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Want with parents lead the entlebukhera Puppies,, but satisfied that dog this breed will not comfortable experience in our apartment (apartment two-bedroom, but slightly tesnovataya). Would like obtain your opinion on this about and answers on questions http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gif

Question # 1: Where the in Internet've read, that girls less highly energetic than boys. Truth whether this?
Question # 2: No size should be a sun lounger flying through for adult dogs? (In centimeters)
Question # 3: Whether my parents (them on 45 years) cope with dog, full energy? (T. K. With it same will have Caribbean, engage training). Will whether dog to crush the house and an eye shoes, if it not will of the lack physical leverage?

In advance Thanks for Sharing (answers http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif



Dobryi evening!
1. In general, boys active girls, however, I have there is examples, very flegmatichnogo boy, and girls, which a hundred points forward any boy will give) Zavodchik can you to tell about character moreover or conjures schenka)
2. Ah say. 50 ~ 70 centimeters, can slightly more, I have on Lezaky no one not lies.
3. Me was 45 when I taken his first was objectively, his nurture in force my’inexperience me fadvisors enough is difficult, now in 4.5 we with him had toured entire Europe and he well a well-bred dog) Everyone depends on desires)
Dog can "to crush the and an eye", and can this not to do, sit back with puppy for the first time, explain, that toys more interesting. I have 4 dogs was incurred for 4.5 year, two of which appeared people handling, no one nothing not sgryz - can was lucky, can explained well. But from schenka all-??? valuable things, dangerous for schenka, I advise clean up.



Dobryi evening. Want, too, to share their not large experience. Have us homes in small little apartment two sobakiny girls, one of them entlik. Would argue with Alla, girls, too, can be active and energetic, have us such a, bible canons, simply need many pay attention them until they still children, apartment intact, nothing not ate, wires, desks, chairs, shoes, things and camping on D. All this was it not interestingly, we with it played in toys, now when it 'hochet'sya play, she brings their favorite toys and we Las, pits of (pogryzushki) and child is engaged in a, have walked on debt, to enough energy did was unleash, came home, with and all, child sleeping until morning. Ah of course they need to much attention, this same not plaything, this for us part of family, communication, communication and homes we a calm :) Lezhak have us today, 80 centimeters, she likes a ball of string wrap this up, okay and sleep, to not ukotitsya nor where, but there rarely sleeping, mostly in bed with parents (ah so not can we not be pampered our the Princess). http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_angel.gif



Катерина2203 wrote:

Вопрос №1:  Где то в интернете читала, что девочки менее энергичны чем мальчики. Правда ли это?

Простите, громко посмеялась, когда это читала))) Характер от пола не зависит)))а тут именно характер играет роль. Это как раз про нашу старшенькую Алла написала:

и девочка, которая сто очков вперед любому мальчику даст

Но что точно - девочки намного хитрее и изобретательнее мальчиков))) Это ни хорошо, ни плохо, это просто констатация факта, а как относиться к этому факту-это уже ваше личное дело.
Но вообще я повторю то, что написано везде в сети, что бухи активные, просто по породе и по своему предназначению. Они не могут быть флегами, они за любой кипишь кроме голодовки))И это надо учитывать, выбирая эту породу. Точнее так, с возрастом они становятся более , скажем так, рачительными, т.е. они будут такими же активными в плане игр, занятий и путешествий с хозяином, но уйдет детская неуемность. Ну как дети растут - сначала вечные энерджайзеры, потом становятся степенными мужчинами и женщинами))

Катерина2203 wrote:

Вопрос №3:  Смогут ли мои родители (им по 45 лет) справиться с собакой, полной энергии? (т.к. с ней же придется бегать, заниматься дрессировкой). Будет ли собака рушить дом и грызть обувь, если ей не будет хватать физических нагрузок?

Как тут правильно выше сказали, все зависит от самих родителей. Щенка надо обучать и отвлекать от "нехороших" дел. С ним надо заниматься, причем каждый день, но в соответствии с возрастом. Ему надо загружать мозги, потому что простой бег ему мозги не загрузит.А бегать они могут долго))Если же пустить его жизнь на самотек-то он сам найдет себе развлечение, а что для любого ребенка самое интересное - да все, что самое неполезное и разрушительное))) Т.е. все в ваших руках.



Katerina2203, have us as times girl
1. Is untrue) our girl mega-super of each a vigorous and indeed runs and your any boy
2. About 50kh70, have us likes a sun lounger flying through and gladly on it lies and dormant
3. у нас собаке 2,5 года, за это время было съедено 2 тапочка и пара дочкиных игрушек, ну и утащено много еды со стола-сейчас все убираем) по моему опыту могу сказать, что немного трудно в первый год - тогда у собаки оочень много энергии и она не знает куда ее деть, если ее не гонять, у нас эта нерастраченная энергия выливалась в скачках по дому) сейчас собака знает примерный распорядок хозяина и она очень ненавязчива - если с ней идут гулять - супер и идем гулять, если нет, то она спокойна и скромна) но все же выгуливать хотя бы час в день надо, иначе будет лишний вес, ну и команды надо учить - энтлики любят учиться и им надо не давать киснуть мозгам --

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Want to answer only on question Number three. I would not recommended entlebukhera people who are accustomed to a particular nespeshnomu downstream life. All ??? they kholeriki in of TermWare stage. Can be much say about positive qualities would be needed entlebukherov in communal terms of (and here niei?u praises), but on their a small experience (1 year with entlebukherom) they need to very many dedicate time and very many gulyat. More vibrant dogs I speaking on truth not met. On chessboard of for fifth block - guest Entlebuch (district) the latter dog which will be borne for a holiday, and if and will be borne, then maximum seconds on 20. We strolls in a common complexity with dog 4-5 hours in day and I not I’d say, that this here is directly enough. Vymatyvaetsya only then when a host day in movement, then yes, until the mid-next days can lie hidden level.
If enlebukha not take well, then difficult to example simply lie on couch and to read a newspaper, camping on K. Pet not primenet watch, and that this you there are reading. Of course nurture gives their fruit and dog immediate to the distractions of the days, but hard look on kholerika, which painted in framework of inaction.



Esdec wrote:

At chessboard of for fifth block - guest Entlebuch (district) the latter dog which will be borne for a holiday

Ah why OK of last. Finland kennel at all not will be borne :D



Esdec wrote:

We strolls in a common complexity with dog 4-5 hours in day and I not I’d say, that this here is directly enough. Vymatyvaetsya only then when a host day in movement, then yes, until the mid-next days can lie hidden level.

Now will repeat the, that by many on this and not only this Forum stated pro "umatyvanie" entlebukherov. You legwork senseless their not weary, especially young. A.K. a., "stupidly" come on-walking and to float dog in the free flight not-the most a virtuous way to its all the way.
Need to upload the brain dog. The Presents engage with it. And to all the way its under such a rasklade- believe me, 4 hours not need to. There one higher rooftop will. And perishing small and moreover less.



Ah and perishing times went such a a spree, you know - entlebukher initially not bad-tempered grumbler, and labor dog. And on oio - Her "work" and need to Wladimir. Here is then she will happy nowadays.
Only not all this can or want.
And perishing age owners persist not matter, believe me



I movement branch, look at Forum. I have three entlebukhera, the most active I easily in their 49 years back until fortune, not only did not attract trourists, but and "not did not attract trourists." Needs alternate between process arousal and drag, the slow nordic walking near umotaet was objectively in 10 times faster "free by air." This simply) need to want to and try)