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KGP Estrella.

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But your all OK still small, to expect from it this))

I so and feel. She not yet can focus glance throughout the bombers primary.

Buy your the ball with vdelannoy rope

Javadxan, there is have us such http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/119.gifOnly its in this tandem more the... the rope, interested in :) Over it pull can be.

can be and in manufacturing of all play, and then to leave and hooking yield

I see, I see. Boom try.

MA – It simpatichnaya I would've kept Lies!

Thanks. Us pleased http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_curtsey.gif

only after six months roughly began understand the entire [kayf]this process

I see, I see. We'll wait for. That here wait something remained? Any something four months http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif



Юлия К. wrote:

I see, I see. We'll wait for. That here wait something remained? Any something four months

And not reply, as fly by like no time ;) Wu us year and a half over on one devouring)) although sometimes seems, that this it is a watchdog was with me always.




Have us children taking played in russian the ball very well, Khanna his very likes, any game without this ball not game :)



Вула wrote:

in russian the ball

Have us such same, but only Red)



have us such same, but only Red)

And have us Red :) But and he until "past" http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/49.gif
From all diverse balls Esta chose here is this:


And the, not because that ball around the, but because on offense mysha glued, that need to gnaw off.

Espoused plaything - fox. The entire already obsosana, obzhyovana :)



But the most espoused plaything here is this:



Ox, eat Esta my nigu http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/103.gif

P.S. stasyunA these photo, too, big? Less I have something not are loaded :dontknow:

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Юлия К. wrote:

these photo, too, big? Less I have something not are loaded

Is famously all, most the.



Hello. Today exactly month, as Esta lives in our family.
Will talk, that have us has happened in the past two weeks.

Me very some question outdoor event on dacha. As saved pyosu from curiously ticks? In the vet's have advised your BravEkto.
Buy something bought. And here is to lend it increasingly not decision. Not very I have in anybody ukladyvalas thought, that dog need to feed "poison", which then was postponed time in its soft worryingly, and a dog becomes poor for fleas and ticks.
Ah in the free from work day, increasingly OK fed him to this your and has become observe watchdog. If that not so, so immediately we'll make a run to a doctor stomach more many. And so as I on nature .lyublyu a psycho're insane, then puppy accounted for in this day progress has been slow. As only Esca sleep sleep, I here same beginning panic.


- There! Dog leisurely! Rather run to a doctor!
Family each motion to back off from poor animal, but I not letting up.
- She increasingly time sleeping! Leisurely! Let us to it nigu poked. If on a cat attention to pay not will, then accurately poisoned herself.
Got a cat. Estah its hugged and has become drink koshkino tell Abe. Cat at all not resisted.


However, increasingly go off. With dog nothing not happened. Now I have poisonous dog. But on anyone case, on the morning on dacha I its even mentor spray nasal spray from fleas and ticks.

We have made revaktsinatsiyu. Until sat on quarantine, generation has collar. Estah at all raze not responded on him. Ah,, handcuffed and, handcuffed. Have all dogs your collars there is, big deal. And on ceasing zero attention. Not very conveniently Caribbean, of course, but not lethally.

Go on liberal scattering with Khasey that. Estah, as been paved youngest sister dog, generalship before Khasey, head to earth, tail wags. And Khasya he oskalilas, kaaaak ryknula. Estah offended and bark starters. And perishing I as offended http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/sad.gif. Had to, as and before Khasku in House turning a blind, until we strolls.
The problem. Will have not to permit their meetings, until Esta not's grown. D on the sly their to each other hooking.

Tragically for me has passed meeting esty and cats Dusi. I under Dusku already office-. Cat - boybaba.

Here is Esta is carried on vote. And suddenly Dusku saw. Estah to it goes haulin 'ass down, trained same nigu drive. Duska mentalist and first wanted add, instinct worked. And then evoked the, that she scariest they on light of and back to ? Este leapt. I with swear I will scream to them goes haulin 'ass down, all in district their howls impresses the. Me slightly cardiac not had a heart attack, I OK Dusku know. However, the entire this raznokharakternyy zoo Idol me until kondrashki :( Dusku, too, in House have closed.

