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The Danaides and two bulldog in Croatia

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Many write not d, with mobile network very awkward. Feel hot. Very feel hot. 40 in the shadows. We are swimming sooner in seven and late in nine. In this time on the beach almost no one there is no, and we no one not might inhibit. And no one not embarrass those, that dog] swims. Local to to the dogs belong well. No one not rest, of some not YELLlNG. On the evening parading companies stop to watch, as we with Dankoy Las in water. Dankin flashlight on shleyke causes genuinely interest.
Beach rocky. Walk on the pebbles dog not likes, is spreading out hoisted. Yes and not could seriously mess with on stones. Because account for dog not vybegivat, and vyplavyvat. Water very is salty. Initially Dania used to spit, now] swims with closed cleft palate. ] Swims well and many. Back goes, barely lining hoisted, before umatyvaetsya. Nordic walking on smallholder kamushkam stesala all shershavosti on paws. Until this, ports were, as like 80 grit sandpaper. Simply none stepping on me, Dania select deep scratches. Now paws, as have schenika. Gentle. Until all. Return home, write, as we reach at all (three days on machine), where stayed and as Dania all of this has survived.

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Military! With look forward await the details travel! As aoaee, where stayed.



As is identically! http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_993.gif
As there aoaee? On jet or on machine?
And Sea there cool very http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_angel.gif

ps. Has found that on machine) write that yes as, very interestingly, we in next year plan on machine there same to go

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Have us swam To Her Dzhuff! Guys forgotten take those Bulldogs
Waistcoats and those deeper than on thumping: Diving not been doing that. But Dzhuff in their quest steal Danki a toy, can get overwhelmed by all fear. And now perfectly] swims, truth vertically, column of the AC. But easily leaps once with pier in water and rowing by to Danke! And further grabs for him with your paws or teeth for toy and haters!


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Cach, looking on Danku, think, poplyvut already all for him! And the French, and owners, and viewers, and simply vacations) good fellows you, is happy for you) http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/0.gif



Catherine, Thanks for Sharing (subject. Immediately in sight, rest up for a is famously. Especially dogs) wyglada the details, very interestingly. Can and we when spodobimsya reach in these the brink.



Teg implicit text why something not's happenin, so will who wants one with photo!If will opportunity, adjust, please.

So, we have reached until homes, turned breath, disassembled things and now try more-less its statutes to advertise our trip. Warn immediately, for me and Vitalii Dani this was the first illegally refers (yes, here is such a I backward, so that all the impression will, ah very naively-human errors and with perspective sobakinogo convenience.
Why was chosen Croatia – don’t ask. Notions not mean. Friends wanted to sun and the sea. Was asked – you gonna go? And I suddenly for themselves answered – yes. And that? One I never'll pack up my shit. Machines there is no, one with dog as something creepy. I was a homebody, and extreme, the more on someone else's territory, as something not on me.
Exactly in what we somewhere we are going, I believe only then, when received in hands passport.
With visas problems almost not was. Croats good fellows. But Shengen zone they not give, and we on machines in transit through together countries gathered to go. Loath had to borrow a visa still and have Poles. Tranzitnuyu. (We aoaee through Belarus, Poland, Austria and Slovenia). Brothers Poles a bit certainly nerves, 've been carrying on to each point and from photos. Route their, too, not, brought the. Said – not know, not know, but a visa all-??? gave.
Help for sobakov obtain it turned out easier and faster just.
Aoaee on two machines. Us three and have us Opel “Astra ”, this to you itself presented the size of the. To the dogs staged a convenient soft trunk, to smaller was shaking.
Immediately say – can be, in another place and in another time with dogs in Croatia was would remarkable, but precisely in July-August 2015, precisely in Split, and more specifically in Melk ,-called Podstrana, our to the dogs to do was to be kind of!
And now on order.

Through two hours roads Dania topic of. Far? Why? Why not Limnological? And haters! The first clock path Dania barked with short in-betweens on dream.
Bulldogs have us not are. Quite. Dzhuff husky Baskom can say “Afff ”, and Mara simply chitters. So that his masters to zvonkogolosomu Danke are not accustomed and through five hours have all (even I have) heads already slice countermagic in. And all small dreamed strangle my strip gorlopana. Than further we were from Moscow, those hotter became. Times in five-six hours we the numbers are “care stop ” on slipping-popit-food. Conditions for fifth block - guest no. Hotheaded asphalt and the majority track. On tight leash poured, quickly all have made and back in machine under A.C.. Here have us shows up during Vegas week the second the problem – Dania flatly refuses to do their affairs on asphalt. Accounted for seek for him modicum three them and long be convinced.

