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Internatsionalna exhibition "RUSSIA-2015" (2 CACIB) Rock Cafe-1.11.2015 year

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Still offers moment. Makes sense take a clean F-1.
Yes, likely Animal Control and on place for'll take your money pass can be. But with each time, with this increasingly tough, and there is no guarantees, that "turn on the spigots" not will be blocked. Especially because, that quite recently in Transfiguration district declared quarantine on good rabies guy, in II, too, in many areas. This means, that in vetstantsiyakh these neighborhoods you a clean not would give, need to to go in other.
Fast actions Help-5 days

P. S. Since forgotten write, note, that place conducting-IEC "Crocus Expo", worded provedeniya- II, Krasnogorsky district (this for formalizing the Help)



Tanja, thank you!



Sasha, we'll drive over on exhibition 31, chasikam to 9. The glass will remain with his exclusive video interview, I more than-mene freed d. Can, and help you than with – master in an exhibition? You think about it, than will be able. Write me.



Tanya, thank you huge! I selling young horses is much. Perhaps, to this time already increasingly will understandable and I, contrary, d'm mystified thinking a on work. There after all in even and agility (dogs) in this time on neighboring ring will. I perishing I'll shut up pro the scale of the the most exhibition, we and on ordinary something couple of-top three times were. Perhaps, d walk strongly centred and sredotochit his hound.
As beautifully time speeches, I here write. Dream, to until 10 get a shot off and watch defended entlebukherov, pouznavat almost native snout and faces.



Very me want enter the your sensationally with – master and watch witnessed, cheer for you!)



LLC, Sasha, as nice! Hope, tickles modicum Halytsh eyes on your with – master sensationally watch.
Wish luck!



Lena,, too, very-very hope, that tickles contact personally!
Our outs of not yet have painted with, usually they with precision until minutes. Later write.
And increasingly, tomorrow stalking to you!



Be timetable.
We advocate in $9.27, 10.29 and 11.10.



Ah to 11 all'll make it on time) let us hands off - 8!



Do to come watch on dances with dogs! Ah very interestingly http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif



Nice! Sashas, let us for you much to root and do modicum Halytsh eyes come running home watch!



Sashas, 11.10! Good time! Hope, finally, cheer for you with – master) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/109.gif



Still times in-@-@ rained!

31 October:

Russia wishes # 55 in 10-00

1 November

Russia wishes # 13 in 11-10

ALL luck!http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif



Unfortunately, not was able enter the exhibition, seen only some speech freestyle in and for months, but seen ceremony award shows - in one of nominations had took a the second place in big competition. Congratulations to! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/297.gif



Spurn, we in an exhibition were and, too, failed to see sensationally our of asterisks! I congratulate presented and Sasha) Girls, what same you good fellows) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/109.gif
I congratulate looks just like Grisha and Khanusku) http://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gifhttp://funportal.info/smiles/smile52.gif
And all participants exhibition) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif
Wish tomorrow all good restricted showing and Her Majesty Good luck) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/flag_of_truce.gif



As it's a shame, that were in one thing time in one place and failed to see! Having a look at fotochki with rained bushikov in Facebook, a sigh thing. Hope, in this topic later will concentrated set of photos, have to go meditate.
We already homes, have returned with excellent for us results. For three speech received 6’s, 3’s and 2’s seats. With, best issued in really complex classroom, and third place - in movement near, which prepared in fakultativnom order and nor on that not have counted.
If will emerge public video (like, cast), 'll post an in his temke.



Speech by Oleksandra and a

P. S. Two past video- one and the same dancing. Sashas, but I so understand, that in different disciplines?
But on a major ring you not danced?



Thanks for Sharing (video!
Girls, what same you good fellows! The first dancing until because they're strange, and during second like in made dance speculate! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif



Man: Aaaaaaaaaah, Tanya, before me has only! Until I in his temke koryabala! Thank you!
Very pleased, thank you!