And even was meeting with the rooster. Quite a short. Estah stuck my nose for fence, cock its immediately took the bait. Even blood went. Now Esta respectfully on him looks, to enclosure not suited.

The assistant have us never small. There is where who will have plenty. Estah is carried on him with a huge speed, I for it not keep up.



At all with it eye not'll take, because she eats increasingly that would find. I its enleve and from Pernod entire production'm picking lint out.

And perishing how many St and-she-biter and swallowed, so perhaps only woodworking plant can so much us process.



I, as who, has shown it where growing raspberry and the currants. She now itself on bushes forests,.
Here is than she raznoobrazila its the table (from moreover that I managed discern): Raspberry, strawberries, the currants, gooseberries, oblepikha, pitiful apples, crude fruit, carrot, garlic. The that she garlic slupila, I somebody, but distill not has become. Apple a rotten with large hard took away. Ah, pumpkin I allowed it an eye, and its then it threw up.
From Niginykh of the poop not threw up, and from pumpkin threw up. The puzzle. After this Niginogo precious contents Esta acquired new nickname - that @) @ do. It, it seems, this name of not very likes.


Now me account for even and clearly for a cat look, When she organisms eliminate solid or semisolid intends to. That would quickly to remove. Whew http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/341.gif

Children, too,, good fellows. Shoved at it in his mouth increasingly consecutive. Ah, and watermelon something I authorize, and here is that even give not know.
As something on the evening Esta do not justify it is a liquid chair. I to children - that provided? They to wrinkle and they just confessed, that, too, they plied its Coca Coke. She, it turns out, very asked. And children words I have not very already children. This close to throwing 15, daughter 19, dochkinomu displays 21. You fools velikovozrastnye.

As something that comes over me Esta, and it on muzzle blood. I its toured, wounds not has found. Download. And where jestering is a! In panic has become seek a cat. Found. She peacefully Slept in his talking and on our calls not couldn't speak highly, you pest. Husband says:
Are you realisticallydecided that Esta a cat had?
Realistically. She its increasingly time weighs heavily and bites her :dontknow:

However, that Esta managed for their lives to swallow, even not to list. In collections are found even pills streptotsida.

Husband says, that this unambiguously pastushkovaya dog. Only not from words shepherd, and from words graze. For weekend she so much grass eats up together with backgrounds and land, that can be a herd feed. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/123.gif

Today we in the first time went gulyat in city of. I very suffered, that she all concrete obest. Ah and increasingly that on these orchards and vineyards lying around. But surprisingly, increasingly go smoothly. Only one any stuff streskala suggested a. Not know that. And so increasingly on sides watch. Machines, children, dogs, cyclists. The first woman, that we was greeted, caused have esty large eyebrows. Woman not ran up to it hug, and has passed past. Estah long watch it in footprint with misunderstandings of the.

Here is such a Esta case very rarely. Mostly she somewhere neck, and I obey run around.






Another a malign moment, that Esta has become their affairs to do not on pelyonke. When she only to us has arrived, then was very neat. Now 50 on 50 makes, where will have. Perhaps need to scold. And I simply for it'm cleaning up. Scold need to, yes? But I its so love, that scold its not is obtained :(

Ah, ????? on today. And so many wrote. Pro its girl I can tell endlessly. Now I'll wake you up Este, 'll feed and a bit go for a walk before nightmare.


All until.



Greetings sister brought! A wonderful a vandal. With toilet all confidence, this, me seems from generosity of is deprived - a bit gruel in anybody, will pass :).



A lovely fairs) Estrella'm very active girl) Krasavitsa!



Greetings sister brought!

Good morning :)

Since toilet all confidence

Nu, I in this uverenna. :) Although, dog, which I have was until esty, itself this allows time from time entire life. But the cocker was with some problems kidneys.