In Brest we entered in rain. Nooooo, Hurricane! In minute all blackened and kaaaaak threw! Had to even stop, because to go was impossible. Then we learned, that jobs behaved still a spooky grad, but we under him not are trapped. Us facilitated moreover, that struck on us with the sky. But border over quickly, for hour both. In such a weather machines almost not was, and customs not too userdstvovali.

The first the night in Poland. The Motel not far from borders. Very nice, without special hotel. In issue the bunks and souls. The bogs one on all in the corridor. Wooden of cards, each step heard on the whole the Motel. Entire night someone came and its people, and Dania was, opoveschaya all clarion barking.
Had to for’s first ten years it to drag his to itself in piercing, hug and so fall asleep. Out of the hands he not other race, only vskidyval head and ai?. Through a path the woods, where I on the morning as should leave my Danku. 're all fed obey house breakfast and further in path.
The second day path Dania barked less. But would still barked. Here occurred have us constipation. Temperatures Overboard climbed until 30-35 degrees and we enshrined A.C. on full. In parlor scene 18. But dogs would still are roasting. Why? Mara already would like (he have us a bit not quite bulldog. In sense bulldog, but comical. Have him a small (for bulldog) head, very a long language and many slobber--. So, is worth slightly-slightly to swell or once more, he is beginning to very loudly breathe, drooling and dribbling, khryuntet, to be hoarse and vast). Sobakinu clearly HMAS Success. Had to to impose of an animal wet napkins and take owner in its feet on front the seat next under the most A.C.. Remaining obey in dedicated blast Dzhuff and Danka frightening were envious and on the sly zakipali. We sat in koftakh. There is no, seriously. In machine 16 degrees. We have frozen, and Mara would like and caauoaaony. During stops you open the door and … Jsco! 33! And have us 16. Not weak such Grabovets, yes? As something in road very wanted a bowl of soup. Hot. Stalled, withdrew from the machines and … went for simply shouldn’t compare.
And then have us occurred of insight. It dawned on us, i.e.. We throw up their approximately placed rear Keyless and to to the dogs in trunk here same went cold air from kondeya, which in this approximately and all. Dania stopped bark. We then laughed at me, that this he two days tried to us just explain this to, that precisely need to do, and we his not understood! But Wild Dogs suggested a have got over me on the seat next and entire refrigerate a path slept on me. The on one, then all three immediately.
The second the night was in Brno. This was hell! Booking not specify the exact the availability of kondeev in concrete rooms, so it turned out, that:
1. In one room was A.C., but not was fridge door.
2. In the second room was refrigerator, but not was kondeya.
3. In the third room was all, but nothing not has worked.
I, frankly, even porevela a bit, presenting, as Dania will hold night in 35 degree the heat. Were me the entire company.
Still in hotel two wing: And and W. Wing In for industry, motorcyclists and vast. On three-four the bunks in room, convenience common. And to withdraw from hotel, need through this wing pass rotten. So here is, go very and very unpleasantly, even Protestantism. Doors have all had been blown wide open, because as feel hot. In the corridor's smokey in, the bottle are worth …
Almost entire night they promayalsya. Churchgoers, perekladyvalsya with seats on place in search of any Pantagruel Tavern sponsored. All not no water.
Dining room small, on the morning in it stampede even, personnel with so influx not mismanaged.
In short, all were are happy, when left made there.
The third day already aoaee in s and the cold.
Place is called Podstrana, this hamlet or tiny town not far from Split. We stalled in the private sector. Here is here I’d say slightly much detail.
In Croatia already four months teetered scary fever without rains. Will repeat, can be, in any other time, all was would nothing, but precisely now us met, red-hot concrete and fully scorched the grasses. When we went seek the woods, which found on a map, it turned out, that these five measly couple which are rising on sorrow, far get can only mountainsides towards.

