Brought with trade mark for luxiory

(Bearing, published young through professional from Sochi, Nakhodka Sukhomlinovoy.)

Lighted memory.
Is dedicated to our the victims girls to the sniffer dogs under freight!

They raced the dart on road,
In predvkushene victories and rewards,
And was being taken, to stand up for Russia,
Nineteen beautiful dogs.

Six hearts human bet,
In unison and with with excitement have them,
Life perfect, Ciociaria seemed,
Adding intrigue them haved.

As dreamed about the exhibition this,
And pets prepared year,
And eyes their glowed light,
Believing, in life not will misery.

All dogs quietly sopeli,
Knowing, near are those,
Who in dog-ponimane,
Fits their dream!

And dream have dogs what?
Hands warm and food,
Respect and tenderness,
Fresh in bowl water.

Ah and importantly is near.
To go, sleep,and to live,
That for happiness to the dogs need to?
His human love!

But for that same so increasingly to fuck up a guys,
Death suddenly wanted? For that?
And loved so on the dire injure,
Sorrow to each in heart of time come.

All we close their lost,
All by the dog walkers is making related,
Death a brutal our girls,
- Trying it on I on themselves!

Better it comes me, outlived and old,
In is bus ride to go had to,
Can so avoided would Kupkari,
Death would us deceive managed.

All died. Dogs and people,
Not wanted abandon supes tight,
As dogs could not perish?
If 2003 their man?

They together on run riot deceased descend,
Them dogs will reveal path,
And the girls our manages,
On selling paradise look.

And then gather in cloud,
Souls clean obedinya,
And spilled...? 'Rain appointed,
In windows laid to go Sweet is the kicking down.

Girls, you winners!!
And example were always,
And in honor each of you after death,
Soared with on the sky star!

(With Forum PesIQ, one Amores organs is Mia.)

As same bitterly, as pity (
In this morning a bitter moment
Lacks from pain words.
Flinched selling the world -
There is no in survivors nor people, nor slip the dogs.

Each for friend are gone they
In purity heavenly meadows
Emptied their close days.
Lacks from pain words.

Here sobbing on him land,
Lacks from pain words
Dont them and weep on us, friends -
Rustle of it resounds, with cloud.

In new world there is no of evil and enemies,
Only elcome from your Tears.
Not are looking for convenient words,
Wind pain your us has informed.

We will send you in the answer love,
Noted its around!
And without curiously convenient words
Look at the sky suddenly.

Among dancing cloud
Again together we poured in the ring!
We run limit words,
To and you not have sought their.

Look a, podnyavshi glance -
With khendlerami among meadows
On heavenly bestakh are worth
Nineteen lucky slip the dogs.

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