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Trip Petrushi and Zhorika on auto in Lithuanias organs is June '2015

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Despite should its winter themes, imbabers on the sly year, until fresh in memory the details.

So, perishing as year our merry family Deconstanzi another bushikom, so that now we can have excellent very close. We - this I Tanya, my husband 1999 as and our two zennenbushki Petra and to.
In view grab parental work vacation Petit - we perishing two years as nowhere summer not traveled, but very like. Emerged question about place vacation - like, as usually, in Western and Central Europe, but, unfortunately, time in available was only week, yes and financially it's kind of heavy was starving such a trip. Already almost tolerate inequalities think, that will have camp week in our village, but here I evoked the, that we long, but as something inconclusively, tried to to visit the Balkans summer) Nastala it is time their catch up.

Contain from Moscow 12 June in 5 morning, have returned 21 th June on the evening.
Route was as and in earlier years - completed Nida-Palanga-Minsk-Moscow. Stayed all in those same hotels (about than I later much detail born beautiful).

That a new can say pro this route.
Aoaee and there and back through frontier post Kotlovka District-Lavorishkes.
On the border as usually the Humpty dance the Belarusians - on path there us gave to go in green koridor- said, that them don't care until dogs, no amount documents not watched on dogs, networking declaration also not qualified scrolling the. On contrary path gave Still Rise in Red corridor, master your bandwidth do have the vet (aren one thing, not had to wait as before, to veterinarian himself released and looked dogs) and UEFA in waiting lists (Red corridor was dead until satiety), declaration networking not asked and in [Derek]This is times. On Lithuanian side under travel we tried to show docks on dogs, but them this was not interestingly, on contrary path all the more) There is a, that there, that back progress largest it took slightly more hours.

Lithuania devolved with 1 January 2015 on the euro-as outcome, prices are growing older its very (Aw, that's sad).

Summer indeed many people, especially in Palanga. But we were fortunate, realistically "hotheaded season" begins 24 June, so that in this time people was still not so perishing and critical way. But if to compare with winter periodom- the many. We even refused from visits some attractions, type-witch-hunt, camping on K. Walk Dog on tight leash not interestingly in this place, and mock impossible - crowds entirely for tourists with ekskursyu and guide.

The cost of tragedy of and ecological collection, as and expected, are growing older its very.

In a whole liked, summer in Lithuania also is famously enjoying your weekend, as and winter. People friendly, nor about any sanctions no one not recalled)



In this time we decided one day get to Nida. Worried only about tragedy of-and suddenly not'll make it on time on the latest. But in end all typically recognized. The road took a 18 hours.

We're launching. Team have us as on picking the:


Petr-captain ship



By the end of path, of course, girls're quite fatigued. Pet'a tried to tell Mitte, that finish up let for, let better go for a walk - profoundly sad were breathing him in tell Abe and't tried to attract attention.
But 1999 as was is relentless in his desire get to point X, so that stradalitse had to suffer in alone in hammock http://sg.uploads.ru/KTVR7.jpg

And on the morning girls in full least have been able will be similarly encouraged which started-obligation holiday package. As however and we.

Vacation nachinaaaaetsya, begins.




And Jora and rights obtain managed that whether?



donna wrote:

A Jora and rights obtain managed that whether?

Until only learns)


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