Results rained:

RUSSIA 1- 31 October 2015

Expert friederike Kappacher (Austria)

males / to:

Baby / Baby

Chesterfield GAYN AYM(Kingdom most Dogs Rutherford's Kingdom most Dogs The Mystery) - more aware of the "curse we, CW, BOB Baby

Best junior / Junior

KORONA RUSSIA Iliac(Floristan ab dem Gut Heid x Udvarhaz I Ariadna) - right on, 2

Yan TAYGER ignorin BLAGORODNOGO home(Corona Russia architectural Award's Venture from nobilis House) - BEST, 1 The CW, CACj, BOB Junior

SPLENDID TREE COLOR JAM(Iaz v.h.Bressershof x Splendit PVU1 Venezuela) - BEST, 3

Interim / Intermediate

DANARI Heracles(Chicago of North Star x Danari Alexandria) -?

KOROLEVSTVO GORNYKh slip the dogs Kurt(Maestro Swiss River x Carrie vom Pirnikhof) - BEST, 2, R.cac

KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV LARIDARDI(Korolevstvo gornih Psov Shell x Kingdom most Dogs Ruslana) - BEST, 3

KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV OCEAN(Hunter v.Bogenthal x Korolevstvo Gornih Psov Peggi) - BEST, 1 CW, CACs, R.CACIB

FRESH ENERGY A 'M Parents ONE(Igor uit' grew Hollandse Entlinest x offers from nobilis House) - BEST, 4

Open / personal

KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV HAGRID(Floristan ab dem Gut Heid x Kingdom most Dogs Ultra) - BEST, 1 The CW, CACs, CACIB, BOB, Ch.RKF

Zefir ignorin BLAGORODNOGO home(Wiener (disambiguation) from nobilis House's Rakhat-Delight from nobilis House) - BEST, 2, R.cac

Champions / Champion

KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV SAYMON(Cyrill vom Pirnikhof x Kingdom most Dogs Gamma) - but / I

KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV on the(Cyrill vom Pirnikhof x Kingdom most Dogs Gamma) - BEST, 1 The CW, CACs

KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV SHEKSPIR(Korolevstvo Gornih Psov Shell x Carrie vom Pirnikhof) - BEST, 2, R.cac

Has presented to / Females:

Baby / Baby

HAPPlNESS of EUROPE tsarina(Versache from Europe Negrus x EWI Granitowy Pazur) - more aware of the "curse we, 1 CW, BOS Baby

Puppies / Puppy

KOROLEVSTVO GORNYKh slip the dogs Charming(Kingdom most Dogs Shakespeare's Kingdom most Dogs Juanita) - much prospect, 1 The CW, BOB Puppy

MEYDZhIK EXTENT Alicia DAGMOR LAOGER(Chicago of North Star x Karst Belarus for Earvin Magic Force) - much prospect, 2

Best junior / Junior

DANARI Goldie(Chicago of North Star x Danari Alexandria) - och. Chorus

KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV UNIKA(Korolevstvo Gornih Psov Shell x Carrie vom Pirnikhof) - exe, 1CW, CACj, BOS Junior

ERRIDA IZ GOOD THE HOUSE(Iaz v.h.Bressershof x Geneva from nobilis House) - BEST, 2

Interim / Intermediate

KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV ORANGE(Hunter v.Bogenthal x Korolevstvo Gornih Psov Peggi) - BEST, 1 CW, CACs, R.CACIB

Open / personal

SCHASTIE evropy IN BARZO VTOROE(Fidel uit 'grew Hollandse Entlinest x EWI Granitowy Pazur) - BEST, SED

Champions / Champion

KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV Hanna(Floristan ab dem Gut Heid x Korolevstvo Gornih Psov Ultra) - BEST, 1 CW, CACs, CACIB, BOS, Ch.RKF

KOROLEVSTVO GORNIH PSOV PEGGI(Korolevstvo Gornih Psov Bilbo x Korolevstvo Gornih Psov Lolita) - BEST, 2, R.cac

NIGHT launched ignorin BLAGORODNOGO home(Casanova from nobilis House's Tsinandali from nobilis House) - BEST, 3


You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » Go, we are going, stalking on exhibition! » Internatsionalna exhibition "RUSSIA-2015" (2 CACIB) Rock Cafe-1.11.2015 year