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Read more with a straight girl. On dry fodder - not an easy task

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Will talk about his experience about the diversion schenka with a straight girl. On dry fodder.

Berg murder took in 7 weeks. Until this have pani Irina, he ate as a heterosexual + plus dosasyval milk have his mother, St.. Regime feed was such - 4 times in clock, of which 1 times cottage cheese non-fat with kefir, the rest three times gruel (rice, buckwheat) with crude flesh.
Have us the first days, too, ate groats with flesh and cottage cheese.
Weight schenka comprised 4.7 kg on the very moment.
Decided translate on dry fodder. Began to with Hills for puppies lamb and rice. Granules have Khillsya enough large, even for feed for puppies.
Berg refused their there is. A bit Chekhov, if provided with hands, but in a whole - not thing, ate it and-thirds helpings. Accounted for after such "food" to lend still times in day bag for with flesh. This was apparently a mistake.
I consulted about this with zavodchikami - received advice not try to dokarmlivat as a heterosexual, and if perishing decided to move on kibble - the to do this decisively and wait when Puppy'll get hungry, seriously
Still zavodchitsa (Tatiana from County de Gamba) advised try Royal Canin Starter - there quite small granules. And so same razmachivat water.
Began to act. Fully refused from porridge and meat, have left drying 3 times in day + 1 times cottage cheese with kefir.
Royal Canin became there is better, but would still, even as food riots prowess to food Puppy demonstrated no. Nevertheless almost your crepe for week trial-pound pack.
On this moment (8 weeks) weight schenka averaged 5.6 kg (got better for week on 0.9).

Looking on bad appetite a puppy relative to the stern (Cottage cheese eats for both cheeks), I sinned, that fodder not the most the best and not the most delicious (?? He on a chicken next, many corn). Moreover RC Starter intended for puppies only to 8 weeks.
On Forum saw, that many fed Flatazorom for Puppies and positively processors. Nellie Lin his recommends in many branch lines.
With last weeks tried to move on him.
Special change in appetite, have dogs there is no. Regime such same - 3 times in clock fodder and 1 times cottage cheese with kefir.
Volume of feed on times - 50-60 grams eats up maximum, although on annualized rate judging by from an overnight doses of need to more (subtract those from daily volume of one thing feeding on cottage cheese)

Sedaetsya on such a scenario, describe detail in roles
- it is a watchdog aieiaiue, runs round and requests food.
- nasypayu, a bit smachivayu warm water. Await the minute, to water soaks in, fodder've gone soft.
- give a bowl - it is a watchdog that comes over, shoves his nose and brings it. Looks at me with resentment.
- if not doing something no action - Puppy moves away frustrated by the and not does put his hands to food (Attempting so several times.)
- if move it a bowl still times to muzzle does put his hands to food. Can give couple of pieces of with hands. After this he as if rasprobyvaet and can eat with periodic rolling from the bowls until than half helpings (20-30 grams)
- residue either nedoedaet, either me account for handing her several times a bowl under nose - seek, to he grudgingly finished with the remnants of.
- in outcome such dances with FIBPlus Puppy eats up these 50-60 grams for times, but the situation me not likes, so as for week not brewing progress - Puppy as not was accustomed to Royal Canin, so and not immediate there is Flatazor.

Option - not promoted water works even worse.
Option - miss feeding, by removing a bowl through 10 minutes with goal moreover, to he'm getting hungry until the next times - work loosely. Yes, in next time Puppy can on their own-third helpings eat, but as only slightly hunger quenches - ceases to on their own there is from bowls dry fodder.
Option - starve hunger clock, until not will become there is fodder - not tried.
Option - abolish cottage cheese with kefir -, too, not tried.

Despite the, that child eats without appetite and clearly without excess weight (ribs of the well proschupyvayutsya, if not say that are sticking out) - for last week (now him 9 weeks) would mean admitting until 6.5 kg (i.e. still 0,9kg). But believe, that this owing to what we in fact his ugovarivaem each time eat once
In general the problem remains. Wife already decided to return to naturalke. I until stand'm holding on - so as ahead travel (want to go in late summer on Sea), life on dacha and with individual rations will complexity.

That still would? That we do wrong? Or not is worth worry - and through some time all will be straightened out?



Write outcome

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Despite the, that not received no comments from participants Forum, write cursory report Following still 1.5 weeks
The situation has changed, cheers!
Berg became to burst Flatazor in volumes even slightly more norms (about 80 gr on times from calculation 320 gr on day).
I.e. transition all ??? By.
That accurately happened - not can say. Why suddenly fodder became he likes in end. Can passed time and he "forgot taste of meat." Can be his digestive system make the transition under dry fodder and have become grows on its the right ferments. Can he simply understood, that fight with this not has more sense. :)
Now have been arguing keep and understand there is no whether allergy on etotkorm. Cause suspicion periodic you have ear and laterally (but what get not Day, and active shedding (previously so many hair not was on home). However with other hand - ears not is combed, wool glitters and baby is growing and looks healthy.



morkovin, I as times wanted you today write on this issue. But again same-I not am of last resort, and all my remarks this stearine I.M.H.O.,.
But all OK write.

