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I congratulate us all!

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Imeninnikov with holiday! Let an angel always guards your path



All colleagues with professional holiday!




Congratulations to its members!



Congratulations to all involved and participating with Day medical worker!



Today marks Day us with an units MVD Russia, which many Working Dog consider its “sectoral holiday ” and for brevity call simply Day kinologa. In Russia to practice service dogs in police began to with 1906 year on initiative chief St. Peterburzkogo addition secession police W. I. Lebedev, and through 3 year in Moscow broad prominence acquired policing dog breed Doberman-peeper nicknamed Tref, raskryvshaya for their lives more 1,500 crimes. Currently with the help service and – begins dogs annually in Russia pugayusche about 20 thousands of crimes. For loyalty debt many dogs have reward. And in Novosibirsk even a monument a dog, which, as a wounded, promise showed themselves in a counterterrorist operation in Chechnya. Dogs in it will-search activityV » work — irreplaceable and serious aides. They need for investigation and detection faces, the perpetrators of crimes, for search drugs, weapons, for detention armed bandits. Kinologicheskie subdivisions provide an interrogation by terrain, buildings, equipment, guard particularly important facilities. Dogs pass various coaching received, and in arsenal instructors-a canine there is mass educational practices. 22 on May 1911 year in a Belgian city of Tyuene (Thuin) was is based International the federation a canine. Spearheading create have become Germany, Austro-Hungary, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. There is specific findings, that in the time and Tsars, Russia in personified by Imperial society correct of hunting also took part in international Canine integration. However, in ties with political environment Russia so and not entered composition founders, although then this question debated.

If you-lover brother,
If you work glad —
If learn their admiring,
This celebration — for you!



June brings a favorite all celebration
And congratulating her bright words.
And your Peter Cottontail a small impish
You gives Sea happiness and heat.
As roads this a dedicated, hotheaded
Selling glance, and there is no his sure you take care.
He genuine, he the most real!
And with him go on life more cheerfully!
I congratulate! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/give_rose.gif
(The author: Dementieva Tatiana)






You are here » Entlebucher Sennenhunds - Forum NHL » With all consecutive! :) » I congratulate us all!