways. That it is important Warcraft MKADe pointer there is, and here is on contrary path his there is no (as say, unhappy with inhabitants constantly his're cleaning up in). But Yandex. Navigator precisely for him and paves path, so that get lost not tickles. Track until until the end of not finished yet, not on all box work lights. But us very liked, camping on K. Quickly.

2. On Leningrad a highway launched another taxable the assistant Temic 75 kilometers (he now free, when will become a paid-for service-not know), from Budovo until twenty, to allows Tarnawa without problems so all an unloved 89 Vyshny Volochek. We about this a highway not knew, simply turned attention, that hangs pointer - Paying the road - and go there) Our friends, who drove on day before-this pointer not saw, but without problems driven 89 Vyshny Volochek, camping on K. There congestion not was.
Track this also in the process dostroitelstva, us very liked.

3. In view with problem with wheel-had to from system in Grand Novgorod. Himself city not saw, camping on K. On outskirts of sought service, but congestion there, too, deal frequent it seems.
Very grateful to local notvert, which not was able us engage, but provided tool and not took with us nor pittance. (I somebody, 30s December, and have them turn and in tire shop. And in car service. Alone us have proposed to come with our problem 31.

4. St. Petersburg we detoured on Kadugli-Krongo, with strong on taxable the assistant Western Rapid Diameter. The cost of, if am not mistaken -40 rubles day, and at night 20. This for the assistant from Cad until road Scandinavia. Right on, quickly, light))

5. Track Scandinavia.
In one word can be express a sense of -zasada) Skyfall it we aoaee in dark time days. Behaved a strong ice-rain. Track just a narrow. Separate there is no. Partitioning, naturally, not in sight. Lighting there is no. Catching up Dazzling. Machines many. Perhaps, if it comes aoaee day-was it comes challenging. But all OK surprisingly-track international meaning, and more a hike on Children.

6. Border passed in tranche Svetogorskoye Urban Settlement-Imatra

7. Ah and until seats reach at all almost on direct - for the entire path three reverberates) In Finland machines almost there is no. But are or all roads constantly.
That, say so, repaired. They an obscure light disconnected only metres in 150 from you. As they themselves persist drive and not blinded if they glance-not understandable)

Skyfall about girls.
Petrundiy have us old explorer. For apelsinu not extremities were united by, in principle, but as she themselves will lead-not knew.
That can say - girls have us simply golden (Ugh-Ugh-Ugh). Petr bdila, of course, entire a path-camping on K. After flight on jet she now refuses always lie down and goes to sitting. And sleeping, too, sitting)) Jora same adhered to principle - "feed not will? Gulyat not rightly move? Then I-sleep. " And importantly, to pillow under the rump was myagonkaya. It turned out, that she can sleep in any position.
For example, so.

In terms of devices - as and usually, used shleyki, enshrined to backdating podgolovnikam.



Waiting for continuation of confirming stories with :) And I here is all think now over the next year with your applying)



Tanya, thank you!
As always very interestingly and very informative! Your themes to read always one thing pleasure, and such - especially!
Want continuation of and necessarily with photographs! :) ))
P.S. About delaying the: I have long despite (if you not mind, do you) simply copy all your tales of Nalanda itself on tight disk. Let will always under hand, and the suddenly will need, and the internet not will. In any time soon in force different causes nowhere not are going, but can shall get out in term. And have you such master-class, which nor in one event guide not certainly! Still times thank you!



Thanks to, girls! I is happy, if my narratives will you useful) If that mentor interestingly-don. And of course, can be all copy)



Will continue.

That it is important to note-in this time I one filonila under preparation for trip. I have simply not was time even not the, to book living, and in a whole revere pro from the rich far we planned for Ban to go on recreation.
And so I very grateful to Svetlana, that she took all these care on themselves.

Talk about stays.
Need to given, that write d exactly from the experience (and on topic-that I itself realized from just underway. And theme something interesting and digging to its faces those, as book living.

Than Good Finland – options residence there many. This and simply the hotel, and chalets, and apartments, and you. ???? cottage can be fully is under you, or same he counts on 2 family.

Slightly will highlight the on this.
There are several sites, type booking-and, through which can be book cottage.
One of the most famous http://www.lomarengas.fi/
That it is important (I itself not audited), but book not on Russian version of site, camping on K. I listened opinion, that through Russian option the price will be higher)
Even a few sites for armour:

On what moments needs pay attention.
Cheaper to lift half a house. T. E. This cottage with two separate inputs, one family lives on first floor, another – at the second (and still the case, that and on third).
Under armour they are as A (this upper) and B (this floor).

Still needed pay attention on the next momenty- bed linen (and towels) and final cleaning.

Beaulieuis worth individual money and his need to turn. And prosche- bring its. For understanding of - 13 the euro for kit have of our Lessor.

Options final cleaning:
- final cleaning binding to remunerating (for example, in evening she binding in most cottages), but the value of its is denoted by separately
- final cleaning on desire client – camping on E. Can be from it to backtrack, but then tourists take on themselves commitment to remove on their own, and under violating – a fine (about than spelled out in an information present booklet)
- paying final cleaning separate point not stands out, and enters in a common the cost of the lease
In any case makes sense clarify this point clear way, to not was of surprises under the check-out.