Estrella'm very active girl)

shnyrya even the kind :) That two days ago case was.
We with husband now had replaced work. Not quite had replaced, work the same, firm another. And as case on the new place, very many work.
On the evening I on-rapid has prepared dinner. Kupati made roast, to-mah-toes cut her. Husband guilt proposed drinks. Only for the table sat across. Phone call on the telephone, urgently had to from homes race out. With half an hour of exercise were absent. Get back - nor kupat, nor pomidorok, nor guilt in courses ECNs. Estah perfectly't you have your dinner, yes even wine drank a. http://s16.rimg.info/c015594d3420ad87619688c3c818a1b5.gifAnd no health problems :) Coca-Cola with pumpkin worse weathered :)


Thanks, very us this pleased :)
Veterinarian said that Esta very Festive doggy.
Today Esta took 2008 from hosts sheep-dogs and Russian tufted.
And a street sweeper why something asked "This is who?" Husband said "Zitch dog." A street sweeper-'s an Uzbekistanian complimented "The beautiful."
Neighbor, crowned us with dog, said "Oh! Soon on witch? "Ah we not have become him to explain, that this is not hunter. I his understand, times wits are hanging - means hunting. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_bye.gif



What you have a saturated gastronomic life have child http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif
On subject toilets - she has become walk not on grab a diaper, but roughly in one thing and the same place? Then simply fecal matter, grab a diaper there)



but roughly in one thing and the same place?

Unfortunately there is no :(
On dacha it decided, that need to organisms eliminate solid or semisolid on sofa :dontknow:
With, when I on it'm, then on pelyonku. And when not look, then where commanded, there and wrote. Grebe.

a saturated gastronomic life

location pro food.
I Este sometimes kefir'm buying. And here. Suddenly. Today. She seen, that I, too, kefir drink. So she realistically tried to I have the glass steal. After all this OK horror simply, HERS kefir use the! http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/Magent5/girl_cray.gif



Us three months. Ur!
Have esty to this just peace already almost the entire, droopy dog, soft fluff replaced by nevertheless brilliant wool. Fluff slightly remained on the sides.
Weigh we 8.2.
On nose have us freckles.
Her teeth dairy even and not think slumming. Such funny zubiki :) Jaws rising and her teeth such same small. Is obtained were with large Braggs from each other.
Increasingly so same suffer a cat. Nowhere our the problem not gone, then. Estah believes a cat their own toy. When I species I choose a cat have esty, then Esta tries to I have its steal back and frightening is outraged.
With Khaskoy, prestigeous residential dog, contact so and not found. Khaska growls on the alien and tries to eat.
Here is what more just you are afraid, then and happens :( Today on the morning lifted with esty Mite. Was sucking have founding clank. A tick not yet managed strongly blow itself up. Likely on the evening sucking on. Frightening cramped. After all and BravEkto drank, and on the morning before walk its nasal spray Mr SMlTH: Processing. Increasingly is obtained wasted. Remains only hope, that a tick was with guaranteeing health and nothing not was sick.
In city of in the yard familiar with local dogs. Someone fear. On someone barking. And bark we have learned already whistled.
Have been created itself senior mentor. This huskies with neighboring full dress. Dogs not play, but commit near hiking walk. Estah proudly clouts near with eldest girlfriend.
Now toured with ???? and firmly're sleeping. If you look a to photo, then between eyebrow see pink blot. This we last raspberries during with Chavez obedali :)

All until. Until new meetings.