On fact, not very correctly to transfer a puppy on a new fodder or kind of feed in the first six months. T. K. In principle, have schenka still not "ustakanilsya" 1920s, and for organism this a certain stress, sometimes very the palpable and the mighty one entail certain problems in further (but however, can and not entail).
So bundle of reportedly-as ate Puppy have noted. If drying, then what precisely, because even change water may well entail a certain imbalance organism a puppy, let alone about stern. If a naturist something that precisely from a straight girl. And in what the form of. If mixed something here strange host there is from what choose, but again same makes sense to adhere to list of products and cannot digest, "given by puppy for have noted.
Ah this if on-correct.
And delicious treats for everyone (especially from retailer), including choked, for the same reason makes sense to lend not previously, than in 6 months. Otvarennoe a Kobe beef heart of-here is the best and safe yummy for instruction.

And on ideas, you have broke a-and very well.

About allergy, not makes sense now on it look - sooner. Through three months, if you very worries this question, office blood on allergoprobu.
But if Puppy OK and paddles, wool not lifeless original, poop (sorry) normally decorated and without slime, there is no strong pokrasneniy skin and raschesov on tinnitus and the eyes of, then generally something and allergy be should not.
But that it is important, allergy can have accumulator character - here is now organism not betrays no outpouring, and through six months use this feed can issue.



Thanks for Sharing (the answer and for advice about allergies and nutrition. Yes, deal done, modicum this perhaps was and not very the right step in such a age.
Now’under pristalnymi supervision about signs of allergy and common well-being.



Later month: Had to abandon Flatazora, although Puppy his ate with appetite. Allergy. Apparently on goose. Repatriate on Hills Bunker lamb and rice. Not very likes the dog does, but includes allergies there is no, chair a normal. (Before these still tried to move on Akanu - diarrheic). Now on Khilse, but want that the more appetite for a puppy. Designed apartment relics of cannot digest ;) One big bag Flatazora almost not touched by can give for half price, if who uses.
Think try Ekanubu or Akanu another the composition (without fish)
Puppy still times in day receives non-fat cottage cheese with kefir. Berg now 3.5 mo, weighs 11kg.

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morkovinthat you not likes? Normally Puppy weighs in 3.5 month 11kg! I have I would've kept in 4 month weighs 12 kg. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_145.gif
Absolutely a normal weight)

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Homilies GO and Now
This kholistiki with very a good composition

Hills Bunker me personally at all not likes, no.

Compare compositions
Hills Bunker- production maize, production wheat stalks, flour from no and turkey, this soy bean flour, animal fat, digest from lamb, ground rice, hot dry beet pulp, vegetable oil, flour from corn gluten free ,-over the seed, digest, where sea salt, chloride potassium, vitamin E, kholina chloride, taurine), DL-synthesized de novo by, vitamin Since, sulfate iron, Zinc zinc, mixture of tokoferolov, pp on, tiamin, vitamin A, sulfate copper, b-carotene, in polyethylene acid, mineral and / vitamin mixture of

Now- филе индейки, картофельная мука, горошек, яблоки, цельное сухое яйцо, гороховая клетчатка, томаты, картофель, льняное семя, масло канолы (сохраненное смесью токоферолов, источником витамина Е), натуральные ароматизаторы, лосось, филе утки, высушенная на солнце люцерна, кокосовое масло (сохраненное смесью токоферолов, источником витамина Е), морковь, тыква, бананы, голубика, клюква, малина, ежевика, папайя, ананас, грейпфрут, бобы чечевицы, брокколи, шпинат, творог, побеги люцерны, сушеные водоросли, карбонат кальция, дикальций фосфат, лецитин, хлорид натрия, хлорид калия, витамины (обогащен витамином Е, L-аскорбил-2-полифосфат (источник витамина C), ниацин, инозитол, обогащен витамином А, мононитрат тиамина, пантотенат кальция, пиридоксин гидрохлорида, рибофлавин, бета-каротин, обогащен витамином D3, фолиевая кислота, биотин, обогащен витамином В12), минералы (протеинат цинка, сульфат железа, оксид цинка, протеинат железа, сульфат меди, протеинат меди, протеинат марганца, оксид марганца, йодат кальция, селенит натрия), таурин, DL-метионин, L-лизин, экстракт корня цикория, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Enterococcus faecium, Bifidobacterium thermophilum, сухой экстракт ферментов: Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus oryzae, экстракт дрожжей, экстракт Юкки Шидигера, календулf, L-карнитин, высушенный розмарин.

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JakIv wrote:

morkovinchto you not likes? Normally Puppy weighs in 3.5 month 11kg! I have I would've kept in 4 month weighs 12 kg.
Absolutely a normal weight)

Edited JakIv (Today 2 :03: 09)

I like as he weighs, but not likes that he not eats Altea Hills, and alternatives I not picked up by until



I not understood and than half elements of. However Now, this option I stuck. If am not mistaken in rankings cannot digest he highly is worth. And there is have them in lineup fodder operates puppies?



Yes, he highly is worth in rankings and reviews on him very good
We, too, nutritious Flatozorom, but his is it so difficult get, he little where sells, yes and composition and Now better, us his on this same Forum and counseled)
Here is for puppies http://prokormim.ru/shop/dogs/dry-food/ … 8177.html, then with him can be smoothly to move on such same for adults dogs http://prokormim.ru/shop/dogs/dry-food/ … _8181.html - we them now such.
You are looking on the first ingredients in the composition of the, this basis, than further by the end of list of, the less number of this category in stern.

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Thank you! 'll take a look


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