Of cards on talking. No sites. With steeply upward and with steeply down. Until sea 600 meters. Javadxan! Down, under angle almost 45. And with sea, respectively, upward! And scale,! Hate ledge! I is ready go upward, but on the flat path.
To the very home claims there is no. All, as promised: Three bedrooms, a large living room with kitchen, two bathrooms. Dogs for free. One, truth very big A.C.. First night was hard-, but then we all-??? ostudili house until acceptable 25 degrees.
Beach – pebble. ???? not obkatannaya, and quite an urgent. I walk not was able, so had to buy rubber slippers and in them swim. Water Creek. Warm and transparent! Sea stearine.
For those who likes swim-sunbathe, leading amebnoe existence, most it.
Dogs many, all besporodnye. If something helped, immediately understandable, market tourist. Local live in homes, gulyat with them, not walk. Here is house, here is courtyard two on and a half – running, where like it or. And to on ceasing and for walks, often – there is no. But on barking no one points out attention. Already well, Danka I have internal carotid-- internal thoracic. In sense, very a catchy.
Walk with dogs have,, red-hot concrete under legs. And very feel hot. In the shadows 35, on the sun – 47.
I heat stand the very poorly. I immediately in sleep momentary digression. Someone winter, and I the summer. Nothing not want. Sleep and all. So have walked we with Daney in 7 morning, when still no one there is no, and in 9 the evening, when all already on a cafe sit.
So as active Danku need was vybegivat, and have, then had to his vyplavyvat. Water him flatly not liked, and even more not appealed stones. He and walk something tried to on border, you can minimise, which along just the beach behaved.
But alors to the park and faster than from running performance and much stronger. In transparent water very talk in sight, as move hoisted, as works tail and every muscle. Nor never us no one reservations not made. Contrary, rare passers stayed to watch, as we Las.
And here is our friends stopped working with pit bulls, how in 9 morning, preferring sleep, so them couple of times talked, that dogs in water cannot be. On beach can be, but on tight leash and with cartons of, and in water cannot be.
That tell, why dog cannot be in MOPE? Not Wilkes same!

Continuation of should …

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Tag still not's happenin, pictures of will many.

Continuation of.
Before trip us been complacent about, that three stala in one House not pieced. And no matter, that they long are familiar, borders territory is inevitable. Announce – bullshit! No Mkhitar Sebastatsi education complex and deal with drama. Not was. Nor never. Ordinary games begin with legwork, rychaniyami and zavalivaniyami Danaia on gender. All, as usually. Truth, it turned out, that Mara simply breathtakingly jealous. Sooner on the morning, when after has ever managed elude me and penetrate in bedroom my friends, he taken off yet on bed say hello and here same ogrebal from the turtle. Truth Danka hosted this for game and willingly in it sometimes, so that, sometimes each have us was overshadowed by a small plonky nonsense, but all treated him with understand.

In search of room for fifth block - guest sobakov go in local botanical garden. In Corso promised “cool, that give stunning beauty trees. ” Of our protection! Two hours upward on ladder, open scorching sunlight wide. On the sides are rising Christmas tree and here, which as something not hurry to share plough. Cheered, that dogs with a not took. When dopolzaesh until the most crested, where is a damaging kind of, then watch them already simply there is no forces. Want be and theatre heart and hope to die. Good used already there is, even to set not will have.
Then was excursion in Krka. Despite this beast of a beauty Lake and waterfalls, Pantagruel Tavern sponsored there, too, was a thimbleful. Croats, of course, good fellows, that tiptoe around their natural beauty and do of them spectacle, but as something all not until the end of. Narrow wooden bridges, exactly in two human: One there, the other made there. Without railings. Slip for anyone is possible. One false step and you're flying in Lake. If someone diary sfotorgafirovatsya (and such, as you realize, many), immediately reprisal cork. People – gloom. But all very politely and quietly.
Then were Turkish Lake. Where promised car can be 17 degrees! Creating rules, we figured out, that with dogs there cannot be. Of our protection. We OK docile. Arriving, discovered together dogs. Simply crowds! And were upset. But, going in on route, understood, that get upset for good reason.
First, from our Podstrany there travel for three hours in one end.
Second, you purchase a auction, although no parking there there is no, this your the problem, where in the forest park your machine.
Third, otstoyav huge turn, paying for ticket, you you get convinced, that entry the free, no one your tickets not is checking from words quite.
Fourth, plan terrain no. Navigate on him cannot be. Figure, type “youngest sister groups kindergarten ”, on which identifies a only high waterfalls. Nor Numbers routes, nor points stops, nothing.
Fifth, dogs mock cannot be. Only on povodkakh.
Dania, of course, raised, but not so, to three hours pro temperature 27 degrees (not 47, of course, but and not promised 17) go in huge balustrade, on "the wooden nastilam (again same WITHOUT railings), look on schmoozer blue water and not have opportunities in it dive. He would's been boarded. Bulldogs those more. So that, well, that we their not took.
Ah, exactly, and all. Will repeat, whether slightly is cooler, all passed would slightly differently.