For understanding of the cost of. In average the price issue - about 100 the euro.
But under this have us in an information page been spelled out, that we must were under the check-out fulfill a series of points, for example, free London build. And a fine for violating - 500 the euro.

The possible figure:
- paying final cleaning binding, but under booking about this there is no warnings. Or it there is, but very smallholder font,
- under booking through mediator - the price also can not include shared harvest, and warn about this you forget,
- on site affluence is possible such option – listed 80bln the cost of and where any note: Not believing additional collections. Far can enter final cleaning, late arrival, entry-illegally in integrated time, resort collection and camping on P.

Respectively, is obtained, that tourist counts on one amount, and with him require another.

Pro options pay.
Again same various – or paying on place, or a small prepayment under booking and hrs in cash on fact, or full prepayment (sometimes not the returning), or a small prepayment during affluence, and forth hrs for some period until the early armour. This moment, too, makes sense in advance clarify.
The same concerns and living with you dogs. Need to to arrange the in advance living no number of and any dogs the planned.

Need to understand, that all these kottedzhi- private property. Under than one half of homes can belong to one owner, and the other is, Different.
Ah here is this in general the form of.

Have us same was so.
We cast cottage on two family. In “the lower parts of ” lived we, in the upper (the second and the third floor) – lived family Schastlivy.

Here is so looks house (these photo taken with site armour).

This our entry

And this the exit with Far side for the other family (more accurately, the entry have them directly over our, but spiral staircase right underneath is located side)

That represented from themselves our part of homes.

Just 42 square M., intended on 4 + 1 rights.

One large room, a program in relation on two zone – hall and kitchenette there corner, divided resistant.


Under emotional outburst during in confidence Trs is worth one dvukhyarusnaya bed (that normally, but ??? strange).
And, about miracle from miracles, drying cupboard! Yes,, we, you know- “gray people! ”) But as same he us rescued, camping on K. Upper and not only clothing one dried very quickly.

Cuisine of is equipped with as a scullery maid, oven with oven, cooking utensils on full, fully equipped including a toaster, kettle and camping on P. On article – we raze could not understand, why dishwasher not works – it turned out, that need to was include access water. Have us this turn on the spigots troops recognized in sink on shipbuilding (in the basis). It turned out, that insure one's home without such a system prevent dumping of-cannot be.

And the second-a small spare bedroom on two bed (which we simply's been moved). That interestingly. I have suspicion, that bed-with forced flue gas exhaust. Although can be this was-a glitch))

Through toilet (he same souls) entry in a small sauna. ??? yes, until you take a shower-all in district (including toilet paper) - in water)

Still was fireplace. And drovnitsa obychno- this a small Pandora before home. Have us this already all was, but sometimes need to fuel-wood buy have owner.

What not found, but like as case – this the brazier.

T. E. There is no any a certain the site homes, and there is set of those or other things in different options.

Yes, still-floors with heated, there is glance, working and on cooling, and to heat.

That it is important – ask for details an exact point coordinates cards, and the on scheme find problematic case. And pointers streets often zaporosheny covered in white-not spell out)

And from themselves advice (World, this not in principles you, if that :D) - book upper part of cottage, although suspect, that she more expensive. Simply a upgrade, more accurately soundproofing not very the good)



Those dirty sons of-Madrit!
Tanya here already narratives in entire writes, and I nor ear nor. Nothing at all http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/dash1.gif
Smiled and directly the most wanted there to go) again.
Of food further, Tanyushka and foootochek foootochek lot more)



Daniel wrote:

those dirty sons of-Madrit!

Khikhi) has missed))

Photo in the process processing. And over time tense, all right. But d on the sly write.



stasyun wrote:

And from themselves advice (World, this not in principles you, if that) - book upper part of cottage, although suspect, that she more expensive. Simply a upgrade, more accurately soundproofing not very the good)

??? strapon we you their topotushkami)

On fact more expensive the part that more on Tiananmen. In this version as we lived, yes, our part of percent on 30 was more expensive)



Daniel wrote:

Taki strapon we you their topotushkami)

Not gonna believe this, but not strapon. And not topotushkami) Girls on Martin very reacted-as only he under meeting Annex he launched bark - they started Caribbean and bark in the answer) And don't care, that we with husband see already fifth dream)) But this not critical way. Simply if to go with small child, then, Perhaps, this may prove a certain problem.



stasyun wrote:

Don’t gonna believe this, but not strapon. And not topotushkami) Girls on Martin very reacted-as only he under meeting Annex he launched bark - they started Caribbean and bark in the answer) And don't care, that we with husband see already fifth dream)) But this not critical way. Simply if to go with small child, then, Perhaps, this may prove a certain problem.


Ah and to simply you understood scope of our of origin, then just us was 12! Adults and four teenagers in age from 14 fringes until 17 fringes years)
Such a company simultaneously house not can nor one cottage in Ukkokhalle)



Oops, I here smiled, as people sought one cottage on 40 adults. Laughed)



And this already our photo

Here is such kind of on ski slopemore likely 3 star hotel from of our cards

And this neighboring homes. Just in our confidence Trs was eight cottages. Those, that on photo is as would "the second" line.

Fireplace. All-??? come concluded that fireplace -obyazatelen. This very governing and pleased -posidet about him winter on the evening.





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