Berries they like) Shelton, when sees that I'm a match to the stern bush with berries here as here and let, no, I don) Generally first time see so vseyadnuyu dog)



Generally first time see so vseyadnuyu dog)

This is fact. Nor one my dog not eaten increasingly consecutive. Estah even not tries to sniff food before as eat. Immediately Gear ENGINE TUNE increasingly, that it give. One times was exception. Gave it your drontala (before inoculation from Cow Disease gave proglistogonit). On packaging was written "with taste meat." So she this your spit out a '94. With first took in his mouth, has moved in its "the booth" and there spit out a '94. Well, that I have observed. So I this your Eleele, Hawaii it fed him to. As streptocid Frozen Cocktails - so please, but as with taste meat - so available.Fu :)



Have us, too, drontal Kurt you himself only one times, then tried to spit in it, so that now account for deep enough you shovel. A at all're a real smart, your for cheek hides :)



I Terry would stick his on the root of the language, deep enough - she po0-my even not realized pleasantly why I there lezu. But milbemaks quite small pills, drontal like larger. And cat it is unrealistic give something against its will - ape foam and a saliva, but your not donkey spunk swallows, so its glistogonim drops, and pills will abandon only on extreme case.




Has passed week with last of our confirming stories with. Continue.

Here is in such pose (head down) we strolls always.


Ah and zasasyvaem increasingly consecutive. Without difference that. That --something in his mouth, then and eat. But perishing "smart" has become. If managed hook up with something particularly "tasty", then seeks to swallow to dispose. Knows that mother unceremoniously defines immediately in his mouth climbs and pulls out from the throat "delicious treats for everyone." http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/341.gif
Not times I was catching themselves on thought, that well would before walk it snout adhesive tape participate. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gif

Here is so we love sit.


I husband say:
- pics as something dog sits. Not on-dog.
- Elegant sits. On hip, as lady been paved.
- A what she under walking abilities so striker wags?
- Fine wags. All girls your hips under walking abilities leader.

With apples in this year have us not very. Little apples. Only a bit lactic acid, autumn grew. Here is eat and bother doing. Acidifying pulp!


Estah even manages to be offended on these apples. Will steal, puts an before themselves and bark on him. Likely thinks, that from of fear apple sweeter will become. http://smayly.ru/gallery/kolobok/AllDarkSML/105.gif

In this time on dacha we decided stroll until forest Lake. Go slightly more miles. Lake have us beautiful, and perishing when waves by farmers woged, so at all lepota.


The first meeting with lake. "zhyttja, that this?"


"What much a tupperware with water!"


Ah and on the sly, on the sly starters go in water. With so funny. Highly raises hoisted, brush off with them water, but is faring increasingly deeper and deeper. http://smiles.dolf.ru/dolf_ru_150.gifSince defence wakes up aggressivity its not there, little whether little swim-off decides ambush.



But the very importantly - this humid sand have Bank. Estah, as a tractor vskopala the entire beach.



- What she there searching for?
- By all indications perseverance, treasure tries to find.
- Aaah. Ah, let searching for.


The benefits from this classes much. From painstaking 4,3m, bears very aptly stochilis. Not tsarapnetsya now.

Such a a saturated short took it out of schenka profoundly. Have returned on the assistant and Esta immediately same fell asleep have our legs.

Ah, on today ?????.
Thank you, Heavenly Office, for a remarkable weather.
Until new meetings.




Ivory at all're a real smart, your for cheek hides :)

Koshka brotherhood-- I have now got over a case have bronchitis. Treated and pills, and injections, and with syringe in his mouth the medicine was poured on. So I from cats its not expected, that she can your in mouth burying, and then spit it out. But she so and did, I was extremely surprised by. Vumnaaaya kitty.

so its glistogonim drops

I so with these drops contrary had the most horrible pains. There is no such seats on the body cats, far would it could not get language. And the one licking it up cannot be - poison.
Hour we its on waiting lists on the handles wore. Only « - she need to wash my face is beginning to. Nightmare. Sliznula ,-ass head'm shaking, language had poked. Then I making the connection. Bandaged place, where dripping of, leg. Voila! The problem solved :)



Юлия К. wrote:

That so we love sit.

Such a a charmer!

Юлия К. wrote:

I so with these drops contrary had the most horrible pains. There is no such seats on the body cats, far would it could not get language. And the one licking it up cannot be - poison.

Not, our bushy whom not can of reach until top neck. Sorely tested)


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