The road back was far more quietly. Dania already all understood, dogs almost entire a path slept, truth, mostly on me. But I not only. To dwell we sought on those petrol, where aside from amenities for people were modicum any green islets, to take slip the dogs.
The night in the Czech Republic had a wonder, slightly felt breakfast. In Belarus … ah, When does acceptable. Simply promised one thing, and broke a several differently.
Customs passed through. Machines were rolling out hardly not until damn screw loose, but us again fortunate. Look at in dedicated blast three dogs, a customs officer melted and had let us with the world.
But we will recall stearine, prozrachneyshee, caressing Sea. A gourmet food! , l?vely watermelons! We have the most beautiful waterfalls and fabulous bloody-green Lake. Huge, most beautiful storks, accompanies non-market us entire a path. Giant vіtryaki, ??? in fields, as warriors from fenteziynykh novels.
All the more, that this trip has become for us the first.






Large Thanks for Sharing (your narrative. Our family - big travelers :) But usually we its zoo will abandon homes. Was very interestingly read pro journey with someone Dankoy and buldozhkami.



Katya, ah that say, breathtakingly, that you have broke a with Daney go in journey) I hope, not in the last time)
Ah and small trouble in path-they quickly penchant, but now you experienced "fighters."

About heat, this of course the trouble Europe in this year. Roughly in this time in Split symposium was held much exhibition dogs, far went our molodsha - so saved all the, that exhibition started in 19-00, and otherwise this was would madness.

P. S. About tags. Himself the partition implies the availability of in themes large numbers of photo, so that not worry.



stasyun, about! This exhibition we as times saw! Indeed do, in three o, when we has been going past the ground, there as times take dogs. So that the beginning of in 19 not so perishing strongly helped. Large wagons and Fleet, were just discovering doors, and there. Cells with poluzhivymi from heat dogs each on –. Well, if doggy in machine one, and when khendlery purpose bring opt - this a nightmare horror. As times under us would unload them from the minivan leonbergov. Literally on the hands of broached and pissing water.



Екатерина wrote:

Yes, if doggy in machine one, and when khendlery purpose bring opt - this a nightmare horror. As times under us would unload them from the minivan leonbergov. Literally on the hands of broached and pissing water.

Ah Slava the Roman, have us wholesale not driven to) And dogs sit under kondeem.
And at all strange, and buses and machines assumed kondeyami - should not be such a “I, that pee any account for.
And so -tema exhibitions "wholesale" very dismal record and not only under the heat



stasyun, I think, that six leonbergov in minivan even under kondeem - busts. This even not Chikhi.
And then, here as have us, in machine 20, and on the street 40. Modicum not lead them out.
Machines around the ground stood different, were and very an oldie, in which and kondeya, likely, no. I not know, as was on the most the exhibition, but we strongly posochuvstvovali those to the dogs, which saw for three hours until the early. Pleasure they, clearly, not received.
Saw, as two Westerners with hard a load trucks carts with fivecells with Shelties. Boys tryapochkami lay on gender, Dangling my languages through depends.



Ah every "'s having fun" in its own way. On really site exhibition the organizers aggressively were asked come not previously 18-00.



stasyun, we were there about three, and dogs was already full of the. Ah, here human factor. Us same all aggressively are asked, not move streets on Red, truth?

Simply with weather yes, can be said, not fortunate. Personally us. Our friends well belong to the heat, them was easier. Dania I have same already under + 15. Our all of this minus. Big and bold minus! And snow.
But we tried. Accumulated a lot experience. Now will know. Understandable, that all negative soon will be forgotten. Will remain beautiful the photo and nice memories.
And still I something learned pro his hound. And me this very rewarding for.

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What a saturated trip! You huge good fellows!
And all small beer soon indeed only one up for grabs and will remain different aftertaste vacation.
ps. We were a bit Jinsha you (under Orehovica (Rijeka)) in late June and constantly p-poured rains and was kholodnyuschiy wind)

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Cach, of course in July in Croatia very feel hot! We there were in September something, slightly not mogu zabyt golos) yes still terrain of very maximising, on the heat to climb things there hard-. But, would still good fellows, that before. I! Sea wonderful, Danayka went swimming! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllSML/297.gif


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